10 things to engage constituents online

first_imgAt yesterday’s AMA Foundation Conference, I had an excellent time presenting with three very smart people on the above topic. They were Jonathon D. Colman of The Nature Conservancy, Jacob Colie of Mercy Corps and Arlin Wasserman of America on the Move. Here were the 10 things we said were vital:1. Do cross channel promotion (Jacob). In the mail, email your donors before they receive postal mail appeals. On the phone, give your donors the option to give online. Send email to your best offline donors. Make the pieces work together.2. Make marketing a conversation (Katya). Make sure all your online outreach and presences enable two-way conversation with your supporters, fans and non-fans.3. Be accessible, easy, encouraging and intimate (Arlin). Check out how well America on the Move does this on their site.4. Show accountability (Jacob). Make it clear where they money goes!5. Make it easy for people to find you (Jonathon). Optimize your search engine marketing. Start by getting as many high-quality links to your site as possible – and link out to other good sites.6. Segment your way to success (Jonathan and Jacob). Talk with supporters differently, depending on who they are, how they give, the ways in which they support you, etc.7. Test, test, test (Jonathon). Never do one version of any appeal or newsletter. Test different versions so you can learn and improve all the time.8. Make your supporters your messengers (Katya). Ask your supporters to spread the word among their friends and family.9. Offer recurring giving (Jacob). Mercy Corps does an amazing job of “supersizing” their donors into monthly gifts.10. Don’t only ask. Thank and inspire too (Katya and Arlin). Show people the difference they are making.Thank you to all who listened to us, and thank YOU for reading this blog.last_img read more

Choosing the Right Email Service Provider for Your Nonprofit

first_imgEmail Service Providers (ESPs) can be absolutely critical in your nonprofit’s online marketing, communications and fundraising success. There are upwards of 40 ESPs out there. They range from basic and cheap to sophisticated and some of them provide additional services such as donation systems. You have to look at what’s out there, compare options and make an educated decision; rather than just choosing blindly and assuming all ESPs are created equally. Try to talk with others who may have used a specific ESP before and get some customer perspective. Find out the answers to these questions to help guide you in the decision making process:Can the ESP integrate original HTML easily? Do they provide templates and if they do, can you use your own, or are you forced to use theirs?What do they count and which statistics do they keep track of? (Deliveries, opens, reads, click-throughs, click-throughs on specific links, etc.) Make sure they can provide all of the data that you need to accurately gauge your results.Can they segment your list? Segment by multiple variables? Whatever your individual needs are, segmenting is important, whether it be by zip code, recent activity, interests or anything else.What are their timed autoresponse tools? When somebody signs up for your list, do they instantly get a reply or confirmation? Can that be delayed, to create a second time they come into contact with your organization?Do they provide unique IP addresses? Unique IPs affect deliverability.And finally, what is their pricing? Different ESPs set their prices in different ways. Some by the number of email addresses in your list and some by how many total emails you send out per month. The size of emails could change costs as can, of course, the total amount of services and complexity of the ESP itself. The difference in pricing can be vast, so do your research and find something that suits both your needs and your budgetary restraints.Learn more about Network for Good’s EmailNow Service and see if it’s right for you. Source: Adapted by Jake Emen from Marc Lee’s Nonprofit 911 Presentation “Email Fundraising on a Tight Budget”last_img read more

5 Tips for Diving into Social Networking

first_imgToday at Network for Good’s Six Degrees site, we wrapped up our part of America’s Giving Challenge, a campaign by Parade and the Case Foundation. We saw amazing performances by our wired fundraisers, and though the results aren’t yet final we can say they were incredible – many individuals raised tens of thousands of dollars for their causes.To celebrate their achievements, I want to share this week’s tips from Network for Good on this topic, authored by my talented colleague Rebecca Ruby. Here’s what she says:If you’re sitting at your computer hugging your organization’s mission statement, branding guide and/or special event brochure (the one that was approved by everyone in your office, your board, your babysitter, etc. etc.), it’s time to take a deep breath-this idea might scare you. It’s time to turn your message over to your constituents. That’s right: let your fundraisers spread the word for you, outside of your direct reach. People are most likely to donate to a cause if asked by someone they know. Unless you personally know everyone in your town, city, state, country, etc., you need to call in the big guns: your wired fundraisers. Wired fundraisers come in two varieties: passionate fundraisers who happen to use social networking (also known as Web 2.0) tools and people who use these tools who have turned into fundraisers. In order to take full advantage of social networking opportunities, you need to develop a plan to find your wired fundraisers (and capture their email addresses), empower them with your message and let them use their social networking tools to fly solo. Here are a few steps to get you started: Pick one social networking channel in which to get involved. Try Change.org, Facebook or MySpace. Or set up a blog. But most importantly, don’t try to tackle everything that’s out there. It’s better to have a strong presence in one network than to spread your organization too thin across Web 2.0.Search for potential supporters. Search the Change.org network, Facebook Causes or MySpace pages for a nonprofit with a similar mission as yours. See who their “friends” are and invite them to your cause once you’re up and running. Here are some examples: TransFair USA on Change.orgGrassroots International on MySpace Campaign for Cancer Prevention on FacebookMake it easy for supporters to find you. As proactive as you’ll want to be in terms of reigning in new supporters, they’re going to look for you-make it easy for them to do so! Name your social networking page exactly as your organization is named. Again, have a strong presence in one channel rather than all of them. (Better a potential volunteer or donor can find your blog than miss your pages scattered across many networks.) Build your house file. Once supporters of your cause have found you, make sure you give them a strong call to action to supply their email address to you so you can contact them later. Encourage your new supporters to do your work for you (you know what I mean). Having Facebook friends isn’t enough. Now that you’ve started to cultivate relationships with these Internet superstars, empower them to share your charity with others: ask them to recruit friends to volunteer for you, create a charity badge and invite them to post it on their own blogs and social networking sites. Learn more about wired fundraisers by reading Network for Good’s white paper The Wired Fundraiser: How Technology is Making Fundraising “Good to Go.”For more information about social networking, check out transcripts from the two Nonprofit 911 conference calls on Network for Good’s Learning Center – many of these tips come from them!last_img read more

