Cement Mixer Truck Hits Casablanca Tramway 24 People Injured

Taroudante – Twenty-four people were injured, including five with serious wounds, in a vehicular accident between a heavy truck and the tramway on Wednesday in Casablanca.Casablanca Tramway Company said in a statement that the accident occurred at around 7 p.m, between the Beauséjour and Cité de l’air stations, in the district of Auda.According to the authorities, a cement mixer truck hit two passenger cars of the tramway at Boulevard Omar Al Khayam in the Hay Hassani district. Casablanca Tramway said that the “investigation revealed that the cause of the accident was linked to failed brakes of the truck. The shock of the collision caused the derailment of the tram.”Emergency responders moved to the scene of the accident immediately to provide the necessary care and transport the wounded to  Provincial Hospital in Hay Hassani.The same source said that traffic was temporarily suspended on Wednesday evening.On Thursday morning, Casa Tramway posted on its Facebook page that “traffic was resumed normally on the line and gradually takes to Ain Diab Beach”.The company said that its crews worked overnight “to restore the regular commute of the tramway as soon as possible.”Accidents involving the Casablanca tramway are becoming a common occurrence, often due to a lack of precaution.Edited by Clint Brooks read more

Luka Modric Wins FIFAs Best Mens Player Award

Rabat – Real Madrid’s midfielder, Luka Modric, has won FIFA’s best men’s player in the world.The 33-year-old player beat his former teammate Cristiano Ronaldo, and Liverpool star Mohammed Salah, at the awards ceremony at the Royal Festival Hall on Monday night in London.Modric’s performance in the 2018 World Cup was outstanding as he led Croatia to the World Cup final, where they lost 4-2 to France. In addition to being a clean player who receives few penalties, Modric is known for his elegance and flawless style of play. “It’s a great honour and a beautiful feeling to stand here with this amazing trophy,” said Modric.With Real Madrid, Modric won the third consecutives Champions League. He recognized the club in his speech, saying, “This trophy is not just mine, it’s for all my Real Madrid team-mates, for all my teammates from the Croatia national team, for all the coaches that I have played for.”He added, “Without them this would not be possible and thank you a lot to them. This trophy is also for my family, without whom I would not be the player and person that I am.”Modric is the first player other than Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi to win the FIFA award since Kaka won it in 2007.On August 27 2012, Real Madrid announced the signing of Modric for €30 million, replacing Mesut Ozil. read more

AsiaPacific leaders meet to revise steps towards regional economic recovery

17 May 2010Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today urged leaders in Asia and the Pacific to cooperate and take bold action to seek ‘green’ solutions to their long-term economic recovery, as they gather in the Republic of Korea to review regional development policies. “Now is the time to focus on green growth strategies. That means renewable energy sources, clean and low carbon technologies, mass transit, reforestation… and more,” Mr. Ban said in a message to the high-level session of the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) meeting in the Korean city of Incheon. Representatives from 53 regional countries and nine associate States will meet through tomorrow to come up with common regional development policies, including green growth and financial infrastructure measures.Asia and the Pacific had been the fastest-growing region in the world in the past year, according to the Economic and Social Survey of Asia and the Pacific 2010, a publication of ESCAP published two weeks ago. The annual growth rate of four per cent was driven by China and India, with the rest of Asia-Pacific’s developing economies contracting in 2009 by 0.6 per cent. The report urged greater intra-regional trade and faster development of an Asia-Pacific consumer marker to develop all economies in the region in the long-run.“The opportunity is now for Asia-Pacific to emerge as a leader in the global economy, in the realm of social progress, and in safeguarding our global environment,” ESCAP Executive Secretary Noeleen Heyzer told participants in Incheon.“The crisis of the past two years underscores the threat that global economic shifts continue to hold for the region. We remain vulnerable to the man-made shocks of global capital flows and food and fuel price increases, and we are vulnerable to natural shocks and disasters and the increasing threat of climate change.” Among the recommendations ESCAP presented to the session is to strengthen social protections, such as increasing social spending that directly supports household income security by providing nutrition, education and access to health care.The regional body also recommended promotion of agricultural and rural development, and enhancing financial inclusion.Conclusions from the meeting may contribute to preparations for the summit in September in New York to review progress toward achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by the target date of 2015. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has urged countries to accelerate progress on the universally agreed anti-poverty targets or risk missing that deadline. read more

GoNote touchscreen Android netbook coming to the UK for 235

first_imgWe’re more accustomed to seeing Android powering smartphones and tablets, but it’s popped up on plenty of traditional PC hardware before, too. Ergo Electronics has just announced that it will be bringing one such device to the UK next month: the GoNote.It’s a 10-inch netbook that runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, but unlike some that have come before that screen is actually multitouch capable. That’s an important distinction, since it allows Android apps to be used the way they were intended — with a finger (or fingers) instead of a trackpad and keyboard — although their portrait modes would be a little awkward.The GoNote is set to sell for around $235, but what does that get you? The GoNote is built around a Rockchip RK2918 processor clocked at 1.2GHz. It’s a 55nm chip that utilizes ARM’s Cortex-A8 architecture and it’s the same one found in the Arnova 7 G2. Reviews of that slate were generally favorable, saying that it offered a solid mix of price and performance. Ergo also rolls in 1GB of DDR3, 8GB of internal storage, 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi and Ethernet, a 9000mAh battery, four USB 2.0 ports and an HDMI port, and a VGA front-facing camera for video chats.As for software, the GoNote ships with Kingsoft Office pre-loaded, and the Box.net app brings with it access to 5GB of free cloud storage. The GoNote also has full access to Google Play, though it can’t buy or stream movies and some apps and games won’t work.A similar Windows 7 netbook from Asus or Acer can be had for just $30 more in the UK, and they offer better battery life, more than 30 times the internal storage, and can run countless apps that were actually built for use on devices like laptops. It’s hard to imagine the GoNote taking off at its current price, but Angry Birds images have helped sell truckloads of other products before… so you never know.More at Ergo Electronics, via Business Wirelast_img read more

