Site from Baidu ranked fifth to be K station experience and lessons

is now the grassroots webmaster, most estimates are in rely on search engines to flow from Google China after the incident, traffic from Google according to A5 forum survey is less and less, we have to rely more on the Chinese boss search engine: Baidu. Baidu is a word from the " he found the degreeses. When I look back, that person but in the lights dim, " this word, but let Baidu webmaster always feel Baidu such as water, flowers in the mirror, constantly changing, cannot measure, see reach. She occasionally give you a favor, one day traffic from Baidu rose, but the total is not a few day. She became a dream such as fog, such as electricity.

Baidu toss mood is extremely unstable, an unsettled state of mind., it is affecting the physical and mental health. But in order to live, to the point that point to the flow of advertising. No way, or to spare no effort to engage in search engine optimization, find the reasons, find a way to get the hang of." looking for, desolate, desolate sad. When the cold, the most difficult to rate " Li Qingzhao used this word to describe this process most of the time if it is very appropriate. read more

Talking about my experience of doing websites for 40 days

I really got into touch with the Internet in 2006 October. Since Li Jiacheng donated to rural primary schools in Anhui in 2005, rural primary schools began to have their first computer. In October 06, the school of computer networking, I began to contact with the network, at the beginning, I almost all the time to play the game, but also not a big game, is the QQ of the landlords, upgrades and chess games, and at that time just to catch up with their own school, so I always play until late at night until three, after about 40 days, the end of the school. I still play games very often.

in February 2007, I bought my own computer and got on the net. I bought it even though my family strongly opposed it. At first, I was just chatting and playing games, and after a few months, I started searching for ways to make money on the internet. A search for a variety of networks makes money all out, and titles are very attractive, what makes 100 a day, or more than 1 thousand a month. A variety of surveys, such as the first investigation, QTick, air traveler network, Chinese sand into the tower, Witkey, pig Witkey, news times, 365 home, epanel, comr, I registered. Then I found it hard to make money on the internet. I registered the site, only 20 yuan in the title guest Wangzhuan (about a year), the other is integral, but can not change, some survey to inform you to participate in the investigation, but when you go in, do you do not meet the conditions, then do not let the. Of course, some people may make money through these sites, but for a novice, in which to make money, is very difficult, it is difficult to stick with it! The micro passenger network can make money, but some have certain skills can, especially to understand the graphic design program, and I this is a blank, I engaged in simple activities to help people named the final competition for too many people, never too standard. But can only find another way, this time I came into contact with blogs and websites to make money, I read many articles, say money blogging is very difficult, unless the traffic is very large, such as the star of the blog is to make money. So I didn’t choose blogging to make money, and chose the website. read more

Vertical electricity supplier seeking change from childhood to the United States and high encycloped

People familiar with the

industry all know, from where to red child to cotton net, many sub vertical electric providers have fallen, become martyrs. Many of them fell from the "small and beautiful" vertical electricity supplier to the "big and all" comprehensive electricity supplier expansion road.

energy-saving, diseased trees ahead wanmuchun. Although many losers, but as the current hot vertical electricity supplier – fresh electricity supplier areas, there are still players on the "high Daquan" platform operation road. Recently, the vertical fresh electricity supplier was platform injection news constantly, SF’s fresh electricity supplier SF preferred also opened its own platform road.

at the beginning of May this year, SF preferred sales category expanded from fresh food to 3C, department stores, food category in self at the same time, launched open platform, the introduction of more third party through the original hey mall open platform products. read more

We’ve found the needs of our users, but we just can’t produce them

if you were interested in the field of Internet entrepreneurship a few years ago, the name Adioso would probably not make you feel strange. As a new generation of flight search sites, the services offered by Adioso are romantic. You just type in "tomorrow’s departure to warm places" or "go to Southeast Asia for two months", and the website will tell you exactly where and where the cheapest flights are.

as Y combinator 2009 Winter class, how is Adioso developing now? Not so good.

we’re out of money. Apart from me and another founder, all team members left the company, and we were physically and mentally exhausted. The company’s first investor and mentor bluntly said, "we took investors’ money to the failure.". We are basically one of all failed start-ups.

