Want to make money Tell you a way to get rich

with the development of society, people’s increasingly fast pace of life, causing a lot of people see love pets because pets at home is defecate irascible, but also suffer from a lack of time to train them. So the birth of a new industry, such as pet training!

you can hold a training class in your home, the training could be in the form of "one to one" or the team, or if your home is not suitable, you can go to your customer’s home, "one to one" training. You can also negotiate with the school and community activities center, and organize dog obedience classes at weekends and evenings. read more

How to do a good job shop location

maternal and child shop location affects the latter part of the business, so franchisees need to think about this investment problem. If you do a good job in the preparatory work site, then the latter will be much easier. So what should be taken into account in the site selection? Many franchisees are not very clear, together to learn it.


three condition excellent sites

1, more than ten years of continuous operating force

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The shop management how to play the security card

years of hard struggle, finally to the new year, this is very pleased to do, if the security is not well, it is possible to become great rejoicing. In short, nearly a year, a year when retail sales season, Unlimited Business Opportunities; also a year when most security risks. How to profit in addition to the disadvantages, play safe this card, secure a year, peace of mind to make money?

first, do a good job of theft, theft prevention measures to ensure that the shop is not subject to loss.

new year is coming, is the most concentrated period of theft. Coupled with the end of the flow of personnel increased, criminals also sloshing around, the driver. Our retail store staff is limited, there are many deficiencies in the security management, we must always improve the awareness of vigilance, careful screening of past customers. For suspected customers, should take the initiative to talk about his movements, the initiative to help shopping at the same time, a euphemism for warning. For example: just repaired the monitoring, there is no time to sort out the goods, want to buy what I want to help you find the kind of goods, it is timely to give up their illegal ideas. read more

Whether or not to sell barbecue online selling

with the development of the electricity supplier industry, more and more industries to open the online platform, I believe we have seen a variety of online shop. But there is a young guy in online selling barbecue, finally managed to find the way to build up the family fortunes. Can you make money selling barbecue online?

13 one day, Zhang Kai eating barbecue on the Internet to search for some entrepreneurial information, and suddenly an idea into the brain, why not sell barbecue on the Internet, said dry, dry, Zhang Kai began to create his network barbecue shop.

proved his decision was right, and it’s a great success. His baking string is not cheaper than the roadside stalls, why is it so hot, the reporter saw the official website of the barbecue shop in Taobao, compared to the price of roadside barbecue stalls, barbecue shop selling ingredients do not account for too many advantages. So, Zhang Kai, what attract the customers? The answer is actually very simple, Zhang Kai is not actually selling barbecue, barbecue can be seen everywhere because of roadside stalls late, and more atmosphere, Zhang Kai sells the barbecue service. How to open a barbecue shop on the Internet? It has all the ingredients, utensils and so on. The customer can buy the barbecue equipment and experience the fun of barbecue. read more

What are the common disputes

a lot of entrepreneurs in the choice to join the road before the industry is not enough to understand, and joined the headquarters will often be vague in some of the above contract, which will lead to the emergence of late disputes. In short, in order to join the way to set up shop business, is a lot of people want to reduce the risk of failure of modern venture. But as a prospective franchisee, you know which issues often occur between the headquarters and the franchise? What should be prepared before joining you?

What are the rights and obligations of

before you sign the contract? Some join in signing after joining, found that the actual operation conditions and coordination, and before joining the imagine there is a big gap, so the headquarters of resentment unceasingly, a feeling of regret a previous mistake. And stand in the position of the franchise headquarters, the store is also quite helpless to cooperate with, if not too much to do too much headquarters activities, or simply do not cooperate with headquarters. The spirit of the contract does not understand, and rely on the operation of the transition headquarters, do not operate their own serious. read more

Jiaxing actively promote the public space construction

is now around in order to promote entrepreneurship, to create a series of business service platform, the public record space and hit off the home of such a new vocabulary have also appeared, now the city of Jiaxing is actively promoting the construction of public record space ".

multi-creation space as a new business service platform, aims to "innovation and entrepreneurship to create a good ecological environment, stimulate the creativity of hundreds of millions of people, to create a new engine of economic development, is to accelerate the implementation of innovation driven development strategy, an important carrier and initiatives to promote public Entrepreneurship, innovation". Jiaxing City, according to the views of the public record on the development space of the spirit of the State Council and the Zhejiang Province, actively promote the construction of public record space, focus on the development of investment promotion, training counseling, creating incubator and other characteristics of the public record space, to create a batch of low cost, convenience, and open to the public record space, such as "Beidou Gen Jiali Hakkas" and "zero or one wisdom Valley", Haining Su River? "Public record space" and "creating commune", "Kechuang space public record" and other public record space. read more

Li Jiacheng intends to sell Shanghai Pudong commercial projects cited speculation

China’s real estate industry in the past few years, the development is very hot, the last two years, due to some of the country’s policy control, the development of the entire real estate industry is beginning to gradually stabilized.

