Jiang Likun nternet start-ups cannot follow the crowd and stuff

in recent years, with the popularity of Internet technology and the reduction of the threshold, more and more people begin to choose employment through the Internet to solve the employment problem. It should be said that this is a good phenomenon, only in the Internet industry more people, China’s Internet business in order to get greater development. But the desire to start a business is good, the process is difficult, and often the result is even more cruel. How to effectively avoid the risk of entrepreneurship? This is a question worth pondering. Jianglikun today to discuss with everybody many friends in the network business, easy to commit two errors, we hope to help.

‘s first question: follow the crowd.

every time there is a new model on the Internet, or a field is rumored to have "money king", there will be a pile of people rushing up, blind projects. For entrepreneurs, enough passion, enough execution and responsiveness are important, but not blindly follow the trend. Even if the market is big, once the participation of many people, then the average is not much. And then encountered some strong predators occupy half of the country, then the rest of the people can be assigned to the poor. Here are a few examples: read more

Enterprise websites have to rely on landing pages and flow pages for high conversions

is currently part of the enterprise website flow is good but the conversion rate is very general, often these companies rely on the website are some exaggerated propaganda to improve conversion rates, but with more and more site traffic on track, if not able to work on the conversion rate, the entire enterprise website faces may be faced with failure.

enterprise website to improve the conversion rate must depend on two factors: one is the enterprise website landing page, this is to ensure that users enter the site has left the core part of consciousness; two is to broaden the website flow page, this is to ensure that the site has the basis of far constant flow. And this article will start from these two aspects, do a comprehensive introduction, hoping to help more corporate websites.

one, pay attention to enterprise website landing page, improve landing page conversion rate awareness

is actually a lot of enterprise website webmaster all understand what is the landing page, but most of the time, part of the webmaster in the construction of enterprise website has neglected the importance of landing page, to understand the enterprise website landing page is the basic work site, ignoring the landing page is equivalent to give up the enterprise’s core brand, and the establishment of enterprise website landing page mainly from three aspects: read more

8 trends in Web design single page, responsive design, etc.

This article is translated from

website design company weavora.com, introduced in the eyes of their 8 Web design trends: single page, with photos, the background color design, oversized images, concise, focused response type design, parallax scrolling and emphasize the font, each trend behind a number of cases, I believe there will be a certain reference the value of web designer.

single page

The design of

single page was less popular (either client or designer), but now the Internet everywhere. A reasonable explanation is that users are now accustomed to using the mouse wheel, and it is much easier to scroll up and down than to navigate between pages.

, some of the leading big companies, including apple, also used quite a long page to display their products, and gained great results.

more examples:







uses photos for background read more

Characteristics of network marketing in furniture industry

over the years, furniture has been mainly through the traditional way to sell stores, this way although more intuitive, but the shortcomings are also obvious, that is, higher costs. In the past, the furniture industry higher profit margins, the drawbacks of this sales approach is not obvious, but in the furniture industry increasingly competitive, average profits decline today, this problem is more serious. Therefore, looking for more effective and lower cost furniture marketing methods has become more and more concerned about furniture manufacturers, especially furniture dealers. As a result, efficient, low-cost e-commerce gradually surfaced.

e-commerce can save huge marketing and circulation costs for enterprises, and make it possible to reduce the cost and price of products. And consumers can search for the best prices in a wide range, and may even take the middleman to order directly from the producers, so that they can buy at a lower price.

consumers urgently need new, fast and convenient shopping methods and services to meet their own needs to the greatest extent. This change of values calls for the development of e-commerce. read more

Webmaster should also learn to know a little

last night took a look at the recent hit movie "Chibi" movies, how can not evaluate, just between inside Zhu Geliang and Zhou Yu dialogue "that you know? Know a little too cold, this sentence is too talented, we don’t have little knowledge of what is the webmaster? < /p>Do

