Spruce up Police, Nyamityobora lock horns at Wankulukuku

first_imgPolice have won one of their first four gamesStarTimes Uganda Premier LeagueNyamityobora FC vs Police FCMutessa II War Memorial Stadium, WankulukukuTuesday, 30-10-2018 @04:30pmWANKULUKUKU – After both side registered their first victories of the 2018/19 season last time out, Nyamityobora and Police FC will square off at Wankulukuku in one of the six day’s fixtures on Tuesday.Nyamityobora came from a goal down to defeat Mbarara FC 2-1 in the Ankole derby played at Wankukulukuku while Police overcame Ndejje University with the same scoreline in Luwero.Nyamityobora FC is likely to miss the services of John Wesley Kisakye and Calvin Barni Tar who have been nursing injuries. With Captain Henry Wamala still suspended, left-back Alex Komakech will continue wearing the arm band.The home side will look at Joseph Akandanahwo and Charles Musige for inspiration as they attempt to win their second league game.For Police, Ronald Nyanzi the Cop’s leading scorer with two goals, Juma Balinnya, Hassan Kalega and Rueben Kimera will be the men to watch.Match Stats:This will be the first ever top light meeting between the two sides.Both sides head into the encounter with three points having won one and lost three of their first four encounters.Nyamityobora have lost five of their last seven league and cup games (W2 D0).This will be their third home fixture of the campaign, wining one and losing the other of the first two. In those two games, they have conceded five and scored three goals.For Police, they go into Tuesday’s fixture having won only one of their last five league outings (D1 L3).Abdallah Mubiru’s side have also won only two of their last 10 away fixtures (D0 L8) with both victories coming in their last three games.The other league games on Tuesday:-SC Villa vs URA FC @04:00pm,-Kirinya JSS vs Vipers SC 04:30pm-Ndejje University vs Paidah Black Angels @04:30pm-Maroons vs Bul FC @04:30pm-Onduparaka FC vs Bright Stars @04:30pmComments Tags: Nyamityobora FCpolice fcStarTimes Uganda Premier Leaguelast_img read more

Ipswich v Fulham line-ups: Defensive reshuffle for Whites, 16-year-old starts for Ipswich

first_imgFulham make four changes to the side that lost 5-0 at Brighton for their trip to Ipswich.Two of those changes come in the back four, with Shaun Hutchinson and Dan Burn forming the centre-back partnership, and Ryan Fredericks and Fernando Amorebieta making way.Richard Stearman reverts to right-back, while Rohan Ince and Lasse Vigen Christensen (pictured) return in midfield, at the expense of Jamie O’Hara and Emerson Hyndman.Tom Cairney is fit enough to return to the squad, but is only on the bench.Ipswich hand a start to 16-year-old Andre Dozzell, son of former Ipswich and Spurs man Jason, after his debut goal on Saturday.Cole Skuse plays alongside former Brentford midfielder Jonathan Douglas in the middle, while Brett Pitman replaces David McGoldrick up front.Ipswich: Bialkowski; Chambers, Smith, Berra, Knudsen; Skuse, Douglas; Dozzell, Feeney, Sears; Pitman. Subs: Gerken, Digby, Kenlock, Foley, Hyam, Bru, McGoldrick.Fulham: Bettinelli; Stearman, Hutchinson, Burn, Ream; Tunnicliffe, Parker, Ince, Christensen; McCormack, Dembele. Subs: Lonergan, Fredericks, Garbutt, Baird, Cairney, Woodrow, Smith.See also:Fulham hammered by Hemed hat-trickJokanovic warns of ‘expensive price’ of poor defendingFollow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more

