The NL Easts MetsNats Battle May Come Down To Injuries

3Miami Marlins7778797777.6 EXPECTED NUMBER OF WINS RANKTEAMPECOTAFANGRAPHSDAVENPORTWESTGATEAVERAGE 1Washington Nationals8891899289.9 How forecasters view the NL East 4Atlanta Braves7673747674.6 2New York Mets8985858986.9 In honor of the 2017 Major League Baseball season, which starts April 2, FiveThirtyEight is assembling some of our favorite baseball writers to chat about what’s ahead. Today, we focus on the National League East with writer Maggie Wiggin and FiveThirtyEight senior political writer Harry Enten. The transcript below has been edited. neil (Neil Paine, FiveThirtyEight senior sportswriter): I will have everyone know that I am wearing a non-Mets hat today to maintain my impartiality during this chat. (The Orioles are my wife’s team, so I stole her hat today …)Let’s get started. The top projected team in the East according to Fangraphs is the Washington Nationals. That’s been true for a number of years, including seasons in which the Nats both won the division and fell short spectacularly. Do we think they should be the favorites again this year? Or is it an every-other-year thing where they’ll disappoint again?heynawl-enten: Last year, the Mets were actually favored in the preseason projections. That turned out great for them!maggiewiggin: I think the Nationals have the edge, but it’s a close enough competition with the Mets that it should be a tight race down the stretch.neil: Is it fair to say that Washington has been a tough team to get a read on during this stretch? They always seem to have one of the most talented rosters in the league, but it doesn’t always translate.maggiewiggin: They always seem to have one piece of the team really underwhelm. In 2015, it was the bullpen. Last year, it was Bryce Harper (though Daniel Murphy’s transformation into Mecha Ted Williams offset that). I don’t know if that makes them any different from other teams, but they never have that unbeatable vibe.neil: How many more chances do you think the Nationals will get with this Harper/Stephen Strasburg core? I remember when they shut Strasburg down in 2012 — the rationale was that they were playing the long game for many shots at a championship. Fast forward to now, and I wonder whether they’d feel the same way.maggiewiggin: It’s tough to feel any certainty with Strasburg. He keeps approaching this true ace-level pitching without ever quite getting there. I thought we were finally seeing it last season before (another) injury did him in. Harper is also up and down, but in 2015, we actually did see him get there.heynawl-enten: The crazy thing for me is that Strasburg has never really had that standout season. His highest wins above replacement in a season is 3.5. He’s never finished higher than ninth for Cy Young. Heck, he only garnered a vote in one season.maggiewiggin: Whenever I look at Strasburg’s numbers, the only one that ever really blows me away is that he’s going into his eighth year in the bigs. We’re all getting old.heynawl-enten: At least we’re all getting old together.maggiewiggin: Except for Max Scherzer, it would seem.heynawl-enten: He’s Dick Van Dyke for baseball.neil: I bet he does a better British accent. Meanwhile, with all this talk of getting old, 23-year-old Trea Turner has no idea how we feel at all. With him improving and the additions of catcher Matt Wieters and outfielder Adam Eaton, could this be the most talent that Washington has had in this Harper/Strasburg era? (And will it be enough to pass the Cubs? Thinking big-picture here.)maggiewiggin: They’re definitely stacked, but it’s hard not to imagine the loss of Wilson Ramos stinging.heynawl-enten: Cubs? You’re talking Cubs? I’d like to see the Nats advance past the divisional round first.neil: Come to think of it, Wieters might be a nice metaphor for the Nats. Supposed to be a future Hall of Famer, he ended up being just “pretty good” (though he’s been even less than that recently).maggiewiggin: I do think the impact of picking up Eaton was overshadowed by the hefty price tag. There’s a ton of speed at the top of that lineup now and some killer defense up the middle. Pretty much the anti-Mets on those measures.neil: Great transition! Let’s talk about those Mets.heynawl-enten: Thank goodness they kept Bartolo Colon.neil: We’ll get to Bart later.heynawl-enten: neil: Anyway, the Mets! The big problem for them last year was health. (And the next-biggest problem. And the next-biggest.) That would seem to portend an improvement this year, right? They can’t possibly be that hurt again.maggiewiggin: It’s pretty much their only glaring weakness at this point.neil: But pitchers are weird