Lu Guofu what is the love of Shanghai ranked what situation

believe that Shanghai Longfeng optimization friends, remember that big update in May 20th, people are completely sad, what Shanghai Longfeng, what the user experience is what cloud, according to the official explanation is the problem of love Shanghai’s own server, but the data recovery is very fast, by the second day the basic ranking back, remember wrote a love Shanghai update today you hurt anyone, then ranking dropped a lot, there are pictures and the truth.

because he is now doing optimization of medical site, I search a few medical words, please look at the search "makes analgesia stream of people how much money, please see the screenshot:

search "how to treat oral cavity ulcer" of the word, please look at the screenshot:

We look at

map to search the long tail words, love Shanghai’s own products have occupied half of the home position, while the original is not so much now, but now, many of my friends say Shanghai is not smoking. Through these chart I think love Shanghai these days will be updated, after all, this result is not you want to see, we have the site also spell but a love of Shanghai know, as a result of user experience is really so good? There has been reported a fall in love with the sea removed. But the site still exists, do not know what time to love Shanghai to eradicate this situation, the last hope of love Shanghai really good user experience, don’t again hurt our webmaster heart, we are vulnerable. Looking forward to love Shanghai updated again, hope their ranking can go up, please remember the Guofu concern Lu Shanghai Longfeng blog. read more

Shanghai dragon takes a lot of resources and make its maximum efficiency

to do the promotion, micro-blog issued a call what others spread about, traffic suddenly came. In fact, their resources are to dig to accumulation and to discover, for example, you can program in a QQ group who have this kind of problems need to be solved, so you eager to help solve the problem, and then let the friend to add a link on your site. I think someone is not going to mean a link, of course, some people will say, I am a novice, no contacts, no technology, no resources, that this situation should be how to do this? You can only go up this road resources.

this number in the enterprise station also seem very scary, in fact, the general keywords also will not use this powerful link. Of course, the link also is just one kind of resources, I have a friend is to do so, the QQ group, it said he hands 2000 QQ group. A group of 200 people according to count, that is 400 thousand people. Use this to make promotion advertising, such as the name itself is advertising, you can also upload content promotion, mail promotion can. Since it did, the website traffic sources before search engines accounted for the bulk, and now is the source of the QQ system. read more

The details determine the success thing often neglected in Shanghai Dragon

, the original chain layout, the chain…… When the owners wake up the second, may jump out of their minds with these words. For a web site, this seemingly routine work is very important. However, when we work hard, but often forget to look up the road, missed the bright road of website development. And before I had a similar situation.

in the special period, a large number of Internet users browse constantly browsing sports articles. This kind of manuscript exposure is high, included opportunities, can bring high quality and high number of external links, help site reached a new height in a short period of time.

so, I began to carefully observe the keywords, found that higher ranking is like the NBA finals and the world cup Related words: Argentina coach exposure, 71 points, the Spurs NBA championship bonus. It was June 2014, NBA finals just started, but also the upcoming World Cup, the world’s most popular sport at once intertwined, flourishing situation like this, 4 years only once. Although I was mainly reproduced in the NBA and the world cup of the manuscript, but still did not think they bring the effect is so obvious. read more

Shanghai Er we make dragon vulnerable

is an opportunity to write this article I do a Shanghai Longfeng work friends because of overwork was hospitalized for more than 2 months, I really feel very surprised, but also feel very terrible, because I am also in this industry hunfanchi’s younger brother, I also keep every day at the computer, check ranking, see the love of Shanghai attention, network, the mood is always follow some love Shanghai data at any time. Hey, see friends, I sincerely lamented: Shanghai dragon Er, the original really weak ah, vulnerable. Below, I will tell the inventory, Shanghai dragon Er are how to take care of your body.