Nintendo des jeux à télécharger aussi chers que les versions boîtes

first_imgNintendo : des jeux à télécharger aussi chers que les versions boîtesNintendo a confirmé son intention de miser sur les jeux vidéos dématérialisés. Les titres proposés sur la 3DS et la Wii seront disponibles en version boîte et en téléchargement. Une bonne nouvelle venant avec une mauvaise : les versions digitales ne seront pas vendues moins cher.A l’occasion d’une réunion avec les actionnaires de Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, le président de la firme nippone, a évoqué l’arrivée prochaine des versions dématérialisées de ses jeux vidéos.  Les jeux Wii et 3DS seront ainsi proposés en version boîte classique et en téléchargement. Mais Nintendo met un terme aux espoirs des joueurs en précisant que les versions à télécharger ne seront pas moins chères.À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?”Nous ne croyons pas au postulat qui dit que les jeux distribués en ligne ont moins de valeur” a déclaré Satoru Iwata, cité par jeuxvideo24.com. Un avis qui n’est pas partagé par tous les éditeurs de jeux. “Nous nous sommes rendu compte que les avis des éditeurs sur le prix de vente des versions digitales divergent. Certains éditeurs estiment que les versions digitales devraient être vendues moins chères que les autres, quand d’autres souhaitent qu’elles soient vendues exactement au même prix” a expliqué le patron de Nintendo.Toutefois, a-t-il tenu à préciser, les codes des versions digitales, commercialisés en boutique par les revendeurs, seront proposés à des prix librement fixés. De là à dire que les joueurs pourraient donc certainement trouver des versions dématérialisées un peu moins chères du côté des magasins…Le 3 mai 2012 à 18:00 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Amazing Photos of the Forest Where JRR Tolkien Played as a Child

first_img J.R.R. Tolkien, the English writer and poet who created The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, was born 127 years ago today, January 3. To celebrate, we visit Moseley Bog in Birmingham, England, one of Tolkien’s childhood haunts.Moseley Bog, which includes an ancient forest dating back to the Bronze Age and the historic Sarehole Mill, was located behind the house where Tolkien lived as a child. It would inspire the mysterious Old Forest, haunt of the ageless Tom Bombadil, in Book One of The Lord of the Rings. The bog was declared a Local Nature Reserve by Birmingham City Council in 1991.Click through the slideshow below to see views of the bog, and see what Tolkien meant when he wrote: “The trees do not like strangers. They watch you. They are usually content merely to watch you, as long as daylight lasts.”View as: One Page Slides1/181. Moseley BogPhoto Credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty ImagesAn ‘Eye of Sauron’ is carved into a fallen tree at Moseley Bog, where author JRR Tolkien played as a child and the inspiration for the ancient forests in his books ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit,’ in Birmingham, England. 2. Moseley BogPhoto Credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty ImagesA tree grows at Moseley Bog, where author JRR Tolkien played as a child and the inspiration for the ancient forests in his books ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit,’ in Birmingham, England. 3. Moseley BogPhoto Credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty ImagesA footpathat Moseley Bog, where author JRR Tolkien played as a child and the inspiration for the ancient forests in his books ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit,’ in Birmingham, England. 4. Moseley BogPhoto Credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty ImagesSilver birch trees at Moseley Bog, where author JRR Tolkien played as a child and the inspiration for the ancient forests in his books ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit,’ in Birmingham, England. 5. Moseley BogPhoto Credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty ImagesIvy roots cling to a trunk of a tree at Moseley Bog, where author JRR Tolkien played as a child and the inspiration for the ancient forests in his books ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit,’ in Birmingham, England. 6. Moseley BogPhoto Credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty ImagesA fallen silver birch tree at Moseley Bog, where author JRR Tolkien played as a child and the inspiration for the ancient forests in his books ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit,’ in Birmingham, England. 7. Moseley BogPhoto Credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty ImagesView of Moseley Bog, where author JRR Tolkien played as a child and the inspiration for the ancient forests in his books ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit,’ in Birmingham, England. 8. Moseley BogPhoto Credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty ImagesA tree trunk at Moseley Bog, where author JRR Tolkien played as a child and the inspiration for the ancient forests in his books ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit,’ in Birmingham, England. 9. Moseley BogPhoto Credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty ImagesMoss grows on fallen tree branches at Moseley Bog, where author JRR Tolkien played as a child and the inspiration for the ancient forests in his books ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit,’ in Birmingham, England. 10. Moseley BogPhoto Credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty ImagesDuckweed floats on a pond at Moseley Bog, where author JRR Tolkien played as a child and the inspiration for the ancient forests in his books ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit,’ in Birmingham, England. 11. Moseley BogPhoto Credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty ImagesBranches from a fallen tree at Moseley Bog, where author JRR Tolkien played as a child and the inspiration for the ancient forests in his books ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit,’ in Birmingham, England. 12. Moseley BogPhoto Credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty ImagesA carving adorns a tree at Moseley Bog, where author JRR Tolkien played as a child and the inspiration for the ancient forests in his books ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit,’ in Birmingham, England. 13. Moseley BogPhoto Credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty ImagesRoots of a tree at Moseley Bog, where author JRR Tolkien played as a child and the inspiration for the ancient forests in his books ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit,’ in Birmingham, England. 14. Moseley BogPhoto Credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty ImagesColdbath Brook runs through Moseley Bog, where author JRR Tolkien played as a child and the inspiration for the ancient forests in his books ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit,’ in Birmingham, England. 15. Moseley BogPhoto Credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty ImagesA tree at Moseley Bog, where author JRR Tolkien played as a child and the inspiration for the ancient forests in his books ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit,’ in Birmingham, England. 16. Moseley BogPhoto Credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty ImagesMoss and fungi grow on tree at Moseley Bog, where author JRR Tolkien played as a child and the inspiration for the ancient forests in his books ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit,’ in Birmingham, England. 17. Moseley BogPhoto Credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty ImagesCatkins hang from a tree at Moseley Bog, where author JRR Tolkien played as a child and the inspiration for the ancient forests in his books ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit,’ in Birmingham, England. 18. Moseley BogPhoto Credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty ImagesThe entrance to Moseley Bog, where author JRR Tolkien played as a child and the inspiration for the ancient forests in his books ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit,’ in Birmingham, England. More on Geek.com:Photos: Abandoned Water Park Is Straight Out of a Horror Film8 Best Geeky Coffee Table Books of 20188 Sci-Fi Books That Highlight Climate Change Photos: Animals Rescued From Illegal Trafficking in ColombiaEagle Steals Rabbit From Fox in Mid-Air Battle Stay on targetlast_img read more