creatures, too. Does relying too much on pitching set you up for that?maggiewiggin: It’s a lot of eggs in a very rickety basket, but, oh man, those eggs taste good.heynawl-enten: I’m hungry now.maggiewiggin: So’s Bartolo — it’s why we love him.heynawl-enten: Nice.maggiewiggin: But what the Mets are making work for them is the rare combination of quality and quantity on the mound. Every guy who comes up seems to outperform expectations. Their injury-ravaged rotation was top in the game in FanGraphs’ WAR last year; that shouldn’t happen.heynawl-enten: Their fifth starter at this point is Jacob deGrom clone Robert Gsellman. He didn’t do too horribly last year. The biggest question mark I have is Matt Harvey. And that wasn’t all about injuries last year.neil: Yeah, do we think he’ll ever be the same? (And does he really need to be?)maggiewiggin: No, on both counts. But it would be nice if he could claw his way back to something like a mid-3’s ERA and 175-ish innings. His baseline was just so incredibly high if you look at what he did for three seasons, even right after Tommy John surgery.heynawl-enten: Most of the Mets staff is getting into their upper 20s in age. I do wonder about that a little bit. Especially given the heat at which some of these guys (like Harvey) could throw.maggiewiggin: You’ve basically got a whole staff throwing 91 mph sliders — it’s not exactly ergonomic.neil: And if that staff isn’t quite as lights-out, is there reason to think the offense will be able to offset any decline? The Mets were tied for the fourth-fewest runs scored in the National League last year.maggiewiggin: Compared to last year, the offense boils down to two things for me: how much you buy into situational hitting as a repeatable skill and how quickly they can get Jay Bruce out of there.neil: Right, because they were terrible with runners on/in scoring position.maggiewiggin: Almost historically so.heynawl-enten: Look, Jay Bruce is a quality … Oh who am I kidding. Why oh why did they make that trade?neil: It was important for blocking Michael Conforto’s development.heynawl-enten: He is perhaps the other big question mark to me. Conforto had the sophomore curse last year.maggiewiggin: They traded for Bruce because they were chasing the Cespedes dragon.neil: Speaking of, seems like they basically had to bring Cespedes back just to keep the lineup afloat and anywhere near on par with what they figure to get out of the pitching.maggiewiggin: The team is barely a borderline contender without Cespedes, if that. But I agree that Conforto is the wild card here.neil: “Wild card” might be the operative term. Again.heynawl-enten: Nice.neil: Either way, it seems like there’s kind of a gap between the top two teams and the rest of this division. That’s what we thought before last season as well, but Miami kept things competitive until the end. Then they suffered a tragic loss that can’t really be quantified, the death of Jose Fernandez. Is there any way that the Marlins can rally back to their form for most of last season and contend again, or was that chance lost forever with Fernandez’s passing?maggiewiggin: The Marlins are definitely a team without a real identity now. They were built around this incredibly dynamic duo of Fernandez and Giancarlo Stanton, but it’s hard to see any real path to contention for them this year. Their starting pitching tops out at mediocre, though I expect the lineup to surprise a bit.neil: Even without Barry Bonds as hitting coach?maggiewiggin: The true Barry Bonds is inside all of us. I think their big spending on relievers had one express purpose — setting up a midseason fire sale to fill a barren farm system. They’re going to be treading water for a couple of years.neil: Yeah, I think many fans might be surprised how poorly their farm system grades out. It’s in last place, according to Baseball America.heynawl-enten: The best thing the Marlins have going for them is that Jeffrey Loria is probably going to sell the team, at long last.neil: That is actually great news for them. Loria is the worst. Going back to Stanton, what do we expect of his 2017 season? His exit velocity was still on point, but big chunks of his 2016 were awful.maggiewiggin: He’s another guy who just can’t stay healthy.heynawl-enten: “Awful” is a bit of an overstatement. He did have 2.5 WAR last year. But, yeah, he’s only played in more than 120 games once in the last four seasons.maggiewiggin: It actually says a lot about him that his .815 OPS was a career-low.neil: So it seems like he might be due for better things this year, then, if he stays in the lineup.maggiewiggin: If he’s on the field, the power is going to be there too. He’s a