10 things to engage constituents online

first_imgAt yesterday’s AMA Foundation Conference, I had an excellent time presenting with three very smart people on the above topic. They were Jonathon D. Colman of The Nature Conservancy, Jacob Colie of Mercy Corps and Arlin Wasserman of America on the Move. Here were the 10 things we said were vital:1. Do cross channel promotion (Jacob). In the mail, email your donors before they receive postal mail appeals. On the phone, give your donors the option to give online. Send email to your best offline donors. Make the pieces work together.2. Make marketing a conversation (Katya). Make sure all your online outreach and presences enable two-way conversation with your supporters, fans and non-fans.3. Be accessible, easy, encouraging and intimate (Arlin). Check out how well America on the Move does this on their site.4. Show accountability (Jacob). Make it clear where they money goes!5. Make it easy for people to find you (Jonathon). Optimize your search engine marketing. Start by getting as many high-quality links to your site as possible – and link out to other good sites.6. Segment your way to success (Jonathan and Jacob). Talk with supporters differently, depending on who they are, how they give, the ways in which they support you, etc.7. Test, test, test (Jonathon). Never do one version of any appeal or newsletter. Test different versions so you can learn and improve all the time.8. Make your supporters your messengers (Katya). Ask your supporters to spread the word among their friends and family.9. Offer recurring giving (Jacob). Mercy Corps does an amazing job of “supersizing” their donors into monthly gifts.10. Don’t only ask. Thank and inspire too (Katya and Arlin). Show people the difference they are making.Thank you to all who listened to us, and thank YOU for reading this blog.last_img read more