Social Media Becomes the New Big Brother

first_imgGovernments were to be feared before 1984, and still are, but these days giant corporations are watching you.Conservative and libertarian members of Congress were seriously disappointed to see the vote go forward on the FISA Act renewal in its current form (WND), without their amendment offering protections from surveillance on innocent citizens. The law intended to identify foreign terrorists, in the opinion of Senate Republican Rand Paul and others, did not prevent rogue employees of the State Department or FBI from peering into the private conversations of patriotic Americans whose words might incidentally match keywords of search algorithms. To them, these seem like violations of 4th Amendment protections against unreasonable search and seizure without a warrant.While few Americans are paranoid about what the government is doing right now with their private information, the discussion points out the ongoing controversy about government intrusion. In the hands of a rogue regime, such power could be a tool of totalitarian control far worse than what George Orwell envisioned with his ever-present “big brother” screens watching everyone. Computer networks can now assimilate information over years, looking for patterns to build cases against citizens. Even worse, entities with that kind of power can alter or filter information without the citizen even knowing the truth.Orwell’s 1984 was a warning against communism. Welcome to 2018, when evil power lies in the hands of giant corporations in the information industry. As these news items show, the heads of these corporations, and many of their employees, are leftist progressives with great power to control the flow of information and influence what people see, hear, and think. They also have enormous databases of information on everyone, and users have nothing they can do to protect themselves if this information falls into the wrong hands.A look at Facebook’s changes over the years in what you see (Associated Press via Phys.org). You may think that you are sending private messages only seen by your “friends” on the widely-used social media platform, but every word is being watched, not always by human eyes, but by company algorithms designed to allow some messages through and not others.Facebook is once again tweaking what you see to focus more on personal connections and take the spotlight off brands and news articles.Facebook says it will highlight posts you are most likely to engage with and make time spent on social media more “meaningful.” That means cutting back on items that Facebook users tend to passively consume, including video.To try to keep you glued to Facebook, it regularly updates the formula that decides what posts you see. With the latest update, the company says it’s focusing on what Facebook is for—connecting with people you know.This may sound innocent. If your friends respond to your posts, you assume the communication is fair. But electronic messages are not like snail mail, hidden inside envelopes. They are potentially readable by anyone with the power to control them, including the government and Facebook. If Mark Zuckerberg, the left-leaning founder of Facebook, doesn’t want conservative messages to be heard, there are things he can do, such as shut down a Trump-supporting discussion group (Breitbart News). And there are ways, through ad campaigns and “suggested posts” that Facebook can nudge its users toward positions he likes.A recent case is illuminating. Under pressure, Facebook decided to unblock a pro-life crowdfunding site that was raising funds to make a movie about Roe v. Wade (Breitbart News). Facebook claimed that the site was sending “spam” that violated its “community standards” and was engaging in “hate speech” and “bullying.” Those can be Orwellian terms to put down views the company doesn’t like. Are Facebook’s “community standards” applied without bias? That article and another by Breitbart pointed out Zuckerberg’s friendly connections with Planned Parenthood.Project Veritas Video Confirms Years of Breitbart Tech Reporting on Twitter (Breitbart News). This article embeds the latest video by Project Veritas investigator James O’Keefe. His undercover agents recorded video of key employees at Twitter with hands on the controls of the flow of information. They claim that 95 to 99% of Twitter employees, perhaps even 100%, are anti-Trump and leftist/progressive in ideology. They also describe the practice of “shadow banning,” where tweets they don’t approve of can be silently flushed down the network toilet without the sender even knowing the messages were not seen. The routine swearing used by these employees, using s*** for any tweets or users they don’t like, makes Trump’s recent indiscretions look tame by comparison. One employee took it upon himself to make unilateral decisions about what could pass or not. Increasingly, the practice of shadow banning is being automated by algorithms