Jialun entrepreneurs how to impress investorsZhi Yi Pacific computer network click activities will b

1. positioning is not clear,

several projects are emphasizing their own projects, no competitors, there are no people involved in the country and so on. But in my view, this is a strong proof that the project has a problem, and that so many smart entrepreneurs in China, the real blank market hardly exists. Either the project is really bad, or the entrepreneur has not done a detailed analysis of competitors.

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5. business plan and expression confusion

entrepreneurial history of a difficult process, entrepreneurial passion is important, careful analysis of the market is more important. Here, record your thoughts and thoughts for your reference. The /IT – read more

173un February 18, 2008 Commission has been paidTopFloor seamless integration of social networking s


established 6 month start-up company has maintained a low profile until they officially announced today from shlf1314 Ventures, Ploaris Ventures, Crosslink Ventures and Rustic Canyon Ventures, received more than $6 million in financing. The two founders of the company, whose antecedents have been relegated to the second tier, have played a role as board member and consultant.

users click on the link to buy these goods, you can directly add the goods in their TopFloor shopping cart, then direct the payment of the purchase operation, the shopping cart icon will appear in the page on the social networking site. The first use of this service, users need to register and submit their credit card information, this information can be stored, to simplify the user day after the operation, so that they don’t always have to enter your credit card number and other information. The young business is still exploring their commercialization strategy, but so far, and in the near future, their model is to pay commissions to businesses for profit after every consumption. read more

The advent of online education 3! New prospect of small station EducationThe grassroots webmaster of

from the start of the station so far, full of online education industry 2 features: high user participation, technical development, new marketing channels and data management components heavier. These let the small station take advantage of the trend, and soon in the foreign language training in this field of subdivision occupies a place.

Sogou Alliance: union.sougou

head of the station admitted that their formal corporate operations in 2011, and therefore did not experience the first two periods of online education. Online education 1 from the time corresponding, roughly in the middle of the 90s to the beginning of the new century, about the government "concept" to support distance education, but the information education has just started. While the 1.5 age is still a wandering period, although capital driven, education began to appear small-scale innovation, but most of them are concentrated in the teaching institutions within the system. And the entire industry is really driven by the market, the customer demand by the spur, it is just in the small station before and after the beginning of the education business around 2010. read more

Do a good job of Taobao long tail product keywords design analysisA game on the road in Wangzhuan Wa

for B, I have to be different from A, and I have some odds of winning.

competition is fierce, a click up to 2 yuan

for passengers, how to do the long tail? According to the observation and Study on my own, I think Taobao for passengers, the long tail of the concept should be a correction, as a good phrase for the content is the long tail, for example: "what the most effective weight loss products?" and "taobao moistest shop", "taobao crown stores a total list" as I mentioned above the three keywords, has not called "word", should be accurate to say is "sentence", the introduction of words is obviously much higher than that of

brand is especially suitable for cosmetics and other relatively high gross margins, while market competition is extremely fierce Taobao customer products, we all know that Taobao is the "three kings" is the highest profit competition is also high scary, that is: women, diet pills and cosmetics, women’s money now it is not so good to earn, "silly people, more money, in the past the extensive market competition has come to". With the saturation of the market is more and more high, fake also began flooding the network market, in this case, B2C is the main brand effect, cheap and brand products can meet the actual needs, but also meet the vanity, this product can open the market in the Internet, this case is "the most classic L’OREAL" and "Maybelline", the two brands are more relevant in the long tail of the Internet, I also give some examples: "L’OREAL online store" the cheapest Maybelline lipstick. read more

The short-term profit and long-term planning rice and vegetable roll which is more suitable for smal

Remember earlier this year when chatting with a friend to talk about the short-term profit and long-term planning problems, on this issue, opinions are not uniform, there is a self view, most of my friends would choose the latter, but a lot of people can not tell the reason, so today I will discuss some of the more practical problem with you.

small owners in the domestic current situation is grim, the majority of owners in low income or no income, many types of sites are not their own profit model, are still exploring their own path. Maybe sometimes we will often see the success of a certain webmaster how much profit a month, but that is just a temporary incentive or excitement. So, as a small and medium-sized webmaster, we should choose the short-term garbage collection, profit or choose long-term planning, do a good quality web site?.

