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said he took just two minutes to say yes to the offer.

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nap roller. It even works on porcelain, The 44-year-old actor was ranked first in 26 and 25 also. Actor Simon Helberg raked in $26 million and took the third spot. things fall into place we will resume our activity. said,com/fguizubbily-fun/driveway-backyard-gguizubbes-gallery 6.
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Keywords ranking continues to fluctuate the webmaster should calm analysis of the reasons


let the webmaster not calm things, in fact is not included in the site snapshot or abnormal fluctuation, but the site keywords ranking the emergence of large fluctuations. Small website (before adding your site name) was also instability phenomenon, Xiao Bian also very confused, but as long as we understand the reason, understand why keywords unstable, it can adjust an antidote against the disease.

ZhengZhan rankings of common phenomenon in new sites, through the assessment period after the new general overall rankings, no previous ranking keywords also appeared in. In addition to the accumulation of time caused by the weight of ascension is also an important reason for the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon zhenduan/) through long-term observation data that is not change as we think ZhengZhan ranking is slow to appear, on the contrary, it reached a certain weight accumulation, the whole site suddenly rising "the phenomenon of crossing over. This in itself is not a very stable phenomenon, wave point weight and keywords are the most closely related. So, from this point of view, the entire station slipped means the site is down right, the need for timely check and take remedial measures, otherwise the situation will deteriorate further. read more

Foreign trade website optimization that something


: good Sitelinks optimization finally. There are customers to your site, then you can’t let him go home empty handed.

: second construction optimization of foreign trade website is also very important. Foreign trade station most customers or from abroad, so the construction of the style of the website in May with some domestic sites are different, as a web site optimization, you can set your goals and not let go in a position, according to the different customer experience do the website style different, what the customer wants you give him what, on the front page of the site construction must be attractive, website templates should be simple, not too fancy, the navigation station to station link to optimize obviously. Like a sell bags of foreign trade station, it is the most important thing is to show the bag style in the home page, package quality description, instead of text with pictures, so more convincing, pages within the website construction is very important, for each product introduction is very delicate, people can not see the real you will describe, let others feel that they are watching the same things, so that we can seize the hearts of customers. read more

The basic corporate website optimization

website update is very important, but also to update the original content, original content of love Shanghai is a spider climb quickly. The original is not on the way to let you think spider is the original love Shanghai. I do the original news website, love Shanghai collected two days, fast and not included the miracle (below website address).

I have done before a site, the first time I was in high spirits, just staring at the site to see every day. I will send the chain to the industry website, hair products, at the beginning of the effect can also be, then I slowly slack, so the site also destroyed. So I understand the site of Shanghai dragon is not a day for two days, it requires us to persevere. Below I will briefly talk about my opinions on the new website optimization.

update site


hello. My name is Li Zhiwei, I am a Shanghai new dragon. Just let a friend help me to do a website, is a Jincun washing machinery enterprise station. I was a sales at the same time I also Shanghai dragon enthusiasts, has been in the study, I hope a lot of guidance. read more

The dragon four palms, to help you locate the direction of development of personal websiteMy entrepr

      what station is a personal website, my definition is in addition to the operation of the station is in the form of company website. Generally speaking, the personal website has two characteristics, one is less, the vast number of personal websites from the site to the content to the publicity, is a person to do; two is the capital, the vast number of personal websites are lack of funds, as I like the webmaster is almost saved from living expenses in the money to the site; these two characteristics determine the individual station cannot and should not be like the portal, ask for perfection, blindly follow the trend, finally may be nothing. Therefore, accurate positioning, is the personal website success is the most critical step.

      one, only to provide services for a special group. Samsung’s success lies in the white-collar bourgeoisie, sh419 post success, is to grasp the students. Property is the lack of personal website, should focus on the advantages, one after the main segments after the target group. For example, if you want to do a forum, the national Internet users included, and pictures, movies, music, jokes seem to be grabbed, ages, but no feature, also cannot be gathered popularity. On the contrary, if you put in the forum as a special group to provide services, such as a forum for gay dance, a gay forum, for people to do a love storytelling storytelling forum, then love dance, your forum members, linfe.

      two, only do you have a deep understanding of the content. If you don’t understand storytelling, storytelling network certainly not you do it to impress those storytelling enthusiasts, if you don’t understand hip-hop, you come out of the street network may be just some hip-hop pictures and simple display tutorial. Only you on some aspects have more in-depth understanding, you know what your users love in the end, you can make what they really need.

