Join the Han Palace kettle barbecue how – net

like barbecue food, always very popular. Entrepreneurial choice to join the barbecue project, is undoubtedly a very business opportunities, very powerful choice. Han Palace Palace barbecue? High quality food, entrepreneurial worry worthy of trust!

in the Han Palace barbecue you can taste any flavor barbecue, barbecue here is not only fresh, high nutritional value. Han Palace kettle barbecue, in order to cater to the tastes of the mainland, have a certain improvement in the formula ingredients, hemp, spicy, fresh, fragrant taste is of meat, seafood, fresh vegetables can be grilled, then collocation dozens of Chinese herbal medicine made of spices, make our barbecue nourishing and health effects, even if even the most cynical person, can be here to eat well, eating habits.

to eat barbecue to the Han kettle palace, Han Palace barbecue shop every food prices are very close to the people, is the food of everyone’s consumption of food. Han Palace kettle barbecue, avoid vague food, keep the meat fresh, stylish, beautiful, convenient and healthy; Han Palace kettle barbecue on paper but also replenish the food loss of moisture, can discharge the food itself excess oil, and can keep the nutrition of the food inside. Han Palace kettle barbecue on paper so that customers can be satisfied with the taste and visual enjoyment, also want to eat, want to come in to speak with the facts, the popular read more

The investment shop entrepreneurs to win the competition need what tricks

competition is a very normal thing, for the current business market in the business for the current market, it is difficult to find a no rival industry, a street, a neighborhood you will find that there are three or four laundry, five or six convenience stores, seven or eight hair shops, more than and 10 restaurants, twenty stalls…… No industry without competitors. So, how to set up venture entrepreneurs to win competition?

The best strategy for

is to plan and develop its own competitiveness and strategy against other competitors at the beginning of the business.

first recruit: imitate

since entrepreneurs lack experience. So you might as well imitate. The so-called imitation, that is, regardless of the content of the goods, the size of the space, space design, the content of the space price, business location and other competitors to imitate.

imitation strategy looks simple and effective, but the advantages and disadvantages of the use is also more obvious.

said the advantages. Following the competitors to learn the successful model can reduce market risk, but also can reduce the time of exploration. We all know that the entrepreneur’s own lack of experience is very strong, some people say that the failure rate of entrepreneurial shop up to 90%. So to open a "new" a high degree of risk, lack of ability to control it. If you can simulate the basic model of successful competitors, it will avoid many of the initial stages of the risk is not escape. read more

Retail stores want to develop customer needs and give play to the advantage of commodities – Ne

the biggest difference between a large customer and a regular fit is the number of items purchased. If the goods do not have the advantage, for the individual, may be two times the inconvienent, but for large customers, the store may not be able to cooperate again, because it is not easy to cause greater losses. Therefore, the retail store wants to develop large customers, naturally need to give play to the advantages of goods.

commodity procurement is the most important commodity. If you run the quality of the goods is not good, quality is not high, less variety, so the geographical position, good relations with each other again good also is no good, after all of your goods does not meet the requirements of people, they do not meet the procurement requirements. Therefore, the retail customers in order to develop large customers, we must take advantage of the goods to win big customers.

I have a beverage company in the area, and their location is located in a supermarket opposite me. In June last year, the company needed to purchase a number of quality carpets, but did not find the carpet after the supermarket goods. Helpless, the company had to go to other shopping malls to buy. By October, the company went to the supermarket to buy Bedding, but because too few varieties, grades are not high, the company had to go to another supermarket to buy. This happened several times after the incident, the company lifted the purchase contract with the supermarket, and re identified a retail outlet. read more

Italian ice ice cream franchise chose him to get rich quick

now, the ice cream industry, has been very popular throughout the year are very hot. In fact, entrepreneurs choose to join the ice ice cream project, is a very wise choice, but also a very powerful choice. Simple way to join the successful venture worthy of trust!