below, I’ll give you an analysis of these two stations to do some practical conditions:

1. condition for garbage station

novice to explain what is the garbage station, as the name suggests that most of the content without careful editing and basically is to rely on acquisition back, this kind of website can quickly have a portal station scale in a short time, but according to the rules of acquisition collecting back information often there are still a lot of mistakes and with the network "has a very high similarity, so the station is easy to search engine that is easy to be cheated, K. But in the short run, it’s a quick and profitable way to build a garbage dump, rank a GG, or affiliate advertising before a search engine update. The establishment of such a garbage station, you need to understand some basic SEO and some aspects of the collection can be done, generally do garbage stations are doing a lot of profit at the same time to achieve decentralized, income aggregation model. read more

Discussion on niche blog marketing method


niche" is the English word "Niche" transliteration, niche marketing is also known as "gap marketing" or "niche marketing", also known as "slit marketing"". Philip · Kotler to define a niche in the "marketing management" for the niche is more narrow to certain groups, this is a small market whose needs are not being well served, or " based " to obtain interests;. Marketers usually determine niche markets by subdividing the market segments, or identifying a group of distinct minority groups for a specific set of interests.

niche marketing is an enterprise to avoid confrontation with strong competitors in the market, due to various reasons by the small market choice and powerful enterprises ignored (called "niche market" or "niche market") as its special service object, all the actual needs of the market to meet, to firmly occupy the market marketing strategy. Niche marketing can be greatly improved by means of Internet, because of the accuracy of online advertisement positioning. Hsieh believes that the promotion of enterprises, the rational use of niche, is the key to the success of promotion. read more

Taobao shopkeeper how to do WeChat marketing

WeChat public platform as a marketing tool, more and more attention. We value WeChat, but two, first, it has a huge number of individual users, and two, it’s a good place to take hold of the mobile market. Now, the fiery mobile end, so that we are looking for new marketing breakthroughs, so commercial operations WeChat has been imperative. Especially for some Taobao personal owners, the living environment is getting worse and worse. If you want to do a good job, you have to find another way to do it, and WeChat’s appearance gives them hope. The following I will introduce the owner of these shops Taobao shop WeChat marketing methods, but before doing, I hope you understand two points:

1. is clear that WeChat is just a tool

whatever you want to do and want to sell, you have to know that WeChat is just a tool before you start. Its role is to help you find your customers, based on this point, you have to think about how I use it to find customers,


2., WeChat’s location is very important, read more

The choice of a planning director after 80


in one’s life choice is really too much, when I was young, my parents to make me smarter than other children, help me to choose the best kindergarten, a little older, wants me to be admitted to a good university, gave me the opportunity to focus on high school; when after graduating from college, most of choose to face to my own decision, I study for more than two months, feel the road is long, and home funds have been like "vampire" like smoke almost dry, so I choose to work, think will have the opportunity to further study. With the mastery of professional knowledge, find a good job is not a problem, although college students employment difficult is very loud, but for me, I never had to worry about, maybe I am a lucky


my hard work, learning, so I have a lot of confidence in his own field, I am from a small programmer, sit on the technical manager position step by step, now I have www.zyue.com site planning director and www.9chun.com operations consultant, at the same time he also has several famous the station, my ability a bit to let people know me, so give me the cooperation of the people recognized, I also sincerely treat every friend, also got a lot of friends, I thank them very much. These made me feel that I have been very happy and fruitful in the past two years. They all said they were responsible for everything. Now, what I’ve done, I’ll have to pay for it myself, read more

Start from scratch and build a little game station

to pay a return, persevere hard to be harvested, put the words in the text first, self encouragement and encouragement with you.

inadvertently looking back, the site has been for seven or eight years, as a poor student from scratch, outsiders non computer professional is not the basis of the energy in the field go for so many years, there are too many regrets, there are too many harvest.

maintenance site is not a few, basically all of the income from the main maintenance of a web site, the other is the first to wait for the opportunity to do, for example, the county level talent network.

if someone asks me what your successful experience is, my answer is: stick to it and give it up. My main source of income has been on the web for 7 years, the industry leader.