2: not a single to be careful

I’m here to emphasize single Shanghai Longfeng workers, because the author is a member of this vast bitter Shanghai dragon in er. In Shanghai dragon industry is indeed very hard, although the nature of the work can be free to "give me a computer, I can mess the whole network" to describe is not excessive, but the network world pick up the money I can’t catch up with the times, more and more difficult now to do network. Do optimization, every day staring at the rankings, the rows of digital ah, can you imagine? Trypophobia is absolutely not easy to see. The rankings, I’m very glad to, next, my mother, depressed ah, eat not sweet. This is not, if "accidentally" up, gave to the customer money, some customers should not give money. This is so I can not help but sigh: the world is big, Bitch much! You said we were easy to do, not every little entertainment, even to coming to the morning and go to bed at two o’clock. Eat is no meal that is short for Shanghai dragon pining away ". I don’t have the stomach is not in high spirit, digestion, the back starts is not quite up, ask, the girl can find you love read more

Represent the general trend development prospect and trend analysis of Shanghai Dragon

: Shanghai dragon is a time-consuming and laborious work, rather than to automate the whole process of the optimization, spend a lot of time and effort, from keyword research, structure optimization, promotion and maintenance…… To consume a large amount of manual time. At present in Shanghai Longfeng development of this piece basically can be divided into two types: personal undertaking, team or company. However not all the pros and cons. The ability of a person is much, although there are individual expert, but most of the Shanghai dragon Er are busy tired, just get some income, compared to the high consumption of life, and not what. If a team or company orders is large, the user’s credibility is higher, the effect will be more obvious. But the disadvantage is that if funding arrangements are not good words are likely to make money is only enough for everyone a drink or a company or team, this inevitably can not long sustain.

is the inevitable result of the development of Shanghai dragon, or just flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum is the search engine, the wheel is not perfect? In the end, or the user needs changing, a website may just stack a lot of keywords can optimize a few years ago, waiting for Everfount traffic free, but today after how much change? The old model to meet the new requirements, user needs to increase, more perfect more accurate positioning, upgrade the search engine technology revolution, fierce competition greatly small website…… How the Shanghai Longfeng situation, and where the development prospect and trend analysis of Shanghai dragon. read more

The basic corporate website optimization

website update is very important, but also to update the original content, original content of love Shanghai is a spider climb quickly. The original is not on the way to let you think spider is the original love Shanghai. I do the original news website, love Shanghai collected two days, fast and not included the miracle (below website address).

I have done before a site, the first time I was in high spirits, just staring at the site to see every day. I will send the chain to the industry website, hair products, at the beginning of the effect can also be, then I slowly slack, so the site also destroyed. So I understand the site of Shanghai dragon is not a day for two days, it requires us to persevere. Below I will briefly talk about my opinions on the new website optimization.

update site


hello. My name is Li Zhiwei, I am a Shanghai new dragon. Just let a friend help me to do a website, is a Jincun washing machinery enterprise station. I was a sales at the same time I also Shanghai dragon enthusiasts, has been in the study, I hope a lot of guidance. read more

The ultimate pseudo original teach you to create high-quality content sites

: what is the "ultimate pseudo original"

3, one into the view of

two: how to carry out the "ultimate pseudo original"

as the name suggests, "ultimate pseudo original" it’s not really original, but it will be better than the original, more outstanding, so that readers can’t see is processed or modified in the original basis, make it easier for the reader to accept. The "ultimate pseudo original" is not the original, it is not a simple pseudo original, but not to make people hate the plagiarism. On the original, pseudo original, the relationship between the specific meaning of plagiarism and please love Shanghai, here is not enough.

find the article, what kind of content is to be useful? When examining these contents, we should focus on the theme of our deep impression of the place of choice, to its dregs, take the essence, this week, eight is just a thought, can not say the way out the article can contribute through.

in accordance with the above method to integrate the. read more

The new site stage need to do four

3. update frequency, update the content of the website and the frequency of the chain is to be very stable, the decisive role for the website ranking stability.

1. learning search engine, we know the service platform is very important, so it can meet the needs of our site can go further.

website optimization has to do is not just literally to do. To contact reality, contact their customers and products of cultural knowledge, so the child can truly meet the needs of users, we can catch the real user traffic. This article from the www.cxfsdl贵族宝贝 (please indicate the source.

more than 2. submitted to the major search engines, it is time to update the site map

2. learning advantages of your competitors, you know powerful competitors, can we win.