very, very strong man.neil: Very true, and Christian Yelich is no slouch either. Maybe the thing for Miami is whether they have the depth around their stars to really make any noise.maggiewiggin: And the pitching. Wei-Yin Chen is their number one starter — that’s never a good sign.neil: Eek.maggiewiggin: They do have a solid bullpen, but again, how much of that is still around on Aug. 1? Not a lot if everyone’s doing their jobs right.neil: Well, that was one thing I wanted to ask about all three of the teams projected to finish 3-4-5 in this division: Which direction are they moving in the Success Cycle? If Miami is moving toward a rebuild, the Braves seem like they might be moving toward respectability with some of their offseason pickups.heynawl-enten: They’re timing it well to move into their new stadium.maggiewiggin: The Braves have such a rich talent pool in the minors, they’re getting very close to being a force again.neil: Yeah, it can’t be long it seems, with Dansby Swanson assuming a full-time role and the best farm system in MLB coming up behind him.heynawl-enten: One thing to keep an eye on with the Braves is how strong they finished last year. They were 18-10 in September and October.neil: Positively Mets-like in that regard.maggiewiggin: The Matt Kemp acquisition in left field surprisingly worked out very well for them, so far at least.neil: And now apparently they’re trying the pitcher version of that with Bartolo, R.A. Dickey and Jaime Garcia.heynawl-enten: Granted, Dickey hasn’t been worth very much, but I like the idea. “Cheaper” veterans combined with youngsters.maggiewiggin: The only question is: Who will they package with Kelly Johnson when they trade him to the Mets?heynawl-enten: HAH!neil: It’s an annual tradition.So, any chance the Braves actually challenge the Nats and Mets? Or are they still a year or two away?maggiewiggin: Like with the Marlins, the rotation seems to be the biggest weakness, but a hot first half combined with a big get at the deadline could have them nipping at some heels for sure. But realistically, 2018 seems to be when that window opens.heynawl-enten: I wouldn’t be shocked if they stayed competitive for some of the year. Winning the division is another question entirely.neil: I have to ask the same of the Phillies, who’ve shared the NL East’s basement apartment with the Braves these past few years …heynawl-enten: Last season, the Phillies were quite awful in every month not named April.neil: They were also the luckiest team in baseball not named “Texas Rangers.”maggiewiggin: They have some serious depth issues. Anything other than exceptional health could get ugly fast.neil: Then again, on the upside, they were the youngest team in baseball last year. And, similar to Atlanta, they have one of the best farm systems in baseball.maggiewiggin: Both teams have managed their rebuilds very well in that way.heynawl-enten: But I feel like they’re still a few years away.maggiewiggin: I agree. They lack any clear top-level talent right now, though they have a few promising names.heynawl-enten: I guess the good news is that the Phillies finally got rid of Ryan Howard. That signing didn’t make sense when it happened, and it certainly makes no sense now.maggiewiggin: The fact that they kept him around as long as they did will remain one of life’s great unsolved mysteries.neil: He was worth -1.0 WAR or worse in four of his final five seasons! 😱heynawl-enten: Getting back to the larger point, I think the Phillies have the least to look forward to of any NL East team this season. Well, either them or the Marlins.maggiewiggin: The lowest upside as currently constructed, definitely.neil: But the parallel rebuilds in Philly and Atlanta might also underscore that the clocks are ticking in Washington and New York.maggiewiggin: It’s going to be a very different landscape in two years — that’s for sure. Especially if Washington keeps deferring money like the world is ending.heynawl-enten: Remember, the Braves were good for all those years, and then they weren’t. Dynasties have a way of ending, and the Nationals have not a single thing to show for it. The Mets may hold on a little longer, given the age of their pitching staff (getting older, but not close to old).maggiewiggin: Hey, if Tim Tebow can get a real, live hit, anything’s possible.heynawl-enten: He got a hit? The world might really be coming to an end.maggiewiggin: Hmm, maybe the Nats’ financial strategy is sounder than I thought. Based on projected wins or over/under win totals. Data gathered on March 15, 2017.Sources: Baseball Prospectus, Fangraphs, Clay Davenport, Las Vegas Review-Journal 5Philadelphia Phillies7372727372.4 read more

