Sharing experience with GG for the first time

received GG payment for the first time. It’s nice to share the next

ha ha, did not expect to accept payment is so simple, I was in Everbright Bank received, although only 180 knives, front desk MM very enthusiastic, I fill in the form 3 times to fill in the correct, the following details

1 collection can be at post, agricultural bank, Everbright Bank, I am in the vast number of banks.

2, as the website owner, is completely free of charge, and GG has paid the service charge in the United states.


3 to that money must take 1. payment amount, 2. of the payment of the money transfer control number (MTCN), the government issued 3. valid documents (passport, driver’s license, identity card, etc.) 4. remitter information I took to direct printing on a piece of paper.

4, when filling out the exchange receipt, it is required to write in English, can not appear Chinese characters, my English is not good, and use pinyin, ha ha, you can also. Will not fill in, then ask the teller MM, should give you more detailed answers, read more

Why brand milk tea shop easy to join

a lot of friends like tea, a lot of friends want to get rich will also want to open a tea shop belonging to their own. So, when the shop, why brand tea shop to join the business will be better to do? Xiao Bian for us to do some simple introduction.

first, choose to join will be the headquarters of the headquarters will provide all kinds of support, such as tea formula, site evaluation, style of decoration design, material distribution and other aspects of tea, these are the big influence of the tea shop, if the milk formula not bad taste, who will come to drink? If the store location is not good, no one to buy milk tea, milk tea shop with what to maintain? If the store design is not reasonable, can not let a person shine at the moment, what in the fierce competition in the tea industry to survive?

then, when a tea shop has just opened, the brand of tea is very large, a well-known brand, a never seen under the brand awareness, reputation and influence of multiple comparison, a complete absence of famous brand is difficult to be able to attract consumers, if the shop at the beginning have suffered setbacks, not to mention the blow to consumers and operators for the time being, what impression? read more

Shenyang college students to raise the maximum amount of loans available 3 million

new year in the new deal after another, following many cities to increase the amount of funds to support entrepreneurship, Shenyang also recently raised the amount of loans. College students can earn up to 3 million yuan of venture capital loans.

in Shenyang College business loans of up to 3 million, recommended entrepreneurial projects may also be subsidized. The day before, Shenyang City People Club Bureau issued on the implementation of the "Circular on further improving the implementation of the views of" the employment work under the new situation of entrepreneurial work related issues, improve Shenyang city all kinds of employment support standard, has already begun to implement. read more

What are the successful home Tea Museum Raiders

what kind of business can be done in the end, the need to combine the needs of the market. In short, only the real demand, such business will be hot up. The tea house can give busy city people to provide a good place for tea, calm the mood, but also can let the tea reward people leisure arts. With the rise of tea culture, more and more tea houses around the country, sometimes in a street will appear several different tea museum. According to incomplete statistics, there are a total of 500 Tea Museum in Beijing (not including the establishment of the hotel and the hotel is not registered in the tea house alone).

1, tea is not open the door to make money

on the surface, the tea house should certainly make money, because now out tea consumption is often more expensive than a meal, but the tea house seems very low cost, neither hired chef, and not many buy raw materials, it seems only a dozen boxes of tea, dozens of tea set. A dozen people drinking the attendants to stress the point in some water purification equipment can. read more

Retail stores want to develop customer needs and give play to the advantage of commodities – Ne

the biggest difference between a large customer and a regular fit is the number of items purchased. If the goods do not have the advantage, for the individual, may be two times the inconvienent, but for large customers, the store may not be able to cooperate again, because it is not easy to cause greater losses. Therefore, the retail store wants to develop large customers, naturally need to give play to the advantages of goods.

commodity procurement is the most important commodity. If you run the quality of the goods is not good, quality is not high, less variety, so the geographical position, good relations with each other again good also is no good, after all of your goods does not meet the requirements of people, they do not meet the procurement requirements. Therefore, the retail customers in order to develop large customers, we must take advantage of the goods to win big customers.

I have a beverage company in the area, and their location is located in a supermarket opposite me. In June last year, the company needed to purchase a number of quality carpets, but did not find the carpet after the supermarket goods. Helpless, the company had to go to other shopping malls to buy. By October, the company went to the supermarket to buy Bedding, but because too few varieties, grades are not high, the company had to go to another supermarket to buy. This happened several times after the incident, the company lifted the purchase contract with the supermarket, and re identified a retail outlet. read more