The new stage of the main features of the

then combined with a small part of the new site do you webmaster how to deal with the problem of the new site indifferent stage. (case website Figure)

: inferior ranking effect and included the effect of changes of large floating. read more

To tell you the Shanghai dragon win over rivals only one case

I have seriously counted Wuhan Shanghai dragon the first ten pages of the blog, the content is the least of my blog, the domain name is the youngest in my blog, the chain (Webmaster Tools display inaccurate) at least is still my blog, why so few content and the chain, domain name age so small Xiao Ming Shanghai dragon blog to have more than 150 in the index of "Wuhan Shanghai dragon" ranking in the second page, and ranked in the first ten pages of the Shanghai love is the home page, in such a competitive situation, why Xiaoming Shanghai Longfeng blog can stand out? The most important reason which is "quality" two words, that is to say Xiao Ming Shanghai dragon blog is in good quality, the quality of the quality of the article and the chain is that I mentioned before writing this blog, every article Chapter is their original handwriting, each chain is carefully released, careful friends may find some of my chain is obtained through reprint, yes, I am Xiao Ming in A5 and home owners and other platforms cast off version after it was reproduced by that article submission audit quality I can still, if there is no good article quality how can I contribute, contribute not successful and how could be reproduced for the chain, which is benign causal relationship. read more

You have the correct write grass root mentality

don’t take the people first line

to write the article want to hold someone’s "thigh"

some friends could not find good material, or your stomach really ink is not much, writing is like a penalty, a word written, this case is certainly no way to guarantee the quality, but he wasreluctant A5 this fat, yes, how to do? Plagiarism! Some friends will find some other authors, false original, plus some of their own understanding is cast out, this article thought through very stable, but in the end? Or did not pass, some friends will wonder, I copied the article is used by the article, certainly by the editors recognized, that why I write again not? The reason is very simple, the previous article is past experience, if to share now, the value will be lowered, As a simple example, you write a chain of deception, if the reference to the previous article, but the point is that the nofollow tag or the old trick immediately removed after the exchange, help is very small now stationmaster, the natural component, which relates to a prescription of the problem, but also more tangled is that the editor is doing what? Pseudo original things, they don’t know, so I advise you not to have a grass root mentality to create rich handsome appearance, this experience is not something you simply can copy. read more

The sequel love Shanghai latest ranking algorithm

in March 7th, when the Shanghai love picture search, find the emergence of new features, the new function is to upload pictures, search related information". At that time, I was happy. Because of the introduction of Shanghai love this function, can think of a lot of problems. The author then traces his thinking to explore, indeed found love Shanghai not only to strengthen the integration of the "picture" of information, more likely to improve the extraction of text information in the picture.

included the website content, is very important because the content of the article title, now love Shanghai search function on the title strengthened a lot, the author also personally test practice, the recent "title of the article" on this issue also tested two articles, can not be included. During the test, the title of the article appeared several times in the network, the content is original, wait two or three days to find love Shanghai search engine still not included, visible love Shanghai search engine to strengthen the retrieval of the title content. read more

How do enrich Shanghai dragon every day

third, the site is no problem, to analyze the traffic and edit feedback back problems, analysis of flow is the main piece of what search keywords, and then the single page optimization according to the keywords, or transfer the weights of the page, so that a single page weight is higher, so the long tail word gradually day in and day out. Come up, but there is one point to keep the weight to the page, and the weight loss.

sixth, check the editing work, look at the key words distribution of editing articles is reasonable.

first check each station rankings and included, then check each station Links in turn, I do this relatively small, their website Links I will check them one by one, and then use the fastest time, probably see their website Links station links, in case the K website, I will spread to.

second began to see a spider, to see if there is no death connection, any time shielded, generally for the new station I suggest that every day I have to look down, slowly can every 35 days or longer to see once, you can also find some auxiliary software, so to save time. read more

DHC3 anniversary, hospitality, courtesy, courtesy!FreePriceAlerts shopping rebate plug-in for $4 mil

DHC multi platinum mask 2 pieces worth $72


is very tempted to "send" non-stop

can receive DHC2008 x 1

browser plug-in almost all functions, take a shopping assistant, for example, a shopping assistant is the NetEase launched a browser parity tool will automatically appear in your browser below when you browse shopping sites, and display the key information, such as low price etc.. Youdao shopping help functions include:




DHC DHC only 5 pieces of film Zaopian convenience stores for sale

can receive DHC2008 x 1

can receive DHC2008 x 1

2. Taobao same dress: browsing Taobao costumes >

gifts 5 one-time purchase of any product over $1200

in fact, there are similar plug-ins at home. And in my opinion, it’s better than FreePriceAlerts. For example, Ruyi Amoy and Youdao shopping assistant. Ruyi Amoy, formerly known as shopping assistant, is also browser plug-in, the browser plug-in launched in the second half of 2010, and later acquired by Taobao in 2011, changed its name to Ruyi amoy". read more