Ohio State field hockey features foreign flavor

Being a Division I college athlete and balancing classes is hard enough. Now add traveling thousands of miles from your home and family to play in a foreign country. Of the 22 girls on Ohio State’s field hockey team, more than 25 percent of them come from countries outside of North America. Among the six players, they have to travel an average of almost 4,000 miles to return home. Contextually, the distance between Columbus and Los Angeles is almost 2,000 miles. Freshman midfielder Emma Royce, from Kingston upon Thames, U.K., said moving so far from her family never bothered her. “I didn’t have a problem with it because I know they supported my decision like 100 percent, and you get a new family when you play with your team,” Royce said. “I’m just enjoying it so much and I am so busy you don’t even think about it.” The freshman has started in nine of the Buckeyes’ ten games and scored two goals. Junior midfielder Arielle Cowie, from Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, is from the hometown closest to Columbus of the six girls, being just more than 2,400 miles from home. She started at midfield in all 21 games last season, posting two goals and one assist, and has started all ten games this year, but has yet to score a point. Moving away from her home was not as easy for Cowie, she said, but now she feels at home. “My first year was a bit difficult because, I mean, like I just uprooted myself from home and (came) to this strange place. So I was very, very skeptical at first. But as soon as I got here everyone has been so, so welcoming and now this feels like my home,” Cowie said. When it comes to recruiting the international players, the head coach or assistants will take trips to other countries to see talent, like in the case of Royce’s recruitment. “One of the Ohio State’s coaches was at my national final and … when he got back to America he saw my videos circulating as well and that’s when he emailed me,” Royce said. “I had seen a couple of other American universities, but I had never been to Ohio State, but I did my research and it felt like the right place.” Coach Anne Wilkinson said the farthest she has traveled to recruit players was Europe. Sometimes a player will come to the U.S. and the coaches will see them there, like in Cowie’s situation. Her club coach in Trinidad also coached a U.S.-based team and Cowie traveled up with her coach to an indoor tournament in Virginia Beach. While at the tournament, an OSU assistant coach went to see her play. “After that we kept in touch, and I sent in a video, and we just kept talking and they offered me a scholarship,” Cowie said. “But initially, they found out about me because there were two girls from Trinidad on (OSU’s) team before. So I guess when they were looking to recruit people my name came up.” Wilkinson, who is in her 17th season with the Buckeyes, said she has had players from Trinidad on her teams since her first job at American University. Coaches do recruit the players but Wilkinson believes that recruiting is a two-way street. “They pursue OSU. Field hockey is a very popular sport internationally,” Wilkinson said. “There is a pretty good pipeline of players who want to come to Ohio State.” When the players arrive in Columbus there are adjustments that have to be made. For Cowie, the biggest transition was adjusting to the weather extremes. The average high temperature of her hometown is between 85 and 88 degrees all year, while in Columbus, the average high varies from 37 degrees to 86 degrees from winter to summer, according to “The Caribbean is so scorching hot and when I came up it was my first winter. So that was kind of a shock, but by now I am accustomed to it in a way,” Cowie said. For Royce, the biggest difference is the traveling. The U.K. is 94,530 square miles compared to the U.S. which is 3,794,000 square miles. It would take 40 U.K.’s to equal the size of the U.S. “Coming from a small country, the farthest you will go is like three hours, and now I am going on a coach for like seven-and-a-half hours, eight hours sometimes, and getting on planes to go to games,” Royce said. “It’s very, very different.” Other international players on the team are sophomore midfielder Mona Frommhold, from Berlin, junior back Nora Murer, from Luzern, Switzerland, senior forward Berta Queralt and junior midfielder Paula Pastor-Pitarque, both from Barcelona, Spain. read more