On My Own…

first_imgPosted on May 5, 2011June 20, 2017By: Anna Dion, Young Champion of Maternal HealthClick to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)This blog post was contributed by Anna Dion, one of the fifteen Young Champions of Maternal Health chosen by Ashoka and the Maternal Health Task Force at EngenderHealth. She will be blogging about her experience every month, and you can learn more about her, the other Young Champions, and the program here.My heart and mind are divided. I am now 8 months pregnant and on one hand, my body and soul are preparing for motherhood- with all of the ups and downs, worries and wonders of a (thankfully) low-risk pregnancy.On the other hand, I am trying to move forward with the original idea that I submitted to Ashoka’s Young Champions of Maternal Health Program. For now, this involves breaking new ground in establishing a program to support low-income and marginalized women in my hometown who have their newborns placed for adoption. While the majority of newborn adoptions are voluntary, there remain a significant number of ‘apprehensions’, where a newborn is removed from the care of its mother by the Children’s Aid Society, Canada’s child protection agency. Based on my interactions with the Children’s Aid Society, apprehensions are often a last resort and are often not without reasonable cause (most often related to substance abuse or a real threat to the newborn’s well-bring), however this does not lessen the pain facing the woman who has become a mother, despite her child not being with her.Despite dramatic changes in adoption in Canada over the last 20 years, there is remarkably little literature on the specific needs and challenges faced by birthmothers, particularly throughout the perinatal period. There are, however, many anecdotes and collections of personal stories that have given me a window into the pain and challenges that many women and families have faced, both in the moment and as years go by, always feeling as though a piece of them is missing. This is also leading me down the path of exploring post-partum depression and different levels of prevention and support interventions that show promise, particularly among already disadvantaged and at-risk women.While I can easily bury myself in research studies, systematic reviews and clinical guidelines of how to provide the best care to birthmothers and disadvantaged women, my Fellowship experience has also taught me the impor​tance of moving towards action and building a network of supporters early-on, especially across both health and social sectors, as this program falls somewhere in-between the two. This is turning out to be one of my biggest challenges, as I am breaking into a new community, and I don’t always come by ‘blind’ networking naturally. This is where I hope to rely on some of my experiences in Argentina working with the Secretariat of Health in Pilar, where I learned how to give life to an idea, building supporters along the way.I know that the coming months will widen the divide that I am feeling already between preparing to be the best parent I can be and building a foundation for this support program so that I can continue to build upon it once I have emerged from the chaos of the first ​couple months of motherhood. I also believe that the priviledge I have of working on maternal health while preparing to also be a mum myself will help me design and deliver better programs, and hopefully, get through my own delivery with a greater sense of calm.Share this: ShareEmailPrint To learn more, read:last_img read more

The MHTF Celebrates International Women’s Day

first_imgHelp us to recognize their work by ‘retweeting’!Share this: In the ‘tweets’ here, you can learn about the work that organizations are doing to…train the next generation of maternal health professionals,improve the quality of maternal health care in high burden countries,expand access to emerging knowledge and evidence in maternal health,strengthen maternal health leadership and technical capacity, andencourage innovation to improve maternal health globally.We invite you to get involved! Learn more about these exciting efforts to improve maternal health by reading the ‘tweets’ below and clicking on the links shared by the organizations. Posted on March 8, 2012November 13, 2014Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)The Maternal Health Task Force serves as a global platform to bring together the efforts of organizations working to improve the health of women around the world. On International Women’s Day, it is an honor for us to showcase the innovative work and inspiring efforts of some of the organizations working to reduce maternal mortality and morbidity around the world. On behalf of families around the world, we recognize the women and men who are working to improve the health of women globally. ShareEmailPrint To learn more, read:last_img read more

Scary Bad Clients

first_imgIt’s almost Halloween, time to sit in the dark and tell your worst client horror stories. Use Client Scorecard to rate clients who were major witches or ogres, and tell your most hair-raising tale in The Freelance Life. The person who submits the best horror story gets a trick-or-treat bag (heck, we’ll mail one to anyone who’s totally been screwed and writes a review by All Hallows Eve – it’s the least we can do). Need inspiration? Alex B, a developer from NYC, has quite the tale, as does this freelancer working in film. And, if you’re still stuck for costume ideas, the apt Clients from Hell is always a good go-to for inspiration. (photo by hanna_horwath, via flickr)last_img

Etsy launches first-ever Congressional Microbusiness Caucus

first_imgToday Etsy launched the first-ever Microbusiness Caucus on Capitol Hill. With the release of their 2017 US Seller Census, Crafting the future of work: the Big Impact of Microbusiness, Etsy reveals that it’s truly powered by microbusinesses that have less than ten people – and 77% of them are one-person operations.This is a huge step forward for the independent workforce and we at Freelancers Union applaud and endorse Etsy’s leadership. The new workforce needs new systems to support its dazzling diversity and economic power. Freelancers represent one third of the workforce, which includes Etsy’s makers and solopreneurs, many of whom are members of Freelancers Union. A moment perusing the Etsy platform reveals the ingenuity, creativity, and business savvy of this growing population.The Congressional Microbusiness Caucus will be co-chaired by representatives from both major parties and will advocate for the needs of the microbusiness and freelance community. Etsy underscores the findings from our own report, citing the 55 million independent workers who drive the economy to the tune of $1 trillion. On the Etsy platform, $2.84 billion in goods were bought and sold in the marketplace. But, because microbusinesses and freelancers tend to fall under the umbrella of “small business” classifications, their needs are often overlooked by policy makers. The Congressional Microbusiness Caucus aims to elevate those needs and work with the microbusiness community to make their voices heard.We look forward to supporting the efforts of the Microbusiness Caucus to advance the policy needs of freelancers and makers everywhere.Read more about Etsy’s announcement.last_img read more

Does having a blog really matter for your business?