Do Shanghai have to ponder the problem of dragon

love Shanghai advocate the original, also led to the majority of Shanghai dragon trying to make the original, can see the figure, which is.

is the beauty of the site is a major factor in the user experience, but not all, many novice in building a website, often require a variety of aesthetic effect, but they always stand on our own point of view to appreciate the site’s appearance, the aesthetic concept of a blind user, this kind of problem exists the enterprise, under the strong demand of the boss, and a variety of floating window animation effects, in fact, not only let the customer will look disgusted, close the site; aesthetic user is what kind of? First, first consider the user access station to find the answer to solve their problems, rather than to enjoy the site and to therefore, the best site, simple, Jane should not

second: the user experience is the site of beautiful tall


third questions: the original content must be high quality content of

fan! rankings? ?

is rapid, Shanghai dragon is the same, to the enterprise boss, to start a grassroots webmaster, understand the value of the Shanghai dragon, especially in 2016 this period of time, learning Shanghai Longfeng people far higher than in previous years, believe that in the next five years, there will be a wolf little more meat the situation, in Shanghai Longfeng operation should give priority to what the problem? Cen Huiyu as we summed up some problems, I hope you can help. read more

Comprehensive analysis of property of nofollow tags in Shanghai Dragon

nofollow is an attribute of the HTML tag value. It provides a way for webmasters to tell the search engine " do not follow the links on this page " or " don’t keep track of the specific link. This tag is to tell the meaning of the search engine of the link is not edited after the author’s own, so this link is not a vote of confidence.

so, in this case, nofollow is the major search engine providers (for example, Yahoo, Shanghai, noble baby love etc.) in order to deal with spam links (Spam) introduced a property.

Nofollow attribute is introduced: usually, the reverse link is will transfer the weight, so do some of the Shanghai dragon in order to add links in the forum and blog content released a large number of irrelevant links with. The existence of these spam links caused a certain degree of trouble to the search engine to evaluate the quality of web page.

before the first to talk about Sina, NetEase two portal blog to prevent malicious spam blog chain using the nofollow tag syntax, Sina blog nofollow existed in the past, but now I see not in the blog with nofollow tags, but now is really NetEase blog with rel=" nofollow" nofollow tags you will not need to send the NetEase blog. Following a comprehensive analysis from five aspects under the nofollow label. read more

My shop is at AlibabaWei Wu Bo Mobile Internet users or customers first


in the desktop era, traffic less than a certain scale such as daily access 100 thousand IP basically do not want to income model – electricity supplier is an exception of course. But in the mobile era, in fact, tens of thousands of users can go to try to income, the key is to see, this application is not close enough money. I >

wsmzhx 12:33:08:

you asked me for money,

, I want to complain to you,


brilliant lights 12:33:25:

halo, how do you swear,


"start-up nation" magazine Wen / Wei Wu Yao

who says there is no business model for mobile Internet? That’s because what you do is out of money.

brilliant lights 12:34:17:

apologize to me or complain to you,


, I want to complain to you,


wsmzhx 12:44:15:

, a marketing industry referred to the two sets of data in his blog post: first, a seller with another Taobao WeChat do graphic push, click rate can reach 4%, after calculation, covering about 1 million of WeChat users to buy, 500 single; second, from a camp tourist class public account, click rate reached 11.5%. Looks like it’s good to use WeChat for marketing. read more

Observation shows that the love of Shanghai August 22nd update algorithm is very mild

August 22nd love Shanghai algorithm upgrade, will affect the cheating site included and ranking the low quality of the site, the news became the day Shanghai dragon circles the headlines. When all the webmaster speculation in this love Shanghai algorithm upgrade efforts as much as in June 28th, there will be a fall in love in Shanghai most of the website upgrade algorithm. But these days I collected data show that this algorithm upgrades love Shanghai upgrade to June have the essential difference, to introduce the difference.