Tevez understands Messis Argentina problems

first_imgThe Boca Juniors footballer understands why Lionel doesn’t want to be in the national team for the rest of the yearAfter it was known that Lionel Messi will not appear for Argentina in their two friendly matches of the year, many footballers are giving their opinion about it.But to those that know Messi, they understand why he doesn’t want to go back to international football for a while.FC Barcelona, Valencia CFMatch Preview: Barcelona vs Valencia Boro Tanchev – September 14, 2019 Is derby time in La Liga, as Barcelona welcomes Valencia to the Camp Nou Stadium tonight at 21:00 (CET).“It’s very personal, Leon has to take some time off to think about it,” Carlos Tevez told Diario Olé on Tuesday.“I can understand why he doesn’t want to go back. When one goes to the national team, fairly or unfairly, one is criticized.”The Boca Juniors striker will meet Messi tomorrow and told Olé how “it’s always cool to meet him again after we had a great time on the national team.”last_img

Kroos defends Low of Ballacks comments

first_imgAccording to Deutsche-Welle, Michael Ballack said he was “surprised” to see that Joachim Low was still in charge of GermanyReal Madrid footballer Toni Kroos has come out in defense of his manager Joachim Low after former Germany national team captain criticized him.According to the Deutsche-Welle, Ballack said he was surprised that Low was still in charge after the 2018 FIFA World Cup fiasco.“I was surprised as well as many other people that he kept his job,” Ballack told the DW.“For a long time, he worked with the team and sometimes you should say that things don’t work anymore when you’re so long with a certain team.”“Perhaps he just wanted to take his job,” said Kroos to the DW.Top 5 Bundesliga players to watch during the weekend Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 11, 2019 With the international activity cooling down for the next month, we go back to the Bundesliga’s Top 5 players to watch next weekend.The German…“I’m convinced that we can get back on track with Jogi Löw.”“He’s proven over many years that he’s willing to refine himself. He absolutely deserves another chance,” he added.💬 @ToniKroos: “The fixtures are very promising. We are motivated and targeting six points.” #NEDGER #FRAGER #DieMannschaft— Germany (@DFB_Team_EN) October 11, 2018last_img read more

House of Assembly in session today

first_img Budget cuts hurt, but necessary says TCI Deputy Premier in parliamentary debate on hurricane funds TCI Premier blasts Opposition side for “slop” information, sets it straight in HOA Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 29 Jul 2015 – Today members of parliament convene for debate in the House of Assembly in Grand Turk; the House will be carried live on national radio. Related Items:house of assembly Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Minister of Works puts government buildings reconstruction post hurricanes at $8.6mlast_img

Andres Iniesta pleased to have David Villa at Vissel Kobe

first_imgAndres Iniesta is pleased to have his former Barcelona team-mate David Villa by his side at Vissel Kobe as they to chase silverware next seasonThe former Spain striker became the latest high-profile footballer to move to Japan after agreeing to join J-League side Vissel Kobe this month.Villa will reunite with Iniesta at the Japanese top-flight club after once his contract with MLS side New York City expires this month.The pair won the 2008 European Championships and 2010 World Cup for Spain along with three La Liga titles and one Champions League at Barcelona.Now Iniesta, who has returned to Barcelona for a holiday, gave his views on Villa’s surprise switch to Japan.“He wanted a change,” Iniesta told Mundo Deportivo on Villa’s decision.David Villa, SpainQuiz: How much do you know about David Villa? Boro Tanchev – September 14, 2019 Time to test your knowledge about Spanish legendary forward David Villa.“He knows there’s me, but he knows more people and he knows he will be at ease.“This year we’re going to start from scratch. He will contribute goals and his quality will be a plus for the team.”The 34-year-old, who arrived in Japan in the summer, is thrilled to have a familiar face at Vissel Kobe.“It’s clear that right now I am new to them and they to me,” said Iniesta.“There is an adaptation process and having a player I know by my side and with whom I’ve played many matches is a guarantee for me and the team and will allow us to fight for important things.”Villa scored 80 goals in 124 appearances for New York after arriving from Atletico Madrid in 2014.last_img read more

