A number of Taiyuan banks can handle the mortgage business to the public – Business

in Taiyuan, you can apply for loans to the public, as detailed introduction, we look at the following text bar. Taiyuan housing provident fund " business to public " the process has been adjusted from the admissibility of the business to the bank to handle the business procedures are fine-tuning, it is recommended to apply for the relevant business people in advance to do " homework ".

11 bank can apply for the transfer of public business

as of now, the city has a total of 11 banks can accept the "business to business", respectively, construction bank, Bank of communications, Chinese Agricultural Bank, industrial bank, CITIC Bank, Industrial Commercial Bank of China Ltd Shanxi branch, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Taiyuan branch of Limited by Share Ltd, China Minsheng Banking Corp, Limited by Share Ltd Taiyuan branch of China Merchants Bank branch in Taiyuan, Bohai Bank of Taiyuan branch of Limited by Share Ltd, Limited by Share Ltd and Taiyuan Merchants Bank branch. read more

A two pot of hot pot in order to win the business strategy

rare, because the less so expensive is the same concept can be applied to the business, you want your food and beverage brands must come up with a surprise, let consumers have not seen the unusual form, so that nature can attract consumers. As long as it can attract consumers to pay attention to the business can be taken in one fell swoop. In the hot pot industry there is such a legendary brand – a pot of hot pot. A pot of two pot of hot pot does not take the usual hot pot, in the ingredients, the production process is very strange, so diners appetite. Entrepreneurship in order to win the victory, a pot of two cow hot pot shock debut, is the best way to get wealth. Join a pot of two cows, creating a wealth of food legend.

a pot of hot pot, a pot, a hundred kinds of flavor, so that you can eat hot pot can also eat new ideas. Traditional, fashion, health, a pot of hot pot is the traditional and modern cooking art masterpiece, not only is the consumer’s favorite, but also the first choice for entrepreneurs, product projects have the following advantages. read more

模拟农场2013来台九月- NGBNext播客031 -听乐趣回来

巨人软件宣布模拟农场2013将发布的PlayStation 3和Xbox 360在上海龙凤在9月3日和9月6日在欧洲。







我们搬东西只是一点点,Aryel是你的主人,他的声音是由亚伦和阿德里安再加上新的作家Ben Ward熟悉的音调加入。本已经被困在写一些非常有趣的评论,如果你还不知道你可以看看在精选文章栏目的网站。

推特问本周提出一些有趣的问题。我们讨论黑暗灵魂2,放下我们的早期期望。下一代游戏机期待什么。爱上海将如何应对PS4最后什么可以做任天堂在E3注入生命萎靡的Wii U.所有加在031集的NGB播客本周的游戏新闻。

你仍然可以发送你的推特问问题一样,我们会回答他们下周。如果你想问我们一个问题,并在播客功能,鸣叫你的游戏相关的查询“official_ngb和/或“AryelAbrahami与标签# askngb


音频剪辑:Adobe Flash播放器(版本9或以上)需要播放音频剪辑。在这里下载最新版本。你还需要有JavaScript在浏览器中启用。 read more


爱上海已经宣布,Deadlight现在是免费下载的一部分与黄金游戏计划在Xbox 360。





PlayStation Vita。





让我们知道,如果你计划选择PlayStation Vita专属一是通过下面的评论部分


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A business is being transformed by the Internet financial – microfinance

With the continuous deepening of the development of the industry, the opportunity to expose its ears are constantly emerging

. From the balance of treasure Alibaba, to Baidu hundred hair, to the nearest NetEase finance, Internet banking is the most talked about personal finance, continue to be sought after. It’s brilliant style, seems to have forgotten the other one is the Internet financial business transformation — small loan.

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Cage type smokeless barbecue joins need how many money

pure natural pollution-free food is always favored by consumers, the main reason is because people tend to healthy consumption, the traditional kind of barbecue smoke is always a defect compared to pure natural food, barbecue more popular. Natural barbecue is a very popular delicacy, but with the increasing emphasis on health, many are not healthy barbecue brand gradually appear No one shows any interest in smokeless barbecue equipment, environmental protection, obviously adapt to this development trend, as many businesses choose. The cage type smokeless barbecue has the extremely high technical strength, the headquarters has created the diversification product system, has occupied the broad market quickly, the merchant opens a shop the prospect also to be optimistic. So how much do you charge for the cage type smokeless barbecue?.

