ICC confirms Randiv as Mathews’ replacement

first_imgThe ICC’s event technical committee of the World Cup on Friday confirmed Suraj Randiv as replacement for the injured Angelo Mathews in Sri Lanka’s squad for Saturday’s summit clash against India.The confirmation was conveyed to Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) on behalf of the committee.Mathews suffered a strain to his right thigh muscle during the side’s semi-final victory over New Zealand in Colombo.Randiv has played in 21 ODIs for Sri Lanka, claiming 22 wickets at an average of 33.5.The 26-year-old off-spinner from Matara has also represented Sri Lanka in three Test matches and six Twenty20 internationals.As with all players in the tournament, the eligibility of a replacement player is subject to approval by the ICC before that player can be officially added to the squad.The event technical committee consists of David Richardson (ICC, chairman), prof. Ratnakar Shetty (tournament director), Campbell Jamieson (IDI representative), Anil Kumble (host nominee), David Lloyd (independent nomination) and Sanjay Manjrekar (independent nomination).- With PTI inputslast_img read more

Inoue going for knockout against Donaire

first_imgDon’t miss out on the latest news and information. Someone from the Philippines could win a $208 million jackpot this week! Young Japanese champion Naoya Inoue is eyeing a knockout win against Filipino star Nonito Donaire when they clash for the Muhammad Ali trophy in next week’s World Boxing Super Series bantamweight title fight.And based on his credentials, the 26-year-old Inoue has got everything to back up his claims.ADVERTISEMENT View comments Duterte officials’ paranoia is ‘singularly myopic’ That’s also what the fight means for Donaire, who is trying to resurrect a career that dipped substantially since he won Fighter of the Year award in 2012.They fight on Nov. 7 at Saitama Super Arena in Japan.Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next LATEST STORIES MOST READ Bonn elite class champion Matteo Guidicelli had saved up for Sarah G’s ring since 2014?center_img Drilon apologizes to BCDA’s Dizon over false claim on designer of P50-M ‘kaldero’ What’s behind the display of Chinese flag in Boracay? Rice industry paralysis His straight-out fighting style poses danger for the 36-year-old Donaire.But then again, Donaire scored his biggest KO wins against explosive, attacking fighters like Vic Darchinyan, Jorge Arce and Fernando Montiel.“I have been watching Donaire throughout his career and was stealing his moves when I was starting out in boxing. I have a lot of respect for Donaire,” Inoue said. “I have idolized him and that’s why he was the one I wanted to fight the most in this tournament. But now it’s time for a change of generations.”However, through the years Donaire has developed the bad habit of chasing KO wins with minimum punch possible as opposed to slow, crafty setup that made him very successful in the past.“This final will be the biggest highlight of my career thus far,” the Japanese said. “It will also be like a crossroad fight for what lies ahead for my future. I’m just looking forward to seeing what is waiting ahead in my career after winning the Ali Trophy.”ADVERTISEMENT Inoue, dubbed the “Monster,” is unbeaten in 18 professional fights, including 16 via knockouts.He blasted through the WBSS quarterfinal and semifinal, needing just five minutes and 29 seconds of total ring appearance.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSGreatest ever?SPORTSFormer PBA import Anthony Grundy passes away at 40SPORTSSan Miguel suspends Santos, Nabong, Tubid indefinitely after ‘tussle’ in practice“I never imagined it,” said Inoue, when asked if he expected to finish off former champ Juan Carlos Payano in 70 seconds in the quarters, before stopping Emmanuel Rodriguez in two rounds in the semis.“I’m prepared to fight for 12 rounds with Nonito Donaire, but if I see an opening, I will aim for a knockout.” Trending Articles PLAY LIST 00:50Trending Articles00:50Trending Articles00:45Onyok Velasco see bright future for PH boxing in Olympics02:11Makabayan bloc defends protesting workers, tells Año to ‘shut up’03:07PH billiards team upbeat about gold medal chances in SEA Games01:38‘Bato’ to be ‘most effective’ CHR head? It’s for public to decide – Gascon02:07Aquino to Filipinos: Stand up vs abuses before you suffer De Lima’s ordeal01:28Ex-President Noynoy Aquino admits contracting pneumonia00:45Aquino agrees with Drilon on SEA games ‘kaldero’ spending issue Duterte calls himself, Go, Cayetano ‘the brightest stars’ in PH politics Priority legislation in the 18th Congresslast_img read more

Sorry, Not Sorry! The Problem With Women & Workplace Apologies

first_imgApologies harmonize and unify. They can mend relationships and seed the regrowth of trust. To apologize is to accept fault and to inch towards compromise.When extended at the right moment, an apology can show humility, character and leadership. But this backfires if one apologizes too frequently. In fact, it becomes hard to take someone seriously, especially on the professional front, if she repeatedly accepts responsibility for wrong-doing.Many women recognize that they tend to apologize nervously and needlessly. We apologize to servers who bring us the wrong orders, to bus drivers who miss our stops, to men who invade our space.We also say we’re sorry at work-a lot. We apologize when an issue comes up that wasn’t our fault but is our responsibility. We say “I’m sorry” when we mean “excuse me.” We apologize when we confront a problem that, we worry, calls our performance into question.Unnecessary apologies project a lack of confidence, so let’s edit them out of our professional lexicon. The first step to quitting any bad habit is to admit when it’s become problematic.If you recognize that you’re apologizing too often, take a step back and think about why you might be doing so.1. Ruminating or intense thinkingScientific American examines the issue: “Researchers analyzed the number of self-reported offenses and apologies made by 66 subjects over a 12-day period. And yes, they confirmed women consistently apologized more times than men did. But they also found that women report more offenses than men. So the issue is not female over-apology. Instead, there may be a gender difference in what is considered offensive in the first place.”[Related: 6 Steps To Find Your Voice In The Workplace]This gender difference in defining what constitutes offense and dealing with that infraction by apologizing are both problematic, especially in the workplace. What does this mean? Why would women do this? Are they stirring up trouble? Are men not paying enough attention, or could there be another factor causing women to identify and then apologize for issues that men don’t even recognize?In their book The Confidence Code, authors Katty Kay and Claire Shipman write, “Another unhelpful habit most of us have is overthinking. Women spend far too much time undermining themselves with tortured cycles of useless self-recrimination. It is the opposite of taking action, the cornerstone of confidence. There is a formal word for it: ruminating.”So perhaps what starts as rumination—deep thought into the social mechanics of a professional situation—leads to doubt and worry. The apology comes as a way to solve this concern and to mend the perceived wrong, but perhaps we don’t have to delve this deep. According to this study, our male counterparts don’t.[Related: One Thing Women Need to Negotiate Better Salaries: Confidence]2. Internalized sexismWhen a girl grows up hearing that she is less capable of achievement in certain subjects or that she is more emotionally chaotic and therefore less reliable than a boy, these messages take root. These environmental urgings become a part of her self-education and self-esteem construction. They impact how she sees herself, her ability and her future role.Then when she assumes her place in the professional world, she may have more internal baggage to manage than her male counterpart. His confidence may be more accessible than hers. He may be more likely to feel like he belongs in his roles. She may be more likely to feel like she’s auditioning, even after she gets the job. This can make her feel concerned about her performance and, therefore, likely to apologize for perceived shortcomings.[Related: Inspiring Advice from Women CEOs]Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice explains: “As women, we must never be surprised that surface equality isn’t actual equality. Society still very much plays into gender bias and role definition. When a woman walks into a room, people see a female. For some, this indicates what she is capable of achieving. This, however, should not deter you. If you spend all of your time thinking about how you are viewed, you will lose your ability to be effective. Walk in, embrace your job and do what you’re supposed to do.”3. People pleasingMost people want others to like them. But this is harder for successful women. Sheryl Sandberg writes: “When a woman is successful, people of both genders like her less.”Perhaps the litany of apologies women frequently utter are a means by which to temper this; to avoid sounding too bossy, rude or heavy-handed. Sandberg continues, “In order to protect ourselves from being disliked, we question our abilities and downplay our achievements, especially in the presence of others. We put ourselves down before others can.”[Related: 10 Ways for Women to Lean In]Apologies work the same way. By saying “I’m sorry,” perhaps we are saying “please like me.”In order to be successful, we have to develop an authoritative inner voice, which informs our outer voice. This can’t happen if we’re repeatedly looking outside ourselves for “likes,” approval or permission to do our best work.DISCOVER: Glassdoor Launches Gender Pay Data Analysis Pilot Program for Employerslast_img read more