if Adioso ideas make you feel strange, you do not stand head and shoulders above others. In fact, users love and look forward to Adioso’s services. But where is the mistake? Is it possible for the entrepreneur’s financing ability, or is their lack of management ability possible?. But, according to founder Tom Howard, the reason for the failure is that such an ideal system cannot be built at all. read more

SNS network era, where do you map your network

today’s Internet era in travel arranged in a crisscross pattern, new life, who will have a SNS account, then you will fall behind! SNS, full name Social Networking Services, the social networking services, specifically designed to help people build a social network of Internet application services. Now more popular, popular SNS sites such as happy, school, online and Bing, are relatively young, energetic new generation of network products, no doubt by the majority of friends love.

happy network

"happy net" is not a SNS website, it is only a "WebGame" in SNS, it has the characteristics of two kinds of products, but has lost its own characteristics, it has its own characteristics, it is now the most fatal injuries. Happy net claims to be no download QQ, by the office of idle people, the front desk girl’s favorite, providing a small game for white-collar workers to provide contact with each other’s emotional platform. This is more attractive than the only share, photo, share, blog, but also more cordial, no wonder the campus network also buy domain name at high prices to understand the hate of the heart. read more

Why is it difficult for portals to take root in the two or three – tier cities

local portal site has always been the grassroots in the operation process of weakness, especially in the two or three line of the city, grass-roots groups their own resources is not enough to compensate for the reading needs of user groups. Therefore, the two or three line of the city there is no successful local portal, then this means that the portal station in the two or three line of the city has no future? I was not, although the two or three line has its own disadvantages, but the two or three line of the city also has its own advantages. The information coverage rate is wide, the dissemination is more rapid, the competition pressure is small and so on, all is two or three line cities to give the portal station preferential benefit". So, if you are a grass roots in the two or three tier cities, but also want to do portal station, then master certain skills and operational strategy is particularly important.

it is necessary to make full use of social resources. As one of the two or three line of the city, said the truth information generation rate is relatively slow, and the needs of users and is often greater than the amount produced, so the owners pay attention to when they can provide the resources can not meet the requirement to operate the site, must call social resources actively to meet the rigid index of self development, such as you can with the administrative organization, local government departments, schools, hotels, entertainment venues have close contact, so that they will be fixed or provide you with information resources, to meet the specific needs of some fixed groups, this way not only enrich the contents of their site, and growth have also introduced some new user user viscosity. read more

Station owner demand drives relevant Group buy, IDC group buys gradually popular

in August just ended the Beijing 2010 China Internet Conference, the birth of a new keyword "home economy."". Experts, it is a new word which appears with the rise of the Internet, mainly at home, home to work part-time, home or work in business at home, while the use of the Internet consumption is also an essential part of "home economy" at home." "Home economy" phenomenon is the emergence of the Internet along with the continuous development of network applications gradually related to our daily life and emerge as the times require. Basic necessities of life, friends, love, work, business and other acts, along with the network community, e-commerce, instant messaging and other applications mature gradually transferred to the network, you can go home without a transaction. The service Internet is deeply rooted.

, and the "home economy" behind the continuous innovation, to meet the needs of Internet users, the use of Web sites to provide products, services and content, realize the value of network applications, traffic will be transformed into profitable personal adsense. It can be said to the needs of users to provide pregnant hotbed of "home economy", and personal webmaster as representative of the network of entrepreneurs constantly hatching a variety of products and services created network demand, and transformed into the value of money. According to the twenty-sixth China Internet development report CNNIC7 released by the China users reached 420 million, growth of 2.9% compared to the end of 09, the broadband penetration rate reached 98.1%, the scale of broadband users reached 364 million, Internet users and broadband penetration rate has greatly increased, the local users of information demand growth, emerge in an endless stream of various network applications, to provide great potential for Internet business. read more

Talking about the operation experience of rapid acquisition of daily traffic IP5000

nowadays, the webmaster will pay attention to this phenomenon, it is everywhere sucks about how to get a lot of traffic in IP. And one day gets tens of thousands of exaggeration, such as IP SEO and so on in secret. Below we analyze the authenticity of these articles and their main access to IP means.