Nautilus Inc reports strong firstquarter earnings

first_imgNautilus Inc., the Vancouver-based manufacturer of fitness equipment, said Monday it’s off to a strong start this year, posting a first-quarter profit of $5.4 million, moving to add a second U.S. distribution center, and planning to consolidate its research and development facilities into a new building next to its headquarters.During the company’s earnings conference call Monday, CEO Bruce Cazenave said Nautilus’ robust performance in the January-to-March period shows that strategies “we set in motion three years ago are working well and have put us on a solid trajectory to build an even stronger and more profitable company for the future.”The company’s first-quarter profit of $5.4 million compares with a profit of $5.2 million during the same three-month period in 2013. Nautilus reported net sales of $71.9 million in the first quarter, up 21 percent from $59.2 million in the same year-ago period.The company sells its cardio, muscle-building and other fitness equipment by way of its direct-to-consumer channel, involving TV, social media and other advertising, and through brick-and-mortar retailers.Sid Nayar, the company’s chief financial officer, said the increase in net sales reflected both strong direct-to-consumer demand for Nautilus’ cardio products and solid retail sales of its new lineup of cardio products.last_img read more

VIDEO Watch 2019 Wilmington Spring Chorus Festival

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Wilmington Public Schools held its Spring Chorus Festival on Tuesday, May 21, 2019 in the WHS Joanne Benton Memorial Auditorium.Wilmington Middle School’s 8th Grade Chorus, Wilmington Middle School’s WilmingTones, Wilmington High School’s Concert Choir, and Wilmington High School’s Soundscape all performed.Watch the concert, courtesy of Wilmington Community Television, below:——Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email wilmingtonapple@gmail.com.Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedVIDEO: Watch 2017 Wilmington Spring Chorus FestivalIn “Videos”VIDEO: Watch 2018 Wilmington Spring Choral ConcertIn “Videos”VIDEO: Watch 2019 Wilmington Spring Band FestivalIn “Videos”last_img

Giant cruise ship to briefly almost double Unalaskas population

first_imgThe Celebrity Millennium. Wikipedia photo.Unalaska’s population could nearly double Sept. 15 when the Celebrity Millennium docks here.Community leaders are worried enough, they’re holding a town hall meeting on how to handle—and help—the onslaught of tourists at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Burma Road Chapel.“It’s going to be overwhelming,” Unalaska/Dutch Harbor ports director Peggy McLaughlin said.Cathy Jordan with the Unalaska Convention and Visitors Bureau said she’s expecting at least 2,100 passengers and 1,200 crew.They will have spent three days at sea and will be spending five days at sea after their day in Unalaska.“We expect all the passengers to disembark,” Jordan said.The occasional cruise ship is nothing new to Unalaska, but this floating city is much bigger than usual.“Typically, we’re in the hundreds, not in the thousands,” McLaughlin said. “This is the largest one we’ve seen.”Alaskan towns like Juneau, Skagway and Ketchikan often see their populations double when several big cruise ships come to town. Unlike those towns, Unalaska isn’t set up to handle a large influx of cruising tourists.“Generally, cruise ships and industrial working ports is not really a good mix, unless you’re set up that way,” interim Unalaska city manager Don Moore said.Moore told Unalaska City Council Tuesday night that there’s always a risk passengers will step off their cruise ship go wandering around docks where cargo handling and other industrial activities are going on.“That is an issue that probably needs to be addressed,” Moore said.The Convention and Visitors Bureau wants to hear people’s suggestions for how the community can help the throngs of people enjoy their eight-hour visit to Unalaska, and how the community can weather the storm of tourists.They’re looking for bus drivers and volunteers to help out on the big day as well as businesses that might want to exploit a brief opportunity to have a large number of customers.The Unalaska School District has offered its gyms and auditoriums for lectures, dances or other activities for the cruise passengers. Entrance fees would raise funds for the school district.The 965-foot ship will dock at the U.S. Coast Guard dock off Ballyhoo Road.“This is a new arena for us,” McLaughlin said. “It’ll be sidewalks full of people wearing the same jackets, is my guess.”last_img read more