first_imgThis is a post from a member of the Freelancers Union community. If you’re interested in sharing your expertise, your story, or some advice you think will help a fellow freelancer out, feel free to send your blog post to us here.It’s like the online marketing bible.“WRITE MORE!! START A BLOG! TELL YOUR STORY!!!”Every content marketer worth their weight in gold will tell you you’re an idiot if you don’t have a blog. “You gotta put your work out there!”  Where is there? I’m not sure, but I know the cool kids are there.“You need a blog to position yourself as an expert. It’s a necessity for growing your business.” You can drink for every time they say “and standing out in a noisy online world.”The problem with well-meaning advice about having a blog is that it leaves out a few important details about the “blogosphere” that I’d like to cover with you today.If you want to know whether you should have a blog, you need to know all the facts so you can make up your own mind about whether it makes sense for you and your business.If you don’t like writing, blogging isn’t the right medium for youThis one seems obvious, but for whatever reason good people who don’t write well feel like they need to be something they’re not.If you don’t enjoy writing, if writing is not a craft you want to master, if writing takes you a really long time and you prefer a root canal to the pain of building an argument with words–find a different medium.You can play the content game (successfully!) in different mediums that reward other skill sets.Do you have an eye for design? That’s why god created Instagram.Do you love video? Hi Youtube, meet you.Do you prefer talking things out and sound much better IRL than in writing? Helloooooooo audio.There are a lot of content options besides blogging that can be useful, if not better for your brand or business.“But, Margo, can’t I just hire a ghostwriter?!” I mean, yes. You can. But I’m not sure how that’s easier.You have to find and hire the writer, train them up on your voice, manage them, pay them, and approve of their work. That’s not exactly “fun” or “easy” or (more importantly) a good use of your funds because, well, see below.It’s possible to succeed in business without a blogThis is going to get me slaughtered by my colleagues, but here it is. Content is a long game. And the advice makes it seem like if you write great high-quality content (which btw I advocate for mercilessly) that you will magically attract high-quality leads who will buy all your services.This is not true.There is no magic involved. There is a business model. And you need to know which one you are operating. Using content to attract leads works if you’re an online business, SaaS company, media company, affiliate, thought leader, or e-commerce company.If you’ve been in business for under five years and are still hustling for clients, a blog is not the answer. A blog is a distraction from the real work of building a business.Your time is better spent on sales.Direct sales. Finding people who will buy things from you. And then getting them to buy again or refer you people who will buy things from you.To the people who are screaming, “but it cements my perception as an expert! It gives me credibility! Which means I can charge more!”Eh. A website that showcases your portfolio and a boatload of happy past clients who got results from working with your company cements you as an expert and gives you credibility.And that’s a hellofalot easier to maintain than “churning” out content once a week.Coming up with ideas, researching keywords, actually writing the damn thing, uploading your content into your CMS, choosing photos, headers, and writing headlines (lord, writing headlines!), and then promoting each piece is a lot of work.Which brings us to…Blogging is a lot of workFor every person who’s told you, “It’s free–and easy!” please allow me to metaphorically punch them in the face. Using content to generate leads is a TON of work.For starters, having a blog on your site is not enough to drive a ton of (or any) traffic to you. It used to be back in the 90s. But today you have to optimize it with all these bells-and-whistles that are way above my pay grade to explain.You’ve kind of suspected this, so let me confirm it for you: websites that are getting a ton of traffic have been at this for years (if not a decade plus). They’ve been playing the SEO game longer than you’ve been in business.Worse (sorry, this is going to hurt) they have backlinks galore and a staff of copywriters, writers, content strategists, and SEO experts tinkering with everything from copy to design (read: Not free).Yes, it’s a lot harder to stand out and be found online today because of the sheer amount of content that exists. But it’s more because you’re battling against a machine that’s been building their ranking(s) for years.People love to cite the, “20% content creation, 80% promotion” maxim. But that is insane if you’re a solopreneur, freelancer, or small business owner still hustling for business. It’s awesome if you have a full staff of people doing this for you or a department in charge of growth and outreach. It’s also awesome if said content leads to actual sales. But–again–if you’re a solopreneur, freelancer, or small business owner (specifically, a service-based business owner who doesn’t sell directly through their website), it’s a bad use of your time.It’s not fruitless, and you can certainly make the argument that it can be worth it (no doubt I’ll be getting angry emails from people about this). But don’t call it easy and do not call it free.Blogging is a lot of freaking work.It’s emotionally exhausting“Publishing your writing takes a toll… Regardless of whether you’re posting something to your blog, sending something to your mailing list, or publishing a book, expect some degree of emotional trauma, a little paper-cut on your soul.” –David MoldawerWriting is personal.Even if you hire ghostwriters.You’re articulating a point of view, sharing your expertise, showcasing your skill, and being creative. In other words, it demands a certain amount of vulnerability that requires a new set of (not totally business related) cojones.Being able to put your workout into the world and open yourself up to ridicule, social scorn, trolls, criticism, and all the other fun things that come with being in the Arena isn’t for the faint of heart.Learning how to not-take-it-personally takes years to master (and even then, the toughest of us don’t always succeed). Not mastering it can have deleterious consequences for your business and mental health because you spend more time recovering from your emotional setback than you do getting clients.Blogs don’t make moneySorry folks. One day, I’ll publish a series called “So, how do you REALLY make money?” so I can share what I’ve learned working in the belly of this beast. But until then you’ll have to take my word for it. Most bloggers don’t make any money. If you want to make money through your blog, there are about four models that actually work.First is ads. This is what media companies have been doing for decades (TV as well). You see this model on sites like cnn.com or inc.com. SuzieQ’s food blog uses this model too, but she makes like $100/week being in the Google Ad Network or whatevertheheck they call it now. So unless she gets a TON of eyeballs, it’s not a great model.The second is affiliate links. That’s when you see someone “recommending” something with a link out. It’s what I have in my bookstore. Those are Amazon affiliate links. Which means if you click on them and buy the book, I make like four cents.The third is e-commerce. Which can mean a legitimate store, in which case your biz isn’t really a blog, but a marketplace (it’s a blurry line). Or that you sell products or swag (those usually don’t make much money either. The cost of shipping kills most businesses here unless you have sufficient scale).The last one is information products, but tbh I don’t qualify this as a blog making money. This is an online business. The blog serves as a lead magnet to drive people into your funnel. You sell through email or content upgrades or membership or all the other million things. Your blog is a really useful tool in this case, though.The online business modelThe online business model is where most people get tripped up. It’s the model most people want (PASSIVE INCOME, BITCHES), so they try and emulate it by having a blog. But 9/10 their actual business is freelancing or 1:1 work that doesn’t come from online sources. Which means (drumroll please) blogging is a distraction that doesn’t actually lead to sales.Point is: blogs on their own don’t make money. Businesses make money. So if you’re starting a blog to make money, have a business plan.Time to decide for yourselfNow that you know the truth, you can decide for yourself what you want to do. I chose to have a personal blog because I genuinely enjoy writing.It’s fulfilling for me.Well, that and I don’t have many other useful skills (just ask anyone who played soccer with me between 1993-1998). I am miserable at design, I can’t code to save my life, and no matter how many times you show me how, I still can’t make Pivot tables work.My strength is writing. It’s about all I got.But for you, that might not be the case. My friend Jordan is best on audio, my friend Talia is best with images, and my friend Jake is best with design. If you’re getting into the content game, start with understanding what your strengths are and double down on those.Don’t start a blog because you think you’re “supposed to.” At best it will be a distraction, at worst it will cost you time and money.Start a blog because it makes sense for your business model, you genuinely enjoy writing (or want to get better), and it helps you reach your goals.Margo Aaron is the founder of the Arena, a virtual coworking space for solopreneurs, online businesses, and side hustlers with virtual companies.last_img read more

Ben Stokes, amid legal battle, sends out emotional message for England

first_imgAbsent all-rounder Ben Stokes sent best wishes to his England team-mates, in particular debutant batsman Ollie Pope, ahead of the second Test against India at Lord’s on Thursday.Stokes is standing trial at Bristol Crown Court accused of knocking out two other men outside a nightclub in the southwest English city in September last year.Stokes on Thursday, wished his colleagues well in a Twitter message accompanied by an Instagram photograph of all-rounder Sam Curran, like Pope a 20-year-old Surrey star, celebrating a wicket.Ben Stokes ‘mocked gay men’ before Bristol pub brawl: Prosecutor”Good luck to all the englandcricket lads today and for the rest of the week, always exciting seeing guys get there first opportunity, hope it goes for you well for you @opope32 #loveengland” wrote Stokes.Good luck to all the englandcricket lads today and for the rest of the week,always exciting seeing guys get there first opportunity,hope it goes for you well for you @opope32 #loveengland https://t.co/7y4yb2sLneBen Stokes (@benstokes38) August 9, 2018Prosecutors say Stokes was the “main aggressor” in a fight that broke out after an England match. The 27-year-old however, has denied the charge against him.India vs England: Ollie Pope to debut in Lord’s Test, says Joe RootadvertisementBut in a statement provided to police and heard in court Wednesday, Stokes said he only stepped in after hearing two men being homophobic toward two other men.Stokes said “matters had become too serious to ignore and that I had to intervene.”Stokes himself is accused of earlier mocking the gay men outside the club and flicking a cigarette butt at them. Stokes denies taunting them, telling police they “thanked me for preventing them from being beaten up.”His absence will be a big blow for England in the second Test at Lord’s which is yet to begin due to relentless rain in London.Stokes is in good form with the ball after having taken 3 wickets in the first Test as the hosts completed a 31-run win at Edgbaston on Sunday to go 1-0 up in a five-match series.England captain Joe Root confirmed on Wednesday that 20-year-old Surrey batsman Pope would make his debut at Lord’s in place of the dropped Dawid Malan.(With agency inputs)last_img read more