admittedly, a popular way to get traffic right now is really effective, that is, using popular keywords to obtain large amounts of traffic by SEO means. About this, the author also personally experienced, such as during the Spring Festival, the Spring Festival party, the Spring Festival stars, blessing SMS, etc. are hot keywords, net name search great. In the new year’s day to the sixth day of the lunar new year a few days, I went to the station traffic on IP5000. It can be said that there is no practical advanced SEO technology. Only use Baidu index, Baidu search rankings and Baidu news, every day to observe the popular keyword search volume, according to the change timely adjust the website article topics and keywords, to obtain a stable high flow. It can be said that Baidu news and Baidu search ranking is a steady flow of traffic banks. Just take advantage of it and you’ll get a lot of traffic, and never worry about the days when there are no hot keywords. read more

This summer, the fire of the small entrepreneurial projects 9800 yuan will be able to do

if you want to ask a professional investment adviser, the summer of Hefei’s most popular, the most popular small entrepreneurial projects? Answer: nine in ten for dessert. From last year, between April and May and September, in the scorching sun, Hefei produced a large and small dozens of dessert shop.

management experience:

catch before summer opening, in one fell swoop do Wang popularity, is the main reason for the success of small chapter all-match dessert of fruit. Moreover, her focus on the hardware technology, the software is also very carefully, the recruitment and training of talkative lively young employees, to update the dynamic music player, pay attention to customers, do Mong VIP ring.

open in the fruit dessert shop all-match Dragon River Road, the whole street is undoubtedly a model of talent shows itself since April this year, the opening of business on the upgrade, a group of bigger, rising turnover, now a monthly income of four thousand or five thousand yuan is very easy. read more

Talking about the operation and opportunity of talent network

is now the financial crisis, many people can not find work, many people feel that our talent website will flow, it can earn, but the fact is just the opposite, although people looking for work, but the recruitment of enterprises? Now recruitment is low, so now the talent network how to operate, I collected several methods of


1, first do your own web site, the plate to do good point, clear point, do landscaping, try to use small pixel pictures, do not do animation (prevent IE open when the page stuck), to ensure that visitors speed.

2, and all kinds of city and city talent friendship link, of course, the weight should be biased to the province, the field link to do more, not necessarily good. While doing the link, I also know that I have made part of like-minded friends.

3, through the production of enterprise website for customers, attached to the link in our link, let the chain more. At the same time, I wish also a mode where live webmaster, I hope you live a happy life (now the individual stationmaster basically is for customers to do station life, use the money to operate their own websites, there is little hope). read more

Web Feature Theory + + Color + persistence = success

what is website characteristic theory? What is characteristic again? With many things and new ideas, it must be out of the question. In my opinion, if you want to have characteristics, you should not only have "special", but also have the necessary "color", coupled with perseverance, I believe you will succeed.

some people do stand for almost 10 years, there are people on the server, ready to continue to download the cause of small pot. According to the broad masses of the people saying, surely the behind is not unique, but no one can deny his success, because he has created a new situation, from the temple has become a Buddha, his name is Clinch, his website called green software alliance.

Not only is the special characteristics of

, especially it’s in Chinese has been flooded with steel spring, the website should pay attention to the color, especially in your personal resources, color is your enemy weapon, said the most vulgar analogy, men want to conquer the desire of beauty is a beauty hope men have fallen for her as strong as, what is the contrast between beauty and beauty? To the vulgar ratio method is a colorimetric. To be honest, this ratio method is a bit vulgar, vulgar but outstanding Clinch although not what features: neither Ajax screen full of running, there is no circle that said, he put the download do quite ordinary, but the green software well, because of the outstanding "color", he conquered the other as a user "man". Now every day by 200 thousand IP traffic, contented and happy. read more

The survival of community sites in the economic crisis

the world economic crisis has broken out, and China can not get rid of the negative effects of the financial crisis. In this storm sweeping through the world, China’s Internet industry will be affected by some factors, such as capital structure. As the carrier of all kinds of advertising alliance community has recently been favored, but also because of reduced advertising and again have to consider the problem of existence itself, the "cold winter" has become the focus of the recent discussion of the webmaster community.

think, especially small and medium-sized community site is a pressing matter of the moment to expand channels, self-reliance, initiative to return in their own hands, blindly rely on advertising is not a permanent solution. So how can make the site take the initiative to grasp their income rights,


and many webmaster communicate this problem, there are some better sound, that is, directly into the field of e-commerce is a good plan. At present, there are thousands of companies to promote sales of products in the field of electronic commerce through the Internet, and the Internet e-commerce platform of large and small and require different channels of the products quickly and effectively communicate to the terminal consumers, at present, the online community is the most effective carrier terminal. In addition to relying on the platform itself to spread, the advertising alliance, search and promotion is the most mainstream form of online publishing. read more