How much does it cost to join the


to join this brand requires only a few million, this is a good investment for small and medium investment projects, such projects are rare in the market, but also a very profitable project. read more

2015 the latest version of the small business venture

is a series of small cost of the whole society among the entrepreneurial projects have been more and more popular, and more and more people entrepreneurs started investing in some small cost venture projects, so in the whole society, what are the appropriate cost of small business projects?

2015 small business venture project  : hand soap

to new ideas is: entrepreneurship is by chance. Chen said the owner, more than a year ago, a friend in Guangxi to play this kind of soap, back to talk to her to listen to, before doing a mobile phone business Miss Chen think young entrepreneurs, to be a new idea. At present, there are all kinds of shops in Guangzhou, but there is no such shop, so it will attract the attention of young people. read more

China will increase investment in social resources for entrepreneurship training

with the development of economy, our country began to pay attention to the coordination of all social resources to help the development of entrepreneurship. Ministry of human resources and social development, to increase the social resources of entrepreneurship training inputs to ensure entrepreneurship training can be effectively spread quickly.

from the Department was informed that the "guidance" on further promoting entrepreneurship training work has recently published the "opinions" clearly put forward to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all sectors of society, and puts forward some incentive policies and measures, to promote social entrepreneurship training resources.

Our occupation ability construction

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Happy lemon drinks taste buds – agent to conquer the public

has been the food and beverage industry is a business choice. How about a happy lemon drink? Delicious, the best choice for entrepreneurship. How to join the happy lemon drink? Has a high popularity, join the joy of lemon drink items, we should choose and focus on the project.

happy lemon drink is a small investment projects, as long as a few million, a few square meters of shops can shop boss. Happy lemon beverage store flagship health fruit drinks, and rich product line covers a variety of desserts, snacks, tea products in the production of delicacy, fresh and bright features, and diversified business model has greater market competitiveness, ensure franchisee profitability.

happy lemon drink?

happy lemon drinks low investment costs, but the profit is very impressive, so many investors want to join the project. Join the joy of lemon drinks, do not need too much shop, stall shop can easily operate, and investment is only 10000 yuan, a person to open a shop, save other expenses, allowing franchisees to better sell rich. read more

6 ways to optimize your entrepreneurial team

we all know, want to make a smooth operation of the company, we can not ignore the importance of the team. Optimize their entrepreneurial team, in order to allow the company as soon as possible on the right track. Team members’ knowledge, skills, confidence and ability to influence the development of the company.

1, working with people who love their careers, not people who love money. Why do we say we love the cause rather than the company? Because we are a group of people with a common cause to pursue – to improve the quality of food and beverage industry efforts. As a result, we opened a restaurant. Everything we do is to support our cause. The reason is that we want to make this industry benchmarking enterprises, you can create a home network, no matter where you go, we will get a welcome to know us and our expertise. The reason why we participate in social media is to provide content to verify our expertise. read more

Beverage store good site selection method recommended

in recent years, in the whole industry to join in, to say which one hot industry, one of the more hot drinks industry shop is now on the market at the same time, there are also many drink shops, want a good talent shows itself, location is very important.

for entrepreneurs, beverage stores shop rent can not only see the surface of the price, and should consider the rent price problem. For example, the monthly sales in 20 thousand yuan shop, the monthly rent in 2000 yuan -3000 yuan more appropriate, can guarantee a certain margin. (about 10% of sales). Location should be forward-looking. Not all of the "golden city" must make money, sometimes encountered in municipal planning changes, busy location and could become the deserted land.