      three, their only promotion resources website. Do a website is not difficult, the difficulty is how to put up his promotion operations. Yesterday in a master exchange group encounter a person, say that they want to do a site navigation station, and in two months to twenty thousand and IP. Then the exchange surprised me, he even put such as webmaster statistics such code where statistics site visits do not know. I have no language. If they do not have traffic support, not to burn, want to put a seemingly HAO123 navigation station to do 20 thousand IP easier said than done. A month ago, I had a day when the site was collected according to the routing, timing automatically ranking entertainment navigation station, every day from their other stations cited more than 5000 of the traffic to support the initial development, and also the station did not participate in the ranking of antecedents. This is to ensure that every web site can be added.
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173un February 18, 2008 Commission has been paidTopFloor seamless integration of social networking s


established 6 month start-up company has maintained a low profile until they officially announced today from shlf1314 Ventures, Ploaris Ventures, Crosslink Ventures and Rustic Canyon Ventures, received more than $6 million in financing. The two founders of the company, whose antecedents have been relegated to the second tier, have played a role as board member and consultant.

users click on the link to buy these goods, you can directly add the goods in their TopFloor shopping cart, then direct the payment of the purchase operation, the shopping cart icon will appear in the page on the social networking site. The first use of this service, users need to register and submit their credit card information, this information can be stored, to simplify the user day after the operation, so that they don’t always have to enter your credit card number and other information. The young business is still exploring their commercialization strategy, but so far, and in the near future, their model is to pay commissions to businesses for profit after every consumption. read more

The advent of online education 3! New prospect of small station EducationThe grassroots webmaster of

from the start of the station so far, full of online education industry 2 features: high user participation, technical development, new marketing channels and data management components heavier. These let the small station take advantage of the trend, and soon in the foreign language training in this field of subdivision occupies a place.

Sogou Alliance: union.sougou

head of the station admitted that their formal corporate operations in 2011, and therefore did not experience the first two periods of online education. Online education 1 from the time corresponding, roughly in the middle of the 90s to the beginning of the new century, about the government "concept" to support distance education, but the information education has just started. While the 1.5 age is still a wandering period, although capital driven, education began to appear small-scale innovation, but most of them are concentrated in the teaching institutions within the system. And the entire industry is really driven by the market, the customer demand by the spur, it is just in the small station before and after the beginning of the education business around 2010. read more

Two years to prepare for only one site

education represents the past, learning power represents the future, do not know who is too much complaining about reality, the brothers speak out, so with philosophy, they are very fond of, often used to spur themselves. Also because he does not have a high degree of education, but also as an excuse for yourself,


was born in 1987, I can be regarded as a " marginal person " a lot of people will be 86 after the row to ’90’ ranks. And I think I’m a real 80. I have the spirit of hard work after 80. At the age of five, my still revel in the play pretend, I entered my road. My road to study is smooth sailing, primary school, junior high school, high school, but later did not undergraduate, just mixed with a specialist. And it is such a turning point in life, let me gradually into the ranks of the webmaster,


is a computer software technology major in the university is Cobain was born, then find the work is programming. At school, like most people who learn computers, they are basically muddling through. Games and movies are indispensable. At that time, in addition to their own school curriculum, basically no self what, so that when graduate looking for work, learn a. Finally, I found a job in a foreign trade company. The salary was 12002007 years, and the salary was pretty good for a junior college student who had just come out to work. At that time, I was mainly responsible for the development of the program, when the main development of the company’s Web site, and a business network. It is the first time I contact the site, the true meaning of the design, development, maintenance all by myself. At that time, really tired, for a person who has no experience in the development of a business network is really too hard. But in the end, I managed to overcome the difficulties and complete the task. read more

Talking about the operation and opportunity of talent network

is now the financial crisis, many people can not find work, many people feel that our talent website will flow, it can earn, but the fact is just the opposite, although people looking for work, but the recruitment of enterprises? Now recruitment is low, so now the talent network how to operate, I collected several methods of


1, first do your own web site, the plate to do good point, clear point, do landscaping, try to use small pixel pictures, do not do animation (prevent IE open when the page stuck), to ensure that visitors speed.

2, and all kinds of city and city talent friendship link, of course, the weight should be biased to the province, the field link to do more, not necessarily good. While doing the link, I also know that I have made part of like-minded friends.