Knight a brief description of your life in the Internet

knight, aged 23, Zhejiang, Quzhou, graduated from Quzhou University. 14 years old contact computer, 16 years old learned to surf the Internet, 7 years network age. When I was in junior high school, I reported to the school’s computer class before I contacted the computer. Later, when I was in high school, my brother gave me a QQ, before the official start of the contact network, my place is very poor, but the school to buy a computer is not late, my pursuit of new things are strong, so may be more obsessed than the students of computer, cherish the opportunity to learn.

was very poor, and when he was in high school, his relatives sent a computer. He was so happy, so he cherished the opportunity to learn. Many people are thankful for poverty. Are you also grateful for your poor growth environment,


in fact, I personally have been keen on programming in school, because a deskmate’s sake makes me like programming, but also love self-study. At that time, the class will not and now my friend is my deskmate deskmate, have their own computer at home, contact the computer very early in the morning, he saw the C language at the time, I am very curious, I only heard English, French, Japanese, and how the C language, so it is curious what it can do. But I knew then that it was a computer language. At that time, my relatives sent me a computer, so I became more interested in learning computer. Then, on Sunday I went to the school computer room online, just picked up a VB6.0 book, I immediately get back on it, because I know this course in the second semester, I in the summer holidays basically look at the book for two months, although do not understand, but down. So it was easy to study later. read more

Experience with Marx’s two site building

contact Marx

first contact with Marx is in the Marx film program just at that time, because do not stand, but also class, every day in the water mix behind, outdated, accidentally one day to see Marx in his propaganda program. He opened his website, take a look at the demo demo station first feeling is not good-looking, but what attracts me most is his function, do not need their own servers, direct hotlink 56.youku of the video resources. Nice.

is not free, online, no crack version, so directly to buy commercial users, should be bought earlier. Through a personal understanding of the buy only more than 100 points, the time to buy seems to be 3. The program, just bought when not directly do the station, first studies program, to understand the program in.

selling coolies earn a little money,


did not do stand, time spent on research program, our class is not a lot, so it is a lot of time. At that time there was no acquisition, data is basically manual added. But looking for resources or a lot of trouble… This time business group in the Phoenix to find someone to add data, think of yourself. Do you agree, not much money, but can sell a lot of data points. This in advance. It has been spent three days to finish all add a page 56 of the TV series. Start selling in the forum. At that time is not a lot of data. The data, I also compare. Video address the plot is introduced, the pictures have sold, so the effect is good. But because the price is not high, remember the 20 is a copy of it. So it can not earn much money. Only. Then the people come to me to buy movie data, because too tired, he did not do. read more

Be careful when making links

website Links is important, but you need to do Links carefully, like a second-hand car, optimistic, there is nothing wrong with just bought not deceived specific I do not want to say, only our chat record posted, you experience it, I think you should to do after Links help:

841638111, 10:36:31

Hello, we are

of sunshine Tutoring Network

841638111, 10:36:49


exchange your homepage link with your station?

Ming 11:10:22

, give me the address, look at 11:22:13 sunshine tutor

Ming 11:22:57

IP, how much?


ygjj.c om 11:23:59

more than 10000

ygjj.c om 11:28:55


work together,


Ming 11:29:04

, your connection is much better,

ygjj.c om 11:30:07

, you said our main home page,


Ming 11:31:05

exchange connection,

ygjj.c om 11:31:27

, you’re in our area,


Ming 11:31:28

mine: free papers

Ming 11:31:34

I do home page

ygjj.c om 11:32:07

we’ve only done regional home links, and PR peer-to-peer swaps,

Ming 11:32:16

areas do not do read more

How can individual website develop

personal website how to develop? This is probably a lot of personal Adsense headache but not every hour and moment in the question, of course, the situation also in thinking, I’m not here to talk about the experience, just talk about the personal views and suggestions (if that is recommended Oh!).