How to Develop and Nail Your Elevator Pitch

first_img How to deliver an elevator pitch successfully An elevator pitch is a short speech — between 30 seconds and two minutes, or the length of a typical elevator ride – that gives the listener a lasting impression of who you are, what you do, and what your goals are. You might give your elevator pitch to a person you meet at a networking event, a potential client, or even to someone you meet in an actual elevator. An elevator pitch isn’t a verbal cover letter. You’re not telling your whole life story, or spilling out your 20-year vision for your career. It’s more like an executive summary – but a short, snappy one that keeps listeners engaged, leaves a lasting impression, and hopefully leaves them a bit curious. An elevator pitch should answer three main questions:  What do you do?What distinguishes you?What are your goals? What are the critical components of an elevator pitch? It’s not just about your words – it’s also about how you present yourself. Your body language should project confidence and ease.  “Introverts and extroverts need to be mindful of their body language to make a good impression,” says Dr. Lillian Glass, a body language expert. “You have to convey that you’re confident, that you’re an open person and that you’re the type of person that someone wants to work with or do business with.”Standing up straight, making sure your head doesn’t tilt to the side or downwards, and giving a firm handshake are all body language tactics that Dr. Glass recommends to project confidence. And don’t forget to smile! “If you are not smiling, it sends the message that you are not happy or engaged,” Dr. Glass says. “You have to smile.”Once you’ve given your pitch, engage your listener with a question. If you only have a short time with them, offer your email address or business card if they’d like to hear more. If you have a longer time to chat, you might choose to ask a question that ascertains how your work and vision fits into their goals. You also might ask if they have any ideas of people they could you could refer you to connect with. How to draft an elevator pitch Say it out loud! And even better? Say it in front of other people. Practice with friends. Make your family sit through it. Attend networking events. Keep saying those words, so it will become automatic for you, and you won’t freeze in a stressful situation. At the same time, always keep it fresh. “Be careful about regurgitating the same words, over and over,” says Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter, master resume writer. “Keep your pitch fresh, and be natural in how, and to whom, you are delivering your words.” These main points should be woven into a brief, but compelling, story. “The #1 thing to remember about an elevator pitch is that you’re offering yourself as a solution to a problem that needs to be solved,” says career coach Jenn Dewall.  Think carefully about what needs the person you’re addressing might have, and how your unique skill set and goals can help meet those needs. Which brings us to our next point: it’s critical to tailor your pitch to who you’re talking to. Your elevator pitch will always be slightly different depending on whether you’re talking to a potential client, a company where you’d like an employment opportunity or a prospective investor in your startup. When you brainstorm about how to give your elevator pitch to these different types of people, always keep that question in your head: “what problem does this person need to be solved?” and weave your personal narrative around that question.   Learn More! How to practice your elevator pitch Draft my elevator pitch? But won’t I be talking to people? Well, yes, generally your elevator is only spoken. Which is all the more reason to write down a script – or at least the outline of a script – so that you have something to organize your thoughts and lean back on when you’re giving your pitch. “Writing your elevator pitch on paper helps you take all your words and ideas and put them into a simple sentence structure,” says DeWall. You already have your content and your storyline, so what’s left? First of all, start with something attention-grabbing. This might be an interesting statistic or fact about the problem you purport to solve. It might be a joke about your profession or way of working. It’s a snappy hook that will draw your listener’s attention in. Go through what you do, what makes you unique, and what your goals are – in that order. Keep it short and snappy. You may feel the urge to elaborate on all the reasons you’re great, but resist it. Why? To hear someone talk about themselves for too long is boring. You want to keep the person you’re speaking to engaged and curious. Don’t reveal so much that they don’t have anything to ask questions about. What is an elevator pitch? Looking to perfect your elevator pitch or simply improve your public speaking skills for presentations, projects and more? Check out these additional resources:How To Craft An Irresistible Elevator Pitch (& Deliver It Like A Pro)How to Survive (and Succeed In) An Interview with a CEOHow to Network if You’re an IntrovertWhat to Never Say When Networking12 Buzzwords To Say In Your Next InterviewHow to NetworkHow to Network If You Don’t Like Talking to Strangerslast_img read more