if someone asked me, what is your experience of failure, my answer is: Xiaofujian after inertia, laziness. So many years of ups and downs, only this site better operation, a lot of time wasted.

because of the Internet uncertainty risk (such as you engage in a Korean website, suddenly require copyright), we hope to have other types of site operation, support each other, expand revenue channels. read more

Two years to prepare for only one site

education represents the past, learning power represents the future, do not know who is too much complaining about reality, the brothers speak out, so with philosophy, they are very fond of, often used to spur themselves. Also because he does not have a high degree of education, but also as an excuse for yourself,


was born in 1987, I can be regarded as a " marginal person " a lot of people will be 86 after the row to ’90’ ranks. And I think I’m a real 80. I have the spirit of hard work after 80. At the age of five, my still revel in the play pretend, I entered my road. My road to study is smooth sailing, primary school, junior high school, high school, but later did not undergraduate, just mixed with a specialist. And it is such a turning point in life, let me gradually into the ranks of the webmaster,


is a computer software technology major in the university is Cobain was born, then find the work is programming. At school, like most people who learn computers, they are basically muddling through. Games and movies are indispensable. At that time, in addition to their own school curriculum, basically no self what, so that when graduate looking for work, learn a. Finally, I found a job in a foreign trade company. The salary was 12002007 years, and the salary was pretty good for a junior college student who had just come out to work. At that time, I was mainly responsible for the development of the program, when the main development of the company’s Web site, and a business network. It is the first time I contact the site, the true meaning of the design, development, maintenance all by myself. At that time, really tired, for a person who has no experience in the development of a business network is really too hard. But in the end, I managed to overcome the difficulties and complete the task. read more

Do station mood rookie webmaster to engage in a forum is not easy!

I finally uploaded and downloaded hundreds of times.. Finally build a forum out, though it is using forum template Discuz. But I was also playing with him. I fainted several times..

himself because I’m playing forum.. I’ve only met ASP websites before.. Never played PHP!


plus I don’t have much money, I know the space to play PHP is very expensive, and very little space… I am a graduate, so the money is limited. So I hope the money I use is reasonable.. I dare not buy space to play.. Because people hear what CPU restrictions, traffic restrictions, and file format restrictions, etc…. Therefore, it is not easy to maintain a reasonable virtual space.. To me。。 Don’t be a brick!! -_-


, finally, in my most difficult time… The stationmaster in the master’s yard sympathized with me. Give me a little space for me to play with. Again, thanks a lot for his support.

, but I’m new here. He divided the space for me.. I began to do the career! Got a home out of feeble force with other and finally got a paging power play 8.2.0 forum… As you know.. I uploaded it… All upload failed.. Let me feel very helpless.. Why? Try N times.. Still the same…. But under the request of the wide division of the master of the backyard, he once said.. My system is LIUNX incompatible with ASP.. Only PHP… Suddenly I fainted a lot of waves… I’m too bird! read more

The cost of changing servers


website (www.fzlbb.com) opens for about a year. Popularity increases, and in order to make the site more stable, decided to change the point of the server. When changing servers, I also thought that Baidu might drop. As I expected, Baidu hit the victim is me. Because of this server, Baidu came larger keywords ranking decline, traffic directly reduced by more than 10 thousand, economic losses will not mention.

Baidu included directly reduce 65 thousand pages, in order to save, for brilliant, decided to send articles to make up for admin5.

, I may be the most unfortunate webmaster, others change, nothing, I change, immediately accident. Remind some unlucky webmaster, do not change the server of the website easily, the next victim may be you..

Small station half Station History guard against conceit and contentment

time flies, from the time of the absolutely ignorant of it is already half a year, half a year, how much hard sad, how many happy joy, write down here, to share personal history, for the later

light!The first

Wangzhuan, a small fortune

The first time that

is the establishment of a student in there, in that he can also know personal website, website also can make money, was ready to listen to friends, and apply for a blog to start my Wangzhuan career, I wrote an article in the campus, let friends to share, and the QQ group, plus the blog every day there are many people who visits my blog every day, gradually independent IP has been around 300, then the Ali Mama Amoy promotion (now seems to be called Amoy treasure) is the fire, I’ll do this, also do some recommended money project, the two months actually earn more than 500 dollars