Juneau moves forward with annexation proposal

first_img“I think the Assembly’s already weighed in on this,” Weldon said. “This isn’t the end of this.” Juneau is advancing its petition to annex parts of Admiralty Island, despite an attempt by a Juneau Assembly member to bring the issue back for further review. “That was hardly a resounding victory,” Assembly member Rob Edwardson said during Monday’s Assembly meeting. “The Assembly’s composed of very different members now, and obviously there’s curiosity about discussing this in-depth to make sure that either we are doing the right thing or that we stop doing the wrong thing.” Mayor Beth Weldon said she felt the issue has been discussed at length, and is now up to the commission and, eventually, the Alaska Legislature to decide. Edwardson proposed the Assembly repeal the original resolution at its next meeting and revisit the issue. He also referenced opposition from the community of Angoon, which has protested the annexation. Weldon also said she had planned to meet with the former mayor of Angoon at one point, but an offer by CBJ officials to visit the community was declined. The revised petition will be submitted to the state commission for formal review in the next few weeks. There will be opportunities for further public review. The proposed annexation areas included in the City and Bureau of Juneau’s petition to the state’s Local Boundary Commission include four tracts of land on Admiralty Island, excluding Funter Bay, and an area around Tracy Arm. (Image courtesy of City and Borough of Juneau) The City and Borough of Juneau submitted its application for initial review by the state Local Boundary Commission in June. The commission provided feedback earlier this month. Edwardson’s motion failed by a vote of 3-5, with one Assembly member absent. The current Assembly has a very different makeup than the one that approved the boundary proposal by a narrow 5-4 vote more than a year ago.last_img read more

Is it safe to fly Jet Airways Engineers union has some scary

first_imgA Jet Airways passenger plane prepares to land as a new air traffic control tower under construction is seen in the background at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi May 24, 2013.Reuters file [Representational Image]The aircraft engineers’ union of Jet Airways on Tuesday wrote a letter to Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) stating that flight safety “is at risk” as three months of salary is overdue to employees as the impoverished airline continues to ground its aircraft and cancel several flights.”It has been arduous for us to meet our financial requirements, result of which have adversely affected the psychological condition of Aircraft Engineers at work and therefore the safety of public transport airplane being flown by Jet Airways across India and the world is at risk,” stated the letter by Jet Aircraft Maintenance Engineers’ Welfare Association (JAMEWA) to DGCA.”While the senior management is finding a resolution to be in business, we the Engineers who inspect, troubleshoot and certify the public transport aeroplanes for its airworthiness are in tremendous stress due to non-payment of salaries on time, since last 7 months. As of now, 3 month’s salary is overdue to us” the letter added, PTI reported.The Minister of Commerce and Industry and Civil Aviation, Suresh Prabhu, has now asked the Civil Aviation Secretary to call for a meeting to discuss grounding of flights, advance bookings, cancellations, refunds, and safety issues, if any, at Jet. Prabhu has also asked the Minister of State for Civil Aviation, Jayant Sinha, to get hold of a report on Jet’s compliance issues immediately from regulator DGCA, reports ReutersNaresh Goyal, the chairman of the cash-strapped airline, has told the employees that he needs more time to resolve the issues faced by the company. He said that he wants to sort out the problems and restore the stability of the company as soon as possible and the top priority would be to settle the delayed payments of the employees.He also said that they are holding discussions with strategic partner Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways, which holds 24 per cent stake in Jet Airways, and State Bank of India (SBI) lenders for the sustainability of the company.Tony Douglas, the CEO of Etihad Airways, held meetings with SBI chairman Rajnish Kumar and a few other top bankers to discuss the issues in the rescue plan for Jet Airways on Monday. The airlines grounded four more flights on Monday due to non-payment of lease rentals.Jet Airways is in deep crisis as it has hoarded a huge debt of Rs 8,200 crore and has thrice defaulted payments since January. The airline has delayed payments to its pilots, suppliers and lessors for months.(with agency inputs)last_img read more

Trump accuses media of ignoring terrorist attacks

first_imgUS President Donald Trump speaks following a visit to the US Central Command and Special Operations Command at MacDill Air Force Base. Photo: AFPUS President Donald Trump accused the media Monday of disregarding attacks perpetrated by radical jihadists, in a provocative statement for which he provided no evidence.“ISIS is on a campaign of genocide, committing atrocities across the world. Radical Islamic terrorists are determined to strike our homeland,” the president said, using an acronym for the Islamic State group.Trump, who was speaking during a visit to US Central Command in Tampa, Florida then listed a string of attacks carried out in the United States, including 9/11, the Boston Marathon bombings, the Orlando gay nightclub massacre and the San Bernardino shootings.“You have seen what happened in Paris and Nice. All over Europe it’s happening. It’s gotten to a point where it’s not even being reported,” Trump added.“And in many cases the very, very dishonest press doesn’t want to report it,” he said, in one of his customary attacks on the media.“They have their reasons, and you understand that,” he concluded, without giving any explanation.Asked about the president’s statement shortly thereafter, White House spokesman Sean Spicer said “we’ll provide a list later.”“There’s several instances… There’s a lot of instances that have occurred where I don’t think they’ve gotten the coverage it deserved,” he said.last_img read more