How to Prepare for an Exit Interview

first_img Reflect on Your Experience in Writing If you’re not yet familiar with the term, an exit interview is a conversation led by HR (or sometimes your manager) that takes place shortly before you leave your job, and covers why you’re leaving and what feedback you have for the company. While exit interviews serve as a formal outlet for you to share what’s on your mind, it’s important to realize that they’re primarily for the benefit of the employer.“Exit interviews typically take place for the employer’s sake, not the employee’s,” explains Dina Amouzigh, People’s Operations Manager at the online healthcare portal CareDash. “The purpose is to get information and feedback based on the employee’s experience or context for their ultimate decision to separate.”This means that you should avoid treating it as a rant session — doing so could leave a bad taste in employers’ mouths, which could come back to haunt you if you ever need them to verify past employment or serve as a reference for a future position. Save the trash talk for close friends only, and take the following steps to ensure a more positive exit interview experience. Express Gratitude Giving Feedback the Right WayHow to Quit Your JobHow to Answer the Question “Why Do You Want to Leave Your Current Company?”What NOT To Do When You ResignHow to Write a Resignation LetterHow to Deal With Glassdoor Review Anxiety6 Things to Do on Your Last Day of WorkHow to Succeed in Your New Job What Is an Exit Interview? So, what exactly can you expect to be asked in an exit interview? Here are a few common questions you might encounter:Why did you begin looking for a new job?What ultimately led you to accept the new position?Did you feel that you were equipped to do your job well?How would you describe the culture of our company?Can you provide more information, such as specific examples?What could have been done for you to remain employed here?Did you share your concerns with anyone at the company prior to leaving?If you could change anything about your job or the company, what would you change?Management is often a key factor in an employees decision to leave. Were you satisfied with the way you were managed?Did you have clear goals and objectives?Did you receive constructive feedback to help you improve your performance?How can our company improve training and development programs?Would you consider coming back to work here in the future? In what area or function? What would need to change?The specific ways in which you respond to these questions will depend largely on your circumstances, but there are two primary strategies you should keep in mind.Be specific with positives: When sharing what went well, feel free to get as detailed as possible. “You want to be sure to share specifics about what (or who) made the work experience positive,” says Laura MacLeod, LMSW, HR expert and founder of the From The Inside Out Project. Praising specific points will not only make your employer feel good — it will give them valuable information about what is working so that they can ensure that it continues even after you’re gone in order to create a better working environment for your current coworkers and any new folks they might hire. Even if you had a largely negative experience, make sure to share at least one positive — there’s got to be something. Be general with negatives: It’s okay to point out particular processes or policies that can be improved — but it’s not a good idea to throw a specific person under the bus, bring up every little complaint you have or go on a twenty-minute rant about how angry one particular issue made you. “It is fine, for example, to express that the workload was more than any one person could handle, if done in the right tone… It’s also okay to say something like, ‘I think managers should get more training in active leadership,’ but it’s best to avoid statements like, ‘Tom was the worst boss I’ve ever had,’” Miller-Burke explains.center_img Common Exit Interview Questions & How to Answer Them Learn More Once you’ve said everything that you have to say, make sure that you thank the person that you’re interviewing with for a) taking the time to hear your feedback and recommendations and b) allowing you to grow and develop in your time there. Mention a few things that you admire about the company, as well as what you value most about your experience. Should the time come when you ever need to ask for a referral, you’ll be glad you did!Exit interviews can be intimidating, but they are an invaluable way for you to make your voice heard and effect change within your workplace. Want to continue paying it forward? Leave a Glassdoor review so that future job seekers can get an inside look at what it’s really like to work at your company! It’s not always easy to wing a conversation, especially when you need to talk about something as difficult as why you chose to leave your company. Without proper structure, excessively harsh or critical statements might slip out, or you could forget something important you really wanted to bring up. To avoid something like this, it’s best to plan out in advance which items you want to cover.“I highly recommend writing down notes to plan what you want to say,” advises Jude Miller-Burke, Ph.D., business psychologist and author. “If you expect it to be highly charged, practice out loud. Reinforce to yourself that you will maintain boundaries and not succumb to your strong emotions.” Write a list of all the items you want to cover, including positive feedback, critical feedback and what you think the company can do to improve overall. You probably won’t want to read off of this list verbatim in the meeting — that could come off as a little stiff and impersonal — just use it to help jog your memory around which topics to bring up and how to answer certain questions.last_img read more

Risk Smart: Taking Your Career to the Next Level

first_img 3.5★ Vice President, RIA Channel Sales Leader PRUDENTIAL Dresher, PA 3.5★ The choices we make throughout our careers take us all on quite a journey. When you first enter the workforce, it is a time of excitement and anticipation for what lies ahead. Over time, life takes us on a winding road of twists and turns in which our personal lives can intertwine with our professional lives. While some life experiences can catapult us into unknown realms, it is important that we be open to embracing new career opportunities, and, when the moment is right, consider taking risks and pursue some new challenges. Over the course of my career, I came to appreciate the importance of taking risks. In one of my first jobs in consulting, I worked diligently and waited to be presented with new opportunities to continue building a promising future career. As time went on, I learned the importance of being proactive in one’s career advancement. Don’t wait for your career to come to you—you need to take ownership of your own growth.Here are three ways to feel more empowered and prepared to take smart risks: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne GretzkyRisk and reward go together. Some of my greatest career achievements came about by taking educated risks, such as taking on new—and, at times, daunting—responsibilities. Once when asked to create a digital business within an organization, I approached the assignment with apprehension because I was concerned about the risk of failing in front of leaders who trusted me. To build my confidence, I reminded myself that growth comes from seeking out and taking on new challenges. By changing my mindset about the task, I was able to visualize that taking a risk into the unknown realm of “digital business” would enable me to learn a new field, expand my professional skill set, and earn the respect of my peers. Before taking a risk at work, ask yourself, “What are the pros and cons?” If you miss out on the promotion or if you don’t get the open position, what does that ultimately mean to your career? Growth comes in trying and persisting. If things don’t go your way, it’s okay to feel disappointed. As Dr. Seuss says in “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” my son’s favorite book: “I’m sorry to say so, but sadly, it’s true that bang-ups and hang-ups can happen to you. Use it as a learning opportunity. Make a mental note to reference how you will approach this the next time you’re ready to take a risk. Above all, don’t miss the opportunity to take that chance and see where it takes you. Think short – and long – termThere are times and places for risks, and the only person who can decide when the time is right to take a risk is you. I once received an offer for a position that I believed lacked long-term security from a company that was a major player in a volatile industry. Despite this uncertainty, I knew it was the right chapter of my life to take a chance—this was an opportunity in the short-term to propel myself toward my career goals, and I was committed to making it work. When considering a career risk, it’s important to evaluate how it would fit into the current chapter of your life as well as your overall career journey. Is there a clear course leading you from where you are now to where you want to be? Are you willing to sacrifice some stability or salary in pursuit of this objective? Do you have the time to dedicate yourself to a new challenge now or are there other demands that would compete and make success unlikely? Answering these questions will help you become a better decision-maker when faced with opportunities to take chances.Are you willing to sacrifice some stability or salary in pursuit of this objective? —WaliaMap out alternativesWhen taking risks of any nature, it is important to have a sense of the full picture. It’s never fun to consider the downsides of risk, but it’s a necessary step to ensure you land on your feet if things go awry.One good way to hedge your risks is to leverage your network and build your own personal “board of advisors” to your career. These people in your life can help you to assess risk and can also serve as a safety net in case things don’t work out. I believe in the power of positive thinking but having a Plan B isn’t a bad idea. Undeniably, having an alternate plan in place is critical to bouncing back and continuing your career journey. Taking that first step into something new and unknown can often be unsettling. Our minds try and come up with all the reasons why not to take that risk. Start by taking the opportunity to talk it through with your trusted advisors and work out alternatives that will help ensure you are set up for success. Invest the time to map out what this could mean for your career now and in the future. And finally, take that shot! It could lead you down the path of a most rewarding career.Vicki Walia is Chief Talent and Capability Officer at Prudential where she oversees the talent team and a team of experts that connect strategy, identify organizational opportunities, build critical capabilities, and navigate change. Connect with her on LinkedIn. 23 hours ago 23h 23 hours ago 23h 23 hours ago 23h Executive Assistant Prudential Financial, Inc. Newark, NJ 23 hours ago 23h VP, Operations – Corporate Compliance Prudential Financial, Inc. Newark, NJ 23 hours ago 23h Compliance Analyst Prudential Financial, Inc. El Paso, TX 3.5★ 23 hours ago 23h 3.5★ 3.5★ View More Jobs 3.5★ 23 hours ago 23h 23 hours ago 23h New Prudential Jobs For You 23 hours ago 23h 23 hours ago 23h 3.5★ Senior Oracle Developer PRUDENTIAL Newark, NJ 3.5★ 3.5★ VP, Annuity Inforce Service Operations – (Job Number PRUDENTIAL Shelton, CT Associate, Systems Developer PRUDENTIAL Newark, NJ Manager, HR Business Partner Prudential Financial, Inc. Newark, NJ PGIM Private Capital Energy Finance – Senior Associate, Power Prudential Financial, Inc. Dallas, TX Director, Operational Risk Management Prudential Financial, Inc. Newark, NJ 3.5★last_img read more