Australia tour will be challenging even without Smith and Warner: Bhuvneshwar Kumar

first_imgIndia pacer Bhuvneshwar Kumar expects India’s tour of Australia next month to be a challenging one even in the absence of David Warner and Steve Smith.Smith and Warner are currently serving one-year bans following their involvement in the ball-tampering scandal in South Africa in March this year.The 28-year-old also believes that no overseas tour is easy.”It [the Australian tour] will be challenging, no tour is easy. But Australia will be challenging because when you play outside your home [country] you need to adapt to certain conditions. It won’t be easy for bowlers as there is hardly any movement these days,” Bhuvneshwar told reporters on Monday.Asked how the absence of Smith and Warner will affect Australia, Bhuvneshwar said: “I cannot say that we will overcome them. They don’t have the two batsmen [Smith and Warner], who have done well over the years. [But] there are other batsmen in their place and it is not that they aren’t good.””It’s their home conditions. For us, if the two [Smith and Warner] were there, it is a challenge, now they are not there, it will still be a challenge,” the Uttar Pradesh fast bowler said.”If it would have been easy, we would have always won the series [in the past]. It won’t be easy. Our preparation in the warm-up matches there will matter,” he said.Read – WAGs: The great debate in Indian cricketBhuvneshwar is now associated with ASICS and was in the city for its promotion.advertisementBhuvneshwar has been rested for the first two ODIs against the West Indies.The right-arm fast bowler, who has played 92 ODIs and 21 Tests, lauded the rotation policy of the team management.”The way fast bowlers are managed, the rotation policy is in a way good, as we get a break and others get a chance and the body remains fresh,” he said.He also stressed on the need to have breaks.”Breaks are needed after you play a long tour. You are mentally tired, like Jasprit [Bumrah] said when you return you are fresh and are rearing to go. Hence breaks are needed, as your body gets tired,” he said.India’s tour of Australia starts with a three-match Twenty20 International series from November 21. The two cricketing giants will then play four Tests before a three-match one day international series in January 2019.(With inputs from PTI)last_img read more

The year is not over yet, hope to finish on a high: PV Sindhu to India Today

first_imgMuch before she became a sports icon, PV Sindhu as a little girl would travel to see her father compete in professional volleyball for India. Both her parents have been national level volleyball players.Experiencing emotions go yo-yo over wins and losses became a habit. All that sporting spirit now comes in handy in dealing with the title drought this year.The Rio Olympics silver medalist has been roped in to promote the upcoming Pro Volleyball league. At some level she felt it’s her responsibility to help popularise a sport her parents excelled in. “I didn’t understand much at the time but I would go to see Dad play. I am very excited about the league” Sindhu said.Even though Sindhu has not won a title yet, her 2018 cannot be bracketed as poor by any means. She has made five title finals this year. In 2017, she had made six. She does not need to be reminded that each of the five finals this year resulted in losses while she had three titles to show last year.So glass half full over glass half empty? “I am happy about what I have achieved and the year is not yet over. There’s China Open and Hong Kong. So I hope to do well. For the year I think there are three tournaments and then we have our league. So I hope I finish well and end the year on a good note,” Sindhu told India Today.Also read – PV Sindhu marches into second round of Fuzhou China OpenadvertisementThe reluctance to delve into the defeats of the final is visible. Internally, India’s leading shutler may have scrutinised each losses over and over again. “It’s one of the questions that you have to face. You take it in a good way and work it out and comeback positively,” Sindhu replied when asked if the questions affect her.With two World Championship finals to follow up on her Olympic silver, Sindhu has proven she belongs to the big league. At 23, she has years in hand to overcome the final hurdle.When clouded by criticism, Sindhu has advice of her sporty parents to fall back on. “A few times when you have lost and are really upset, they can come up to you and say ‘there is always next time. You can always do it. You have to keep working hard, overcome your mistakes. Pump yourself up. It’s never over until it’s over’.”last_img read more