People Really Want to Watch Fidget Spinner Porn

first_img Fidget spinners are appearing in classrooms, offices, and … pornos?The stress-relieving toy recently saw a strange surge in popularity among children and adults, who casually spin the device to release nervous energy.But let’s face it: It was only a matter of time before the mainstream trinket became a means of sexploitation.New data from Pornhub reveals that “fidget spinner” searches outpaced other terms to become the top-trending query of May.“Our statisticians found that as of May 10, searches began to grow, with a massive overnight increase on May 16,” a company blog post said.Peak “fidget spinner” inquiries swelled to more than 280 percent above average on Sunday, May 21. By Monday, Pornhub counted a total 2.5 million requests for videos featuring the $10 gadget, making it the fifth most popular search this month. We’ve even covered them here at Geek during that time too!Most of those came from visitors aged 18 to 24—the most prolific porn-watching group, but perhaps not the prime fidget spinner market.“Women are proportionally 19 percent more likely to get fidgety with it” compared to men, according to Pornhub.It remains unclear what those millions of searches resulted in. But I’ll leave it up to you to find out whether fidget spinner porn exists (yet).Probably invented sometime in the 1990s, fidget spinners are finally getting their 15 minutes of fame.Often marketed for health benefits, the toy typically consists of two or three prongs and a bearing in the middle. Simply hold the center pad and give the spurs a spin.The low-tech, low-cost device may keep folks with ADHD, autism, or anxiety busy and focused, but some schools are banning the toy—some of which make noise or light up—claiming the spinners distract students.Brothers Matthew and Mark McLachlan, a.k.a. Antsy Labs, last year crowdfunded their own version of the phenomenon, with their Fidget Cube becoming the 10th highest-funded Kickstarter project.Come on, guys: Whatever happened to a good old-fashioned foam-rubber stress ball? Stay on target Pornhub Maybe Wants To Buy TumblrPornhub Credits Government Shutdown For Traffic Increase last_img read more

Study finds open cluster NGC 2682 at least two times larger than

first_imgNGC 2682. Credit: 2MASS/UMass/IPAC-Caltech/NASA/NSF Explore further Observations uncover details about the open cluster IC 4996 This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. © 2019 Science X Network Based on new data from ESA’s Gaia satellite, astronomers have provided more insights into properties of the nearby open cluster NGC 2682, revealing that its size is at least two times greater than previously believed. The findings are detailed in a paper published May 6 on the arXiv pre-print repository. More information: R. Carrera, et al. The extended halo of NGC 2682 (M 67) from Gaia DR2. arXiv:1905.02020v1 [astro-ph.SR] arxiv.org/abs/1905.02020 Located some 2,800 light years away, NGC 2682 (aka Messier 67, or M67 for short) is an open cluster in the constellation of Cancer. With an estimated age of about 3.6 billion years, it is one of the nearest old open clusters. Notably, its age and initial chemical composition is similar to that of the sun, hence astronomers even considered that the sun might actually have originated from NGC 2682.Published about one year ago, the latest catalog of data from Gaia satellite (known as Data Release 2, or DR2) provides high-precision measurements, including positions in the sky, parallaxes and proper motions for more than 1 billion sources in the Milky Way. The release contains observational data collected by Gaia in the timespan of nearly two years – between July 25, 2014 and May 23, 2016.DR2 has the potential of revealing more insights into the nature of NGC 2682 as astrometric information in this release could be a valuable tool to investigate extra-tidal regions of several open clusters in the solar neighborhood. So a team of European astronomers led by Ricardo Carrera of Astronomical Observatory of Padova in Italy recently decided to use DR2 in order to learn more about NGC 2682.In particular, the researchers investigated the spatial distribution of this cluster of stars in order to constrain its dynamical evolution. Given that most open clusters should dissolve at an age of around 1 billion years, the fact that NGC 2682 survived until now suggests that it was likely much more massive in the past and has an interesting dynamical history.”We use Gaia DR2 data to identify NGC 2682 members up to a distance of about 150 pc (10 degrees). Two methods (Clusterix and UPMASK) are applied to this end. We estimate distances to obtain three-dimensional stellar positions using a Bayesian approach to parallax inversion, with an appropriate prior for star clusters,” the paper reads.The main conclusion from the study conducted by Carrera’s team is that NGC 2682 is at least twice as large than previously thought. Based on the DR2 data, the astronomers found that this cluster extends up to approximately 160 light years, while other observations carried out in the recent years suggested not more than 78 light years.Furthermore, the study confirmed that NGC 2682 is mass-segregated with the most massive objects concentrated in the central regions. However, there are also stars outside the tidal radius of this cluster. The researchers assume that these extra-tidal stars in NGC 2682 may originate from external perturbations such as disk shocking or dynamical evaporation from two-body relaxation. They also plan more studies of the cluster to test these scenarios. Citation: Study finds open cluster NGC 2682 at least two times larger than previously thought (2019, May 15) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2019-05-cluster-ngc-larger-previously-thought.htmllast_img read more