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Would like to think the customer to customer trust

in the current era, because of the fierce competition, it is not easy to want to do business easily. However, in fact, it is not as difficult as you imagine, if you really from the customer’s point of view, want to think of the customer, nature can be sought after, get more loyal customers!

district where there are two fish food stalls, a surprisingly good business, a mediocre business. Two family price selling almost, how can there be such a gap? I bought the fish once in two people and found the secret.

turned out to be a good business stall that special attention to detail. When the two people kill the fish, they will be very careful to ask the customer is a piece of fish or fish, and then according to the requirements of the customer. However, a stall will carey put the fish inside the black stuff clean sheet will also fish and fish bones respectively with two bags, home, fish and fish is the customer, it is also very easy to handle.

another vendor is the fish fillet and fish together, the customer home after their separation. A stall owner will ask the customer: "do you eat pickled fish or spicy fish, eat fish or eat boiled fish?" Often customers will choose one to buy a generation of fish seasoning, add green onions one or two stall gift. Another stall is the fish condiments in the stalls by the customer to buy or not. In contrast, of course, is the first stall business better than second. read more

What about investment Azhima chicken whole

when we are tired, we always hope to have a good meal. Azhima fried chicken? You can y meet your taste buds. Entrepreneurs choose to join the Azhima chicken project, an open their own Azhima fried chicken franchise success point the day and await for it!

food is indispensable in our life, which is also the reason for joining the investment industry, if you choose to invest in food brands, the market should have a good harvest! So what brand is more suitable for the development of it? Azhima fried chicken is a lot of franchisee support and good, so to join the business, Azhima fried chicken in the end how to do?

Azhima fried chicken can easily dominate the market! Because Azhima fried chicken, not only skin golden color attractive, the taste is delicious rosin, both crisp and tender, juicy and fragrant. In this way, delicious fried chicken snacks can not be welcomed by consumers, so the franchisee can rest assured to join the project, the choice of the brand for you after the career development will be a guarantee! read more

After 80 college students to get rich

college chicken, in many seems to be an incredible thing, however, the study of medical college students, to give up the work of a regular unit to start a chicken project, and this raise, but raised a few million.

"acres of barren trees are more big change, chicken. Yunyang’s largest ‘layer King’, 80 guys off." If the egg is that chicken, then eat egg in fengmingzhen certainly thought is Zhicheng company, who is from the city to the countryside of entrepreneurship "80" students Zheng Zhiwei.

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The pet shop to join to choose what brand is good – the whole

pet shop is a good project, brand pet shop has a lot of advantages, if you join, of course, need to choose a good brand, then, pet shop to join, then what brand is better? Xiao Bian introduced.

first, the brand in the pet industry time, a good brand will certainly stand in the pet industry for a long time. Join the pet store is to get a patron, one can help you solve the problem encountered in the process of opening pet shop. A good brand, the long – term brand, pet shop to join the brand how to choose? Must have a wealth of pet store business experience, in the beginning of the pet store can avoid the risk of these pet shops.

second, brand influence, this needless to say. Why KFC will advertise all day long, how to choose the brand of pet store? It is for his country’s thousands of chain stores service. Can be considered as a franchise brand is a good brand.

third, pet shop to join the brand how to choose? See the previous franchise business, even if their own outlets are not. Big day break, he did not pass through the road did not go to help others. read more

Michigan Chicago – bottom pizza franchise support

now consumers are not so good to send, for those who want to gain the benefits of opportunism in the pockets of consumers to operate is not long. Take the food and beverage industry, consumers, consumer demand has risen from the demand of the basic food and clothing to the quality requirements, not good-looking delicious delicacy, but also with their own healthy consumption concept, consumers will pay. Chi Chi pizza to meet the needs of the people, delicious and good-looking, let people look at the appetite, infinite charm. So how much money to join Chi Chi? Then together with Xiaobian to see the latest cost analysis in 2017!

how much money to join Chi Chi? Just 10000 yuan can easily join the shop. Chi Chi bottom pizza delicious and unique, it is based on the classic taste of innovation in the past, will be a reasonable allocation of many ingredients, with a proprietary process for people to bring a copy of the enjoyment of food. Its products taste delicious, each pizza are integrated into the chef’s mind and sincerity, eat more natural flavor. How much money to join Chi Chi? According to the different cities to join the cost is not the same! read more