League Wide: Baylor’s Reform and the Big 12’s Graduate Transfer Trend

first_imgWhile you’re here, we’d like you to consider subscribing to Pistols Firing and becoming a PFB+ member. It’s a big ask from us to you, but it also comes with a load of benefits like ad-free browsing (ads stink!), access to our premium room in The Chamber and monthly giveaways.The other thing it does is help stabilize our business into the future. As it turns out, sending folks on the road to cover games and provide 24/7 Pokes coverage like the excellent article you just read costs money. Because of our subscribers, we’ve been able to improve our work and provide the best OSU news and community anywhere online. Help us keep that up. Let’s take a look at some news around the league from this week. Reforming the BearsTram highlighted some positive news coming out of Waco on Monday.They want governmental involvement. They want to tear back the shroud that accompanies private schools. That shows the seriousness with which some Baylor supporters view the scandal.That’s a very good thing.The Baylor group staged town hall meetings in February, urging support for reforms.“The root of all this is lack of leadership, and we believe there needs to be major changes to leadership,” Williams, whose group organized in November, said in February. “I will say I’m encouraging those on the board who feel the way that we do to stand up to the rest of the people on the board and say, ‘It’s time to have full transparency and accountability and not to have this attitude of coverup and dribbling out facts on a narrow basis.’”This Baylor group offers hope that reform will come to Baylor, and that the culture will change. [NewsOK]Private universities are allowed to operate under a shroud of secrecy because they don’t receive (as much) public funding as state schools do. Now the fact that they do receive some funding for scholarships and such leaves them in a gray area, where taxpayer insight is fair to ask for.Here is an example of a Baylor alum and leader (the playing surface in McLane Stadium is named after him) stumping for public oversight to avoid covering up the truth in the future. Not for the demise of the school but for truth to come out so that victims can be vindicated, miscreants to bear the full weight and for the university to rebuild and move on.Stuck DoorsThe Sooners could use the excuse that the Big 12’s perception is holding them back but good luck doing anything about it.President David Boren has taken his shots at the Big 12 at different times. But exiting a power conference isn’t easy. There’s the granting of rights that runs through 2024-25 and coincides with the Big 12’s TV contracts with Fox and ESPN. Challenging a grant of rights could be expensive and time consuming legally. Does Oklahoma want out badly enough to force the issue? And what about Oklahoma State, which has been viewed as partner with OU in any realignment? [SportsDay]Porter had some great thoughts on the topic, namely the long-term unstable environment that is media deals and in turn, how the green on the other side of the fence may not be that color forever. As a fan of a non-helmet school, the idea of landing somewhere sooner than later seems ideal but the question for all involved is when can they get there.Until the grant of rights is broken (or the mid 2020s), this flying-the-coop business is just off-season fodder.Free Agent SigningsGundy provided some good thoughts on graduate transfers in college football.If signing day is college football’s version of the draft, the grad transfer practice has become its free agency.“These young men who come in, they know everything,” Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy said. “They’re smart. They’re college graduates. They know this is their last year and are looking for somewhere where they can fit in.”The grad transfer rule, adopted in 2006, allows players — already physically developed and usually rather seasoned — who earn their undergraduate degree before completing their eligibility to transfer without having to sit out. Quarterback Russell Wilson became the cover boy for grad transfers when he left North Carolina State in 2011 to play his final season at Wisconsin, and led the Badgers to a Big Ten championship.The movement has since ballooned.“It’s changed in the last couple of years,” Gundy said. “It’s become so popular now.” [ESPN]The Pokes have had a defensive player per grad transfer since 2013 (Tyler Patmon from KU, Josh Furman from Michigan, Michael Hunter from Indiana, Lenzy Pipkins from UL-Monroe and this year’s Adrian Baker from Clemson) to go with Barry J. Sanders and Aaron Cochran, a boon for the Cowboys.Other teams in the league have benefitted as well: OU has had a receivers (Kentucky’s Jeff Badet this year, Penn State’s Geno Lewis) and Texas recently made a play for LSU quarterback Brandon Harris as a grad transfer. We have yet to see a Russell Wilson-to-Wisconsin magnitude of transfer in the Big 12 but it’s a trend to watch.The Right QuestionBerry Tramel gets to the heart of the issue of what’s ailing the Big 12: recruiting.All of the Big 12’s recruiting has suffered since the conference was raided by other leagues. In the six drafts from 2006-11, Texas had 32 draft picks, but just the 13 since. OU had six first-round picks, with just Lane Johnson since.Television money has been the driving force of conference realignment. But when the Big 12’s talent doesn’t trump the American Conference’s talent, when the dregs of the SEC are recruiting better than some of the Big 12’s better programs, when Texas is getting lapped by Texas A&M in recruits’ homes, when OU is getting outrecruited not just by Alabama and LSU, but by Ole Miss and Florida and Florida State, the football people jump on the bean-counters’ bandwagon.Recent NFL drafts tell us the sobering truth that Big 12 recruiting must pick up, or the conference is doomed. [NewsOK]Berry discerned that the right question is how in the world the Big 12 is remaining so competitive with so little NFL production. Reading the absurd but true facts that Western Michigan tied Big 12 draftees in the first two rounds this year and that the American had more players drafted than the Big 12 makes you really wonder.The bitterest pill to swallow is that there’s hardly a positive conclusion to come to – just do what you can with what you can get.last_img read more

Gundy Now Third-Longest Tenured CFB Coach at Same School

first_img3Kyle Whittingham2005Utah Utes 6Pat Fitzgerald2006Northwestern Wildcats 8Troy Calhoun2007Air Force Falcons While you’re here, we’d like you to consider subscribing to Pistols Firing and becoming a PFB+ member. It’s a big ask from us to you, but it also comes with a load of benefits like ad-free browsing (ads stink!), access to our premium room in The Chamber and monthly giveaways.The other thing it does is help stabilize our business into the future. As it turns out, sending folks on the road to cover games and provide 24/7 Pokes coverage like the excellent article you just read costs money. Because of our subscribers, we’ve been able to improve our work and provide the best OSU news and community anywhere online. Help us keep that up. 8David Bailiff2007Rice Owls 3Mike Gundy2005Oklahoma State Cowboys 8Ken Niumatalolo2007Navy Midshipmen 3Frank Solich2005Ohio Bobcats 6Rick Stockstill2006Middle Tennessee Blue Raiderscenter_img With the news that Bob Stoops is stepping down from OU this week, Mike Gundy has inched closer to being the longest-tenured college football head coach with the same team in the entire sport.He’s now tied for third on this list.Here are all the coaches who were hired in the year 2007 or earlier. Frank Solich was hired to Ohio in December 2004 but his first season was not until 2005. Same for Kyle Whittingham and Utah. Gundy was hired just after New Year’s 2005. 8Mark Dantonio2007Michigan State Spartans 8Nick Saban2007Alabama Crimson Tide RankCoachYearSchool 2Gary Patterson2000TCU Horned Frogs AdChoices广告It’s insane to me that Gundy, once thought to be a bit of a loose cannon in the sport (see: The Rant), has settled into being one of the most reliable, consistent forces in the coaching world. He has even talked about how he had to learn to not micromanage and become more of a CEO over the last decade plus.Even more impressive for both him and Gary Patterson is that despite the success they’ve had at not-Tier 1 schools, they’ve never left.The Stoops news is stunning, but I think it’s probably a preview of how Gundy is going to eventually exit Stillwater. It won’t be next year or the year after that, but after 15 or more seasons at the same place, you’re ready to do something different.For Stoops that is apparently buy up real estate in Chicago. For Gundy it will probably be as an Animal Planet host or sidekick to Guy Fieri in “Snake Eats 2” or something like that. 1Kirk Ferentz1999Iowa Hawkeyeslast_img read more