Li Jiacheng under the name of Cheung Kong real estate intends to re Shanghai Pudong complex century sinks, there are a number of overseas funds in the long contact and real estate, the highest offer 20 billion yuan, but did not reach a substantial purchase intention.

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Squeeze acne infected with dangerous triangle area do not tamper with

face long acne, always make people can not help but to squeeze, the following things can be true to tell you that the face of acne is not easy to squeeze, Yancheng, a young man squeeze acne sepsis! A few days ago, 29 year old boy in Dongtai, Yancheng Yu came to Kunshan to do something. In the upper lip of the left out of a pimple. Then, small Yu very habits on the hand will be squeezed out of the.

it is such a seemingly insignificant action is almost to his life: not long out of acne, small Yu face began to redness, fever and other symptoms; then to Kunshan people’s Hospital for treatment, but because of the serious illness, have transferred to the Soochow University Affiliated First People’s hospital. The first people’s Hospital Affiliated to Soochow University was diagnosed with septicemia.

FM91.1 told Suzhou news broadcast journalist, deputy director of the Zhao Weifeng

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Jining Qin Zhen pork rice how to join

loves watching TV and many friends all know, pork rice is a major feature of these areas, also let the world yearning for God chowhound friends. For Guangdong, Chinese pork rice in Taiwan, Hongkong and Macao and other regions of the cafes, restaurants and fast-food restaurants in Hong Kong Style common food raw material, elegant, fresh ingredients, juice flavor, nutrition reasonable collocation. Guangdong style barbecued pork fat but not greasy, rich soup, collocation fragrance and flavor of the Guangdong style barbecued pork Steamed Rice perfect, to complement each other, let people eat not tire 100, to the opening by the majority of delicacy enthusiasts.

Qin Zhen pork rice chain operators by the establishment, after years of continuous efforts to find out business, snacks and modern fashion in inherit the historical heritage Guangdong style barbecued pork combination, opened a new chapter in the field of cooking fork snack stand out.

Jining Qin Zhen pork rice to join


pork rice raw material fresh juice, elegant, rich flavor, nutrition reasonable collocation. Guangdong style barbecued pork fat but not greasy, rich soup, collocation fragrance and flavor of the Guangdong style barbecued pork Steamed Rice perfect, let people eat not tire 100, to the opening by consumers alike, are attracted to join the Everfount store visits taste. read more

The most popular venture

would like to venture or to find the most popular ideas, what is the most popular items on the market is very good, pay attention to observe what will be a new harvest. Different small ideas can also make hundreds of millions of wealth, just seize the opportunity to fight.

characteristics of tea tea tea sales mainly features flowers, and the sale of fruit tea, which has been popular in some domestic large and medium-sized city. Often drink fresh tea can be beauty skin care, regulate nerve function, promote metabolism, improve body immunity. Suitable for the ten kinds of fresh flowers, such as red roses, white chrysanthemums, peony flowers, honeysuckle, etc., the price of 100-300 yuan per kilogram. At present, people drink fresh tea is also one of the few, but it will lead the new fashion of tea in the near future, has a broad market prospect. Initial investment is not large, the need for rent, decoration, tea equipment and other costs about 25 thousand yuan.

The residual liquid

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How to open a clothing store to pay attention to the details of how to purchase

clothing industry has always been a lot of people who want to start a business choice of the industry, industry competition pressure is great, if you choose this industry, started a clothing store, is a lot of money, if you have a business idea, opened a clothing store, is also a good choice. But open clothing store, for the purchase problem, there are many problems to be noted. But because a lot of people are the first time to open a clothing store, for the specific purchase problem, is not very understanding. Here to tell you how to open a clothing store to buy.

seize the opportunity

open clothing store to learn to grasp the opportunity to purchase. In fact, when seasonal clothing, clothing wholesale market is the cheapest goods, if at this time the purchase can save a lot of cost. Every season, can clothing wholesale market everywhere season cleared advertising, stores his own grasp of fashion, Amoy some appreciation of the goods can be used to.

should know how to bargain

We must know how to bargain purchase clothing store read more

Fuzhou South Park in Taihu stone is false is true

in the life of the government in order to create a number of tourist attractions, usually at the expense of a large price, but all the data behind really want to what is it? Fuzhou South Park, many people found the park Taihu stone color, suspected fraud. September 9th, the park 3 rock samples were sent to the Ministry of land and mineral resources supervision and inspection center in Fuzhou, rock and mineral identification. Yesterday, the Taijiang District Bureau of parks announced the test report, saying that the 3 samples are limestone class, consistent with the main components of Taihu stone".