SD Crime Stoppers searches for suspect passing of counterfeit US currency throughout

first_img SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — San Diego County Crime Stoppers is working with investigators from the San Diego Regional Fraud Task Force and asking for assistance from the public in locating Mario Chavez.Chavez is wanted in connection with a series of crimes involving the passing of counterfeit U.S. currency throughout San Diego County.Chavez targets sellers offering mobile phones for sale on sites such as “Offer Up”, “Let Go” and classified ads posted on “Craigslist”.Chavez makes contact with the seller through the app or by texting. Chavez will agree to a price and pays for the mobile device in cash. In most cases, the victim does not discover the money they received from Chavez was counterfeit until after Chavez has already left with the device. Chavez is known to use force or flee if confronted by a seller.Mario Kevin Chavez is a Hispanic male, 27-years-old, 6’3” tall, weighs 295 lbs., and has brown hair and brown eyes.Anyone with information on the location of Chavez should call the Crime Stoppers anonymous tip line at (888) 580-8477.Crime Stoppers is offering up to a $1,000 reward to anyone with information that leads to an arrest in this case. Visit the Crime Stoppers website at for more information on how to send anonymous web and mobile app tips. SD Crime Stoppers searches for suspect passing of counterfeit U.S. currency throughout county Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitter February 16, 2018 Posted: February 16, 2018 KUSI Newsroom, KUSI Newsroom last_img read more

Houston Weather Forecasters Exploring Ways To Improve Heat Warnings

first_imgLance Wood, Science Operations Officer for the local office, said the heat index equation forecasters use was developed back in 1990. It isn’t ideal for the Gulf Coast, Wood said, because it uses an assumed constant wind speed, whereas Gulf winds can vary a lot.“Generally in the summer, we have a sea breeze that propagates inland, and behind the sea breeze the wind comes up,” Wood said. “So as the wind speeds come up, they become a cooling factor that’s not really factored into this heat index.”That means forecasters might actually be over-estimating heat risks on days when the coastal breeze is helping to cool things down.But what’s more concerning is that the opposite is true at night, when winds are calm.“There are some really warm nights,” Wood said. “Like for example, consider somebody who doesn’t have air conditioning or it’s broken, and there’s no wind at night, and the humidity levels are really high. Well, our current heat index right now is under-estimating that heat risk.”Travis Bubenik/Houston Public MediaThe Galveston County Emergency Management building in League City, TX, which houses the National Weather Service’s Houston/Galveston officeWood and his team are also looking into ways to cover a broader spectrum of heat risks when they issue advisories.For example, with air quality forecasts, there are nuanced warnings for “moderate” days versus “unhealthy” or “very unhealthy” days. “We know [in] June and even late May, there are some days that the heat-related illness is above normal, from some of the numbers, the counts we see,” Wood said. “And they’re on days when we’re not reaching our heat advisory criteria.”Heat warnings could very well be a thing Houstonians pay more attention to in the decades ahead, as global temperatures continue to rise.“There are going to be these adverse health impacts, including deaths, from heat, that will only increase in the summer months,” said Courtney Schumacher, an atmospheric sciences professor at Texas A&M University.“Temperatures are going to rise,” she said. “Depending on [carbon] emissions, does that mean Houston has a climate more like Kingsville, or more like somewhere in Mexico? You’re kind of moving this big city around into warmer climates, it will warm.”In the meantime, Wood said, the local weather service office just wants to be able to help people make more informed decisions.“If we issue a heat advisory on a day where we previously wouldn’t have, we might be changing some actions of some people,” he said. “Especially people that are more at risk for heat-related illness.”There isn’t a timeline for when the Houston-Galveston office might roll out any changes.The City of Houston, meanwhile, is planning to conduct a “climate risk assessment” this year that will include a look at increased heat risk in the future, and what Houston might have to do to adapt. Florian Martin/Houston Public MediaA view of the Houston skyline on a hot day in May, 2019Forecasters with the National Weather Service regularly warn us about bad rain storms and hurricanes. But now, here in Houston, they’re hoping to improve warnings about a less-discussed weather risk that some call a “silent killer” – heat.Even in Houston, a city that has a long love affair with air conditioning, heat kills.The city’s health department says there were 15 heat-related deaths in Houston and Harris County in 2018, and that Houston alone sees anywhere from 4-6 heat-related deaths every year.Nationally, more Americans have died in recent years from extreme heat than any other single form of severe weather.The Weather Service’s Houston-area office is exploring ways to make sure people better understand the risks of heat. One of the things the office is rethinking is how forecasters calculate “heat indexes” – also known as “feels like” temperatures – that are generally higher than actual temperatures when it’s muggy out. To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: Listen Xcenter_img 00:00 /03:36 Sharelast_img read more