Italian ice is a real strength of the pie! Ice cream ice cream to join the broad prospects, is the right choice to get rich quickly. Italian ice cream ice cream development time is not long, but the pace of development is not slow, a few years of its franchise on a number of cities throughout the country, the domestic ice cream market began a reputation. Ice cream market demand, in the face of a wider range of consumer groups, investors are now willing to join the Italian ice cream ice cream naturally do not worry about no tourists, do not worry about no business, money is actually very easy!

Italy ice off concern not just now! Italian ice ice creams to join, not to be missed opportunities to get rich, give you a bright future is unlimited! Italian ice ice-cream franchise headquarters for each franchisee escort, as long as the franchisee can enjoy the headquarters support services during the period of cooperation headquarters, free advertising for stores, activities planning and so on free, so that stores can increase revenue, obtain the ideal wealth, stable turnover, stable income, is stable in the future read more

How much tea Xiancao bull and


bull and immortality tea, in the catering market would be so popular? Delicious bull and immortality tea, has been extremely popular, for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, is a very good business opportunities!

bull and immortality now so popular, many investors want to invest bull and immortality, see unified style bull and immortality and high quality products, may think it will spend a lot of money to open a bull and herbal shop?

actually opened a bull and immortality shop cost probably only about 100 thousand, especially in a good location, may cost a little high, but the flow of people is relatively large, the turnover will be good. Tea profits are very high, generally up to 50%-70%,     below we analyze profit:

bull and immortality operating cost is not very high, water, raw materials, labor costs do not add up, then open a bull and herbal stores how much profit? Last year, Lee rented a store, opened a bull and immortality franchise. Decoration, purchase the necessary equipment costs, procurement of raw materials, personnel equipped with, and then sent to the headquarters for free training. Tea shop profits are very large. Xiao Li said, a cup of tea about 10 yuan, the cost of only about $5, profit is almost at the end of the day, if you sell out 300 cups a day, then the profit is around $1500. Generally speaking, when the tea shop off-season sales can reach 300 cups a day or so, not to mention the peak season. Join the bull and immortality, low investment, high profit, low risk. Can join tea; for different consumer groups, make the most of the city’s consumption pattern. Product consumption price ranging from 6 yuan to 12 yuan, the consumption structure of the product selection of many consumers like drinks, desserts and other delicious series. read more

The health wine industry market analysis – the future of the franchise

go to relatives and friends to send what gift? I believe many people will choose health wine, good health wine gifts face, can make people more healthy when drinking. Do join health wine business, nature is a very promising market business project, the following Xiaobian to do a detailed analysis of the market prospects for businesses who want to understand the investment, quickly look at.

read more

Magic drink bar – all money to join

as we continue to improve the level of consumption, our demand for food has always been in the upgrade. Moreover, the small business choose to join the catering market, is also very choice of business opportunities. Magic drink more casual bar? High quality entrepreneurial projects, a good choice for successful entrepreneurship!

fresh delicacy in front of strange cool drink instant show, more than 100 kinds of products as you choose, the magic drink – Magic diet and

magic drink belongs to the Zhengzhou magic cube Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd., the company is a collection of business management, promotion of entrepreneurship to join the chain of integrated projects. Magic drink – Magic diet will dance, singing, is enterprise’s create cube tube dance first brand diet! At present, agent area has covered more than a dozen provinces, with hundreds of agents to join a


magic drink – flavored rice milk, peanut milk, South Korea pop dance series, soft ice cream cake roll series, sun hamburgers, sandwiches, sushi, hot dog series, dance Fresh Juice series, crazy potato delicacy series, pearl milk tea, fruit tea series have ten delicacy series. It subverts the traditional farewell, conventional, fashion, health, delicious, fresh as the theme, the success of the diet from static to dynamic, the area has covered Henan, Shandong, Sichuan, Liaoning, Hunan, Shaanxi, Fujian, Anhui, Guangxi, Jiangxi, Yunnan, Jiangsu, Chongqing, Guangdong, Hubei etc. province. read more

How to open a pet shop location

pet store is now a concern of a project, if you want to open a pet shop, then how to choose the address is better? Small make up for us to do a detailed introduction, want to join the shop, then come to a careful understanding of it!