Webmaster Station, although the appearance of CMS we can not go to the bottom of the program, but html is a qualified webmaster should know that the site was built, part of the webmaster may also understand the server security settings, runtime environment, and relates to the operation of the website, the profit mode of thinking, the details of which are too many. Webmaster must be a little understanding, otherwise, when the problem occurs, always can’t always beg others, not to mention others can not solve, even if can solve, you rest assured that the server let others configure it?


so I said, "you know this, too." he’s so talented. I really doubt that Kaneshiro Takeshi has been a webmaster… But then again, Kaneshiro Takeshi played Zhu Geliang in Chibi. Although he answered all the questions, "every little understanding" seemed to me very much". Zhou Yu’s horse Aberdeen, Joe MM gaobuding, Zhu Geliang a "little" fix; Zhou Yu invited Zhu Geliang to play, Zhu Geliang is also a "understand" easy to achieve…… read more

Talking about the development of workshop network and some ideas

, let me introduce myself first. I’m the http://s.hebcfw.com/ of the Hebei factory building. The website has just been on the line and no data has been added. The data used for the test has not been deleted. In fact, I was thinking about the plant network from the beginning of the year, but there are too many things, and the result has been delayed until now. Yesterday, in order to find links, Taizhou webmaster pulled me to his factory group, I didn’t expect, although my station has not included, but friends have not refused to do links, here, thank you.

found a lot of friends too impulsive, see people say money is head in, without fully considering the actual situation of the region, whether there are competitors, competitors, whether the program function is perfect and suitable profit model. A friend to ask Taizhou friend not to audit and intermediary fees? I suggest you first search the country do a good plant network, to take a good look at their profit model is what? Taizhou friend can say is the case under special circumstances, not necessarily every month as a good income, after all, the Taizhou plant quantity is limited. At present, the national good workshop network is in the form of advertising profits, so you must have enough advertising sites and different advertising areas, the most important. Many rental factory feel in the Internet to send a message, but also received what audit fees, never heard of, I feel unreasonable. There is a workshop network friends said to call them to communicate, they talk about charges, then remove the information, it is very typical of the psychological. If you translate this mentality into advertising online, I think they’re much more likely to pay. The audit charges plus the photo charges is free information can not upload photos and does not appear in the good position, free information on the bottom, on my website for free information you don’t notice, ha ha. Of course, this can not be done early. Charging information can add photos and display photos, thumbnails and so on in the home page. I think this is much better than the audit fee, read more

Traditional wine dealers, how to make the transition, making 10 billion of the annual sales of verti

I horse note: vertical electricity supplier has been criticized for not succeed, but the horse camp two students Hao Hongfeng founded the brewmaster network, in 6 years, the success of sprint to become China’s largest wine supplier, has annual sales of close to 10 billion, and Hao Hongfeng also declared that "electricity supplier must profit". Now brewmaster network is trying drinks O2O.

(pictured entrepreneur founder and dark horse big brother Hao Hongfeng)

September 2009, brewmaster network was founded in Shanxi, Taiyuan, 6 years of continuous evolution. Brewmaster network recently obtained a 1 billion yuan of financing, which is publicly sought to get the largest electricity supplier liquor business.

‘s financing, brewmaster network intends to refer to the taxi drops 40 million pound burn promotion mode, O2O platform "wine", subsidies to consumers and wine shop. Up to now, the brewmaster network has received 6 equity financing, the cumulative amount of 930 million. Brewmaster network is by far the largest amount of financing drinks electricity supplier. read more

Very period webmaster, please protect your domain name

from the end of 2009, CCTV mobile phone exposure pornography flooding caused by the earthquake has been a.Cn domain and a half months, the Ministry of industry and CNNIC every few days there are new policies, and the domain name registrar for provisions for the self preservation have been fantastic, so be sure to wake up to fight the spirit of twelve, protect your domain name maybe one day is lost. The following methods are not only valid for the.Cn domain name, but also valid for the.Com domain name.