French duo approach Man Utd for Josh Harrop

first_imgManchester United midfielder Josh Harrop is attracting Ligue 1 interest.The Daily Mail says Harrop, who scored on his debut against Crystal Palace, has drawn enquiries from French sides Bordeaux and Rennes.But he is likely to pursue other loan options if not included in Jose Mourinho’s immediate plans.Harrop, 21, has been linked with Wigan Athletic since the end of last season.last_img

Guangzhou Evergrande midfielder Paulinho confirms Barcelona offer

first_imgGuangzhou Evergrande midfielder Paulinho has revealed he has an offer from Barcelona.The Brazil international revealed that a proposal has been made, although he wasn’t sure if he would ultimately end up at the Camp Nou.”There has been contract with my agent,” he confirmed in an interview with Globoesporte.”There was an offer and I know that we’re talking.”I am currently at a very happy stage of my life and my career.”It is difficult to decide [what to do] at a moment like this.”last_img

Loss and Life: A Young Professional Learns About Maternal Health Commodities

first_imgShare this: I saw with my own eyes what happens when a woman experiences a different outcome. During my visit to the Kintampo Municipal Hospital in central Ghana, Florence Mumuni arrived in labor. Before too long and without complication, a skilled midwife delivered a baby girl. I saw the baby take her first breath and heard her first cries at the same time as her mother. Immediately after the birth, the midwife administered an essential injection of oxytocin to prevent Florence from bleeding excessively. News of the baby’s safe arrival spread to the hospital courtyard where Florence’s waiting husband cheered. Having access to a skilled midwife, a well-equipped facility, and lifesaving medicines undoubtedly improved Florence’s outcome. Watching her successfully give birth convinces me that investments in maternal health medicines and other lifesaving interventions makes a difference. Looking forward: turning these stories into actionWitnessing firsthand how the health of a woman impacts the health of her family and community has further inspired my commitment to ensuring that women and children have the opportunity to live full lives. I want to help break the longstanding cycles of poor health and build on the lessons I’ve learned on the ground in Ghana as my career in public health progresses.In September, during the United Nations General Assembly, when we all come together to hear the recommendations of the United Nations Commission on Lifesaving Commodities for Women and Children—a new component of the United Nations Every Woman Every Child initiative—the stories of Vivian, Florence, and many other women will be highlighted at a photo exhibit and reception hosted by PATH. It will be up to all of us to carry their stories and this momentum forward to ensure that women and their communities all across the world reach their full potential.To learn more about the photo exhibit and reception on September 27, 2012 in New York, click here and/or send an email to advocacy@path.org. Posted on August 24, 2012June 16, 2017By: Kelley Boldt, PATHClick to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)This post is part of a blog series on maternal health commodities. To view the entire series, click here.Kelley Boldt is a young professional supporting PATH’s advocacy efforts to expand access for maternal health medicines in developing countries. During a recent visit to Ghana, she saw firsthand, for the first time, the needs driving her work and the lives she is helping to transform through improved health.Earlier this month, I traveled to Africa for the very first time. In Ghana, I witnessed what I knew to be true from the statistics and research on maternal health: too often, women die preventable deaths during pregnancy and childbirth because they do not have access to simple, quality medicines and supplies. Becoming a mother should be a cause for celebration. Yet, this celebration is often overshadowed by the risks women living in developing countries face in pregnancy and childbirth.I met two women with very divergent paths: one had been touched by the tragedy of maternal mortality and one had experienced the joy of maternal vitality. Meeting these women confirmed how severe the problem is but also how our goal of helping women and children to survive and thrive can be achieved.I want to share with you the stories of these two women as a reminder of the individual lives we are working to save every day.I saw with my own eyes how the loss of a woman impacts her family. In the village of Asotwe, outside of the country’s second largest city, Vivian Badu sings in the choir at her church each Sunday, grateful for her blessings despite not having a reliable source of income. At home, she cares for nine young children—three of whom are her own while six belonged to her sister. Four years ago, Vivian lost her sister, Helena Badu, following childbirth due to high blood pressure and excessive bleeding. At the age of 34, Helena died shortly after her son took his first breath. Vivian herself was six months pregnant at the time of her sister’s death. She is now responsible for the children’s well-being and keeping her sister’s memory alive. In six months, Vivian will give birth to her fourth child and prays that she will not suffer the same fate. Meeting Vivian reminds me not only of the powerful role that women play in community stability, but of the urgency to overcome the barriers women like Helena face in receiving lifesaving maternal health medicines and services during pregnancy and childbirth. ShareEmailPrint To learn more, read:last_img read more

Cash flow hack: Get a library card

first_img“I have found the most valuable thing in my wallet is my library card.” — former First Lady Laura BushI’ve had a library card since first grade (first book checked out: The Cat in the Hat) and was a proud card carrying library patron all through college and my adult life.But I have to admit, when the iPad came out in 2010, and I realized I could buy books and store them on this slim device, patronage of my local library waned. It was simply too easy to purchase books via the app — tap, tap, tap, done — and I didn’t even have to pull out my credit card.All that came to a screeching halt two years ago when I began figuring out where all my money was going . . . and realized I was spending well over $100 a month on digital books (and apps, too).I knew my buying spree had to stop, but since I’m a voracious reader, I needed to feed my addiction so . . . I became reaquainted with my local library.As I used my library more, I began to realize it offered a great many services at no cost — services I’ve put to use in my freelance business.Availability of almost any bookMy library is pretty good at stocking the latest bestsellers, including non-fiction and business books. But, they don’t have everything, so for a long time, I felt like I was missing out on some really good books — that is, until I discovered interlibrary loan.Interlibrary loan is the process whereby libraries borrow from each other’s collections. Some libraries have combined their collection database with other local libraries, and you can search this database online and request material. Or, your library may be able to request material from any library within the state in which its located.My library has both options. For the statewide option, you need the assistance of the librarian, who conducts the search. If one of the libraries has your book or other material, the librarian puts in a request and it gets sent to your library where you check it out.I love, love, love interlibrary loan! I’ve saved significantly on the cost of buying books, as well as postage/shipping and gas. How cool is that!I’ve used interlibrary loan to find books mentioned by clients that are important to their work or industry, those that cover older or more esoteric subjects, and to do research in preparation for a project. Knowing this service is available (and free!) has been a huge boon to my business.Most libraries have some sort of interlibrary loan, so be sure to ask your librarian how it works. Then, take advantage of it! Getting books and other materials from the library is such an easy way to save cash without having to work at it.Availability of materials in digital formatsIf you haven’t been to your library lately, you’re missing out one of the best kept secrets: a wide variety of digital material.Should you want to read a book on your device, you can check out e-books from the library online. Each library has its own system, so be sure to ask. Some libraries even have digital audiobooks — which means you might not need to pay for an online subscription service.When I used to chauffeur my son around, we’d listen to audiobooks on CD I’d get from the library. I can still remember my son and I listening avidly to the actors reading The Secret Life of Bees and the Eragon series. Today when I have to drive long distances to client meetings, I always stop at the library a few days before and pick up an audio business book in order to pass the time productively.You can take digital material with you when you travel, again saving on costs and impulse purchases. And, if your travels include longer term stays, such as 30 days or more, you can often purchase a guest library pass. My colleague who lives in New Zealand vacations in Hawaii for a month each year; because her family are avid readers, she purchases a pass from the local library for $25.MagazinesAs a marketing consultant, I do a whole lot of research for client projects, most of it online. But sometimes, when doing public relations or other similar projects, I need to see magazines. In the past, I’d go to a local newsstand and buy these publications.Not anymore. Now I head on over to the library and peruse what they have on hand. Most of the time, I find what I need, and if my library doesn’t have a particular publication, I can suggest it. Even better, my library lets me check out magazines, and since I have to return them, I don’t have all that magazine clutter in my house.Meeting rooms and quiet areasMany freelancers like to get out of the house and work at a local coffee shop or meet colleagues or clients at one.While it is nice to get out of the house, working at a coffee shop does have a drawback: namely, you have to spend money to justify taking up space at a table. And, you might even have to pay for wifi.Your local library, I’m happy to say, has rooms you can use at no cost for either work or meetings (at my library, you simply sign in for one). You can use a room as a quiet place to work when something is happening in your home, such as construction, or you’ve lost power.At my library, you can also sit in one of the comfy chairs near the big sunny windows and read or (pretend) to work while listening to conversation or people watching.Heck, my library even offers coffee for a $1 — and the wifi is free! You won’t find that kind of deal at your local coffee shop.In addition, most libraries offer the use of computers — a handy benefit should yours need to go in for repair unexpectedly.Community workshopsThis past March, I made my first international trip to New Zealand to visit my business colleague. I learned how to travel on a budget by attending a free community workshop the library offered.The woman who taught the workshop was a world traveler and gave us the inside scoop on travel bargains and finding different ways to finance travel — such as volunteering to work on a farm in exchange for room and board. I took massive amounts of notes and continue to thank her and her tips to this day.If your library offers something similar, you could volunteer to give a presentation based on your work — which could have nice benefits, such as increased exposure in your local community, giving people useful information, and gaining practice public speaking in a low-stress environment.In conclusion . . .As you can see, libraries offer a wealth of material and other services that can benefit your freelance business. In fact, libraries offer a whole lot more. I’ve only focused on the benefits relevant to freelancers.last_img read more