searching for keyword combinations, including those often used by conservatives. The disturbing practices admitted to in the undercover video bear a striking resemblance to Orwell’s “Ministry of Truth” bureaucracy that constantly molded the messaging of the State, burning books and altering history with big lies as necessary.Google a ‘Bubble of Very Liberal Groupthink’ with ‘Re-education Camp’ Atmosphere for Conservatives (Breitbart News). Two former employees of Google are joining a class action suit after  being fired for the crime of expressing conservative views at the social media giant. One describes the atmosphere in the company as “groupthink” enforced by leftist diversity policies:Both of them complained in the workplace about the quota system that Google has in place for hiring people and the incessant social justice warrior mentality that forces everybody at Google to toe the line with regard to hating on people who supported the President, or refusing to acknowledge people’s right to believe that there are two genders instead of multiple genders.”Dhillon continued, “from top to bottom there’s this bubble of very very liberal groupthink that is at the same time very intolerant of people who have more traditional values.The company’s motto “Don’t be evil” (which was dropped de jure in 2015 but could still represent the company theme de facto) can become Orwellian when their definition of ‘evil’ means ‘conservative.’Wiki Co-Founder Blasts “Appallingly Biased” Wikipedia Entry on ID (Evolution News). Late last year, Evolution News issued several articles illustrating the anti-ID bias of Wikipedia, the world’s most visited online encyclopedia. The unseen revisionists behind Wikipedia immediately reverse any corrections to its clearly biased page on intelligent design. They also decide which scientists are ‘notable’ enough to praise, downgrading anyone who jumps off the Darwin ship, as happened recently with Günter Bechly (see 12/02/17).Update 1/14/18: WND posted a warning about corporate internet giants, airing contrasting views of Fox News host Tucker Carlson and Senator Mike Lee about which power, government or corporations, poses the biggest threat to freedom.Update 1/15/18: Breitbart News posted another section of video from Project Veritas that includes a Twitter employee calling his company “creepy Big Brother” but not as creepy as Facebook and Google! According to engineers at Twitter, every post is stored indefinitely, and even the most intimate direct messages are looked at by a team of hundreds of Twitter employees. They say that before you even use Twitter, they know a lot about you from your other social media, from which they build a profile of you, and then they sell the collected information to advertisers – that’s how they make most of their money. They admit that this information could fall into the wrong hands and nothing could be done to protect the user. (Warning: porn language.)What does this have to do with Creation-Evolution Headlines, you ask? Let’s connect the dots. Which political ideologies are most likely to oppose creationism and intelligent design? Leftist progressives (e.g., 7/02/17). And which ideologies now have the most control over the flow of information in social media? Leftist progressives. And which ideologies are most likely to use end-justifies-the-means practices instead of the Ten Commandments? Leftist progressives.This means that what academia and the NCSE could not do—stamping out Darwin skeptics—may be within the power of leftist-progressive corporations like Facebook, Google and Twitter. Simply by adding a few words to their search algorithms, they could target creationists as haters, bigots, bullies, or groups that fail to meet their ‘community standards.’ Practices like nudging, shadow banning and ad targeting could follow, unbeknown to the victims. Internet service providers themselves could filter messages to shut up users and groups they don’t like.But, you say, conservative messages are getting through on social media. CEH, for instance, uses Twitter and has almost a thousand followers, some who retweet our tweets. That may be mostly true, but consider the information that these companies are gathering. With their pattern-matching algorithms, they have the power to characterize any person or group and sort them into bins with favorable and unfavorable status. With this power, they can steer the world their way, and most users of their platforms will be completely unaware of what is happening to them. No screens of Big Brother’s peering gaze will be necessary. Users will do it to themselves.What we are seeing happen to the internet today could be viewed as a fulfillment of Jesus’ words, “Accordingly, whatever you have said in the dark will be heard in the light, and what you have whispered in the inner rooms will be proclaimed upon the housetops” (Luke 12:3). (Visited 1,130 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Crop insurance cuts stopped (maybe)

