Share B2B website of Shanghai Longfeng experience to share


4, the internal structure of

When the

3, keywords ranking

nonsense to say so much, cut to the chase, I was in mid September to take over the site, the site through the analysis found that the site the following deficiencies in the early stages of the Shanghai Dragon:

is responsible for the site because before another Shanghai dragon Er, to further understand the Jiangxi modern service trade network the B2B sites included in the 2 months before the line did not what action, third months included only after another, mid September included the number 147.

in mid September to take over the "Jiangxi modern service trade network" website to the B2B website, currently on the line has been half a year. As we all know, 2013 is the love of Shanghai rules, Shanghai dragon industry has been a difficult year! Love Shanghai pomegranate original algorithm, Mars, Scindapsus algorithm let the webmaster launch the chain strike terror into the heart of rigorous review, seem to tell us the chain for the king of the era of the past, and we emphasize the evaluation of the quality of the chain to the user click rate will often make me think of is a chicken and egg problem. Anyway, if you feel powerless, it is because Shanghai dragon Er thinking have not changed, or that we all have a common system of Shanghai Longfeng successful optimization scheme. For the above, I believe that the majority of Shanghai dragon Er are explored, including me now in charge of the "Jiangxi modern service trade network" the B2B site is still in Shanghai love update algorithm in Shanghai Longfeng collection was still normal, showing the index of nearly ten thousand, while the site value is between 1000-5000 huge fluctuations. read more

Represent the general trend development prospect and trend analysis of Shanghai Dragon

: Shanghai dragon is a time-consuming and laborious work, rather than to automate the whole process of the optimization, spend a lot of time and effort, from keyword research, structure optimization, promotion and maintenance…… To consume a large amount of manual time. At present in Shanghai Longfeng development of this piece basically can be divided into two types: personal undertaking, team or company. However not all the pros and cons. The ability of a person is much, although there are individual expert, but most of the Shanghai dragon Er are busy tired, just get some income, compared to the high consumption of life, and not what. If a team or company orders is large, the user’s credibility is higher, the effect will be more obvious. But the disadvantage is that if funding arrangements are not good words are likely to make money is only enough for everyone a drink or a company or team, this inevitably can not long sustain.

is the inevitable result of the development of Shanghai dragon, or just flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum is the search engine, the wheel is not perfect? In the end, or the user needs changing, a website may just stack a lot of keywords can optimize a few years ago, waiting for Everfount traffic free, but today after how much change? The old model to meet the new requirements, user needs to increase, more perfect more accurate positioning, upgrade the search engine technology revolution, fierce competition greatly small website…… How the Shanghai Longfeng situation, and where the development prospect and trend analysis of Shanghai dragon. read more

The sequel love Shanghai latest ranking algorithm

in March 7th, when the Shanghai love picture search, find the emergence of new features, the new function is to upload pictures, search related information". At that time, I was happy. Because of the introduction of Shanghai love this function, can think of a lot of problems. The author then traces his thinking to explore, indeed found love Shanghai not only to strengthen the integration of the "picture" of information, more likely to improve the extraction of text information in the picture.

included the website content, is very important because the content of the article title, now love Shanghai search function on the title strengthened a lot, the author also personally test practice, the recent "title of the article" on this issue also tested two articles, can not be included. During the test, the title of the article appeared several times in the network, the content is original, wait two or three days to find love Shanghai search engine still not included, visible love Shanghai search engine to strengthen the retrieval of the title content. read more

DHC3 anniversary, hospitality, courtesy, courtesy!FreePriceAlerts shopping rebate plug-in for $4 mil

DHC multi platinum mask 2 pieces worth $72


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can receive DHC2008 x 1

browser plug-in almost all functions, take a shopping assistant, for example, a shopping assistant is the NetEase launched a browser parity tool will automatically appear in your browser below when you browse shopping sites, and display the key information, such as low price etc.. Youdao shopping help functions include:




DHC DHC only 5 pieces of film Zaopian convenience stores for sale

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can receive DHC2008 x 1

2. Taobao same dress: browsing Taobao costumes >

gifts 5 one-time purchase of any product over $1200

in fact, there are similar plug-ins at home. And in my opinion, it’s better than FreePriceAlerts. For example, Ruyi Amoy and Youdao shopping assistant. Ruyi Amoy, formerly known as shopping assistant, is also browser plug-in, the browser plug-in launched in the second half of 2010, and later acquired by Taobao in 2011, changed its name to Ruyi amoy". read more