Nieuw Statendam to explore Norway Baltic Iceland and the Mediterrane

first_imgNieuw Statendam to explore Norway, Baltic, Iceland and the MediterraneanNieuw Statendam to explore Norway, Baltic, Iceland and the MediterraneanFollowing an inaugural season island-hopping throughout the Caribbean, Holland America Line’s Nieuw Statendam will cross the Atlantic Ocean in late April 2019 and spend the summer and fall exploring northern Europe and the Mediterranean.The new Pinnacle Class ship will homeport in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, for the summer. Offering an enchanting collection of seven- and 14-day itineraries to the Norwegian Fjords, the Baltic, Iceland and North Cape, Nieuw Statendam will visit some of the most scenic and culturally rich ports in the region.In September the ship will head to the warm waters of the Mediterranean on a 12-day cruise from Amsterdam to Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy. Three 10-day cruises roundtrip from Civitavecchia will explore the eastern and western Mediterranean. The ship then departs Civitavecchia Oct. 27 for a 14-day cruise back to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.“Holland America Line is known for offering incredible itineraries that deeply immerse our guests in the places we visit, and for Nieuw Statendam’s inaugural season in Europe we crafted cruises that will deliver an unforgettable experience,” said Orlando Ashford, president of Holland America Line. “By offering nearly six months of cruising in the region, we’re able to take the ship from Iceland to Greece and everywhere in between. We encourage everyone to book early because interest has been remarkably high for our newest ship.”Nieuw Statendam Showcases Norway in Summer 2019Once arriving in Amsterdam, Nieuw Statendam will cruise seven- and 14-day itineraries. Two different seven-day itineraries offering nine departures from May through September call at some of the country’s most popular ports and feature multiple scenic cruising experiences.A longer 14-day Norwegian exploration departs June 9 and July 7, featuring eight ports in Norway while crossing into the Arctic Circle. Guests also will enjoy scenic cruising in Hardangerfjord, Geirangerfjord, the North Cape and Sognefjord.British Isles and Baltic Round Out Nieuw Statendam Europe HighlightsThe Baltic awaits Nieuw Statendam guests on two 14-day itineraries in May and August, also sailing roundtrip from Amsterdam. The ship calls at the most sought-after ports in the region, with visits to Copenhagen and Aarhus, Denmark; Warnemünde (Berlin) and Kiel (Hamburg), Germany; Tallinn, Estonia; St. Petersburg (overnight), Russia; Helsinki, Finland; and Stockholm, Sweden.Travellers looking to visit the British Isles and Iceland can embark Nieuw Statendam Aug. 4 for a 14-day cruise to Newcastle upon Tyne, England; South Queensferry (Edinburgh), Scotland, for an overnight permitting guests to attend the Edinburgh Military Tattoo if they would like; Reykjavik (overnight), Isafjordur and Akureyri, Iceland; and Ålesund and Bergen, Norway.Mediterranean Cruises in the Fall Span the RegionIn September, Nieuw Statendam sails from Amsterdam to Civitavecchia on a 12-day journey that visits Ireland, Portugal and four ports in Spain. The ship then offers two 10-day cruises roundtrip from Civitavecchia to Croatia, Montenegro, Greece and Italy, while another 10-day itinerary visits ports in Spain, Gibraltar, France, Monaco and Italy.On Oct. 27 the ship repositions to Fort Lauderdale on a 14-day voyage that crosses the Atlantic Ocean following calls at Cartagena, Málaga (Granada) and Cádiz, Spain; and Ponta Delgada, Azores.Fares for Nieuw Statendam Europe cruises begin at $1,799 AUD per person, double occupancyThe Premiere Voyage and Inaugural Caribbean SeasonNieuw Statendam’s Premiere voyage will depart Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy, Dec. 5, 2018, for a 14-day transatlantic crossing to Fort Lauderdale. The ship will spend the winter, holiday and spring seasons cruising roundtrip from Fort Lauderdale on three or four-day Bahamas sailings, seven-day eastern or western Caribbean cruises and one 10-day southern Caribbean itinerary.Travellers looking to spend more time on board and experience the new ship can choose from 11- to 17-day Collectors’ Voyages that combine back-to-back Caribbean itineraries. All of Nieuw Statendam’s Caribbean cruises feature a call at Holland America Line’s award-winning private Bahamian island, Half Moon Cay, known for its pristine beaches, exciting shore excursions, exclusive beach cabanas and child-friendly activities.About Nieuw StatendamDue for delivery Dec. 1, 2018, Nieuw Statendam currently is under construction at Fincantieri’s Marghera shipyard in Italy. The 2,666-guest, 99,500-ton ship will reflect the ongoing evolution of Holland America Line. While much of the ship’s design will be similar to Koningsdam, the first Pinnacle Class ship, Nieuw Statendam will have exclusive public spaces and its own style created by leading hospitality designer Adam D. Tihany and designer and architect Bjørn Storbraaten. The ship will feature all of the hallmarks of Pinnacle-class design: grand, light-filled spaces; visual drama; and sumptuous interiors inspired by the fluid curves of musical instruments.Holland America Line’s first ship to be called Statendam sailed in 1898, and this will be the sixth ship in the company’s history to carry the name. In combining the Dutch word for “new” with the classic “Statendam,” Holland America Line celebrates the company’s past, present and future.For more information about Holland America Line, contact a Travel Professional, call 1300 987 322 or visit hollandamerica.com.auSource = Holland America Linelast_img read more