Income anxiety – the boogey man at the window and how to deal with him

first_imgI’ve been thinking all day about a conversation I had yesterday with one of the solo professionals in my (fabulous) one year marketing class.We talked about money. More specifically, we talked about the fear of “not having enough of it.”He’s relatively new to working solo and confided that this is the one thing that keeps him up at night. Me too (more about that in a minute).When it comes to money, there’s a funny contrast between having a job and working on your own.When you have a job, there’s a virtually unlimited number of things that can drive you crazy: Your boss, your coworkers, your clients, the commute, the guy two cubes over who keeps humming to himself; etc.The one thing you never have to worry about, though, is money. As long as you have a job, it just keeps coming.Working solo is the mirror image. Everything is in your control.You want a cat sitting on your head while you work? Be my guest. You get to script your days like a Hollywood screenwriter, deciding for yourself who, what, where, when and how you do whatever it is you choose to do.In this case, however, the money doesn’t just keep coming. You can’t live out the screenplay of your cat-centric dream life unless you can pay the bills. And you can’t pay the bills unless you can make enough money.I’ve been working on my own for nearly 16 years. I spent the first 10 afraid of running out of money.The fear was like a bogeyman standing outside my window, making scary faces and keeping me up at night.One day I realized something: The bogeyman was always there, no matter how much work I had or how much money I was making.Whether it was during my first year, in which I earned a total of $17,000, or more recent years where I sometimes had more cash than I knew what to do with, the fear of running out was always there.Eventually, I realized that it would never go away, no matter how much money I made. Why would it? – it had nothing to do with reality. Like most bogeymen, it was of my own making, and I couldn’t kill it.That’s the bad news … perpetual bogeyman (another great name for a rock band).But it’s also the good news, and the thing I most want to share with you.Because in all those years of seeing the bogeyman outside my window, regardless of how much money I made or had, I finally noticed something:He never went away, but he never took a step closer either. He just stood outside making scary faces. None of my “What if… ?” money fears have ever come true. Not even close.And that, my friend, is today’s big insight. The money bogeyman may never go away; but he’ll never come inside either. Because he’s just a reflection in your own, personal window.So give him my regards if you see him. Then roll over and enjoy a good night’s sleep.last_img read more

For Saina, fitness is now priority number one

first_imgNew Delhi, Dec 20 (PTI) Saina Nehwal has realised that worlds top players are supremely fit and she too has shifted her focus on attaining high level of fitness to remain a potent challenger on the circuit. Nehwal says she wont be bothered if she does not win many Super Series titles next season.”I am not challenging myself to win the Super Series because I have won a lot in the past, so I am not worried about that. But I have to get fitness at the right time, when I want to,” Saina told reporters on the sidelines of the inauguration of PBL.”I dont believe in tournaments anymore, so no tournament, no titles, just fitness will be my priority next year,” said Nehwal, who had suffered a career-threatening knee injury a few days ahead of the Rio Olympics.She clinched the Malaysia Masters in January, before winning a bronze at the World Championship and Senior Nationals this season.In a free-wheeling interaction, Nehwal said: “After a series of first round and second round exits in the first half of the season, I didnt expect to win a bronze at World Championship beating these top players. But I have to get my fitness higher to play five back-to-back matches in any tournament.”The reason I lost to Chen Yufei (at Hong Kong) was fitness. I lost to Akane (Yamaguchi). I think I have played Akane most this year, I also lost to Sun Yu. They were little bit more fitter than me.advertisement”Everyone is retrieving these days even if you smash hard, they still retrieve, so at the moment fitness is playing a big role in womens singles,” she added.Saina also clinched the Senior Nationals at Nagpur after beating P V Sindhu in the finals last November.”I beat Sindhu on that day, I was good. I was moving well but I know I was tired, my stamina was finished in the second game. If the match would have gone to the third game, I dont think I would have lasted. I know Sindhu is much fitter than me right now,” she said.”I won but I could see my fitness was a big problem. So I can improve only when I have more time. Otherwise, I did beat Carolina Marin, Sung Ji Hyun in the first round but beating someone in the third round is a big issue at the moment.”In any sport now, it is all about fitness, it is not about experience and I have this belief if Im fit then I can beat anyone,” added Nehwal, who would take on Sindhu in the opening match of the PBL on December 23.Nehwal said she focused on her knee and ignored other parts of her leg during rehabilitation post injury and it affected her fitness.”My knee was becoming all right and I was recovering from tendinitis but my movements were getting harder. I had to make it more stronger by playing more matches but I didnt focus on my ankle and shin and so it was affected,” she said.”If I would have been fitter in the last four months then I would have had more titles. It was challenging and I accepted it and didnt give up. I am thankful to my parents and Heath Mathews for guiding me.”Talking about Sindhus meteoric rise, Nehwal said: “I think the time she had before Olympics that is giving her confidence to play such tough matches back-to-back. She was not moving well in China Open but she was again doing well in Hong Kong and Dubai Super Series.”Sindhu clinched two super series titles at India Open and Korea Open, besides losing three finals at World Championship, Hong Kong Open and Dubai Super Series Final.Asked about the final losses that Sindhu suffered this season, Nehwal said: “It is little bit of luck, because both were the same till 19-19. So dont know what to say. It is tough. Look at Okuhara and Akane, how these short girls were rushing across the court and picking up strokes.””At such intensity rallies with 50-60 strokes, I salute them. The way they were fighting back in both the matches. I couldnt believe these girls would have such reach.”Nehwal said India will have the biggest medal haul from the Commonwealth Games.”We will definitely come out with many medals this time. It is quite sure that most of us will play in the medal round but we also have to do well in Asian Games and World Championship,” she said.advertisementNehwal returned to the Gopichand Academy after the Glasgow World Championship following a three year stint under Vimal Kumar at Bangalore.Asked if it was awkward to return to her mentor, Nehwal said, “When I came back, I just told him that I want to play again and he was like I know that, so there was no discussion about past. He is the same as he was before, we dont have any issue with all that happened last three years.”Asked about the resurgence of Chinese shuttlers in womens singles, Nehwal said: “Chen Yufei is new, she has the capability to beat some big players but she is still not consistent. But China, they are still challenging but I wouldnt compare the current lot with Li Xuerui, Wang Yihan or Wang Shixian.” PTI ATK AT ATlast_img read more

