Website optimization Shanghai dragon to do and which is more important

at the same time, to optimize the basic knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng summed up by a lot of practice, can effectively be absorbed by the owners themselves, but these practices can also let Shanghai Longfeng optimization work personnel Practice makes perfect. effect, and can optimize in the long-term practice, find love Shanghai algorithm change trend, it will enhance the optimization of staff the adaptability is also very important, and grasp the love of Shanghai search engine algorithm trend, will effectively enhance the stability of the website rankings, not with the algorithm changes and let their optimized website ranking is precarious.

Through the practice of

how can let oneself in the optimization practice learn more knowledge and more absorption optimization? One is observed, another is to have enough strong execution, observation of nature is to see through the essence through the phenomenon, this is to learn and absorb the Shanghai dragon optimization knowledge, and the key to it the advantages. read more

Overall consideration about my external links


time is also a factor of

link depth should also pay attention to

link depth usually we will ignore, one aspect is always misunderstood. When we do links, generally do a home page, or the page classification, but few people do two level classification and content the article page, if our site is high quality content, so not only the home page with links to pages, should also have external links, but this is particularly evident in the mall site, when when we saw the same products, will make the URL and send them to friends, for this website, the product is their content, if we usually have high quality content of this website, it will certainly attract not less active users do external links.

is difficult to link high value


this is not absolute, but in general, get links difficult is often the highest value. Here the paid links are excluded, the free links, appear in the text of the link is the highest value, but you need to have a high quality of the site content or link bait can be achieved. In peacetime do link building work, not up on the requirements of webmaster give you a link, often go to the wall, so the time will be longer, but it must have the value of such links. Sometimes, if you must fully understand each other, you will take the initiative on the basis of one-way links to you. read more

My shop is at AlibabaWei Wu Bo Mobile Internet users or customers first


in the desktop era, traffic less than a certain scale such as daily access 100 thousand IP basically do not want to income model – electricity supplier is an exception of course. But in the mobile era, in fact, tens of thousands of users can go to try to income, the key is to see, this application is not close enough money. I >

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you asked me for money,

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"start-up nation" magazine Wen / Wei Wu Yao

who says there is no business model for mobile Internet? That’s because what you do is out of money.

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, a marketing industry referred to the two sets of data in his blog post: first, a seller with another Taobao WeChat do graphic push, click rate can reach 4%, after calculation, covering about 1 million of WeChat users to buy, 500 single; second, from a camp tourist class public account, click rate reached 11.5%. Looks like it’s good to use WeChat for marketing. read more

Observation shows that the love of Shanghai August 22nd update algorithm is very mild

August 22nd love Shanghai algorithm upgrade, will affect the cheating site included and ranking the low quality of the site, the news became the day Shanghai dragon circles the headlines. When all the webmaster speculation in this love Shanghai algorithm upgrade efforts as much as in June 28th, there will be a fall in love in Shanghai most of the website upgrade algorithm. But these days I collected data show that this algorithm upgrades love Shanghai upgrade to June have the essential difference, to introduce the difference.

but the webmaster did not like last time anger, because the love of Shanghai took a very mild treatment. How to understand the word gentle? Is the love of Shanghai changed in the past to stationmaster that Yan Ke, the kind of style rather kill the wrong can not pass. In fact, the author of the Shanghai love this kind of practice or in the affirmative, the station included K to zero on the head of the damage is too large, because of the hope of a family you are gone. K Zero site restoration on the left was included left hope. Why the last time there will be a collective love Click Shanghai bidding way, this is the webmaster for an angry love Shanghai. This love of Shanghai has also brought problems to a certain extent, love Shanghai in this respect also made some concessions. For example, open complaints function, such as when the next big update will advance notice. Perhaps this is the love of Shanghai to the webmaster more moderate. Of course, this also can be said to be more open to love Shanghai. read more

Guizhou Shanghai Longfeng custom uniforms optimization process

more please visit: Guizhou custom uniforms: 贵族宝贝0851xiaofu贵族宝贝 please, thank you.

third high, once the network to understand the modern people want to learn new things, are accustomed to using a web search engine to help. As long as we enter the keywords, can get a lot of information. But companies are also the value of this mode of operation, and the search engine service company to establish relations of cooperation, make their information as much as possible in the front row of the search results, so that more users can directly access the enterprise information.