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest The U.S. House and the Senate have come to an agreement that would avoid the $3 billion in cuts to the nation’s crop insurance program as part of the budget package. The agreement follows a  fight over the bill’s inclusion of the proposal that would have accomplished the cuts by reducing the rate of return for crop insurance companies from 14% to 8.9%.The cut remains in the version of the budget passed by the House and currently before the Senate, but House and Senate Agriculture Committee leadership met with Congressional leaders and secured an agreement to eliminate the cuts as part of an omnibus spending bill later this year.The American Soybean Association and National Corn Growers Association continue to monitor the situation closely.last_img

Silicon Sisters Launches First iOS Game, Made By Women For Girls

first_imgTags:#gaming#web 12 Unique Gifts for the Hard-to-Shop-for People… audrey watters 5 Outdoor Activities for Beating Office Burnout 4 Keys to a Kid-Safe Appcenter_img Related Posts The stereotypical gamer is male, in his teens or early twenties, devotedly gaming from his parents’ basement. The actual make-up of the gaming population, however, is strikingly different. The average gamer is 34. And 40% of all players are women over the age of 18 – the industry’s fastest growing demographic.Whatever the actual composition of the gaming population, there’s still very much the sense that gaming is a man’s world – both in terms of audience and in terms of developers. This isn’t to say, of course that there aren’t women playing and building all sorts of games. Oh the tales I could tell of raiding in Everquest! Oh the chainmail bikinies! Oh the princesses I have rescued! Oh, I do wonder sometimes, what would video games for women, by women look like? Would they be different? If so, how?That’s something that the new Vancouver-based gaming studio Silicon Sisters is tackling. The first female-owned and run video game studio in Canada, Silicon Sisters is committed to building games for women and girls – and building these games by women and girls. Formed by former Radical Entertainment executive producer Kristen Forbes and former Deep Fried Entertainment COO Brenda Bailey Gershkovitch, the studio releases their very first game today, School 26, available for iOS.Games for Girls: Emphasis on the SocialThe game is geared for tweens and teens and its storyline is built around the complicated social hierarchy of high school. You play the game as a young girl who’s a newcomer to school. She comes from a nomadic family, something that has made it difficult for her to maintain long-term relations. As she enrolls in this, her 26th school, she strikes a bargain with her parents: if she can make friends, they’ll stay put. So the player of School 26 must help the character do just that: build friendships and navigate the sticky, awkward and sometimes awful moral dilemmas of school. These range from power struggles to peer pressure, romance, betrayal, alienation, acceptance – all real and relevant situations that girls face every day.The gameplay involves the player selecting the appropriate emotional responses to certain scenarios and answering quizzes that provide insights into players’ personalities. The emphasis here is on emphathy and networking.What Message Does a Girl-Focused Game Give?That’s a very different set of goals and behaviors than most video games. There isn’t swordplay here. No princesses to rescue. No alien invaders to vanquish. There isn’t “action.” There’s “talk.” The rewards aren’t cash or weaponry. The skills honed in School 26 aren’t the ability to time your jumps or dodge bullets or land killing blows. As a long-time gamer, I have to say that this isn’t the sort of gameplay that interests me. I like killing things. In games, of course.But not everyone does — girls and boys alike. There are plenty of casual games aimed at tweens that aren’t action-oriented, and there are lots aimed at girls. But unlike many that target this market, there is no emphasis on shopping, fashion, or beauty. Silicon Sisters plans to release more broadly-focused games soon, but says that all their games will all emphasize this sort of “social engineering” — an emphasis on relationships and communication. These are legitimate skills for girls and women to develop, the studio argues, and something that will give them a competitive advantage in life. 9 Books That Make Perfect Gifts for Industry Ex…last_img read more

Verizon pumps up its smart city muscles with Sensity buy

first_imgSurveillance at the Heart of Smart Cities Related Posts How Connected Communities Can Bolster Your Busi… For Self-Driving Systems, Infrastructure and In… Tags:#Cisco#IoT#Sensity Systems#Smart Cities#verizon center_img Donal Power How IoT Will Play an Important Role in Traffic … In a move to boost its smart city presence, Verizon recently bought Sensity Systems, an LED networking startup.Greentech Media said the mobile communications giant recently bought California-based Sensity for an undisclosed sum.Sensity creates LED systems that are integrated with wireless nodes. These nodes have the potential for enabling future Internet of Things (IoT) applications like smart parking and weather monitoring.The nodes are currently integrated with Acuity and Amerlux LEDs, but they have the capacity for retrofitting with other fixtures.The Sensity acquisition will enable Verizon to more actively take an ownership role smart city projects instead of just profiting off network traffic built on its IoT unit ThingSpace.“This transaction will accelerate the deployment of large-scale implementations that will drive the digital transformation of cities, universities and venues,” said Verizon SVP for Enterprise Products Mike Lanman said in a statement.Sensity network was key selling pointNew York-based Verizon said that Sensity’s network of partners was a key selling point of the acquisition. A key partner is Cisco, currently a leader in the smart city space, which resells Sensity products and is its chosen smart city project network integrator.Sensity said one of its strongest value propositions is its ability to help cities smarten up its infrastructure to adapt to rapid urban growth.“Rapid urbanization is putting a huge strain on city services globally, coupled with inefficiencies caused by an aging infrastructure that currently supports critical functions, such as fire and emergency services, public transportation, lighting, sewer and sanitation systems,” said Sensity CEO Hugh Martin. “Sensity realized early on that IoT could be the key to breaking out of this dilemma.”Sensity’s IoT tech has attracted $74 million in funding to date, with about half of that coming last summer, led by Cisco Investment.Other investors include: Acuity Brands, GE Ventures, Mohr Davidow Ventures, Radar Partners, Almaz Capital, Silver Creek Ventures and Simon Venture Group.last_img read more