Brazil U17 coach: ‘We started nervously’

first_imgBrazil U17 v Spain U17 U17 World Cup: Brazil U17 focused even after the own goal, Spaniards to find spaces to improve Nisanth V Easwar Last updated 2 years ago 22:50 10/7/17 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) Carlos Amadeu Brazil Brazil U17 v Spain U17 U17 World Cup Brazil U17 Spain U17 Carlos Amadeu and Santiago Denia reflected upon the match in which Brazil U17s beat Spain U17s 2-1 in Kochi… It’s been a riveting start to the U17 World Cup, hosted on Indian soil for the first ever time, and expectations had been elevated come Saturday evening in what was to be a footballing extravaganza on a junior scale, when Brazil and Spain squared off in Gods own Country, Kerala on Saturday 7th October, 2017. The Jawaharlal Nehru stadium, Kochi, and its 21,362 spectators bore witness to a dogged Seleccao overthrow the Armada to win 2-1 in a tight battle. Wesley Andrade (5′) was guilty of putting the ball into his own net early on but Lincoln Dos Santos (25′) equalized for the Samba Nation. Paulinho Filho (45+1) ensured that Brazil secured all three points before the half-time break.Brazil coach, Carlos Amadeu, had satisfaction on his lips as he stated, “It was a well-played game. Both teams were trying to play a beautiful style of football. Our players started nervously. After the first goal, they remained calm and play their football. Second half Spain were better. They had more possession and corners but our defence was good. Our goalkeeper was also playing really well today,” post his fledgelings’ win. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Why Barcelona god Messi will never be worshipped in the same way in Argentina Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. “Both Antonio and Alan had a great game. During the competition, you will watch players exhibiting such football. We have many quality players. It’s important for a coach to have players like them. Not just them, all our players,” revealed the gaffer, on his two best performers on the evening.Amadeu believed in the quality of mental strength and explained the mentality of his players was crucial to how they approached the task, coming back from a goal down so early in the game.”The most important thing is the mental power. Its the basis for everything that you do in your life. When you score or concede a goal, you have to use your mental power to remain calm and score your goal. Also if you are winning the game, you cannot be relaxed. It happened today with us, we remained focused on the game. This collective style of playing of this team is being built since 2015. Players like to play that way, together, in an offensive way,” he elaborated.Finally, the 52-year-old genuflected to the massive support for the Brazilian team from the crowd in Kochi, as the stadium was ushered in a sea of yellow. It is important to note that the religiously Indian Super League (ISL) team Kerala Blasters too play football in a yellow kit and all the kits of yellow in the crowd may not have been that of Brazil’s. On the pitch, which seemed not too conducive to a free-flowing style of football, the Salvador-born coach opined, “It was a good pitch but it was wet. The ball was getting (stuck at times). But it was a good facility to play football.””We felt really welcome here in India, especially in Kerala, Kochi. The coincidence between the kit colours of Brazil and Kerala Blasters was good for us. We could see the support.It is really important to have the support of the crowd. We want to give something back to you.”We are feeling like home. here. I realized that you have a team in yellow here. It is important to have the crowd supporting us. It was the first game at such a high level. We know how important it is to win the first half,” he concluded. Santiago Denia, Spain’s coach, on the other hand, was far more reserved of his team’s display and regretted their inability to equalize and share the spoils in his immediate post-match address.”(It was an) Equally contested match. We played well in the first 10 minutes and then Brazil had a very good first half. We played better in the sec half. We could have equalized. We still have areas to improve,” stated Denia.The coach stressed that his entire team needed to buck up when quizzed on the performance of his starlets Abel Ruiz and Sergio Gomez. “Sergio Gomez played like he played in Euro Champs. Both him and Abel played a good match. The whole teams need to improve.  We have two games left and we will try to win that,” explicitly warned the 43-year-old.Denia couldn’t get his head around how many of his players suffered “muscular problems”.”Its not normal to see so many players have a muscular problem. Spain has been here just for four days. We are working with our doctors and physios to improve this,” he clarified.Finally, the La Liga winner expressed dissatisfaction with the set-piece decision making of his fledglings, concluding, “It is a concern. We need to improve on these matters. It is the players who take the last call (decision). In the training, we play either short or directly. It is the players who decide (if free kicks) are short or direct.”last_img read more

Man United 1 Sevilla 2 (1-2 agg)