2017 Summer Ending Revival

first_imgCalling all youth, millennials and young adults to attend the back to school crusade August 30- September 1st at 7pm nightly. Dr. E Dewey Smith and Bishop Marvin Sapp are the guest speakers.  Its free, no cost. Resource booths available in church lobby. Call  the church at 410-523-5603 or visit http://www.newshilohbaptist.orglast_img

The Avi8ted Mindset

first_imgLafayette Barnes IV, NNPA Newswire CorrespondentGrowing up in Washington, D.C. in the ’90s wasn’t easy. With the influence of drugs and crime, one could easily find themselves on the wrong path. Charlton Woodyard II’s parents had a different idea that included private schools, martial arts, and a strict home environment that allowed him the space to fulfill his own destiny. He attributes these circumstances to what he now describes as an aviated mindset. He is sharing his philosophy with the world through his company, Avi8ted Holdings. They recently launched a clothing line, Avi8ted Thoughts, which promotes positive thinking and the idea that you can achieve beyond your wildest dreams.A purebred Washingtonian, Charlton Woodyard II was born in Southeast Washington, DC at Washington Hospital Center in 1987. While in elementary school, his family moved to K St. Northwest where crippling poverty was flagrant. Despite the conditions, having a grandfather who worked for NASA at Goddard, he was inspired to achieve in education. He was also inspired by martial arts, which at times got him in a bit of trouble at school. His teachers recommended that he take an aptitude test, which resulted in his parents sending him to Georgetown Day School (GDS) where he attended throughout the rest of his secondary education. His classmates included kids of Fortune 500 company CEOs and congressmen, which exposed him to a new lifestyle that he embraced.Charlton Woodyard II is sharing his philosophy with the world through his company Avi8ted Holdings.As a student of martial arts, he enjoyed the practical and personal aspects and was inspired by Bruce Lee. His father signed his brother and him up for Tae Kwon Do and cultivated a competitive environment around physical fitness. His teacher, Sherman Spinks, who is a legend in the taekwondo community, developed the mental fortitude within him to understand the meaning of hard work. As Junior Olympics champions, he learned to push himself to do things he wasn’t aware he had the ability to do.What is Avi8ted?Avi8ted Thoughts is a business and lifestyle company and subsidiary of Avi8ted Holdings, an impact investment and business development company. The goal of Avi8ted Holdings is to develop an ecosystem that provides resources where ideas can thrive. The first business is Avi8ted Thoughts, a clothing company.According to Charlton, Avi8ted is grounded in the concept of the law of attraction.“An Avi8ted thought is one that is pure and positive, necessary and eternal,” he says.Charlton would prefer to ask, what does it mean to you? He describes is as a “divine dream or purpose”, which shouldn’t be boxed in as it is very personal to each individual. He was able to ask artist and celebrity Jaden Smith about what an Avi8ted Thought meant to him. He answered that it’s a mission to provide a better human experience.Charlton understands that this concept is a big leap. He doesn’t want to inundate people with such a large burden of responsibility. “Making the world a better place doesn’t happen in one day,” he said. He wants people to understand that they can first make their personal world a better place by understanding the constructs that exist and how they interact with them.“Avi8ted Thoughts, the clothing brand serves as the uniform we can all point to as a way to connect,” said Charlton.He recently released his first line with the “Follow the Sun” capsule collection. In his words, “the sun, both literally and metaphorically, is something you would want to follow considering it is the thing that gives us life on earth. But also it means to follow your light, follow the things that help you to grow.”In 2018 he participated in the Remote Year program which allowed him to travel and study in various countries for months at a time and learn about global entrepreneurship. He visited Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, and Malaysia where he formed relationships that changed his thought process. He met two friends in Japan who introduced him to augmented reality which he included in his production process and can be seen in his “Follow the Sun” capsule.Most recently, Avi8ted Thoughts has partnered with 202Creates as a resident of their creative entrepreneurship program headed by D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser. With the added workspace and resources they’ve received a lot of help building the infrastructure. With almost a decade of planning, studying, networking, and grinding he’s finally seeing his vision come to fruition.Meanwhile, Washington, D.C. has also become one of the most physically fit cities in America. The Avi8ted Thoughts brand represents a lot of that idea.“Wellness is a huge part of the brand”, said Charlton.The influence of martial arts has been maintained throughout his brand. He believes that hard work is what it will take to get us ahead. Charlton cited how the ancient pyramids in Egypt were built with the mindset that people can achieve things greater than they know. He wants to project those ideals with his brand.“You have to master yourself and find your inner rhythm before you’re able to affect the world,” said Charlton.Charlton credits his team with putting a strong plan in place that he believes will create a lasting impression. Although the price-point is more expensive then most he believes that once people understand the mission behind the brand there will be a lot of support. The Avi8ted team reaches from D.C. to Los Angeles, Atlanta, and even Japan. “In a start-up, everyone is responsible for everything,” said Charlton. “These are a group of people who have “Avi8ted” themselves for this time….for us it was always about longevity”. His team helps to reel in his ambitious dreams and work to make them possible.Currently the “Follow the Sun” capsule collection is being released in phases with the first being the “Sunrise” tee in AM (white) and PM (black). The collection debuted at their launch event on June 29 at Beyond Studios. More pop-ups are planned that will feature socks, button-ups, and shorts, all featuring the AR technology and pure and positive energy. To find out more about Avi8ted Thoughts visit post originally appeared in The Washington Informer.last_img read more