Rajnath Singh requests Tripura Governor and DGP to check violence

first_imgAmid reports of sporadic violence in Tripura, Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Tuesday spoke to the State governor and the DGP and asked them to ensure peace till a new government is installed, an official said.During the telephonic calls, Governor Tathagata Roy and DGP A.K. Shukla apprised the Union Home Minister about the prevailing situation in Tripura and steps taken to control the violence, which erupted following the BJP-IPFT alliances victory over the CPI-M, ousting the Manik Sarkar-led government in the just concluded Assembly elections.  Mr. Singh asked the governor and the DGP to check all kinds of violence and ensure peace till a new government is installed in Tripura, the home ministry official said.There have been reports of sporadic violence and clashes between rival political groups in different parts of Tripura after the election results were declared on Saturday.A statue of Left icon Lenin was also demolished at Belonia town in South Tripura yesterday with the help of a bulldozer.Tripura witnessed a change in rule after 25 years in the recently concluded Assembly elections. The BJP demolished the Left citadel in Tripura, winning a two-third majority with its ally, the IPFT. Watch: Statue of Vladimir Lenin brought down in Tripuralast_img read more

Spotted Genting Dream Shines Bright

first_imgImage Courtesy: Wärtsilä/Heiner LohmannThe image above shows Genting Dream, the first ship being built for Asian Dream Cruises line, equipped with an external lighting system by Finnish engineering company Wärtsilä. Built at German Meyer Werft shipyard, the 151,300 gross ton ship features a length of 335 meters and a width of 37.9 meters.The Dynamic Exterior Lighting concept provides a “stunning visual effect” to the ship’s exterior profile. It has been engineered and installed by Wärtsilä Funa in cooperation with the owner and the shipyard.“This lighting concept will change the way people see a cruise ship arriving or departing the harbours of the world,” Frank Meyer, Project Manager, Wärtsilä Funa International, said.On September 18, the river conveyance of the Genting Dream officially started from Meyer Werft shipyard, marking the start of the ship’s journey to Guangzhou, China, where it will begin service on November 13, 2016.The Genting Dream is the first of two cruise vessels being built for Dream Cruises, a part of Genting Hong Kong. It will be able to accommodate 3,400 passengers and 2,000 crew. Its sister ship, the World Dream, is scheduled for delivery in late 2017.last_img read more

BUSH Headlines VH1 Save The Music Foundation 2014 Noteworthy Concert

first_imgOn September 18th multi-platinum rock band BUSH will give a special acoustic performance at VH1 Save The Music Foundation’s Noteworthy benefit concert at William Hill Estate Winery.The evening will feature an intimate performance in the vineyard to raise money and awareness for music education programs.“The work of VH1 Save The Music Foundation is invaluable,” says BUSH frontman Gavin Rossdale. “Music has always been an important part of my life, and now that I have children of my own I’m even more aware of the significance of music education in schools. I’m honored to be supporting VH1 Save The Music’s Noteworthy event.”VH1 Save The Music Foundation is a non-profit organization that partners with America’s public schools to bring the power of music back into the classroom, giving every child the same opportunity to be successful in school and in life. The Noteworthy event takes place at William Hill Estate Winery, a proud supporter of music and the arts and the official wine sponsor of the VH1 Save The Music Foundation. Additional sponsors for the evening include Avnet, RAYMOND WEIL and Alex and Ani, who together have raised nearly 1.2 million dollars in support of the Foundation’s work to ensure that music is a core and critical component to a complete education. Gift bags will once again be generously provided by Copper River Bag Company.“We are thrilled to have BUSH perform as part of the Noteworthy series,” said Paul Cothran, Vice President and Executive Director of the VH1 Save The Music Foundation. “They are incredibly talented musicians with a long-standing and revered history in the industry and we could not be more grateful for their support in furthering the important mission of the VH1 Save The Music Foundation. I look forward to enjoying the performance while taking in the breathtaking views at the vineyard.”Throughout their career BUSH has sold close to 20 million records in the U.S. and Canada alone. The band has produced 17 consecutive Top 40 hit singles on the Modern Rock and Mainstream Rock charts, six of which shot to number one. On October 21st BUSH will release their highly anticipated 6th studio album, Man On The Run, via lead single “The Only Way Out,” which hits radio, iTunes, Amazon and all major retailers on September 9th.For more information, visit www.vh1savethemusic.org.last_img read more