previously, the construction side of Fujian province ho Green Engineering Co Ltd said that the procurement of Taihu stone price is 4 million 800 thousand yuan; but yesterday, the company has given a different price, "said Taihu stone into good and poor in two, the total cost is reduced to 2 million 320 thousand yuan". Wang Changchun, director of the Taijiang Bureau of parks and gardens, said that the requirements of the Taihu stone in the South Park are limestone, if it is false, as the owner of the unit, they will not pay a penny. read more

nvestment in infant food stores want to profit management is very important

in today’s society, the whole baby market with the continuous relaxation of our national fertility policy, getting better, the investment of baby food stores are very rich prospects, so in the process of investment, should be how to operate?

now the baby food industry development prospects by many people optimistic about the investment of baby food stores are many entrepreneurs choose. Investment in children’s food stores, for those problems on the business, I think not everyone can figure out, of which the details of personnel management has become a major problem. Today Xiaobian take you to find out about the investment in infant food store staff management issues.

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What are the notes to join the Western Restaurant

due to the impact of the global food and beverage market by the global economic development, therefore, venture capital is now open West restaurant is more and more people. However, if you do such a business, naturally there are more attention. So, what are the notes to join the western restaurant? Let Xiaobian for you to analyze a few points.

(1) analysis of the development of Western food

into Chinese although there are Western-style food for a long period of time, but compared to the Chinese restaurant, is still in the infancy period, in many less developed city we can find the relatively large size of the restaurant is not much! Of course, except for some big cities! In other words, not to say that the bigger the better!

so-called ship small good turn around, there are a lot of scale is not very big but can do the booming western restaurant is too numerous to mention, from this point can be seen: the size of the area is not the main factor, the main factor is the operation! The most simple and direct way to do a western restaurant is the most simple and direct way to choose the western restaurant! On the western restaurant to join here and want to do western join us join us to explore it. read more

Peasant woman posing as the Qing Dynasty Princess fraud about 2000000 eventually sentenced

in today’s society, there are some crooks, the weakness of human nature, bluff and deceive in the society, then say the trick is very low. But there are still a lot of people hooked.

48 year old Henan County, Lushi rural women Wang only junior high school education. February 2013, she and 47 year old unemployed man in Xi’an Yang met, because there is no money but also unemployed, the partnership to defraud the two. read more

The correct location of beverage chain stores

hot summer how little of the drinks company, in fact, the drinks cost is very low, there is great interest in space, so many small entrepreneurs who love a drink of chain stores, little investment, but consumption is strong, has a very good profit, small you can get rich investment. Drink chain stores want to profit, the site is also very critical, then, open in the area next to how to operate to make money?

is very popular drinks consumers alike, the market is large, a beverage chain stores on the small side, is the main face of residential consumers, therefore, in the business when you always consider to residential consumers. District next to open a chain of drinks in the store before opening the chain to learn to find a suitable area.

open beverage chain stores to flow, more people, earnings will be able to upgrade, on the contrary, it is difficult to make money. How to open a chain of drinks in the operation of the time to find a large flow of people to ensure that there is a profit protection. After finding the right area, you can prepare the relevant chain stores. read more

A beautiful wall to join what are the advantages of integrated

decoration business, has been very hot. How do you choose to join the United States and the United States integrated wall? In the home market, not only has a high popularity, to join the United States drops integrated wall project, or a very good choice. So, the business to choose to join the United States drop integrated wall?

with the rapid development of real estate, decoration industry profits along the array spring ushered in a spurt of growth, has become the business of good projects, and beautiful integrated wall has enough advantages to bring their own wealth for investors, there have been many investors chose to join, so beautiful brand integrated wall what is the


beautiful integrated wall, as the first to break the traditional decoration, launched from the blank room to the hardbound room a step in the overall development of the wall decoration products, has become the industry leader and barometer. Beautiful integrated wall paint, wallpaper, abandon the process cumbersome traditional technology, more save time, greatly reducing the time and cost of construction and installation of integrated wall! Beautiful, equal to skip the middle price to choose materials, building materials market to find workers, save costs, simply shengdaojia read more

Chengdu to provide entrepreneurs with free rent

for many entrepreneurs who, in the early course of business which will encounter many problems, at the same time, the entrepreneurial process of some government departments to help the entire business is also a very important link.

may be a lot of entrepreneurs think that Chengdu has different from the north of Guangzhou low       Gen     industry; environment. But in fact, after looking after Chengdu’s business costs for some people remain high.

then to Chengdu business people, if we don’t want to far away from the urban area of Chengdu, and to take a cost-effective business space, where to go? Entrepreneurial world so big, Huaxi Dushi Bao reporter took everyone to look around!

Zhongjiang Sichuan Economic Development Zone

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