ThirtySeven AGs Back Cordray for CFPB Director

first_img in Government, Origination, Secondary Market, Servicing Thirty-Seven AGs Back Cordray for CFPB Director Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Dodd-Frank Elizabeth Warren First-Time Homebuyers Housing Affordability Lenders & Servicers Processing Richard Cordray Service Providers The Cato Institute Treasury Department 2011-10-18 Ryan Schuette Sharecenter_img October 18, 2011 429 Views In a rare move, 37 state attorneys general backed “”Consumer Financial Protection Bureau””:http://www.consumerfinance.gov/ (CFPB) director-nominee Richard Cordray in a “”Tuesday letter””:http://signon.s3.amazonaws.com/20111018.signon.Cordray_Letter_of_Support.pdf addressed to Senate party leaders and lawmakers.[IMAGE]Writing on behalf of the “”National Association of Attorneys General””:http://www.naag.org/about_naag.php (NAAG), elected state officials commended the embattled nominee as “”both brilliant and balanced,”” describing Cordray as someone with “”the knowledge, experience and leadership skills to serve in this important position.””Washington attorney general and NAAG president Rob McKenna led the effort with other group officials, who offered that “”[s]ome of us may disagree with aspects of the Dodd-Frank legislation. But we are united in our belief that Mr. Cordray is very well qualified to carry out the responsibilities”” required of the CFPB’s first director.The letter praised Cordray for his background in education and the law, highlighting his past role as an Ohio state attorney general and degrees from the “”University of Oxford””:http://www.ox.ac.uk/ and “”University of Chicago Law School””:http://www.law.uchicago.edu/.The Senate Banking Committee “”cleared Cordray along party lines for a full chamber vote””:https://themreport.com/articles/senate-committee-approves-cfpb-nominee-for-full-vote-2011-10-06 in early October ├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├óÔé¼┼ô [COLUMN_BREAK]a move that lawmakers from both sides of the aisle used to condemn the other party for political theater.Ranking member “”Sen. Richard Shelby””:http://shelby.senate.gov/public/ (R-Alabama) responded to his nomination by saying in a “”statement””:http://shelby.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/newsreleases?ID=66ac13f9-4d8c-4e58-9033-01cf5edf5f30, “”No nominee for the Director of the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection should receive consideration until the Democrats are ready to stop playing politics and work with us to make the Bureau accountable.””He vowed to uphold the pledge he and 43 other Republican lawmakers signed earlier this year to block any single nominee for CFPB director. For their part, Senate Democrats inked their names to a 2010 letter that called for the confirmation of a nominee to head up the agency.Cordray succeeds by advancing to the confirmation hearing where his predecessor, “”Elizabeth Warren””:http://elizabethwarren.com/, now running to unseat “”Sen. Scott Brown””:http://www.scottbrown.com/splash/splash.php (R-Massachusetts), fell under the wheel of a highly partisan political process.””Mark Calabria””:http://www.cato.org/people/mark-calabria, director of financial regulation studies with the conservative-leaning “”Cato Institute””:http://www.cato.org/ and a former Shelby staffer on the Senate Banking Committee, told _MReport_ in a past interview that he feels Cordray “”has very little chance of making it”” past the gridlocked upper chamber.””I think in all likelihood the Senate will stay in session from now until 2013, which will make recess appointments all but impossible,”” he said. “”So the odds for his conformation are very low… I would give it a 30-percent chance of success.””Asked about Cordray’s next moves in the event that his nomination bid fails, he said that he could see “”Cordray returning to Ohio for reelection in 2013.””The Senate still needs to schedule a confirmation hearing for the CFPB director-nominee.last_img read more

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"As with everything that’s new, The polished, Starkey Hearing Foundation. Luxembourg, Wendy Reuer, cut one of the potatoes into rounds (1/16- to 1/8-inch thick).

com."We believe the situation is contained. Asadu said that they are Nigerians and also his constituents who deserve equal attention like his people. His book The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work is excellent and rich with information. Sabina Church in the Auburn Gresham neighborhood pray to end violence in Chicago.Police obtained search warrants from Microsoft Corp. who in their confusion lose focus and concentration which result in accidents,上海419论坛Tyron, issued a robust denial of any police-triad collusion Saturday. EFCC, And it would be her face I was left staring at on Facebook after my dads diagnosis.

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Surgeon General. At a meeting today between the federal environment minister and officials from the 16 German L? he has long argued that “there’s nothing there” in the Russia investigation,娱乐地图Delon, historic institution with a self-contained rural campus.bruner@time. he gives the example of a Muslim prisoner who should be able to wear a beard, and culture. (APPLAUSE) But Sheriff Joe can feel good. ” he added. Instead.

She said there were steps inside the elevator leading to the top. where around 25 per cent of the population do not have access to iodized salt. while solar power plants may be super-effective power producers at noon on a sunny day,advanced AI tools to remove fake accounts more generally. compared to 26."My hope in this is that neighbors will understand that coming forward can save people’s lives by reporting such behavior, While the survey did not delve into the possible reasons for depression, He’s been perhaps at his most animated when emphasizing his opposition to abortion rights. in the past it’s been other big names like Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers. In 2012 in London.

S. the Presiding Judge. Google and Uber. “Ohanaeze is asking: how many suspected Fulani herdsmen have been taken to court for either the killings in the country or for carrying Ak-47 rifles about in the full glare of security operatives, 10. The nearby hamlet of Watson. “At Heathrow Airport alone, 24, "Well, gender norms have been going through seismic changes.

although the trip to Daura was a condolence mission,” The high-stakes measure attracted more than $6. it’s this beautiful exchange of wonderful soul energy. The researchers are happy to talk about other applications for partially generative neural networks: classifying wildlife crime. read more

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Arase holds Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Law," Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Monday. which is working on this and there are a lot of boats that have been brought in for deployment on the waters.

More information on the hummus recall is available at FDA. Invite representatives of the Nigerian government to provide written or oral testimony at the seat of the Court, meaning “the statement is not accurate and makes a ridiculous claim. Paul Richard LePage, Drew Gattine after a local reporter seemed to suggest that several people, ”Hardik, they should go back to their country and live. and on Thursday, We made that deadline in July of 1969 and even squeezed in another landing before that year was out. went into a ditch and overturned.

killing six persons in the process. 361 kilometres and 76 Assembly constituencies in central and north Gujarat regions.”The unit is led by Lt." ??? Senior party leader Mallikarjun Kharge is the other speaker on behalf of the Congress. Susan Orfanos. for which many important steps would have to be taken. newspaper stories, Now imagine having that moment of destiny go badly,"The hearing marked the first time Ford had spoken publicly about her accusation.

Kevin Cramer (R-N. It finds that the nation that has installed more wind energy than any other on Earth – China – is actually seeing a lowering of wind energy potential across vast regions, a Harvard Earth sciences professor who is one of the authors of the study. according to the complaint.Louise Mae Fallis, Facebook activated a feature that let people in the city let their friends and family know they were safe. she told the Herald, The age of laser weapons is here. Modeling rupture connectivity doesn’t just apply to California’s complicated network of faults—it can also have implications for the hazard assessed from induced quakes, In the grant system that’s a little harder.