Pokes’ Running Game Posted One of the Better Performances of the Gundy Era

first_imgThe 332 yards Oklahoma State gained on the ground were the 11th most since Mike Gundy has been coach, but that doesn’t begin to explain how majestic Thursday night’s rushing attack actually was.Oklahoma State hasn’t finished a game with 300 yards passing and 300 more on the ground in five years. In fact, it has only happened four times since 2000.The first part of that equation — the passing number — has been touched countless times. The Cowboys hit that mark six times just last season. As for the rushing attack, 300 yards has only been reached once in the past few years, and it was last year against TCU. As for the last time they were in unison, that was Sept. 15, 2012, against Louisiana Lafayette, the game Wes Lunt got hurt.AdChoices广告It has happened just 17 times in the Gundy era.Thursday night’s 59-24 masterclass of Tulsa in the Cowboys’ 2017 season-opener was rhythmic and dynamic. Offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich had the offense moving quicker than it has in recent years, especially toward the beginning of the game. In fact, it was moving at almost record pace.There were stretches Justice Hill would take three straight carries and earn positive yardage each time. Yurcich had an excellent feel for the tempo and heat of the offense Thursday, which made the Cowboys — already oozing with talent — that much more dangerous.Mason Rudolph said the running game, led by Justice Hill, was great and that whether it was an up-tempo play or a more deliberate one, everything was in sync.“Blocked it well up front, and (I’m) really pleased,” Rudolph said. “Justice just looks different running. I don’t know if you guys saw, but he put on about 20 pounds, and he’s stronger.“Gosh, it’s pretty cool to watch him run and do his thing out there.”Hill himself said he doesn’t feel any different on the field running with it, no heavier than he was last year.“Just be able to break a little bit more tackles, and pass protection is a lot easier,” he said.The projected All-Big 12 sophomore said he was excited after his exceptional performance, and, yeah, that probably makes sense.This is … unbelievable. pic.twitter.com/ujZKendzvZ— Pistols Firing (@pistolsguys) August 31, 2017That looks like the trailer for a video game.He raked in 132 yards on just 15 carries. That’s 8.8 yards a pop. He toted in a well-earned touchdown, and made plays all night like the one above.Although when Hill talked with Kyle Boone, he said he was more excited for the guys who came in behind him.“I’m really more excited about J.D. (King) and LD (Brown),” Hill said. “They had some great runs.”Boy, that was a fact, and that is why Thursday evening’s assault on the ground was OSU’s best in recent memory. There was unexpected, completely ridiculous depth at a position that lost four of its top guys after last season.King looked Chris Carson-esque multiple times. He burst through the Tulsa defense at times, including what was for a brief time the longest Cowboy run since 2011 that he high-and-tighted in for a score. King was great. Even better than a lot of us thought he would be.As for King holding the longest run title for a “brief time,” Brown (the No. 3 running back) bested King’s 71 yards with a 73-yarder in the fourth quarter.“I liked what I saw from J.D. (King) from a standpoint of thinking he ran physically and protected the ball really well,” said Gundy. “He showed a little bit more burst in the open field than I thought he had. Then, LD (Brown) made a couple of plays and showed that he has the chance to run the ball a little bit. I thought we got some good play from those guys and blocked them pretty good at times.”Hill broke one for 32, and he said there are five guys who are responsible for the knee-grabbers.“It’s the offensive line,” Hill said. “All credit goes to them.”The offensive line look more like a dealership worth of Ford F-150s than five college kids. Gundy said he liked what he saw for the most part. As for the sack-fumble, Gundy said that wasn’t the hog mollies’ fault.“Mason caused his own sack, and the other time he got hit on the outcut that we scored on probably had a really good chance at being intercepted.”Gundy said a lot of the success in the run game came from the backs themselves though. He said in college football, you have to have skilled running backs who can make people miss. It seems OSU has at least three.“We just all push each other no matter what it is,” Hill said. “If it’s studying and watching extra film, we all gotta try to meet up here and do a little extra. If it’s on the field and one person breaks a long run, then another person wants to break a long run. Then if somebody runs somebody over, somebody else wants to run somebody over.”Hill said that’s just how it is, and it makes for great competition. Make for even better theatre, Justice. The numbers the running backs finished with were absurd.Given that Hill is a sophomore, King is a true freshman and Brown is a redshirt freshman, those numbers are eye-popping. And I understand the whole, “It was Tulsa …” argument, but Tulsa is a far cry from last year’s opening team, Southeastern Louisiana. Oklahoma State averaged 3.8 yards on the ground against that team. It averaged 9.0 on Thursday against a Tulsa team that won 10 games last year.As long as the F-150s hold up like they did Thursday and the bowling balls keep rolling toward the pins, the Cowboys should be in fine shape.“It’s gonna be a good year with all three of us,” Hill said.Yes … yes it is. While you’re here, we’d like you to consider subscribing to Pistols Firing and becoming a PFB+ member. It’s a big ask from us to you, but it also comes with a load of benefits like ad-free browsing (ads stink!), access to our premium room in The Chamber and monthly giveaways.The other thing it does is help stabilize our business into the future. As it turns out, sending folks on the road to cover games and provide 24/7 Pokes coverage like the excellent article you just read costs money. Because of our subscribers, we’ve been able to improve our work and provide the best OSU news and community anywhere online. Help us keep that up.last_img read more

Bayern coast into CL quarter-finals

first_imgBesiktas 1 Bayern Munich 3 (1-8 agg): Heynckes’ men cruise into quarter-finals Jamie Smith Last updated 1 year ago 02:47 15/3/2018 Thiago Alcantara Twitter/@FCBayern Bayern Munich remain on track for another treble under Jupp Heynckes after easily coming through a Champions League tie with Besiktas. Thiago Alcantara scored but was substituted due to injury as Bayern Munich won 3-1 at Besiktas to cruise into the quarter-finals of the Champions League.A 5-0 victory in last month’s first leg in Munich had put Bayern in a commanding position and there was never any sign of a miraculous comeback in Istanbul on Wednesday.Thiago finished from a Thomas Muller cross to extend Bayern’s advantage and score their 100th goal of the season, but the Spain international was withdrawn before the break, coach Jupp Heynckes perhaps wishing he had rested more key names after picking a strong side. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Williams case shows Solskjaer isn’t holding Man Utd’s youngsters back – he’s protecting them Goalkeeper crisis! Walker to the rescue but City sweating on Ederson injury ahead of Liverpool clash Out of his depth! Emery on borrowed time after another abysmal Arsenal display Diving, tactical fouls & the emerging war of words between Guardiola & Klopp Gokhan Gonul’s own goal in the first minute of the second half appeared to settle the tie for good, before Vagner Love scrambled home his first Champions League strike since 2011 to spark Besiktas’ best period of the tie.Sandro Wagner, though, restored Bayern’s two-goal cushion with his first strike in the competition in the 84th minute.Heynckes’ men could claim the Bundesliga title at the weekend if results go their way and they remain on track for another treble, the veteran coach having won the Champions League among three trophies before departing Bayern at the end of his third spell in 2013.Bayern, who have reached the Champions League semi-finals in six of the last eight seasons, will find out their quarter-final opponents in Friday’s draw.Despite their massive first-leg lead Bayern made a bright start, Arturo Vidal heading wide.Thomas Muller scored twice in last month’s game and he should have opened the scoring in the 10th minute, blasting over the rebound after Tolga Zengin parried David Alaba’s free-kick.@Thiago6 celebrates @FCBayern’s 100th goal of the season in all comps. #UCL pic.twitter.com/MxjzHrZYRz— UEFA Champions League (@ChampionsLeague) March 14, 2018But Muller created a fine goal for Thiago to get Bayern up and running, the midfielder timing his run into the box perfectly to tuck away a first-time finish from a pinpoint right-wing cross.Thiago limped off before half-time, giving Bayern an injury concern for the rest of the season.Besiktas had played reasonably well in the first period but the Turkish champions gifted Bayern their second moments after the restart.An innocuous right-wing cross from Rafinha should have been easy to clear, but Gonul poked the ball past Zengin under no pressure whatsoever.Referee Michael Oliver then had to briefly pause the game as a cat invaded the pitch.Miau. Miau. #BJKFCB pic.twitter.com/yPqg6Hzu89— FC Bayern München (@FCBayern) March 14, 2018Besiktas gave their fans something to cheer in the 59th minute, Alaba losing the ball in his own half, with Gonul setting up Love to squeeze the ball past Jerome Boateng on the line.Mustafa Pektemek forced a save from Sven Ulreich as Besiktas tried to level the game on the night, Bayern understandably lacking energy given their comfortable position.Bayern made sure of their win, though, substitute Wagner chesting home from close range with six minutes to go after Alaba’s cross deflected up perfectly for him. Key Opta Facts:- Bayern Munich have now reached the Champions League quarter-finals for the seventh successive season.- Jupp Heynckes is the first manager in Champions League history to win 11 consecutive games.- Bayern have now won six Champions League matches in a row, their best-ever run in a single campaign in the competition.- The last time Bayern won at least six consecutive games in a single European campaign was back in the 1995-96 UEFA Cup, when they won seven on the bounce on the way to lifting the trophy. – The German side are responsible for four of the seven biggest aggregate victories in Champions League knockout stage history (12-1 vs Sporting Lisbon 2008-09, 10-2 vs Arsenal 2016-17, 7-0 vs Shakhtar Donetsk 2014-15 and 8-1 vs Besiktas 2017-18).- All seven of Bayern Munich’s away goals in this season’s Champions League have been scored by different players (Lewandowski, Martinez, Coman, Tolisso, Thiago, Wagner and a Gokhan Gonul own goal).- Besiktas have now lost all four of their Champions League matches against Bayern, losing by an aggregate score of 1-12.  read morelast_img read more