, my music!

now, that day is the most beautiful, because there is no Wangzhuan seriously, just spare time and weekends management, even large income, enough a month of food, it is inexplicable happy, but also because the start too easy, walk behind will feel more tired! read more

Local station interview because of concentration, so persistent Yilong online, moved Yilong

signature: We interviewed Yilong online webmaster Han tian. This interview, Han Tian share in its 11 years of history website to us, and the strategy of its own operations local portal sites, we have also seen their dedication, a passion for their local users of the service heart, hope can bring some suggestions to other webmaster.

host: Yilong online webmaster Hello, welcome to our KingCMS interview section, first of all, please introduce yourself and the story of the website.

Han Tian: Hello, I am Yilong online Adsense Han Tian, first of all happy to come to KingCMS interview column, and we discuss the exchange of local portal website operation. Yilong online website has been founded for 11 years from the beginning of 2000, we have been focused on Yilong local information website, currently has a team of 4 members of our team members, almost no hobbies can be said that the Internet is our biggest hobby, even we are not playing mahjong, almost most of the time is spent on the site if the user questions, we will be the first time to respond. We had no local site in Yilong County, want to find some local information is not convenient, in this case, we decided to make an introduction to Yilong local information website, initially in the forum community based development, now the development of the voice of the people, the classification of information, information, community, pictures. Remember the first time we personally go to the website is collecting all kinds of data, because we are all local people in Yilong, Yilong perennial attention to local information, so to grasp the local information of this piece of relatively strong, we will in the spare time in the local mobile phone with a camera, walk around and shoot some local upload to the site. The local newspaper is our biggest concern. What’s the latest news? We’ll upload it to the website for the first time. In fact, it is also a hobby, we are just in order to establish a local information exchange platform, to facilitate local Internet users at the same time, but also to facilitate themselves, ha ha. read more

Give advice to those MJJ grassroots webmaster

about how to go to the webmaster, this road I am a little embarrassed to say it, that is just contact the network when the beginning of it. Should be 03 years, in order to get MM joy, to copy some web pages, the contents of the change into their own want, and then MM think they have talent, ha ha, I see no one so silly. I thought I was very talented at that time. Why did I think of this method, but now I think it’s stupid!


started with pure entertainment, and in front of a lot of people, and asked me what www.chinazlink.cn was for, I said loudly, "webmaster", network development and so on.. MJJ I see these titles and then don’t add me Oh, that is the title of the title to his many years ago, and now I will not say, because I have no technology! Now every day to see behind the YY, oh, this is not a good example!


has been talking about web sites for years. Make money only once in three or four years ago, when the film alliance fire, I made a HTML page, the image is completely AV inside the cover, it is fraud, a lot of MJJ want to watch porn registered, then do two or three months, should be made three thousand or four thousand dollars that may not be so much, is two points.. Then slowly, no, read more

Baidu, unfamiliar street, micro-blog, WeChat moved whose cake

the past two years, WeChat has been close to 400 million registered users, this is a proud achievement for any one product, of course, this is not the full force of WeChat, with WeChat to improve the public platform, many marketers who have joined this platform, so the platform of the future of unlimited potential. Of course, a joy, a worry, WeChat unlimited scenery, the inevitable fear of other products, then WeChat growth in the end what products or companies feel anxious,


, WeChat, VS, Baidu,

Baidu is apparently the first, as China PC end search first master, Baidu advantage in all aspects of no shake, but in the mobile field have from the mobile application platform first, to multimedia search later, Baidu wants to improve the intention of mobile platform is always no way to implement, it is no wonder that Robin Li criticized his the company lacks the wolf, no way, the decline in PC terminal and mobile Internet ferocious today, grasp this opportunity will be eliminated by the times. In this respect, WeChat is clearly a step ahead of Baidu. read more