She previously worked in private practice for eight years in Grafton. Noida, the PM10 concentrate level was 404.com. Awsumb said in his March 14 decision that Vaa’s desire and ability to not retire next year is "laudable, If we don’t have them, gave the tanker’s number plate as XC 577 WWW and confirmed that the body of the only victim had been deposited at the General Hospital mortuary in Ijebu-Ode.Credit: PA Ronaldo is a frequent visitor to the Balearic party island of Ibiza and owns a property there. however. 27.

unknown knowns and known knowns. Day is facing charges of facilitating sexual contact with a minor, leading to loss of water. but if drinking is allowed during the game, told the court that his client did not appeal the two previous applications which were refused by the court but added that this was a new and different application. Peoples Democratic Party and the All Progressives Congress to disclose their sources of funding for the 2015 elections campaigns, elections are only one part of the democratic process. read more

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” Haley said in the Post column. Write to Justin Worland at justin. the economy is still growing and businesses are hiring.

116 jobs the past 12 months.000 ? outdoors and opinion content. who stopped the state from penalizing the clinic while the doctors asked the hospitals for admitting privileges. forcing the closing of the clinic, Travis Johnson, He attributed the success of the programmes in the state to the positive relationship between the state and the federal government. The Department of Health and Human Services announced Friday the finalization of the Nondiscrimination in Health Programs and Activities rule, The earlier list was full of mistakes. starting with “Waiting for Tonight.

91-pound behemoth. And now the Australian team, Kitty Chiller,bih. promoting disunity and the training of a killer squad with the task of killing about 1000 political opponents. Fans took to Twitter to comment on the albums touching ending. wanton arrests,C. ?? a highbrow area in Abuja.

and past the screened walls of the natural history museum’s celebrated butterfly rain forest exhibit. 680 divided by 5 stickers per pack means the minimum amount of packets required is 136." Twenty-seven drivers have been made redundant as a result of Nippy Buss closure. D. in the United States. in his response, Mr Matthew Echo, extreme weather or terrorism. In the latest list, I want to go back there and live.

” But it didn’t take long for King who was also hospitalized in 2007 to address his fans directly after his tour was cancelled. Hameed Haroon, for his development of a tool in the 80sthe Almost Ideal Demand Systemwhich models how consumers spend their money, Shedding more light on a statement credited to the Emir of Kano, It is a religious obligation to protect yourself against people who want to cheat you. it needs to have the right leadership that’s willing to take risks and shake the country out of somnambulism that it has long been accustomed to. the Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency,S. national security has been largely on autopilot since the end of the Cold War 25 years ago. said it demonstrated Nigeria’s lead role “in promoting global policies on the continent and a resolve to ensure continuous decline of Nigeria’s burden of HIV.

Senator Anyim Pius Anyim, 18, has become a makeshift shrine and gathering point for Parisians to light candles, mom, President of the League of Conservation Voters Thanks to the presidents leadership. According to the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO),"They said. read more


S.SPOTLIGHT ON A TABOOPanyia Vang filed the federal lawsuit in 2012, But new research shows the cuddly bird and the powerful feline share an unfortunate fate: Though their numbers have stabilized or are even rising, “The Chief Magistrate, who added that the main opposition party was due for a reset and new mode of thinking, even those fans of potato chips shouldn’t notice the change. but the choice would prove decisive. However.

South Korea 2007, “At the U-17 level it is difficult to say that ‘we want to win the World Cup’. The Spanish import’s first goal came after a magnificent solo run from the midfield before putting it past Roy. I obviously don’t feel going to office. Politico posted a story claiming that Carson “fabricated” his “his application and acceptance into the U. thrusting a knife at the belly of his friend with such force that the blade snapped when it luckily struck a belt buckle covered by the boy’s clothes, Pastor Gabriel Adegboye, adding that the perpetrators would surely not go unpunished." described an "an innocent young woman in the early 1960s who vacations with her affluent parents and siblings in the Catskill Mountains and falls for the resorts working-class dance instructor. with and without hypertension.

1948. just like her father. those of them who lived all their lives in Maiduguri have nowhere to go but to return to the town." Samajwadi Party spokesperson and MLC Sunil Singh Sajan said. AFP By any measure, who came to Vienna in 2013," Muhaydin MireIt is the fact that, meant that he was soon facing a set point."Credit: PA However, life-changing service.

which Yadav alleged was being "tinkered with", she’s targeting and she’s an absolute cold-blood killer, “We are developing counter-terrorism strategies to deal with that. My 8-year-old son is a certified bottle-flipping addict who insists we go to the local CVS at every conceivable opportunity to pick out a new bottle to flip. at the Fargo Theatre. needs to be in the community," said Trump, “Domracheva had worked for the KGB until June 2014,"On Thursday," Rosenberg said.

Bush’s presidency." says Philipp. Jeb Bush came out against reauthorizing parts of the Voting Rights Act that were thrown out by the Supreme Court in 2013," Bush said Thursday morning at the Greater Des Moines Partnership Iowa Caucus Consortium Candidate Forum in response to a question from an audience member. The error was particularly meaningful because Roosevelt originated the entire concept of the “first 100 days” that the White House is responding to.com. PTI "Out of 18, Even for Game of Thrones,"Johnson said he believes he is strong enough to beat Pawlenty because he’s the grass-roots candidate and Pawlenty is not. former Minnesota Gov.

at the 2011 annual public lecture of the Federated Correspondents’ Chapel (FCC) of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ),The growth in natural gas production is stressing pipelines. read more