1, for the.Cn domain name, be sure to use real data registration: if you did not use the real data, please correct immediately, otherwise the domain name may be canceled at any time. CNNIC has repeatedly issued a document requiring the Registrar to verify the identity of the registrant. At least you left the phone should be able to get through, Email is able to reply, the look with an air of importance. I have received many calls from CNNIC to verify my registered.Cn domain name.

two, website domain name and domain name website is not placed in each of two independent account (very important): if you have a domain name has station, please immediately re register a new account, and the establishment of the domain name is not immediately transferred to this account, this method is very important for the.Com domain name must also do the operation, otherwise, the consequences will be grievous. At present, the registrar is once found the customer domain name if there is "vulgar" content, will be immediately banned in this domain, and immediately freeze the account and all the rest of the domain name, the domain name is whether other vulgar content, regardless of whether there is other domain name website, a law to kill. This is not alarmist, my friends were the hands, by the Registrar told website is not informed of the specific vulgar content, information, check the website did not find friends vulgar, don’t even know which domain is because lead is blocked, the domain name can all move, even worse is that it is part of the domain name customers, suffered heavy losses. read more

Talent much why should SMEs do web site

with the development of the digital economy, small and medium-sized enterprises to develop a new marketing concept and mode, that is to establish the enterprise website, which makes many enterprises to develop a broad market is a very effective marketing and promotion methods, effectively enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. No matter what type of enterprise, they have to break the original pattern and re participate in the international market.

No matter how

large enterprise e-commerce development, small and medium-sized enterprises still have the status of products of its own personality and characteristics, and can occupy a space for one person in the Internet in the field of great competitiveness under the situation of small and medium-sized enterprises must carry out the website construction to adapt to the development of e-commerce based on the trend.

Low cost

network world without borders has characteristics of small and medium-sized enterprises eager to establish their own web site, the purpose is to: establish a corporate image in the network products and services; promotion of enterprises; through the network for a variety of customer service, provide support to carry out electronic commerce. Enterprises to establish their own website, is conducive to the promotion of products and services, and to increase contact with users. Enterprise website targeted very strong, the key lies in its propaganda work. How do you improve your business reputation in many enterprises? read more

Website operation optimizes what to do, how to make [1]

operations optimization major responsibilities

website optimization (WOO) Responsibilities: to optimize the website, website operation status of the core competitiveness, increasing website brand continues to consolidate, and continuously improve the website profit as the goal, according to the market, and the actual situation of the user site investigation, analysis and steps, link planning scheme the site contains, strategic positioning and consolidation, development strategy, website style, image, ease of use and the standardization of design standards and optimization, standardization for website operation process development and optimization, web site development and optimization strategy formulation, formulation and optimization of website marketing strategy, planning and optimization of website operation data analysis the focus of the work and website operation, monitoring and optimization of the user experience, site monitoring and optimization of public image and reputation marketing strategy Formulation and optimization. read more

The common elements in the model (two) online

Common elements in an article on the Wangzhuan model in

(a), and share a few words about Wangzhuan, from a certain angle, described above includes information, profit sharing, leveraging win-win situation, then, in this paper, the introduction to the content, is a common course of most higher the.

can’t see

this is the characteristics of most people, of course, this feature, at best, can not be said to be an advantage, but it can not be said to be shortcomings. Especially for the novice, even the most basic projects that can be used to live are not. Where can I see new projects that can be operated?

as the saying goes, "the first one to eat crabs, often have courage, but this first, but also only one, can find NO.1, after all, is a minority.".


found that not only need the opportunity, need more vision, you can distinguish between an ordinary insulator and a very valuable antique difference? I think you can not, you did not meet, but you don’t have the vision to recognize. read more

Talk to everyone about how to do a movie station

although popular now Youku, potatoes and other video network, but now I do the movie station is also one of them, bored today, I would like to talk about a few of the experience of the movie station.

1. movies as clean as possible without watermarks.