but the webmaster did not like last time anger, because the love of Shanghai took a very mild treatment. How to understand the word gentle? Is the love of Shanghai changed in the past to stationmaster that Yan Ke, the kind of style rather kill the wrong can not pass. In fact, the author of the Shanghai love this kind of practice or in the affirmative, the station included K to zero on the head of the damage is too large, because of the hope of a family you are gone. K Zero site restoration on the left was included left hope. Why the last time there will be a collective love Click Shanghai bidding way, this is the webmaster for an angry love Shanghai. This love of Shanghai has also brought problems to a certain extent, love Shanghai in this respect also made some concessions. For example, open complaints function, such as when the next big update will advance notice. Perhaps this is the love of Shanghai to the webmaster more moderate. Of course, this also can be said to be more open to love Shanghai. read more

Guizhou Shanghai Longfeng custom uniforms optimization process

more please visit: Guizhou custom uniforms: 贵族宝贝0851xiaofu贵族宝贝 please, thank you.

third high, once the network to understand the modern people want to learn new things, are accustomed to using a web search engine to help. As long as we enter the keywords, can get a lot of information. But companies are also the value of this mode of operation, and the search engine service company to establish relations of cooperation, make their information as much as possible in the front row of the search results, so that more users can directly access the enterprise information.

first, the business needs and the search engine service companies to cooperate, determine the specific content of keywords. Different keywords have different service price, so enterprises can according to their own products, choose the most suitable keywords. There is no need to pursue the number of keywords, but to grasp the public search habits and psychology, choose the most accurate keywords. When the keyword is determined, enterprises need to integrate relevant information according to the keywords. When the information in this article published on the web site, search engine platform will be automatically included, easy to find friends. That is to say, the website can pass through the Shanghai dragon optimization, get more browsing quantity. read more

Million hit customers concerned about the Haier U+ hit the second quarter of ecological competition

1: making money, earning more money, and not being so hard. Earn more money, more money, so a little home. buying a car, buying a house, raising a wife

two: looking for hot spots, speculation, such as the recent king of the red wine, from other blogs different blog.

five: blog advertising advertising, blog advertising to sell this difficult position, obviously, but there are still many commentators have sold, such as: Zhan Peng, the first half of the 500 to webmaster Cai Liwen blog. There are many different ways, such as clicking on advertisements and so on.

1: writing articles, sending logs, it’s better to be original and more popular with the audience.

four: blog should also have the circle of the blog, so to make friends, wide links, have time to go to other people’s blog step on step, to others to add popularity at the same time, oneself also follow up.

two: user stickiness site content

September 1, 2016, "Newell U+, bloom dream – the Haier U+ hit off the contest the second season and ecological forum ShangHai Railway Station" in Shanghai Exhibition Center opened, following the second quarter hit off the contest after the opening ceremony, Haier U+ smart open platform together again from industry associations, a speculative structure, incubation platform the mysterious large coffee, and Shanghai intelligent Home Furnishing industry representatives, creating groups and members of the news media more than 150 people gathered in Home Furnishing intelligent development, to create customized projects to solve problems, to jointly work out more in line with the user expectations of future intelligent Home Furnishing experience. The second quarter hit off the contest since July 15th open enrollment has received widespread attention, and actively apply all over the country to create customer response, striving to be "U+ partner". Only one month, the official website of the contest registration record passenger flow reached million, more than 5000 people enrolled in the voting session project reached more than 100, the scale and the project quality are significantly beyond the first quarter over the same period the level of competition. read more

Shao Jun the entrepreneur behind the entrepreneurAnalysis of the use of SEO CPS do Wangzhuan case

      a long branch next investment plan pryer in people waiting for them to come in a throng, shot again, two people decided to own — the establishment of "de China with investment fund" DT Capital Partners.

      the successful listing of Suntech in Wuxi has created a new generation of China’s richest man; it has also widened the field of venture investment; however, the Suntech model is difficult to replicate. "We are not trying to replicate solar energy, but we want to replicate this foresight." Shao Jun told the first financial daily. But the Suntech investor believes that new energy and energy saving technologies will stretch and become a huge opportunity for future investments.

      "the establishment of Ronco did not want the biggest reward is Suntech." Sitting in a Shanghai restaurant in downtown, Shao Jun said neither fast nor slow.

third step, continue to update and increase the chain. To update the content is very simple, copy a product can come into a web page from the official network of internet. Just one more every day. No, not much, the key is to update every day. The chain, the daily increase of about 2 chains, adhere to half a month. read more