UK commercial broadcaster has posted strong fully

first_imgUK commercial broadcaster has posted strong full-year results, with reveues up 9% to £2.389 billion (€2.899 billion) and EBITA before exceptional items up 21% to £620 million.Non advertising revenues grew by £175 million, boosted by performances from ITV Studios and online, pay and interactive services.“Broadcast and online performed well. we delivered further strong growth in online, pay and interactive, up 16% as we again improved the quality and availability of ITV Palyer and ITV Family NAR was up 2% as the TV advertising market returned to growth,” said CEO Adam Crozier.last_img

21st Century Fox has pulled Fox News from the Sky

first_img21st Century Fox has pulled Fox News from the Sky platform in the UK, stating that it was “not in our commercial interest” to continue to providing the channel in the UK.The company said that the channel was designed for a US audience and attracted “only a few thousand viewers” in the UK.While has Fox has cited commercial calculation as the motive behind the decision, its withdrawal will inevitably be viewed through the prism of Fox’s campaign to smooth the path of its proposed acquisition of the 61% of Sky that it does not already own.UK digital, culture, media and sport secretary of state Karen Bradley is currently on the point of deciding whether to refer the deal to the UK competition watchdog. Bradley recently asked Ofcom to look again at its recommendation that the acquisition did not raise broadcasting standards issues, seeking “further clarification” in the light of new “new evidence and/or comment on the Ofcom assessment”.Ofcom has now submitted additional advice on the proposed acquisition.The regulator had previously recommended that the deal should be looked at on the grounds of media plurality but said that a Fox-owned Sky did not raise questions as to whether to company would adhere to broadcasting standards.Fox News has however attracted considerable controversy of late over a series of sexual harassment scandals and allegations of collusion with President Trump’s White House over a subsequently discredited story.last_img read more