first, the business needs and the search engine service companies to cooperate, determine the specific content of keywords. Different keywords have different service price, so enterprises can according to their own products, choose the most suitable keywords. There is no need to pursue the number of keywords, but to grasp the public search habits and psychology, choose the most accurate keywords. When the keyword is determined, enterprises need to integrate relevant information according to the keywords. When the information in this article published on the web site, search engine platform will be automatically included, easy to find friends. That is to say, the website can pass through the Shanghai dragon optimization, get more browsing quantity. read more

Site from Baidu ranked fifth to be K station experience and lessons

is now the grassroots webmaster, most estimates are in rely on search engines to flow from Google China after the incident, traffic from Google according to A5 forum survey is less and less, we have to rely more on the Chinese boss search engine: Baidu. Baidu is a word from the " he found the degreeses. When I look back, that person but in the lights dim, " this word, but let Baidu webmaster always feel Baidu such as water, flowers in the mirror, constantly changing, cannot measure, see reach. She occasionally give you a favor, one day traffic from Baidu rose, but the total is not a few day. She became a dream such as fog, such as electricity.

Baidu toss mood is extremely unstable, an unsettled state of mind., it is affecting the physical and mental health. But in order to live, to the point that point to the flow of advertising. No way, or to spare no effort to engage in search engine optimization, find the reasons, find a way to get the hang of." looking for, desolate, desolate sad. When the cold, the most difficult to rate " Li Qingzhao used this word to describe this process most of the time if it is very appropriate. read more

Very period webmaster, please protect your domain name

from the end of 2009, CCTV mobile phone exposure pornography flooding caused by the earthquake has been a.Cn domain and a half months, the Ministry of industry and CNNIC every few days there are new policies, and the domain name registrar for provisions for the self preservation have been fantastic, so be sure to wake up to fight the spirit of twelve, protect your domain name maybe one day is lost. The following methods are not only valid for the.Cn domain name, but also valid for the.Com domain name.

1, for the.Cn domain name, be sure to use real data registration: if you did not use the real data, please correct immediately, otherwise the domain name may be canceled at any time. CNNIC has repeatedly issued a document requiring the Registrar to verify the identity of the registrant. At least you left the phone should be able to get through, Email is able to reply, the look with an air of importance. I have received many calls from CNNIC to verify my registered.Cn domain name.

two, website domain name and domain name website is not placed in each of two independent account (very important): if you have a domain name has station, please immediately re register a new account, and the establishment of the domain name is not immediately transferred to this account, this method is very important for the.Com domain name must also do the operation, otherwise, the consequences will be grievous. At present, the registrar is once found the customer domain name if there is "vulgar" content, will be immediately banned in this domain, and immediately freeze the account and all the rest of the domain name, the domain name is whether other vulgar content, regardless of whether there is other domain name website, a law to kill. This is not alarmist, my friends were the hands, by the Registrar told website is not informed of the specific vulgar content, information, check the website did not find friends vulgar, don’t even know which domain is because lead is blocked, the domain name can all move, even worse is that it is part of the domain name customers, suffered heavy losses. read more

The story of Jobs and the old man

2011 a star falls, apple founder Steve Jobs died, but his work will always stay in our heart, although there are now a large screen Apple mobile phone but there are still quite a number of people still use the previous Apple 4, because that is the last one of the great works of Jobs during his lifetime. The historical figures in the young when he met a stall man, brought him great inspiration for entrepreneurs.

in the United States New York city street at a flea market, there are many stalls, they specialize in selling some high quality and inexpensive small commodities, most people at the bottom of the society. Here in the street, there is a man of his day approach seventy years of age, selling all kinds of stamps, in the stall, spark Yanbiao, coins. The old man named Ronald · Wayne, he has put stall here many years, many people know the kind, kindly old man, affectionately called him "Uncle wayne". Wayne uncle is a street vendor, but he attaches great importance to their appearance. Every stall, he would also wear a in Western dress and leather shoes, baseball cap, give a person a kind of free and easy, smart. read more

How to carry out word-of-mouth marketing strategy

now make-up make-up store can be said to be numerous, how to better attract more consumers, how can we better based on this market? A good word of mouth is very important, a good reputation it can play a positive role in the construction of brand cosmetics store how to carry out word-of-mouth marketing strategy? Following follow Xiaobian to understand:

word of mouth marketing is divided into three steps: agitation, value, return. On the chain of cosmetics store franchise, the first step is only cosmetic chain store word-of-mouth marketing. The real impact of the word of mouth is the negative impact of the value of the cosmetics store franchise and the decision to return.

