Two DIY methods to make 30 headphones sound like prolevel 300 cans

first_imgThe consumer headphones game is full of shadiness. For example, the difference between most $20 and $100 headphones has nothing to do with quality or longevity, only style. This is especially true with cheap earbuds, where the secret scam is that they are all pretty much the same. To actually hear the difference as opposed to just see it, you often have to pay far more than most people are willing to.Spending $300 on a pair of headphones aren’t your only option, though. If you want to listen to high-quality music but don’t feel like spending as much as an iPad for them, you can turn a cheap, comfortable pair of knock-offs into some decent audiophile headphones fairly easily and with minimum expense. This isn’t for everyone, as it’s a DIY project, but it is possible to mod a cheap pair of headphones into some high-fidelity and orthodynamic cans. You’ll need some serious machinery, like a dremel, but all-in-all, the project is pretty simple and understandable: it’s all about organ transplant.Basically, you scour eBay for cheap used headphones using 40mm drivers, buy them, rip out the drivers and transplant them into your cheaper set of earphones. Then you use some extra insulation to keep everything in place, rebuild your headphones and voila.If that sounds complicated to you, though, let me give you a much easier tip. Buy yourself a pair of Koss PortaPro headphones. They’re a proven, timeless design with some absolutely fantastic sound quality that cost less than $30 and come with a lifetime warranty. Now buy yourself a pair of these and follow the easy instructions in this video to make yourself a pair of world-class noise-isolating headphones good enough for any electronic musician. You’re welcome.Read more at Does It Pewlast_img

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