Aid green work help Qinghai Tibetan development and stability

June 27th, reporters from aid youth cadres forum was informed that, since July 2010, Youth assistance work officially started, through the joint efforts of the national ministries, the central enterprises, provinces and municipalities and the Qinghai provincial government, aid youth work mechanism, gradually expand the scale of assistance, assistance to constantly enrich the content, the basic form of economy and cadres, talents, education, science and technology and the combination of government, enterprise and society all participating Youth assistance work pattern, the political, economic and social benefits aid youth work became fully apparent.

since July 2010, human resources and social security department, Ministry has sent two batches of aid young cadres, the first batch of 26 from the central state organs, 13 central enterprises and 6 developed provinces to send 102 (later increased to 119) in July 2013, second aid youth cadres; the 32 group from the central state authorities, 18 central enterprises and 6 provinces selected 182 cadres of youth assistance. Among these, there are 4 young cadres have been transferred to Qinghai to work, the support of the green cadres involved in the work of 18 batches of green aid. To aid youth cadres into the Green Gang has played an important role in five aspects: one is to the requirements of the central and Qinghai provincial realities, positive suggestions, actively participate in the preparation of the recipient regions and units of various types of development planning, play an important role in the two expert staff; tightly around the strategic goal of "three zone" construction carefully selected, the implementation of a number of key projects and livelihood projects, the implementation of the project started aid youth work has played a leading role; the three is to actively play a role as a link, through matchmaking and coordination arrangements, a strong impetus to aid by both the communication and cooperation; four is to actively play a leading role in promoting the cultivation a large number of backbone and local talents for the recipient area units; five is to actively play a leading role in the work of specific work, generally the recipient unit leadership and stem Of the masses. read more

Completely eliminate zombie sleep government website

June 24th, the Qinghai provincial government website census second training sessions held in Xining, municipalities (state) government, provincial departments and counties (cities, districts, the city committee) Office of a total of more than 260 people to participate in training.

on the road of intensive development of government website Internet plus background theme lectures on the government website, the national government census monitoring website survey information reporting system of auxiliary examinations and exceptions and shutting down websites the application review process are analyzed and read.  
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Multi sectoral together to create a safe consumer confidence consumer environment

February 25th, the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, province, province Industrial and Commercial Bureau consumer rights consumer association held a news briefing, the Provincial Consumer Association, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau, the provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau, the provincial food and Drug Supervision Bureau were informed of the province’s consumer complaints, consumer product quality supervision, food and drug advertising monitoring and monitoring quality. Provincial Consumers Association informed this year, 3· 15 program.

2013 year, our province consumer associations at all levels of consumer complaints 1138, the settlement rate of 97.8% for the consumer economic losses of more than 291 yuan, involving more than 412 yuan, to receive 22138 passengers visiting and consulting. Overall, the amount of consumer complaints fell in 2012.

provincial quality supervision system in accordance with the law on agricultural products, household appliances, light industrial products, textile products, building materials, mechanical and electrical products and energy products such as the 7 major categories of 17 kinds of consumer goods to carry out product quality supervision and spot checks, a total sample of 270 enterprises produced 367 batches of products, qualified rate of 91.6%. On the spot checks found quality problems, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau has been in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. read more

Datong County, ten beautiful countryside

The first

of Datong County Xinhe cup ten beautiful village before the contest successfully concluded, the top ten beautiful countryside, fully demonstrated the results of new rural construction in Datong County, Datong County rural tourism resources show unique charm.


treasure town

is located in Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County in the northwest corner of the mountain, the national highway 227 line from south to north through the township, the township government in the village, with a total area of 1174.85 square kilometers. "Gao Xia Pinghu" black spring, river, river to name not to her "Cha Han River" landscape here is the name card, is a rich treasure trove of spruce the name card. 2007 was named the county’s first civilized credit village, civilized credit village has 7 villages, civilized letter users 1446, in June this year, then listed the village of 2 civilizations credit. In 2012, the township government was named "garden style unit" by the municipal government". read more

How to successfully open a tea shop

now the number of college graduates each year in China is increasing, the employment problem has become the most popular social issues guide. Therefore, in recent years, the state has introduced entrepreneurship support policies to encourage college students entrepreneurship. Among them, many college graduates chose to start their own business, the company has a network of companies, the opening of the restaurant business, investment in the apparel industry, in short, is a variety of. Today, just like you tell a true case of the success of the use of tea shop business students.

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Case study Xining trademark infringement cases increased efforts to investigate

Xining City Industrial and commercial system to support thousands of enterprises, cultivate thousands of pieces of trademark "as an opportunity to further intensify efforts to investigate the case of well-known, famous trademark infringement, for dealing with trademark infringement cases seven, destroyed dens one, involving up to 134 thousand and 200 yuan.