The first step in the implementation of

brand cosmetics. Cosmetics as a fashion consumer goods, has a certain fashion, a consumer hot spots are often driven by fashion trends, so the cosmetics chain stores to join the product to fashion to encourage consumers. Even if the trend is the first to experience the product reliability and superiority of the audience, also will be the first time around the circle of friends to spread the product itself, raw material and texture effect, or the products where the cosmetics chain store franchise attentive service experience to tell the people around, causing a concern to people with cosmetics chain stores. read more

To love the milk bar which has flow

love milk it? Healthy and delicious food, always very attractive to consumers. Business with a small capital entrepreneurs to the success of the venture, is to choose to join the love of milk it? So, entrepreneurs choose to join the love milk it has what process?

still has perfect business objectives: the development of green health beverage industry, with yogurt as the theme of the bar culture to the national market, to create fashion brand image, let more want to start, but less money friends achievement wealth of life. As well as business philosophy: serious can only do things right, intentions to do a good job. So some people are asking to join the headquarters in the form of what is it?

love milk bar joining process:

: site assessment of CCP directly determines the store of future business, professional business marketing staff will love analysis according to the factors of store environment, cost and consumption level of scientific analysis of location, location selection for business cooperation good advice. read more

Join the Han Palace kettle barbecue how – net

like barbecue food, always very popular. Entrepreneurial choice to join the barbecue project, is undoubtedly a very business opportunities, very powerful choice. Han Palace Palace barbecue? High quality food, entrepreneurial worry worthy of trust!

in the Han Palace barbecue you can taste any flavor barbecue, barbecue here is not only fresh, high nutritional value. Han Palace kettle barbecue, in order to cater to the tastes of the mainland, have a certain improvement in the formula ingredients, hemp, spicy, fresh, fragrant taste is of meat, seafood, fresh vegetables can be grilled, then collocation dozens of Chinese herbal medicine made of spices, make our barbecue nourishing and health effects, even if even the most cynical person, can be here to eat well, eating habits.

to eat barbecue to the Han kettle palace, Han Palace barbecue shop every food prices are very close to the people, is the food of everyone’s consumption of food. Han Palace kettle barbecue, avoid vague food, keep the meat fresh, stylish, beautiful, convenient and healthy; Han Palace kettle barbecue on paper but also replenish the food loss of moisture, can discharge the food itself excess oil, and can keep the nutrition of the food inside. Han Palace kettle barbecue on paper so that customers can be satisfied with the taste and visual enjoyment, also want to eat, want to come in to speak with the facts, the popular read more

Large pollution control site dust storm

dust, sand and gravel, and even affect the surrounding road environment has been surrounded by dust around the sky, which is the site of the past to leave people impressed. With the implementation of the Xining municipal governance demolition site dust pollution, 17 key projects being implemented in Xining and the demolition of the real estate development project site in full swing and other dust pollution control operations, rack enclosure, equipped with sprinkler sprinkler, with daily non-stop network cover construction waste…… Demolition site no longer naked demolition, blocking the once raging sandstorm.

October 23rd morning, the reporter with the city housing demolition Department staff came to the airport expressway along the north of the city demolition site section of Chaoyang Village area environmental remediation project, this area demolition area of about 300 acres, the huge demolition site although there is removed to leave the building rubbish, and accompanied by seven or eight excavators in garbage disposal, but here the sky is not much dust on the road has been cleared very clean, the original in the real estate sector active supervision, the garden department site is equipped with sprinkler operation, while the staff of garbage disposal, while kept watering, so the site is a neat. According to reports, previously, due to the large amount of demolition project, the site did not take good spray, watering facilities such as dust, and the demolition of the construction for houses, where the dust is more serious, the viaduct on the road from Xining to Datong from afar foggy. Then the reporter in the vicinity of Shangri-La West Tower high-speed west government reserve land, new village demolition project site to see, this site has also been set up more than 1 kilometers of iron metal enclosure, in the field of construction waste with all the clouds covering up, previously, this site due to dust pollution prevention measures in place, was sentenced to stop corrective punishment. read more