first_imgManchester United 1 Sevilla 2 (1-2 agg): Ben Yedder brace dumps Mourinho’s men out Jamie Smith Last updated 1 year ago 05:37 14/3/2018 Wissam Ben Yedder Getty Images Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United crashed out of the Champions League after Sevilla won 2-1 at Old Trafford thanks to Wissam Ben Yedder. Wissam Ben Yedder came off the bench to score the decisive goals as Sevilla moved into the quarter-finals of the Champions League with a stunning 2-1 away win at Manchester United.At a restless Old Trafford, United never got out of first gear and Sevilla, having dominated the opening leg at home without finding a way to beat David de Gea in a goalless draw, deservedly progressed.When Ben Yedder came off the bench with less than 20 minutes to play, the game was finely balanced with both sides aware the first goal would be decisive. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Williams case shows Solskjaer isn’t holding Man Utd’s youngsters back – he’s protecting them Goalkeeper crisis! Walker to the rescue but City sweating on Ederson injury ahead of Liverpool clash Out of his depth! Emery on borrowed time after another abysmal Arsenal display Diving, tactical fouls & the emerging war of words between Guardiola & Klopp And it proved to be the case as Ben Yedder made an immediate impact, collecting a pass from Ever Banega to smash in a low finish.With United reeling, Ben Yedder soon added his eighth goal of this season’s Champions League, De Gea unable to claw out the striker’s looping header.Jose Mourinho had already played his trump card, bringing on Paul Pogba, who was only fit enough for the bench, and United stumbled to a shock home defeat despite Romelu Lukaku sparking a grandstand finish.FT: @ManUtd 1-2 #SevillaFCDREAMS COME TRUE IN MANCHESTER!!! AFTER 60 YEARS WE ARE IN THE QUARTER-FINALS OF THE @ChampionsLeague #vamosmisevilla #UCL pic.twitter.com/jdQ1TjCra9— Sevilla FC (@SevillaFC_ENG) March 13, 2018Lukaku blazed wide in the second minute after a smart one-two with Jesse Lingard created an early opportunity for United.Joaquin Correa flashed a near-post header narrowly over the crossbar from Banega’s left-wing corner, with Luis Muriel then wasteful after Eric Bailly’s sloppy pass played Sevilla in.Muriel dragged another decent opening wide of the far post after Pablo Sarabia sent the winger through on goal, with Sevilla dominating the opening half-hour.United finally worked a clear opening in the 38th minute, a powerful drive from Marouane Fellaini beaten away by Sergio Rico after Alexis Sanchez turned a one-two into the path of the Belgium international, who was making his first start of 2018.49 – Ever Banega completed 49 of his 52 passes in the first half, at least 21 more than any Manchester United player. Dreamer. pic.twitter.com/CDViEmCTVl— OptaJose (@OptaJose) March 13, 2018Bailly’s superbly-timed challenge denied Correa in the box, then Rico had to make a smart save down to his right to turn a snapshot from Jesse Lingard around the post.With United lacking tempo on the ball and invention in midfield, Mourinho turned to Pogba on the hour-mark, the midfielder replacing Fellaini.United continued to be sloppy on the ball, Pogba curling a 72nd-minute effort narrowly wide, but it was a Sevilla substitute who came up with the opener.Ben Yedder had been on the pitch just 87 seconds when he controlled a smart pass from Banega, took a touch to steady himself and drilled a fine finish inside De Gea’s left-hand post.Before United could respond it was 2-0 and game over, chaotic defending allowing Ben Yedder to divert a goalbound header that a desperate De Gea was unable to stop crossing the line.19 – Wissam Ben Yedder has scored 19 goals in all comps this season, only Fekir & Griezmann (21) have scored more among the French players of the Top 5 European Leagues. Timely.— OptaJean (@OptaJean) March 13, 2018Lukaku sparked a late fightback by turning in a Marcus Rashford corner but United could not match Sevilla’s clinical edge in front of goal.De Gea denied Ben Yedder his hat-trick in added time, but it mattered little as Vincenzo Montella celebrated having masterminded a famous victory for his side. Key Opta Facts:- Including the 2011 final, Manchester United have only won one of their last nine Champions League knockout games (D3 L5).- After progressing from the last 16 in five successive seasons – United have now been eliminated at this stage in two of their last three Champions League campaigns (2012-13 and 2017-18).- This was the first defeat of a Premier League club by a La Liga club in the Champions League in 2017-18, at the ninth attempt (two wins for PL clubs, six draws).- Sevilla are just the third side to score 2+ goals at Old Trafford against United under Jose Mourinho (Manchester City, twice and Burnley).- Sevilla attempted 21 shots in this match – the most that Manchester United have allowed an opposition side at Old Trafford in a competitive match since Real Madrid attempted 22 in March 2013 (Champions League).- In fact, Manchester City are the only other side to beat Manchester United at Old Trafford in Mourinho’s tenure at the club (1-2 in September 2016 and 1-2 in December 2017).- David de Gea has conceded more goals in this match (2) than in his previous five Champions League games this season (1).- Wissam Ben Yedder’s first goal was the fastest scored by a substitute in the Champions League this season (87 seconds).  read morelast_img read more

Three Things Matt Wells Said Before Texas Tech Faces Oklahoma State

first_imgMatt Wells’ tenure in Lubbock is off to a rough start.After beating up on Montana State and UTEP, Texas Tech has lost back-to-back games to Arizona and Oklahoma. The Red Raiders also lost starting quarterback Alan Bowman, who accounted for much of Tech’s offense before going down with injury.The Red Raiders have a chance to right the ship this weekend against Oklahoma State. Here are some things Wells touched on at his Monday news conference.1. Jett Duffey the Guy Going ForwardThe Red Raiders traveled to Norman last week with a two-quarterback system after losing starter Alan Bowman to injury.Rice transfer Jackson Tyner got the start against OU, but he didn’t last long. Tyner went 1-for-5 before Jett Duffey took over, and Wells said Duffey will be the guy moving forward.Duffey was 11-for-20 for 120 yards against OU on Saturday. Duffey also got a lot of run last season in Bowman’s absence. In 2018, Duffey completed 68 percent of his passes for 1,221 yards, eight touchdowns and six interceptions. He also ran for 369 yards and four touchdowns.“When he pulls it down, he can run,” Wells said. “He is a dual-threat. He throws the ball well when he throws it on time. … Jett’s care-factor is high, and I respect that. I appreciate that. I think he does have some talent.”2. Containing OSU’s Three StarsOSU’s opposing coaches always get asked about three guys: Chuba Hubbard, Tylan Wallace and Spencer Sanders.It was no different with Wells at his presser Monday, starting with Hubbard, the nation’s leading rusher.“He’s patient,” Wells said. “They do a lot of schemes where he’s able to read, and then he’s strong and physical. I mean, 180-something yards rushing a game or whatever that number is, he’s a talented young man and certainly a big challenge for our defense.”The Red Raiders allowed CeeDee Lamb to catch seven passes for 185 yards and three touchdowns Saturday. Wells was asked about the comparisons between defending Lamb and Wallace.“Elite, two of the best in this league, CeeDee and Wallace,” Wells said. “Every time they touch the ball, they got home-run speed. They got home-run ability. They can make you pay if you don’t tackle well. Making plays on the ball becomes paramount when you play elite talent like that.”Wells said Sanders ability to run opens up a lot of possibilities for OSU offensive coordinator Sean Gleeson.“The guy gives you a chance to win,” Wells said. “He’s dynamic — pocket breaks down, he’s dynamic. You gotta have eyes on him. When plays break down, he makes you a better play caller because he can hurt ya.”3. On OSU’s DefenseThe Cowboys’ defense has given up 9.8 points a half since the second half in Tulsa.Kansas State only mustered eight first downs against OSU this past weekend. That’s not a great sign for a Tech team that got doubled up in yardage Saturday.“Multiple coverages in the secondary,” Wells said. “Talented skill kids. I see a lot of D-linemen that are fresh up front because they play a lot of guys up front. But they’re dynamic and unique in terms of their scheme on defense — create a lot of issues, create a lot of confusion for receivers or quarterbacks.” While you’re here, we’d like you to consider subscribing to Pistols Firing and becoming a PFB+ member. It’s a big ask from us to you, but it also comes with a load of benefits like ad-free browsing (ads stink!), access to our premium room in The Chamber and monthly giveaways.The other thing it does is help stabilize our business into the future. As it turns out, sending folks on the road to cover games and provide 24/7 Pokes coverage like the excellent article you just read costs money. Because of our subscribers, we’ve been able to improve our work and provide the best OSU news and community anywhere online. Help us keep that up.last_img read more

