To explore the advantages and disadvantages of the new WEB standard HTML5 and the influence of optim

HTML5 also has some disadvantages, we can say: Html5 can make WEB more beautiful, but it is not now. Because HTML5 is out of the initial stage, and not well supported by the browser. The current mainstream browsers tend to support HTML5, but there are still not many incompatible support.

HTML and Google

Of course,

for some special sites, especially relies heavily on the FLASH site, HTML5 available >

HTML5 is the latest version of the WEB standard of admission and then there are many is improved. The HTML5 enables WEB to achieve some improvement in usability and friendly experience of the user; there are several new HTML5 tags, which enables developers to be more open and convenient construction site; can better support multimedia elements, which include video and audio; can be a good solution to the limitations of FLASH in the web page; crawling and indexing, HTML5 will have more advantages; can be a large influx of mobile applications and APP game development etc..

HTML5 standard for the optimization of the effect of read more

Some conjecture 360 comprehensive search algorithm


to search for new sites and love Shanghai attitude is also very similar, are included beginning very slowly, I happen to have two new samples, one love Shanghai has not been included, while the 360 is also not included, while another station time longer, before the sea has included some love recently, by the hair, but this station included 360 of a small number of.


circulating in the industry to search the core from the former love Shanghai core staff, of course I didn’t reach the high level, the core of intelligence, but in comparison some search results of 360 samples, personally feel that there is not Weakness lends wings to rumours., spectrum. I use the search results in a sample of 360 search results, and the results of Sogou relatively large deviation, basically can be identified 360 algorithms and Sogou does not have what relation, it is love Shanghai, 360 search results, and love Shanghai in 628 before adjustment, some time or even earlier, around this year from February to March when the search results are very similar, basically the main keywords ranking of coincidence degree is very high, long tail keywords ranking results deviation is relatively small, combined with the previous love Shanghai charged 360 steal its data, the same data can be analyzed with similar results, 360 algorithms should have much deviation with love in Shanghai earlier this year, so this algorithm does not, I think it is the reliable rumors. read more

The one point one kind of love Shanghai search

More than

of course there is a reason why you website ranking is not stable, volatility is relatively large. No matter what the reason, if the change is love Shanghai search engine’s own rules, so we have no way to change, we can do is try our best to optimize a website.

understand the love of Shanghai said there are regional search, mean 100, love Shanghai according to the user’s IP tell you where the user, and then through the database and submit your local search related content, is your nearest priority information submitted to you. If you want to do a mobile phone lottery soft 贵族宝贝91ccx贵族宝贝/soft/cprj.html, you search for mobile phone lottery software, according to your IP to your nearest service and information submitted to you first. It exists in different places to show search results are not the same. But now I love Shanghai did not promote this search, and should be a love Shanghai auction.

said this ranking, there is also a story. Originally the word mobile phone lottery software ranking in the third page, then I released the brush flow task in the pig site, complete that search keyword click on my website, and retention time of 3 minutes, overnight flow rate through natural search this key up dozens of. This brush 2 days after discharge, the word ranking rose to the home page. The word rankings vary from time to time whether it is because the keywords ranking rising too fast, not too normal? This is a question. read more

To enhance the conversion rate by precision products business marketing strategy education

two, to facilitate traffic>

2. for network promotion: in the network promotion, we have not taken with mass strategy, we believe that this approach seems not to choose efficient, but in the rate of return are often difficult to achieve high efficiency. Note, focus on our attention is the strategy, so we focus on screening before the promotion of compliance with some target customer groups forum, such as the needs of the parents more Forum on education, and then keep account of the way gradually in the forum based, with a general membership form progressive recommended marketing, increase the high quality customer promotion efforts, this approach seems slow, but very high conversion rate.

1. web site keywords Optimization: good keyword optimization (Shanghai dragon) is a website development process should always attach importance to the key work, for the core keywords and long tail keywords should pay attention to the use of them. On the one hand, good keyword optimization product name, promotion in the future will certainly be the product name and product name in the search started, potential customers can quickly find our website; on the other hand, the optimization of well popular keywords in the area of products, especially the long tail keywords effect is very big, good layout and optimization long term, they will gradually attract the accurate flow of power. read more

Use of external page hits increase keyword ranking


content of high quality, strong relationship chain

external web hits and website weight and keywords ranking are inextricably linked, this external page hits said that hits the external links, it has a close relationship with the links page weight. So the website optimization after the true chain is the most important factor in the weights of the website, but in the long term, the amount of IP of each page by search engine or external links to click on the form, namely the external page hits final decision is the core factor of "weight.

soft link has been one of the promotion website keywords very good way. Here to tell you is that can chew the truth, an article is best not to have too many links, one is enough. So some users browse through the post.