Baidu, unfamiliar street, micro-blog, WeChat moved whose cake

the past two years, WeChat has been close to 400 million registered users, this is a proud achievement for any one product, of course, this is not the full force of WeChat, with WeChat to improve the public platform, many marketers who have joined this platform, so the platform of the future of unlimited potential. Of course, a joy, a worry, WeChat unlimited scenery, the inevitable fear of other products, then WeChat growth in the end what products or companies feel anxious,


, WeChat, VS, Baidu,

Baidu is apparently the first, as China PC end search first master, Baidu advantage in all aspects of no shake, but in the mobile field have from the mobile application platform first, to multimedia search later, Baidu wants to improve the intention of mobile platform is always no way to implement, it is no wonder that Robin Li criticized his the company lacks the wolf, no way, the decline in PC terminal and mobile Internet ferocious today, grasp this opportunity will be eliminated by the times. In this respect, WeChat is clearly a step ahead of Baidu. read more

Grassroots webmaster helpless and the status quo, down your stand, quietly think about it

first I feel very lonely very helpless, for the industry in the future of their helpless, helpless, to do a webmaster’s daily life helpless, the webmaster occupation frustration, people love to hate… Maybe… This is just my personal opinion, does not represent the entire business owners helpless, last night to update the site to find the program after more than 3 points, to go to work today, so sleepy. Below to write their own webmaster feel (not on the industry review and inference, just heartbreaking personal experience), there is the same way, you can share communication,

contact network is not late in 2000, a computer science major, but realizes that he decided to go the road network to the network and experience of infinite charm, but always said his entry is too late, early or late or not now has something to consider. At least he now came into the industry and how mysterious outsiders seem brilliant, others think marriage is like a metaphor of achievement before wall remember, people want to come inside and outside want to get in, and I think this number is similar to some network! Everyone’s life and habits and talent and life background are different, so everybody is the webmaster, but the webmaster and the same two words, but the difference is too big, others as a webmaster can receive hundreds of dollars a day, and you may have never seen what looked like hundreds of dollars a day, others look at the news, listen to music every day, so the website Ip tens of thousands of others, even hundreds of IP station IP station than you thousands of income, perhaps you every day to sleep at 3, but 12 others may have entered the dream, but others may not You earn less, and that’s the difference. The gap between the webmaster… The gap between people! read more

Traditional wine dealers, how to make the transition, making 10 billion of the annual sales of verti

I horse note: vertical electricity supplier has been criticized for not succeed, but the horse camp two students Hao Hongfeng founded the brewmaster network, in 6 years, the success of sprint to become China’s largest wine supplier, has annual sales of close to 10 billion, and Hao Hongfeng also declared that "electricity supplier must profit". Now brewmaster network is trying drinks O2O.

(pictured entrepreneur founder and dark horse big brother Hao Hongfeng)

September 2009, brewmaster network was founded in Shanxi, Taiyuan, 6 years of continuous evolution. Brewmaster network recently obtained a 1 billion yuan of financing, which is publicly sought to get the largest electricity supplier liquor business.

‘s financing, brewmaster network intends to refer to the taxi drops 40 million pound burn promotion mode, O2O platform "wine", subsidies to consumers and wine shop. Up to now, the brewmaster network has received 6 equity financing, the cumulative amount of 930 million. Brewmaster network is by far the largest amount of financing drinks electricity supplier. read more

Tell me about one and a half years of standing experience

I have personal webmaster also has a two years, and if from 07 years in November, from Ali mother got 5 yuan advertising fee began to count, my webmaster years have a year and a half. If you start with your personal homepage, it will be four years. After doing the station is fun, and then in Ali’s mother earned 5 yuan on time, long advertising fees, suddenly found that the original site can make money. Remember I bought YAHOO mail advertising, then Ali mother should develop, must have a large number of small owners, so mom to buy their own advertising the small website, the website is small so I bought YAHOO mail, one week, five yuan. I’m happy. The first time I got the money.


, I thought about making a website, maybe I could earn some living expenses, so I began to do it. In fact, do stand is also very simple, download a CMS, and then modify, add to the inside, I remember to live with seven hundred or eight hundred articles, to 08 years in April 3, Ali mother gave me one hundred bucks a month. I was even more excited then. read more

How to choose a cabinet cabinet manufacturers have potential brand

a lot of people want to change our current situation through entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship in many projects, some people think that the cabinet industry is good, in the fierce competition in the market in the cabinet, we heard a voice that is: how to judge and select a cabinet brand can produce the economic benefits? In the face of a large number of cabinet brands, many dealers are confused when choosing. So, in the choice of cabinet brand when what problems?

first, the dealer should pay attention to the brand’s products, because the product is the core of the benefits, the main consideration of the product maturity and personality.