From 237 not out to golden duck: Martin Guptill’s contrasting fortunes vs West Indies in 2 World Cups

first_img No data available! graphs advertisement Scorecard From 237 not out to golden duck: Martin Guptill’s contrasting fortunes vs West Indies in 2 World CupsWorld Cup 2019: Martin Guptill had hit a record-shattering 237 not out against West Indies in the 2015 Cricket World Cup. 4 years later, Guptill fell for a golden duck against the same opponents. view more view less Saurabh Kumar ManchesterJune 22, 2019UPDATED: June 22, 2019 20:09 IST Sheldon Cottrell struck on the first delivery of match to remove Martin Guptill on golden duck. (Reuters Photo)HIGHLIGHTSSheldon Cottrell struck on the first delivery of match to remove Martin Guptill on golden duckBefore this match, Guptill had amassed 588 runs in 12 games against West IndiesMartin Guptill had smashed record-breaking unbeaten 237 against West Indies in 2015 World CupNew Zealand vs West Indies was billed as a must-win match for the Caribbeans as they could not risk any slip-ups in the 29th match of World Cup 2019. New Zealand opener Martin Guptill must have been fancying his chances against West Indies as in his last World Cup outing against the Caribbeans he had smashed record-breaking unbeaten 237. This is the highest individual score in any ICC Tournament.4 years ago, Guptill’s stupendous 163-ball innings contained 24 fours and 11 sixes with 92 of the runs coming in the final 10-over slot that saw New Zealand rack up 393-6. The dominance of Guptill was so massive that the next best score was Ross Taylor’s 42 during a third-wicket partnership of 143. Before this match, Guptill had amassed 588 runs in 12 games against West Indies.On Saturday, Martin Guptill failed to even open his account against West Indies as he was pinned by Sheldon Cottrell right in front of the leg stump with a yorker that swung in incredibly. Umpire wasn’t convinced but West Indies reviewed it and the replays showed that it was going on to hit the leg stump.After choosing to field, West Indies were flying high as Cottrell had dismissed both New Zealand openers Martin Guptill and Colin Munro in the very first over for golden ducks. On the last delivery of the same over, Cottrell shattered Munro’s stumps with an inswinging yorker.During New Zealand’s last match against South Africa, Martin Guptill had dislodged his own wicket with a 360 degree turn into a pull shot. With this bizarre dismissal, he became the first New Zealand batsman to be dismissed by hitting his own wickets in the history of World Cup.advertisementAlso Read | World Cup 2019: MS Dhoni trolled again over slow knock vs AfghanistanAlso Read | Is this India’s away orange jersey in World Cup 2019? Pictures on social media leave fans guessingAlso Watch:For sports news, updates, live scores and cricket fixtures, log on to indiatoday.in/sports. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for Sports news, scores and updates.Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from Post your comment Do You Like This Story? Awesome! Now share the story Too bad. Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments Posted bySaurabh Kumar Tags :Follow World Cup 2019Follow West Indies vs New ZealandFollow Martin GuptillFollow ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 commentary Nextlast_img read more

Day of Mourning Ceremony Remembers 22 Workers

first_imgNova Scotians remember and pay tribute to 22 workers who lost their lives on the job in 2006 at the annual ceremony to mark the National Day of Mourning. Mark Parent, Minister of Environment and Labour, and Rick Clarke, president of the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour, were in attendance at Province House to honour those who died and were injured on the job in Nova Scotia. On April 28 every year, government and labour leaders join friends and family members to remember those workers killed or injured on the job and to renew their commitment to protecting the health and safety of workers in Nova Scotia. “Today, we gather to remember those employees who paid the ultimate price,” said Mr. Parent. “We must always remember that workplace accidents have tragic consequences for workers and their families. We must also be committed to working harder to put an end to all workplace accidents.” “As we gather today to pay tribute to workers who lost their lives we must also use this day to commit to taking steps and measures to make our workplaces safe and healthy,” said Mr. Clarke. “If we hope to see a cultural change to improve workplace safety and health, it is up to government, employers, business and labour to take up the challenge and work together to make it happen.” According to the Workers Compensation Board, 31,810 employees reported getting injured on the job in Nova Scotia and 8,274 of them lost time from work because of their injury. Health and social services, manufacturing and retail industries had the most lost-time accident claims in 2006. “Although Nova Scotia is making strides at reducing workplace injuries, more work needs to be done,” said Mr. Parent. “The Department of Environment and Labour is committed to working with employers and employees throughout the province to make Nova Scotia one of the safest places in Canada to work.” The Day of Mourning was started by the Canadian Labour Congress in 1984 as a day to honour the dead and remember the living. The ceremony and has since spread across Canada to more than 80 countries around the world. For more information on occupational health and safety in Nova Scotia and how to protect yourself at work, see the department’s website at www.gov.ns.ca/enla/healthandsafety .last_img read more

Medicine Hat Alta to be home to new cannabis operation

first_imgEDMONTON – Aurora Cannabis Inc. says it is acquiring about 29 hectares of land in Medicine Hat, Alta., to build a new high-tech cannabis facility.The company says a memorandum of understanding with the city includes a prospective 10-year, 42 megawatt energy supply agreement.Aurora says the new facility, to be named “Aurora Sun,” will be the size of 21 football fields and 50 per cent larger than its “Aurora Sky” operation at Edmonton International Airport.The first planting in Medicine Hat is expected in the first half of 2019, with completion slated for the second half of the year.Once in operation, Aurora says the new facility will boost its total capacity to more than 430,000 kilograms per year.The company currently operates facilities in Mountain View County, Alta., and in Pointe-Claire on Montreal’s West Island. It is also completing a facility in Lachute, Que.“We look forward to establishing ourselves both as an important local investor and employer (in Medicine Hat), with more than 450 full time jobs anticipated, and a significant impact on the local economy for years to come,” said Aurora CEO Terry Booth.“With Aurora, we look forward to welcoming a growing international company committed to creating significant employment in our city,” said Mayor Ted Clugston.Companies in this story: TSX:ACBlast_img read more