2. update in time. For popular Korean drama, TVB drama does not need to be the first, but we will not be behind others for 1-2 days. It’s not difficult for us, after all, we’re downloading movies fast enough to watch the latest updates from the TV compression groups every day.

3. opens the tablet channel and is responsible for adding some of the movies the user needs. They don’t need 100% to meet them. Some of the films can be easily added.

4. updates some of the old classics. (Hong Kong and Europe tracts) as far as possible the use of HD film pressed into no watermark or with our watermarking film. Watermark should be beautiful and generous.

5. usually go to some forums, BLOG, space irrigation, inadvertently put some of our station connection, do not deliberately to send advertising, easily deleted directly, on the contrary, no effect. read more

New way of stationmaster profit model under new form

has been in A5 diving, his writing is not good is not a shortcoming. But she also made a small website, make a website profitable way, the current site earnings in good condition, although traffic is not high. My website is Zhengzhou happy circle, old stationmaster sees to disdain one another – it is a website of SNS again. Yes, today is to talk about SNS dating type of website profit model, I hope we can communicate with each other profitable way. Look at the top of their own deep digging down the value of this model bar, do not see the article as a soft bar.

website is newly built. From the beginning of the establishment, I intend to follow the road to enhance the value of user experience, so I am targeting the same type of website. Now that the new local website is profitable, the big, all inclusive route is doomed to fail. You can’t compete with manpower, but you can’t compete with industry leaders. Then based on this market website which provides the core value to browse my web site, I take what valuable things for users to stop and love? After a year of diving and I used to work in the experience I found now is the so-called white-collar workers to work more than are very busy, they have enough time to go to work to check on their care website. The flourishing of happy net, the popularity of SNS dating website, people again and again realize that white-collar workers are of great value and can be explored. Compared to traditional big websites, what are the core values of my Zhengzhou happy circle? read more

Network poineering road kankankeke

? The last semester of the University, all around the students are busy, test the civil service, PubMed, resume writing, run the job fair, not lively. But I sometimes feel halt the troops and wait in the middle, with this group of people, especially A. Day after day in the past, there are less than two months to leave school, and many people asked me how to plan, I will smile, perfunctory past, in fact, very disturbed. You don’t know what we can do, do not want to think purely physical and mental freedom is more important than a salary job, do not want to graduate, do not want to do civil servants probably associated with this mentality, thinking anyway, the world countless can earn a living occupation, not only for the work of others is the only way.

‘s ideal way of life is a successful businessman, QQ signature "will speak Chinese Bill Gates", many people say naive, and they are not willing to change. In fact, if I had known that I was now involved in the magazine trade, I should have written "Murdoch who speaks Chinese", at least better than naked declaring that I love money. read more

Operation KP urgently needs innovation, from mechanical thinking to human nature

the scope of this study applies to the whole industry

editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public number "ID:lishaojia2015", the author Li Shaojia, author of "evolutionary operations".

the theme of this article: running KPI has been in my mind for a long time. In some ways, the question of how KPI can maximize its employees’ capabilities and achieve the ultimate goal of the enterprise is a commonplace world management problem. This article attempts to throw an answer from a new and bold idea…… It has not been verified by a great deal of practice, but I am sure it is of epoch-making value.

special thanks: participation in KPI topics discussed: HUAWEI, WAL-MART, Lenovo, Tencent, Neusoft, and exchange it…… And other industries, the company’s friends to share enthusiastically.

KPI (Key Performance Indicator key performance indicators) we should not be unfamiliar, the vast majority of enterprises will use the performance appraisal of our monthly, quarterly and year-end results of the work, KPI is one of the most commonly used management tools, there is a similar OKR (famous for Google), BSC. read more

Sharing experience with GG for the first time

received GG payment for the first time. It’s nice to share the next

ha ha, did not expect to accept payment is so simple, I was in Everbright Bank received, although only 180 knives, front desk MM very enthusiastic, I fill in the form 3 times to fill in the correct, the following details

1 collection can be at post, agricultural bank, Everbright Bank, I am in the vast number of banks.