3, through the production of enterprise website for customers, attached to the link in our link, let the chain more. At the same time, I wish also a mode where live webmaster, I hope you live a happy life (now the individual stationmaster basically is for customers to do station life, use the money to operate their own websites, there is little hope). read more

Matchmaking – creating a new sky in the SNS community

when we spend time in many games, we have a lot of people will feel leaving this abandoned because it is a waste of time. This is a lot of time spent in the SNS community people keenly aware of


, this is a lot of abuse in the SNS community, and we spend too much time on games that are not important to ourselves. Then we realized that the game was just a game and it was impossible to give what we wanted. We need someone and something who can find us very quickly. The six degree theory of SNS theory is really fascinating. But it doesn’t seem very practical here. The distance between us and our goal is close to only one link. The fastest way to hit our target is the way out for the SNS community. The school has burned the money, what will be there? We serve the grassroots grassroots. Help each other make progress. Outside the University, it is closer to everyone’s life and work and study. The following two diagrams show all our services.

matchmaking – creating a new sky in the SNS community – shortening the distance and path between our goals and our goals. Between you and her, perhaps in the short lane. You and your ideal girlfriend or boyfriend may come to your life soon. Your dream job will soon be available. The product in your hand may soon find collaborators. All in all, this is a SNS network that gives you enough space to give you lots of opportunities to subvert the campus, break the routine and give you a platform to take off. Each of us has the right to fly, read more

Webmaster should also learn to know a little

last night took a look at the recent hit movie "Chibi" movies, how can not evaluate, just between inside Zhu Geliang and Zhou Yu dialogue "that you know? Know a little too cold, this sentence is too talented, we don’t have little knowledge of what is the webmaster? < /p>Do

Webmaster Station, although the appearance of CMS we can not go to the bottom of the program, but html is a qualified webmaster should know that the site was built, part of the webmaster may also understand the server security settings, runtime environment, and relates to the operation of the website, the profit mode of thinking, the details of which are too many. Webmaster must be a little understanding, otherwise, when the problem occurs, always can’t always beg others, not to mention others can not solve, even if can solve, you rest assured that the server let others configure it?


so I said, "you know this, too." he’s so talented. I really doubt that Kaneshiro Takeshi has been a webmaster… But then again, Kaneshiro Takeshi played Zhu Geliang in Chibi. Although he answered all the questions, "every little understanding" seemed to me very much". Zhou Yu’s horse Aberdeen, Joe MM gaobuding, Zhu Geliang a "little" fix; Zhou Yu invited Zhu Geliang to play, Zhu Geliang is also a "understand" easy to achieve…… read more

Operation KPI urgently needs innovation, from mechanical thinking to human nature

the scope of this study applies to the whole industry

editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public number "ID:lishaojia2015", the author Li Shaojia, author of "evolutionary operations".

the theme of this article: running KPI has been in my mind for a long time. In some ways, the question of how KPI can maximize its employees’ capabilities and achieve the ultimate goal of the enterprise is a commonplace world management problem. This article attempts to throw an answer from a new and bold idea…… It has not been verified by a great deal of practice, but I am sure it is of epoch-making value.

special thanks: participation in KPI topics discussed: HUAWEI, WAL-MART, Lenovo, Tencent, Neusoft, and exchange it…… And other industries, the company’s friends to share enthusiastically.

KPI (Key Performance Indicator key performance indicators) we should not be unfamiliar, the vast majority of enterprises will use the performance appraisal of our monthly, quarterly and year-end results of the work, KPI is one of the most commonly used management tools, there is a similar OKR (famous for Google), BSC. read more

The 13th Five-Year change in eight digital life (2)

There is a very good start "

13th Five-Year" at the beginning of the year, also believe that in 2016 Chinese will get a very good development, let us continue to look at the numbers! Look at the 13th Five-Year change in life!


: one of the goals of economic and social development index of the next five years, the per capita disposable income of residents with an average annual growth rate of over 6.5% residents’ income index is the "13th Five-Year plan" in the most eye-catching, according to expert estimates, in accordance with the per capita disposable income of the average annual growth rate of 6.5% to calculate, 2020 residents per capita disposable income will increase to 30 thousand yuan, a family of three, the average family income in 90 thousand yuan, reached the level of middle-income countries.