Steve Lacy And Dari Alexander To CoCaptain Team ADAPT For Race For

first_imgEdward R. Matthews, CEO of ADAPT Community Network, announced that ADAPT will participate in their 7th consecutive Achilles Hope and Possibility race, hosted by New York Road Runners and Achilles International in Central Park.Steve Lacy/Achilles Hope and Possibility RaceFOX 5 News Anchors Steve Lacy & Dari Alexander are this year’s ADAPT Team Captains. The ADAPT team regularly has nearly 200 participants, representing families, individuals and supporters with varying disabilities. This race is the only race in New York City open to people of all abilities. There are 7,500 overall participants in the race.Steve Lacy is the anchor of the “FOX 5 News at 5PM” and “FOX 5 News at 10PM” at WNYW-TV, the Fox Television flagship station in New York City. He has been in this role since January of 2013. Previously, he co-anchored “Good Day Wakeup” and “Good Day Early Call” on Fox 5, weekdays from 4:30 a.m. – 7 a.m. He also reported for “Good Day New York” with Greg Kelly and Rosanna Scotto. Lacy joined FOX 5 in August of 2011 from WCVB-TV in Boston, where he was co-anchor of the weekend “EyeOpener” and general assignment reporter. Prior to his time in Boston, Lacy anchored the morning and noon newscasts at WWLP-TV in Springfield, Massachusetts. You can follow Steve on Twitter @stevenlacy.New York native Dari Alexander anchors the “FOX 5 News At 5 PM” and the “FOX 5 News at 10 PM” with Steve Lacy.Dari Alexander/Achilles Hope and Possibility RaceBefore joining FOX 5, Alexander was an anchor and New York field correspondent at the nation’s No. 1 cable news channel, FOX News Channel. She also reported regular primetime news updates and was the weekend news anchor for FOX News Live, FNC’s hard news programming show. As a correspondent, Alexander covered some of the channel’s biggest stories, including September 11, 2001.This tragedy led her directly to the battlefield, where she reported on the war on terror in both Afghanistan and Pakistan. She also covered big domestic stories such as the D.C. Sniper, the Capitol Hill anthrax scare, and the 2004 presidential elections. In 2002 to 2003, Alexander traveled all over the United States producing and reporting long-form stories on “The Pulse,” a primetime news magazine show broadcast on WNYW/FOX 5.Before joining FNC, Alexander worked in several local news markets as an anchor and reporter, including WFAA-TV in Dallas, Texas; WCMH-TV in Columbus, Ohio; WHBF-TV in Rock Island, Illinois; and WOAY-TV in Oak Hill, West Virginia. She was also a field producer at CBS News where she earlier served as a desk assistant. Alexander began her journalism career as a desk assistant at News 12 Long Island.A New York City native, Alexander, graduated from Mount Holyoke College with a degree in politics and Spanish literature. After college, she returned to New York City and worked as a paralegal in the Organized Crime Unit at the New York County District Attorney’s Office and later as Secretary of the Banking Board in the New York State Banking Department. She is involved with many community organizations, including Literacy Advocacy, The InnerCity Scholarship Fund and The FreshAir Fund.ADAPT Community Network (formerly UCP of NYC) is the leading not-for-profit agency and a pioneer in providing programs and services that improve the quality of life for people with disabilities. For over 70 years, ADAPT Community Network has created a more inclusive world for New York City children and adults with a variety of challenges. ADAPT Community Network’s breadth of over 100 comprehensive programs include education, health, technology, residential, and recreational services for thousands of individuals and families annually. Their programs are delivered by thousands of trained and dedicated staff, including a number of employees who have disabilities themselves. For more information: www.ADAPTcommunitynetwork.org.This race in Central Park brings together athletes with disabilities and able-bodied athletes. Run four miles with New York Road Runners and earn your finisher medal, all while supporting the mission of Achilles International: “To enable people with all types of disabilities to participate in mainstream running events in order to promote personal achievement.” This event offers kids’ races as well, open to young athletes with disabilities as well as able-bodied youth runners.Find out more about the event here.last_img read more

Global crises energy Afghanistan top agenda at UNorganized Central Asia forum

The meeting was organized by the UN Regional Centre for Preventive Diplomacy for Central Asia (UNRCCA), established in 2007 to help the countries of the region – Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan – respond more proactively to cross-border challenges and threats, such as terrorism, drug trafficking, organized crime and environmental degradation, before they become costlier and more difficult to control.The two-day meeting, which began on 10 March, brought together government officials, experts and academics, among others, to the capital of Turkmenistan, Ashgabat, for what a senior UN official called a “necessary and timely” gathering amid important developments in the world and in the region. “The participants acknowledged that an individual approach is not a viable solution, that it is important to find shared solutions,” Miroslav Jenca, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative and head of UNRCCA, told the UN News Centre.The need to work together in facing challenges was especially underscored in the context of dealing with the ongoing economic and financial crisis. Mr. Jenca noted that some countries might be tempted to find solutions taking into account their national interests only, and not considering the interests of the whole region. Participants at the meeting, which also included representatives from Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Germany, Iran, Turkey, Russia, France, Slovakia and the United States, recognized this as a “dangerous tendency,” he said, and they agreed that regional cooperation was vital in order to find viable solutions.The impact of the global economic downturn has been felt in the region, especially in countries such as Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan that are more integrated in the global economy, Mr. Jenca pointed out, while adding that “none of the countries in the region are immune against the crisis.”The effects have included the devaluation of national currencies and a curtailing of projects due to lack of funding. The downturn has also affected labour migration, with migrants being unable to find enough jobs in other countries, or if they can find jobs, they are being paid less, all of which lead to a decrease in remittances, he said.In addition, problems related to water management and energy supplies are a major challenge for the region, which as a whole has enough water and enough energy. “The problem is how to find agreement among the five countries in order to use these resources for the benefit of all countries in the region,” stated Mr. Jenca, who took up his post last June.The Regional Centre is particularly active in the area of water and energy, which is one of its priority areas. At the same time, the Special Representative noted that the UN’s role is to assist countries, not replace governments. “The role of the leadership of the countries is extremely important in order to ensure sustainable development, and they bear primary responsibility for socio-economic development and also for addressing the crisis,” he stated. 13 March 2009The impact of the global financial crisis, problems concerning water and energy supplies and developments in Afghanistan were high on the agenda at a United Nations-organized seminar that brought Central Asian nations together to address current challenges. read more