second, is the price of the product, reasonable price is to make the dealer to get the best profit of an important factor.

third, is the management ability of the brand, because a good product lacks the management ability of the enterprise, its growth is not sustained growth, the dealer will not be willing to run a one or two year brand will disappear. read more

The unique business project a good tea to join the red bus

Although the development of

‘s market is more and more fierce, but the drinks industry is always a good development, can be said to have been good occupied the leading position in the market, an important part of the indispensable drinks are also now consumers into life, ah market particularly popular. Now on the market drinks brand is very much, whether it is the consumer or venture investors, choose a quality assurance beverage brand is very important. The red bus recommended tea is very good, in the current market is one of the most popular franchise brand. Red bus tea to join, small cost, higher profits.

is a red bus to join the tea drinks modernization project headquarters, according to different consumer demand for drinks, targeted for the development of new products. A series of products are unique for each series, the market quickly gain popularity. Red bus tea stores all over the country in major city, to bring the delicacy to consumers nationwide.

red bus headquarters will join the tea, exclusive production technology transfer. Unified distribution of secret material package, all over the franchisee can easily make the same flavor with the headquarters, different for product tastes and worry. Red bus tea variety excellent taste, welcomed by consumers and recognition. read more

What do you want to do in the menu

since it is a food and beverage shops, naturally also need to have a more professional and systematic menu, so that they can let diners choose to make their own more satisfied with the food. However, the menu in the end how to make it, but it bothers a lot of people. Of course, want to make a good menu, naturally there are more attention. So, what are the matters needing attention?


menu symbol baozaifan stores feature level: on the menu items, food beverage variety, price and quality can show Kung Fu pot stores product features and standards, to give the guests a good and deep impression. A beautifully produced, the design of the menu will tend to increase the appetite of customers, the color of incense to overflow, look at figure. The following Xiaobian for everyone to develop rice balls to join the menu to pay attention to what.

pot rice food shop in general is not many varieties, mainly a series of features or series of flavors, and product standards. Baozaifan stores dishes can not copy others ready-made business or menu, must make clear its own characteristics, the local, the restaurant dishes, some unique local flavor dishes, as a selling point, and then according to their own characteristics, provide a unique service, especially in the aspects of appearance, taste, nutrition and food to show their own characteristics. read more

What do you need to open an optical shop

now look at the street, the number of people wearing glasses than those who do not wear glasses much more than enough to let us see the infinite potential of the optical market. Because of this, there will be more and more people choose to open an optical shop. However, if you want to set up a successful business, you need to do more preparation. So, what do you need to open an optical shop?

1, certificate

open glasses shop need to prepare what? Certificate is a important link, including the business license; tax registration; Quality Supervision Bureau to handle the production license; such as selling contact lenses to the food and Drug Administration for medical device license; must hold intermediate or above intermediate optometrist and work with double certificate. Documents, as long as you can participate in the experience of the glasses shop training.

2, device

open glasses shop need to prepare what? Now it is generally automated, optometry is slightly better, a little more than 1, automatic cutting machine is more than 10 thousand points, the 8 thousand is enough, advice or use, such as drilling machine, polishing machine, test piece box these 2000 yuan on the line. read more

Health care stores shop before what needs to be done to prepare the whole

health care franchise store development prospects is very large, and the business is also very popular in nature to attract more entrepreneurs, although health care stores can create wealth for everyone, but this process still need to constantly innovate and find new skills, so that everyone in the open health care stores have the extra pay attention to these problems, combined with practical way to get health care franchise is successful, then

will start from here!

1. early market research, the time of 3-5 days, the method is to ask for health care: A: the production of a complete business district, health care stores to do what to do? Mark the location of their health care, the distribution of the main competition, integrated residential, large and medium commercial areas (street), the main roads and landmark buildings and river distribution. B: understand the competitive store situation, formulate the corresponding strategy and give their store location. Including the size of the opponent, technology, fees, brand name, price, the overall service location, wide publicity activities, the number of customers and price level, store decoration, etc.. read more

China will increase investment in social resources for entrepreneurship training

with the development of economy, our country began to pay attention to the coordination of all social resources to help the development of entrepreneurship. Ministry of human resources and social development, to increase the social resources of entrepreneurship training inputs to ensure entrepreneurship training can be effectively spread quickly.

from the Department was informed that the "guidance" on further promoting entrepreneurship training work has recently published the "opinions" clearly put forward to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all sectors of society, and puts forward some incentive policies and measures, to promote social entrepreneurship training resources.

Our occupation ability construction

read more