first introduce myself, I am (Domain Name: Amoy HowNet is very bad yo, can not think of a good domain name) the station, the station is just beginning to do my station, now little traffic, every day only one hundred or so, before the storm did an environmental protection station, one year of operation, at the beginning of the year the station was sold, the price of 20 thousand, I earned a little, but the real hard, oh, of course, also learn some skills and knowledge, it is also because of this, I was thinking of making a Amoy HowNet such website, purpose is to put all the wisdom together. Well, cut the crap. Now talk about what you do.

one, be sure to locate the theme of your website. read more

Electricity supplier operators three ways to promote active users

as a business operation often referred to meow, single passenger volume, sales and other business indicators, and these indicators are related to business, and users, in fact, in the business operation of APP, a part of the user operation is also very important. In the user operation, through open source and throttling, users remain in the user pool, and through the promotion of active users, ordinary users will be converted into paid users.

users are active with two layers of meaning: first, let the user stay, and then increase the user’s activity. Why would the user left to it, the electricity supplier APP, what kind of things you sell rich, cheap and adequate inventory, this is the first condition to attract users, then you need to rely on some means to promote active users. Electricity supplier APP in promoting active users, there are ways to follow it,


1. Building a user incentive system

any APP will use user incentives, and user incentives can help users to use APP for a long time. Electricity supplier APP user incentives in the following forms. read more

20 day promotion example analysis, how to improve website ranking

Hello everyone, I am Ouyang, long time no experience to share with you, because recently busy this promotion site to do the final sprint, all did not communicate with you. Now, I’ll take a station I do to share with you to improve the site ranking method, and before Ouyang wrote "Ouyang: talking about effectively improve the site ranking method", the emphasis is different.

promotion website name: private aircraft network

promotion site domain name: www.***.com

promotion website keywords: private aircraft, private aircraft network, private aircraft, price

promotion time: 20 days (June 2nd – June 22nd)

site keywords are currently ranked: private aircraft (Google 2, Baidu 11),

private aircraft network (Google 2, Baidu 2)

private jet price (Google 5, Baidu 1)

In this

, Ouyang did not tell the station how successful do promotion, just to share with you the 20 day promotion experience, because it was at the beginning of this station a few key words in Baidu’s ranking in 500 after. read more

Grassroots webmaster operating local portal five suggestions

nearly two years, with the rise of local websites, I also follow the trend of the Internet, set up their own local portal – Chifeng life network. Chifeng city is located in the eastern part of Inner Mongolia, more than 400 kilometers away from Beijing, here is the closest to Beijing Inner Mongolia prairie grassland – Hexigten Banner, in the hope that we work from Chifeng tourism ha, here we Chifeng made a small AD. Well, the website is set up to November 2010, because of their very dish, so choose the third party system, to avoid the problem of technology. The following main share with you more than half a year station experience, but also for the upcoming line of grassroots who provide some suggestions:

1., a man playing station era has been OUT,

local websites and garbage stations are not the same, the local portal is to provide local people with some supply and demand information on life and some consumer shopping guide information. So you need a lot of some early offline promotion, certainly some manpower, material resources, promoting the experience I had in A5 wrote an article: Grassroots webmaster should be how to effectively promote the local website, you can see here, not much to say. read more

How big will future web ads be

from the small text links to full screen advertising, from the "lower pop-up ads to direct at the top of the pop-up ads, great changes have taken place in advertising size and way, so that we can not help but think of the future, advertising will be to what extent? What will form? We review the development of Web Advertising:

February 2001, CNET took the lead out of the 360× 300 pixel "big advertising", according to reports, the advertisement has just launched a period of time, ultra high level hit rate had reached 14%, while the average click rate of less than 0.5% of the standard BANNER advertising. A few days later, Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) officially released the "online advertising standard size, including 300× 250 intermediate big rectangle, rectangle, 336× 280 240× 400 vertical rectangle and 250× 250" square pop-up ads.

, in July, IAB released a research report saying that the bigger the size of the online ad, the better the idea that the new ad could boost "critical impressions" by as much as 40%. However, the study also showed that while the overall effect of a huge ad is 3 times that of banner advertising (banner), it costs 5 times as much. In order to obtain higher click and pay advertising costs, advertisers are still worthwhile to discuss. In fact, some advertisers online advertising is not entirely according to IAB standards, some has been far greater than 336× recommendation 280, in major news sites, there are still 300 to 360× the most common pixel. read more