through the visitor data analysis website traffic statistics, the first page visitors visit your site, along the inside page the first page visit, as well as the time in a page charges, and the return rate of the higher page page weight will increase when the keyword search, you can search to many pages of the web site, but the high weight of the page will be the first; in the same way, your website and your peers website keyword ranking, a large part from the factors deciding. read more

The ultimate pseudo original teach you to create high-quality content sites

: what is the "ultimate pseudo original"

3, one into the view of

two: how to carry out the "ultimate pseudo original"

as the name suggests, "ultimate pseudo original" it’s not really original, but it will be better than the original, more outstanding, so that readers can’t see is processed or modified in the original basis, make it easier for the reader to accept. The "ultimate pseudo original" is not the original, it is not a simple pseudo original, but not to make people hate the plagiarism. On the original, pseudo original, the relationship between the specific meaning of plagiarism and please love Shanghai, here is not enough.

find the article, what kind of content is to be useful? When examining these contents, we should focus on the theme of our deep impression of the place of choice, to its dregs, take the essence, this week, eight is just a thought, can not say the way out the article can contribute through.

in accordance with the above method to integrate the. read more

Million hit customers concerned about the Haier U+ hit the second quarter of ecological competition

1: making money, earning more money, and not being so hard. Earn more money, more money, so a little home. buying a car, buying a house, raising a wife

two: looking for hot spots, speculation, such as the recent king of the red wine, from other blogs different blog.

five: blog advertising advertising, blog advertising to sell this difficult position, obviously, but there are still many commentators have sold, such as: Zhan Peng, the first half of the 500 to webmaster Cai Liwen blog. There are many different ways, such as clicking on advertisements and so on.

1: writing articles, sending logs, it’s better to be original and more popular with the audience.

four: blog should also have the circle of the blog, so to make friends, wide links, have time to go to other people’s blog step on step, to others to add popularity at the same time, oneself also follow up.

two: user stickiness site content

September 1, 2016, "Newell U+, bloom dream – the Haier U+ hit off the contest the second season and ecological forum ShangHai Railway Station" in Shanghai Exhibition Center opened, following the second quarter hit off the contest after the opening ceremony, Haier U+ smart open platform together again from industry associations, a speculative structure, incubation platform the mysterious large coffee, and Shanghai intelligent Home Furnishing industry representatives, creating groups and members of the news media more than 150 people gathered in Home Furnishing intelligent development, to create customized projects to solve problems, to jointly work out more in line with the user expectations of future intelligent Home Furnishing experience. The second quarter hit off the contest since July 15th open enrollment has received widespread attention, and actively apply all over the country to create customer response, striving to be "U+ partner". Only one month, the official website of the contest registration record passenger flow reached million, more than 5000 people enrolled in the voting session project reached more than 100, the scale and the project quality are significantly beyond the first quarter over the same period the level of competition. read more

Shao Jun the entrepreneur behind the entrepreneurAnalysis of the use of SEO CPS do Wangzhuan case

      a long branch next investment plan pryer in people waiting for them to come in a throng, shot again, two people decided to own — the establishment of "de China with investment fund" DT Capital Partners.

      the successful listing of Suntech in Wuxi has created a new generation of China’s richest man; it has also widened the field of venture investment; however, the Suntech model is difficult to replicate. "We are not trying to replicate solar energy, but we want to replicate this foresight." Shao Jun told the first financial daily. But the Suntech investor believes that new energy and energy saving technologies will stretch and become a huge opportunity for future investments.

      "the establishment of Ronco did not want the biggest reward is Suntech." Sitting in a Shanghai restaurant in downtown, Shao Jun said neither fast nor slow.

third step, continue to update and increase the chain. To update the content is very simple, copy a product can come into a web page from the official network of internet. Just one more every day. No, not much, the key is to update every day. The chain, the daily increase of about 2 chains, adhere to half a month. read more

How can individual website develop

personal website how to develop? This is probably a lot of personal Adsense headache but not every hour and moment in the question, of course, the situation also in thinking, I’m not here to talk about the experience, just talk about the personal views and suggestions (if that is recommended Oh!).

first introduce myself, I am (Domain Name: Amoy HowNet is very bad yo, can not think of a good domain name) the station, the station is just beginning to do my station, now little traffic, every day only one hundred or so, before the storm did an environmental protection station, one year of operation, at the beginning of the year the station was sold, the price of 20 thousand, I earned a little, but the real hard, oh, of course, also learn some skills and knowledge, it is also because of this, I was thinking of making a Amoy HowNet such website, purpose is to put all the wisdom together. Well, cut the crap. Now talk about what you do.

one, be sure to locate the theme of your website. read more

Innovation and entrepreneurship in the United States and China teachers and students in the real kni

innovation and entrepreneurship in the fight to fight is the real brain storming, the wonderful scene to think about it can not be missed. Following along with the small series to experience, the great American innovation and entrepreneurship contest!