"the growth target of 6.5% fully considering the economic development and the improvement of people’s living needs and. According to this, the per capita income in 2020 more than doubled in 2010, with the pace of economic growth; and with the continuous improvement of labor productivity, at the same time, with the deepening reform of the income distribution, such a goal can be achieved." Pan Jiancheng, deputy director of the National Bureau of Statistics China economic monitoring center. read more

A number of Taiyuan banks can handle the mortgage business to the public – Business

in Taiyuan, you can apply for loans to the public, as detailed introduction, we look at the following text bar. Taiyuan housing provident fund " business to public " the process has been adjusted from the admissibility of the business to the bank to handle the business procedures are fine-tuning, it is recommended to apply for the relevant business people in advance to do " homework ".

11 bank can apply for the transfer of public business

as of now, the city has a total of 11 banks can accept the "business to business", respectively, construction bank, Bank of communications, Chinese Agricultural Bank, industrial bank, CITIC Bank, Industrial Commercial Bank of China Ltd Shanxi branch, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Taiyuan branch of Limited by Share Ltd, China Minsheng Banking Corp, Limited by Share Ltd Taiyuan branch of China Merchants Bank branch in Taiyuan, Bohai Bank of Taiyuan branch of Limited by Share Ltd, Limited by Share Ltd and Taiyuan Merchants Bank branch. read more

A business is being transformed by the Internet financial – microfinance

With the continuous deepening of the development of the industry, the opportunity to expose its ears are constantly emerging

. From the balance of treasure Alibaba, to Baidu hundred hair, to the nearest NetEase finance, Internet banking is the most talked about personal finance, continue to be sought after. It’s brilliant style, seems to have forgotten the other one is the Internet financial business transformation — small loan.

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Would like to think the customer to customer trust

in the current era, because of the fierce competition, it is not easy to want to do business easily. However, in fact, it is not as difficult as you imagine, if you really from the customer’s point of view, want to think of the customer, nature can be sought after, get more loyal customers!

district where there are two fish food stalls, a surprisingly good business, a mediocre business. Two family price selling almost, how can there be such a gap? I bought the fish once in two people and found the secret.

turned out to be a good business stall that special attention to detail. When the two people kill the fish, they will be very careful to ask the customer is a piece of fish or fish, and then according to the requirements of the customer. However, a stall will carey put the fish inside the black stuff clean sheet will also fish and fish bones respectively with two bags, home, fish and fish is the customer, it is also very easy to handle.

another vendor is the fish fillet and fish together, the customer home after their separation. A stall owner will ask the customer: "do you eat pickled fish or spicy fish, eat fish or eat boiled fish?" Often customers will choose one to buy a generation of fish seasoning, add green onions one or two stall gift. Another stall is the fish condiments in the stalls by the customer to buy or not. In contrast, of course, is the first stall business better than second. read more

Join the fish dishes how fish dishes join the fire fire expense – net

today, business with a small capital entrepreneurs, is to choose their own businesses. But as we all know, as long as the selection of the project, the success of entrepreneurship is very simple thing. Then, start to choose to join the fire fish dishes? Fire fish dishes cost to join?

fish dishes are delicious to bring fire to join

How will the traditional fire

fish dishes? Hot pot stew pot, hot pot, new culture, ecological fish culture and wine fire cooking culture delicate combination is the essence of fish dishes fire project, features very prominent, innovative hands-on fun fish, diners variety, consumers continue to customer, linger, Everfount, hot business everyone loved by everyone, every day, popular, easy money, do not make



fish dishes to join the fire

fish dish store 32800 minimum fire investment, we first blank market success more than you, your success will escort the headquarters of gravity. Because in the blank market to establish a model, the headquarters will increase investment costs, it is certain that the future price will be more than two times now. read more

Datong County, ten beautiful countryside

The first

of Datong County Xinhe cup ten beautiful village before the contest successfully concluded, the top ten beautiful countryside, fully demonstrated the results of new rural construction in Datong County, Datong County rural tourism resources show unique charm.


treasure town

is located in Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County in the northwest corner of the mountain, the national highway 227 line from south to north through the township, the township government in the village, with a total area of 1174.85 square kilometers. "Gao Xia Pinghu" black spring, river, river to name not to her "Cha Han River" landscape here is the name card, is a rich treasure trove of spruce the name card. 2007 was named the county’s first civilized credit village, civilized credit village has 7 villages, civilized letter users 1446, in June this year, then listed the village of 2 civilizations credit. In 2012, the township government was named "garden style unit" by the municipal government". read more