the first market research to make effective business analysis

would like to open a good shop, a market research is inevitable. From a professional point of view, it is the analysis of the business district, popular is to investigate and analyze the scope of the store’s sales, store customers to the characteristics and geographical location of the living environment. Because of the different geographical location of shops, suitable for different types of business. Therefore, investors in the site, we must first carey observe the situation, such as the shopping district of the passenger flow and traffic flow is much, the number of competitors within the District, etc..

generally, larger traffic field all of the city’s commercial center, train station, bus station, bus station, commercial pedestrian street, near the university campus gate, popular tourist attractions, a large wholesale market entrance and large and medium-sized residential area etc.. How do you open a pet shop? Because these places belong to the commercial focus area, heavy traffic, shop in the bustling lively area, the chances of success are often much higher than ordinary lots. However, in the specific selection of shops, should pay attention to the business district is not easy competitors too much, the best of the same kind of merchandise franchise stores do not exceed three. read more

Join a large car beauty brand – what are the advantages of whole

for an investor, we all want to own a car beauty shop. So, I believe there are a lot of people will ask, what are the advantages of joining the large car beauty brand? Let’s take a look at it:

What are the advantages of

joining the big car beauty brand?

auto beauty franchise project free trade channel proxy advantage

In addition,

car beauty spray shop business categories, in the exclusive automobile service chain management routine project, with many strong Denver projects, such as automotive paint, explosion-proof solar film, electronic navigation, you can in the region to expand the number of dealers, to increase profitability, new high profit new denver.

automotive beauty services to join the advantage of

large car beauty project to join the new worry nanny business model. Terminal services have a team of professional and efficient, and the use of single successful management experience can be replicated, summarize and develop the perfect chain management , set of operating system. At the beginning of the study, including the built district location, market research, marketing planning, training technicians, terminal operations management, advertising strategy and other aspects to implement caring housekeeping service. read more

Open the children’s Park franchise note

open children’s paradise franchise, the need to do a lot of work. Selection of projects, investment in the shop, the location of the business is a need to think about things businesses. If you want to do a good job related operations, you can take a look at the relevant business experience. Xiaobian summed up a few points, only to provide some reference, so you can easily start business.

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Open beauty shop how to do business – Business

in recent years, the development of the beauty industry is very fast, a lot of people in the time of entrepreneurship also take into account such an industry, and now go to beauty salons consumption more and more people, want to build the most beautiful. So many entrepreneurs see such opportunities, they would like to open a beauty shop. But the market is still quite a lot of beauty shop, want to do business is not easy. Today to tell you how to open a beauty shop to do business.

how to open a beauty shop to do business? The first step, geography:

to open a store, the location is very important, this is no matter what shop should pay attention to the problem, has a key role to find a good location to store business is good or bad. As the saying goes, store an inch, a business zhang. Good shop is the stream of people, the flow of money, the exchange of information flow is the fastest and most active place. For example, your beauty store opened in a noisy place, environmental health is not good, there are people willing to patronize your beauty salon? read more

Let the dessert join three rules – the total net profit shop

how can you make your dessert business profitable? There’s so much more to do. The streets and alleys, dessert shops can be seen everywhere; large and small dessert shop one after another to open up for the vast number of consumers with more choices. For dessert, taste it bring people is of joy, of sweetness, of happiness… And it just for the majority of entrepreneurs to provide a good opportunity to choose the dessert shop is one of the shortcut to riches you. When you do not wait for us, the opportunity is left to those who are prepared, you are ready to join the dessert shop would like to be more profitable, you need to master the three rules, which the law of the three?.

three rules to make dessert stores profitable


rule, a best location

in the dessert shop before, as far as possible the few locations within the district preselected number of inhabitants, population quantity, consumption level, consumption habits, vehicle line premise and the specific list, in contrast, roughly estimated that this shop profit situation, development manager let you selected to join dessert brand headquarters in the field investigation and judgment, and finally determine the choice of shops. read more

Large pollution control site dust storm

dust, sand and gravel, and even affect the surrounding road environment has been surrounded by dust around the sky, which is the site of the past to leave people impressed. With the implementation of the Xining municipal governance demolition site dust pollution, 17 key projects being implemented in Xining and the demolition of the real estate development project site in full swing and other dust pollution control operations, rack enclosure, equipped with sprinkler sprinkler, with daily non-stop network cover construction waste…… Demolition site no longer naked demolition, blocking the once raging sandstorm.