3 on Sept. 13, 2016 China Innovation and entrepreneurship competition in ShangHai Railway Station Caohejing COCO  SPACE. The contest sponsored by the Shandong University and the Qingdao Municipal People’s government, is also a part of Qingdao high tech Zone project for apple.

game attracted two outstanding record passenger, after 2 months of preliminaries, across Chicago, Washington, Houston, Silicon Valley, Shanghai, Ji’nan, a total of 50 teams will participate in the finals in April 8, 9 held in Qingdao.

as domestic institutions sponsored by covering one of the widest range of business competition in the United States, since the end of 2015 start, competition by the United States and domestic incubators for innovation and entrepreneurship platform, the investment community, Shandong University China University of international science and Technology Innovation Park, Tsinghua University, University of Chicago, University of Maryland, Rice University and other support. read more

Nine cattle car Xiangguo join details quiz

incense pot to join the brand I recommend nine cattle car Xiangguo for you, then the nine cattle car Xiangguo how? Nine cattle car Xiangguo specific details please see here to join.

nine car restaurant management company, founded in 2000 in Dalian, founded in R & D, promotion, management and related projects as one of the national, professional food and beverage agency. In order to better serve the majority of enthusiasts to provide healthy delicacy delicacy, the company has developed the reinforced ribs, rib head and brain pan head and brain of sheep soup, seafood barbecue delicacy. The company’s main operating nine car Dichotomanthes buses head "," lily barbecue "brand.

nine cattle car Xiangguo join Q & A:

a, Q: how to choose nine cows to join the site


A: first of all, in order to protect the interests of franchisees in all existing stores, not 3 kilometers within the region and then set up second stores, so you need to consult in the location, you know where there are no other stores, and then consider other problems in the league. Secondly, we should try to choose in the vicinity of the city business district, densely populated, convenient transportation areas, store choice to be spacious, bright, ventilated, there are enough parking spaces nearby. read more

Shenzhen electric antique clang car reveals art breath

spring is coming, the bus is also a new look in Shenzhen, in the double pure electric bus, people see more different and different, it is worth the people. From March 30, 2017 onwards, Shenzhen bus group will launch 30 pure electric double Youba, international brilliant painting founder Xingdong paintings put on the body, let the bus go on the fresh road.


has also invested 10 units of pure electric antique clang car, new energy made by Zhuhai Yinlong, from 1924 the first prototype Chinese bus, did not rely on the driver knocked on the whistle twice: clang…… Clang clang car is a bus.

is also the earliest bus model in china. Manufacturers get two photos from the the Imperial Palace Museum, according to the proportion of 1:1 fake, known as the bus in the Rolls-Royce. The orientation of Shenzhen’s tourism dangdangche bus, according to the number of future pricing launched, May 10 yuan.

a car with the literary atmosphere of the double decker bus, through the streets of Shenzhen, causing many people to see this scene, have stopped the pace of progress. Body painting is a well-known artist Xing Dong paintings, Xing Dong teacher interviewed by the media, he said before the creation of a special car to visit Shenzhen street. Shenzhen has done a good job of greening, so his paintings to do is icing on the cake, in the choice of orange color based. read more

Provincial Meteorological Bureau and Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology to bui

to cultivate students’ awareness and ability of innovation and entrepreneurship, to provide more effective training and development opportunities for graduate employment and entrepreneurship. Recently, the "Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology employment base" officially listed on the China atmospheric background reference observatory.

2016, the Meteorological Bureau and the Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology in Qinghai Province, the spirit of "mutual benefit, cooperation and win-win" principle, give full play to the Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology’s intelligence, talent advantage, advantage of practical conditions in Qinghai Observatory, strengthen personnel training, scientific research and other aspects of cooperation and common development.

Qinghai Provincial Meteorological Bureau, Chinese atmospheric Observatory, Guide county meteorological bureau benchmark respectively with the College of environmental science and Engineering College of atmospheric science, Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology signed a joint venture agreement in employment base, Qinghai meteorological department was founded in 3 employment base. read more

How to successfully open a tea shop

now the number of college graduates each year in China is increasing, the employment problem has become the most popular social issues guide. Therefore, in recent years, the state has introduced entrepreneurship support policies to encourage college students entrepreneurship. Among them, many college graduates chose to start their own business, the company has a network of companies, the opening of the restaurant business, investment in the apparel industry, in short, is a variety of. Today, just like you tell a true case of the success of the use of tea shop business students.

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