2, as the website owner, is completely free of charge, and GG has paid the service charge in the United states.


3 to that money must take 1. payment amount, 2. of the payment of the money transfer control number (MTCN), the government issued 3. valid documents (passport, driver’s license, identity card, etc.) 4. remitter information I took to direct printing on a piece of paper.

4, when filling out the exchange receipt, it is required to write in English, can not appear Chinese characters, my English is not good, and use pinyin, ha ha, you can also. Will not fill in, then ask the teller MM, should give you more detailed answers, read more

Where is the way to health net

      I believe that the health of the leading portal 39 Health Network is absolutely not strange, but we have not considered why his flow will be so big, so high visibility? Because 39 to do everything based on users. Let users find what they want, of course, you will like it. Let’s analyze it from the following points:

      a simple, catchy domain name. People have names, and there are also numbers on the Internet that allow users to recognize them. 39 Health Network domain name is unique, so that people who come in to see, you can remember, mastered the user’s psychology. Next time you enter, enter directly.

      two; a powerful database.

      1, to build a hospital database platform, will be around the hospital included in the cooperation, the authority of experts to add some hospital information release function recommended to each hospital a platform to show their own. Let visitors also understand the local hospital and experts, convenient for medical treatment. read more

The significance of website conversion rate

what is your conversion rate, meaning that when visitors visit the site, the visitors into the website of resident users, can also be understood as visitors to the user’s conversion, regardless of the site SEO optimization, or do the bidding advertising promotion, preliminary results only temporary visitors to improve site traffic, and the website to bigger and stronger, not only to put the visitors into the visitors, but also to stay, it is necessary to consider how to improve the site conversion rate, one of the key development strategy that this is also the site of the.

below, Hou Qinglong will be visitors to the site’s user experience analysis:

first pass, website speed

first, when visitors enter the site, the first feeling is the site of the open speed of response, if the page file is too large, or the web server is slow, the speed of opening more than 8 seconds, you can never lose the access to the user, this choice should pay attention to streamline the design speed and stability of server and website code, the website can be used the structure of Div+Css, enhance the site open speed. read more

Traffic is an important factor in the survival of personal websites

throughout the Internet situation, the growing new sites, the site traffic has been a very popular and very sophisticated topic, this topic will never fall. No personal web site traffic, like a great Chollima Bole encountered the same.

on this point, it shows the importance of traffic. Here are a few promotion website, increase flow method.

1, using some very sophisticated way to promote your website, such as QQ group, group mail, BBS, a large group of messages, bring your website, web site and keywords. Go to Baidu know, YAHOO knowledge hall, soso answer other people’s questions, accompanied by your own links.

2, the use of search engines, which is now more popular SEO optimization technology, improve your search engine in the keywords ranking.

3, exchange links. And some of the peer or non peer station to exchange friendship with each other. Of course, not the more the better, the quality, not quantity.

4, to well-known sites advertising. Direct money investment, of course, is the best, but it costs money. A good SEOER, they don’t buy people standing ads, they think it’s a waste, read more

Webmaster’s Enlightenment in addition to original content, there is no other way

Blood and tears of

web site, I believe we have experienced. Update, update, or update, but very little traffic. Personal sorrow and joy, it is really a long story. Now if any by the garbage station can earn much W, there are not many people believe that, when the content is king, the original site is difficult to survive, and is dominated by collecting garbage station? Of course, rely on garbage station to make money there, but has little. Unless you are a very intelligent person, or follow others behind the butt do, dead certainly you.

although everyone knows the original article is good, but still a lot of people shake their heads and sigh, because writing original article is too difficult. Write a soft text every day may be okay, because the soft Wen requirements are relatively low. Writing original is difficult, so we will come up with pseudo original, this approach, through the following several ways to achieve "makeover" purposes.

(1) to change the title of the article, this is certainly the most important, the title is dotting the place. read more