October 23rd morning, the reporter with the city housing demolition Department staff came to the airport expressway along the north of the city demolition site section of Chaoyang Village area environmental remediation project, this area demolition area of about 300 acres, the huge demolition site although there is removed to leave the building rubbish, and accompanied by seven or eight excavators in garbage disposal, but here the sky is not much dust on the road has been cleared very clean, the original in the real estate sector active supervision, the garden department site is equipped with sprinkler operation, while the staff of garbage disposal, while kept watering, so the site is a neat. According to reports, previously, due to the large amount of demolition project, the site did not take good spray, watering facilities such as dust, and the demolition of the construction for houses, where the dust is more serious, the viaduct on the road from Xining to Datong from afar foggy. Then the reporter in the vicinity of Shangri-La West Tower high-speed west government reserve land, new village demolition project site to see, this site has also been set up more than 1 kilometers of iron metal enclosure, in the field of construction waste with all the clouds covering up, previously, this site due to dust pollution prevention measures in place, was sentenced to stop corrective punishment. read more

Provincial Meteorological Bureau and Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology to bui

to cultivate students’ awareness and ability of innovation and entrepreneurship, to provide more effective training and development opportunities for graduate employment and entrepreneurship. Recently, the "Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology employment base" officially listed on the China atmospheric background reference observatory.

2016, the Meteorological Bureau and the Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology in Qinghai Province, the spirit of "mutual benefit, cooperation and win-win" principle, give full play to the Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology’s intelligence, talent advantage, advantage of practical conditions in Qinghai Observatory, strengthen personnel training, scientific research and other aspects of cooperation and common development.

Qinghai Provincial Meteorological Bureau, Chinese atmospheric Observatory, Guide county meteorological bureau benchmark respectively with the College of environmental science and Engineering College of atmospheric science, Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology signed a joint venture agreement in employment base, Qinghai meteorological department was founded in 3 employment base. read more

Analysis on the development prospect of community food and beverage

maybe you are not very familiar with the catering to the community, but never mind, now together with small understanding of the future development trend of the catering industry, perhaps in the community dining, this is a change to change people’s way of life.

the rise in food and beverage industry in the shoppingmall boom. On the one hand, shopping  mall belongs to the comprehensive business, consumer demand is the concentrated place in the catering industry in general downturn families can hold together for warmth. On the other hand, shppingmall itself in the site and supporting facilities, including other commercial bodies, including catering street, help to reduce the cost of food and beverage businesses, but also to ensure a certain amount of passenger.

and in all stores are in the crush of the strong in the shopping center, belonging to the group of students family sub brand groups but remember to bring to the market a different way to enter the community.

the traditional community catering industry too Trend Micro read more

National Urban organs party building experience exchange meeting in Xining, Wang Xiao attended the o

July 23rd, to further enhance the service function of grassroots party organizations, expand contact service channels, promote the formation of the contact service people, improve service level ability level of long-term mechanism "as the theme of the twenty-sixth National City Party building work experience exchange will be held in Xining city. From Beijing, Tianjin and other 68 cities in the work of the 141 organs of the organization and the Xining municipal authorities at all levels of Party organizations to participate in the meeting. Provincial Standing Committee, Xining party secretary Wang Xiao attended.

in recent years, Xining city party put into the city’s overall economic and social development to promote the plan, play around the organs of the party organization of the service center, the construction team "the central task, promulgated Measures to strengthen party building to promote the effectiveness of job accomplishment, promote service and promote economic and social development, mobilize the enthusiasm of the party members and cadres, provide a strong organizational guarantee for the city’s economic and social development. Achievements have been fully affirmed by the participants. Meeting, Tianjin, Xuzhou, Xining and other cities on behalf of the exchange made a speech. read more