Cardale Jones Reportedly Signing With New NFL Team

first_imgA closeup of Cardale Jones warming up for an Ohio State football game.COLUMBUS, OH – SEPTEMBER 19: Quarterback Cardale Jones #12 of the Ohio State Buckeyes warms up before the game against the Northern Illinois Huskies at Ohio Stadium on September 19, 2015 in Columbus, Ohio. (Photo by Andrew Weber/Getty Images)Former Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones has reportedly found a new team. Jones is signing with the Seattle Seahawks’ practice squad, according to NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero.Jones was waived by the Los Angeles Chargers last Saturday after spending two years with the team. He never appeared in a game, however.Russell Wilson is obviously entrenched as the Seattle starter, with veteran Geno Smith backing him up. Jones will provide further depth on the taxi squad.The #Seahawks are signing QB Cardale Jones to their practice squad, source said.— Tom Pelissero (@TomPelissero) September 7, 2019 Jones began his pro career with the Buffalo Bills in 2016 after being selected in the fourth round of the NFL Draft. He played in one game with the Bills, completing 6-of-11 passes for 96 yards and an interception.Buffalo traded him to the Chargers in the summer of 2017 for a conditional draft pick.Jones is probably never going to get an opportunity to be a consistent starter in the NFL; he’s simply too raw of a passer.However, there’s no shame in continuing to find your way onto rosters and cashing paychecks.last_img read more

Awareness initiatives for environment in city schools and markets on KMC radar

first_imgKolkata: The Environment department of Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) will carry out awareness programmes regarding environmental issues through out the year. There will be programmes at each of the 16 boroughs and awareness activities will be carried out in schools and market places.The observance kicked off with a programme in front of KMC headquarters to mark the occasion of World Environment Day on June 5 in presence of Mayor Firhad Hakim and other senior officials of the civic body and a number of school students. Also Read – City bids adieu to Goddess DurgaThe programme was not held on June 5 as there was a national holiday due to Eid which fell on the same day. “There will be awareness activities at the borough level to make people aware of the evil effects of air pollution, plastic pollution, pollution from construction materials etc. The borough with the best awareness programme will be awarded by the civic body,” said Swapan Samaddar, MemberMayor in Council (Environment ) said. Sammadar added that the civic body will reach out to schools in the city and market places too. “We are stressing upon awareness campaigns in schools as we feel that it is the students who can deliver the message of environment issues in the best possible way. Students will tell their parents about the need of planting more trees and preserve greenery,” the Mayor said. Plantation programmes were held across the city on Friday and school students were roped in large numbers. Immediately after taking oath as the city’s Mayor in December 2018 Hakim had announced that the civic body will be waiving property tax upto 90 percent if somebody takes to urban forestry by planting big trees on his/ her land. The tax deduction will be on the basis of the land where he takes up the plantation programme.last_img read more

Former deputy gets 10 years for receiving child porn

first_imgORLANDO, Fla. – A former Florida deputy has been sentenced to 10 years in federal prison for receiving child pornography after the RCMP reported his online activity to American authorities.Court records show 36-year-old Kevin Hutchinson was sentenced this week in Orlando federal court.The former Orange County deputy pleaded guilty in May.Earlier this year, the Mounties alerted the U.S. Department of Homeland Security of child pornography being sent through Kik, a Canadian-based social media messaging app, from an IP address in the Orlando area. That address was traced to Hutchinson.A search warrant was issued at Hutchinson’s home.Investigators say he possessed 5,872 images and 1,625 videos of child pornography.last_img

Mississauga shooting was targeted at group filming rap video police

first_imgPeel Regional Police Chief Chris McCord says the shooting in Mississauga that killed a 17-year-old boy and injured five others on Saturday was targeted.Officers were called to Darcel Avenue near Morning Star Drive just before 6:30 p.m. The shooting is believed to have occurred close to a parkette behind a building complex.The 17-year-old boy was pronounced dead on the scene. He lived in the complex and police say he was not the intended target of the shooting.Neighbours and friends of the family have identified the boy as Jonathan Davis.McCord said the “ambush-type” attack was targeted at a group filming a rap video in the area and some of the victims were innocent bystanders. He added that the victims are not directly related but it is possible that they know each other. It’s unclear if they are all from Mississauga or live in the complex.A previous music video filmed in the area and released online was the motivation for the attack, he said. Officers are currently reviewing that video, but McCord says there is “information” in it that challenges other people in the community and “that’s what upset [the attackers]”The suspects were dressed in dark clothing and balaclavas and McCord says they covertly approached on foot from the side of a building. Once they were in position, they “indiscriminately” fired into the parkette area with semi-automatic handguns and then fled on foot.Peel Region Shooting:7 suspects involved, dressed in dark clothing, trying to conceal their identity. They open fire in a Parkette, & a number of innocent victims are hit: 17 yr-old male shot dead.13 yr-old girl 16 yr old2 17 year old males (1 was released)Women in her 50’s pic.twitter.com/xBZI8KyVtQ— Faiza Amin (@Faiza_AminTV) September 15, 2019One of the victims, a woman in her 50s, was taken to a trauma centre in life-threatening condition. Chief McCord said she is now in stable condition.Four others also suffered serious injuries — the youngest being a 13-year-old girl. A 16-year-old boy and two 17-year-old boys also suffered gunshot wounds. One of the 17-year-old boys has since been released and the other three victims are in stable, non-life-threatening condition.A witness and family friend tells CityNews the 13-year-old girl recently moved to Canada with her family from Turkey and they are Syrian refugees. She was on the first floor of the building when she heard the shots and when she ran toward the window, she was hit by a bullet.In a release, police say there are more than seven suspects and over 100 shell casings were found at the scene.Investigators are looking to speak with the driver of an ice cream truck that was parked in the complex, where families with children were gathered at the time of the attack. As the events unfolded, the truck left the scene and police are asking the driver to identify themselves to aid in the investigation.McCord said the suspects are still at large but there is no further threat to public safety and stressed that Mississauga remains one of the safest cities in Canada.Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie also spoke with media and said she was “crushed” to hear of the “senseless, violent crime” and will advocate for increased funding to combat guns and gangs.When I spoke to residents in Malton, they were visibly shaken & deeply upset. My thoughts are with the innocent young boy who passed & the victims who are still recovering. I’m advocating for increased funding for a police station in Malton & for our share of gun & gangs funding.— Bonnie Crombie Police will remain in the area for a considerable period of time. Witnesses or anyone with information is asked to come forward or leave an anonymous tip with Peel Crime Stoppers.last_img read more

Forest fires in Northwest BC causing heavy smoke in the Peace Region

first_imgFORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – A special air quality statement that was issued by Environment Canada on Tuesday due to large amounts of smoke in the air remains in effect for all of Northeast B.C. today.According to Firesmoke.ca, the excessive smoke is coming from a number of large fires burning in Northwest B.C.Current Fire Danger Rating. Photo by the Government of British Columbia. For more information on air quality click here. Fires burning in North B.C. Map by the B.C. Wildfire service.A map of all active wildfires on the BC Wildfire Service website shows that no new major fires have erupted in the B.C. Peace and Fort Nelson regions, where the fire danger rating is currently between moderate and high.Of the fires that are burning in Northeast B.C. only two are over one thousand hectares in size. The two mentioned are the Nelson Forks Fire and the Helmut Air Strip fire which are 1,212 and 3,593 hectares respectively.Residents with pre-existing health conditions such as asthma and lung disease are especially at risk of suffering health effects. Also at risk are Children, seniors, and those with cardiovascular diseases.Environment Canada is urging residents to stay indoors if they have breathing difficulties. Residents should find indoor ventilated areas, opening windows could let more polluted air inside. If residents homes aren’t ventilated they should consider going somewhere that is.Be air aware! Check your local weather forecasts and alerts so you know when to take extra care.last_img read more