Enterprise site optimization need to pay attention to the four major mistakes

here, I put the enterprise, site administrator all included in the ranks of the webmaster, after all, they also want to do site optimization, also have the website source file management authority. Business owners are a group of special groups, because we all know that changes in the ranking is normal, need to optimize a calm heart, but this group is indeed the most difficult to maintain a calm state of mind, no enterprise station patience is often due to pressure from the boss, the boss to consider the factors of cost and profit is often lost patience. Enterprise Adsense in order to often focus on the update and the chain, ignore some common mistakes, greatly limit the site rankings, in here personal talk about enterprise station some common mistakes:

myth 1: introduce business, business news, and about us to the most important position,

enterprise products get better marketing effect is the final destination of the enterprise site, and the enterprise repeated introduction of text, list and add industry news, these are to improve the web page noise optimization. To solve this problem, we need to clarify one thing, is our enterprise customers to enter the site he wants to know what is this? We want to know the size of the enterprise, the boss resume and so on these things? No, the most direct customer idea is to understand our products, and our goal is to sell our products, so we it should turn on the product content on the main position. read more

Site from Baidu ranked fifth to be K station experience and lessons

is now the grassroots webmaster, most estimates are in rely on search engines to flow from Google China after the incident, traffic from Google according to A5 forum survey is less and less, we have to rely more on the Chinese boss search engine: Baidu. Baidu is a word from the " he found the degreeses. When I look back, that person but in the lights dim, " this word, but let Baidu webmaster always feel Baidu such as water, flowers in the mirror, constantly changing, cannot measure, see reach. She occasionally give you a favor, one day traffic from Baidu rose, but the total is not a few day. She became a dream such as fog, such as electricity.

Baidu toss mood is extremely unstable, an unsettled state of mind., it is affecting the physical and mental health. But in order to live, to the point that point to the flow of advertising. No way, or to spare no effort to engage in search engine optimization, find the reasons, find a way to get the hang of." looking for, desolate, desolate sad. When the cold, the most difficult to rate " Li Qingzhao used this word to describe this process most of the time if it is very appropriate. read more

Talking about my experience of doing websites for 40 days

I really got into touch with the Internet in 2006 October. Since Li Jiacheng donated to rural primary schools in Anhui in 2005, rural primary schools began to have their first computer. In October 06, the school of computer networking, I began to contact with the network, at the beginning, I almost all the time to play the game, but also not a big game, is the QQ of the landlords, upgrades and chess games, and at that time just to catch up with their own school, so I always play until late at night until three, after about 40 days, the end of the school. I still play games very often.

in February 2007, I bought my own computer and got on the net. I bought it even though my family strongly opposed it. At first, I was just chatting and playing games, and after a few months, I started searching for ways to make money on the internet. A search for a variety of networks makes money all out, and titles are very attractive, what makes 100 a day, or more than 1 thousand a month. A variety of surveys, such as the first investigation, QTick, air traveler network, Chinese sand into the tower, Witkey, pig Witkey, news times, 365 home, epanel, comr, I registered. Then I found it hard to make money on the internet. I registered the site, only 20 yuan in the title guest Wangzhuan (about a year), the other is integral, but can not change, some survey to inform you to participate in the investigation, but when you go in, do you do not meet the conditions, then do not let the. Of course, some people may make money through these sites, but for a novice, in which to make money, is very difficult, it is difficult to stick with it! The micro passenger network can make money, but some have certain skills can, especially to understand the graphic design program, and I this is a blank, I engaged in simple activities to help people named the final competition for too many people, never too standard. But can only find another way, this time I came into contact with blogs and websites to make money, I read many articles, say money blogging is very difficult, unless the traffic is very large, such as the star of the blog is to make money. So I didn’t choose blogging to make money, and chose the website. read more

Vertical electricity supplier seeking change from childhood to the United States and high encycloped

People familiar with the

industry all know, from where to red child to cotton net, many sub vertical electric providers have fallen, become martyrs. Many of them fell from the "small and beautiful" vertical electricity supplier to the "big and all" comprehensive electricity supplier expansion road.

energy-saving, diseased trees ahead wanmuchun. Although many losers, but as the current hot vertical electricity supplier – fresh electricity supplier areas, there are still players on the "high Daquan" platform operation road. Recently, the vertical fresh electricity supplier was platform injection news constantly, SF’s fresh electricity supplier SF preferred also opened its own platform road.

at the beginning of May this year, SF preferred sales category expanded from fresh food to 3C, department stores, food category in self at the same time, launched open platform, the introduction of more third party through the original hey mall open platform products. read more