Aid green work help Qinghai Tibetan development and stability

June 27th, reporters from aid youth cadres forum was informed that, since July 2010, Youth assistance work officially started, through the joint efforts of the national ministries, the central enterprises, provinces and municipalities and the Qinghai provincial government, aid youth work mechanism, gradually expand the scale of assistance, assistance to constantly enrich the content, the basic form of economy and cadres, talents, education, science and technology and the combination of government, enterprise and society all participating Youth assistance work pattern, the political, economic and social benefits aid youth work became fully apparent.

since July 2010, human resources and social security department, Ministry has sent two batches of aid young cadres, the first batch of 26 from the central state organs, 13 central enterprises and 6 developed provinces to send 102 (later increased to 119) in July 2013, second aid youth cadres; the 32 group from the central state authorities, 18 central enterprises and 6 provinces selected 182 cadres of youth assistance. Among these, there are 4 young cadres have been transferred to Qinghai to work, the support of the green cadres involved in the work of 18 batches of green aid. To aid youth cadres into the Green Gang has played an important role in five aspects: one is to the requirements of the central and Qinghai provincial realities, positive suggestions, actively participate in the preparation of the recipient regions and units of various types of development planning, play an important role in the two expert staff; tightly around the strategic goal of "three zone" construction carefully selected, the implementation of a number of key projects and livelihood projects, the implementation of the project started aid youth work has played a leading role; the three is to actively play a role as a link, through matchmaking and coordination arrangements, a strong impetus to aid by both the communication and cooperation; four is to actively play a leading role in promoting the cultivation a large number of backbone and local talents for the recipient area units; five is to actively play a leading role in the work of specific work, generally the recipient unit leadership and stem Of the masses. read more

Completely eliminate zombie sleep government website

June 24th, the Qinghai provincial government website census second training sessions held in Xining, municipalities (state) government, provincial departments and counties (cities, districts, the city committee) Office of a total of more than 260 people to participate in training.

on the road of intensive development of government website Internet plus background theme lectures on the government website, the national government census monitoring website survey information reporting system of auxiliary examinations and exceptions and shutting down websites the application review process are analyzed and read.  
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Multi sectoral together to create a safe consumer confidence consumer environment

February 25th, the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, province, province Industrial and Commercial Bureau consumer rights consumer association held a news briefing, the Provincial Consumer Association, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau, the provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau, the provincial food and Drug Supervision Bureau were informed of the province’s consumer complaints, consumer product quality supervision, food and drug advertising monitoring and monitoring quality. Provincial Consumers Association informed this year, 3· 15 program.

2013 year, our province consumer associations at all levels of consumer complaints 1138, the settlement rate of 97.8% for the consumer economic losses of more than 291 yuan, involving more than 412 yuan, to receive 22138 passengers visiting and consulting. Overall, the amount of consumer complaints fell in 2012.

provincial quality supervision system in accordance with the law on agricultural products, household appliances, light industrial products, textile products, building materials, mechanical and electrical products and energy products such as the 7 major categories of 17 kinds of consumer goods to carry out product quality supervision and spot checks, a total sample of 270 enterprises produced 367 batches of products, qualified rate of 91.6%. On the spot checks found quality problems, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau has been in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. read more

Datong County, ten beautiful countryside

The first

of Datong County Xinhe cup ten beautiful village before the contest successfully concluded, the top ten beautiful countryside, fully demonstrated the results of new rural construction in Datong County, Datong County rural tourism resources show unique charm.


treasure town

is located in Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County in the northwest corner of the mountain, the national highway 227 line from south to north through the township, the township government in the village, with a total area of 1174.85 square kilometers. "Gao Xia Pinghu" black spring, river, river to name not to her "Cha Han River" landscape here is the name card, is a rich treasure trove of spruce the name card. 2007 was named the county’s first civilized credit village, civilized credit village has 7 villages, civilized letter users 1446, in June this year, then listed the village of 2 civilizations credit. In 2012, the township government was named "garden style unit" by the municipal government". read more