Xining City branch of law enforcement officers in the inspection market, macro Shunyan Hotel, located in Xining Nan Mo Er yuan No. 141 Ning Letter No. 34 hospital Hengxin cigarette and liquor vendor selling infringing mutual brand of highland barley wine, the scene seized the allegedly infringing "colorful mutual aid" 6 bottles of wine, "eight workshop" 6 bottles of wine, "four tianyoude" 6 bottles; according to the masses, in total two cement sales near the town seized counterfeit "Moon Mountain" brand 450 bags of cement, 28.5 tons of bulk cement packaging bag 1010, a total value of 105 thousand and 800 yuan. read more

Clever talk can make business more popular

a customer will really patronize a store, and even said it would become a loyal consumer, in fact, many times with the owner of the speaking skills is also a great relationship. However, the business department store business, everyday is a little more fixed crowd, in the course of time between gradually familiar with them, nor between so many polite, speaking also the habit of casual.

was very busy that day, it is not easy to have a gap to rest. Just sit down the door into a man, so I stood up and said: "Hello, what?" The man in the brow hear what I said after once, did not answer. See the guests did not speak, I smiled and asked: "what do you want?" Then the man looked at me and said, "what did you just say?" The sound sounds rather unpleasant, I was asked a leng.


you say, "I’m not a beggar." I only see light suddenly, and even an apology: "I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that I was wrong. Would you like to buy something?" This man tells her to buy things, before he also said to me: "like you talk to some people once won second times, people have to buy something and not to give you anything." read more

Real estate project implementation of more than 22 billion yuan

reporter learned from the Provincial Bureau of statistics, 1-11 months, the province’s real estate implementation projects a total investment of 100 million yuan and 220 billion yuan, accounting for the province’s real estate projects in the proportion of 68.1%, an increase of 3.7 percentage points. Billion yuan and billion yuan project investment 29 billion 264 million yuan this year, accounting for real estate development, a total investment of 96%, 25.7 percentage points, boosting the province’s real estate development and investment growth, steady growth to become the main force in boosting the province’s investment in real estate development.

Overseas Chinese media outlets like Qinghai

Clear water of the Yellow River, the hospitality of the Turkish children, mellow barley wine…… Even the day, from the United States, Russia, Canada, Australia, Britain and other 20 countries of the 25 world Chinese media executives, walking through 2014 China — the world Chinese media Qinghai line activities into Qinghai, deeply by the beauty of Qinghai attracted British editor in rich media Chen Shi Rong said that Qinghai is beautiful “green” pure climate, rich cultural heritage, the hospitality of the people, impressive. In September 18th, the Yellow River had just seen clear water from the Guide delegation, rushed to the home of the rainbow, the county, the experience of Tu style children. From Canada 7 days of culture media, deputy editor in chief reporter Hu Xian had a great interest in the culture of Tu nationality during the interview, Hu said the constitution, Tu is Tuyuhun’s descendants, the horseback nomads have their own languages, although after the long history, the text has to be written. But I was very interested in the history of the Tu, hope to learn more.” At the same time, Hu Xian also said that the unique beauty of Qinghai also let her deeply impressed, “while the clear water of the Yellow River, while the unique Danxia landform, this unique scenery can only be seen in Qinghai, a few days of the trip to Qinghai to let me feel the need to understand the world, the world needs more understanding of Qinghai, we will take the beauty of Qinghai to tell more people.” The Chinese media in Qinghai, CO sponsored by the Qinghai provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Qinghai provincial government information office, China news agency Qinghai branch, the first time in 2013 Qinghai event, the delegation traveled nearly 2000 km trip, feel close to Qinghai’s cultural diversity, ecological construction, economic and social development achievements and, in the overseas media published articles more than and 120, let more people know the beauty of Qinghai. read more

Ministry of public security cross provincial mutual inspection team of the city’s public security or

Recently, according to the Ministry of public security “” Qing nets action “provincial cross mutual operation essentials” relevant content requirements, the Ministry of public security, provincial cross inspection group Ningxia inspection group of three people who were on the spot inspection of our City Chengdong District, Chengzhong District, West District, Huangyuan County, Datong County, five county public security organs, key check the “Qing nets action” since the implementation of work organization

recently, according to the Ministry of public security “” Qing nets action “provincial cross mutual operation essentials” relevant content requirements, the Ministry of public security, provincial cross inspection group Ningxia inspection group of three people who were on the spot inspection of our City Chengdong District, Chengzhong District, West District, Huangyuan County, Datong County, five county public security organs. Focus on examination of the “Qing nets action” since the implementation of work organization. read more

District People’s Congress to check the implementation of the recommendations of the Bureau of agric

September 13th, the District People’s Congress organized relevant deputies responsible for agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau of the two meeting of the seven National People’s Congress No. fifteenth and No. seventeenth for the implementation of recommendations and to listen to the report, Nian Li Pu Zhen Mo Jia Zhuang village conducted a field check.
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