Forum posting do the seemingly simple but not simple

2. anchor position. Anchor link with >

in the post on the forum selection method is very important. What is the first need to post analysis, thus to find the forum resources, rather than to see what forum, or will only increase the workload. It is like a leaflet to optimize the site keywords ranking as the main purpose, so the Collection Forum resources must be allowed to send the anchor text of the forum.

has not been deleted and only the post was collected, the anchor link to optimize the desired effect. So a good collection of forum posts, are issued, then analyzes resources of the forum on. In order to reduce the workload of post, improve the efficiency of post. By posting leaflets analysis, the greater the amount of post forum, the spider crawling more frequently, the better the post included. Therefore, analysis of the forum, in order to effectively carry out the work of optimization.

Back when

two, the Forum

five, the anchor note hidden

, find the target forum

forum post content and content must have relevance for the financial sector, the investment, the stock of foreign exchange and other issues related to the forum posts, feelings of personal feelings, dating experience and other related posts, the data center section on the domain name server and other related posts, only posting content and close to the plate it is easy to, by the administrator audit. Otherwise, the post is good, but not in the investment correlation plate, the administrator will delete your post, because this post no role in this sector has. read more

Share two tips on how to get high quality content

we often find that now the TV screen, with many of the harem drama, when the "Palace" after the popular variety of "Palace" appeared, through the drama across the screen, this is what reason? It is apparently obvious adaptation, will a similar story, toss about after all is said and done. For, is to use the current consumer psychology, because people love to see this kind of TV plays, so even if the plot is similar, it will see with relish, and these different dynasties "Palace" is one of the

!Pseudo original method search engine!Of course,

must be used to rewrite the article and the theme of the site, can not wear Shaoxing into a red revolution theme drama, this will make people feel irrelevant, even if the user opened such content, but their needs and that even if the changes to write the misfits, very successful, it will not be what very good

through the screen follows the TV series, we also can be combined with the nature of their website industry, professional knowledge is very concerned about the industry for some users, to rewrite, of course a central idea is not changed, just like the TV series harem class, always wins is not evil, various kinds of misunderstanding, always. The hatchet! For professional knowledge industry, if the deviation from the title, it is not a good content, at least not to be able to help users, so the rewriting of re create, is to meet the different tastes of users, the different needs of the premise, but also to meet the appetite of read more

Eight points of the mobile terminal site of Shanghai dragon note

6, remove the extra blank lines, whitespace and comments "code;

2, CSSSprites


site structure recommended tree >

server two,

today Hangzhou Shanghai dragon small Su finishing a day on the mobile Internet optimization, there are many small and medium enterprises have gradually realized the importance of mobile Internet, and actively launched a mobile web site. Shanghai dragon forum from eight aspects to do a detailed analysis of what factors affecting mobile website optimization:

Gziip compression of all possible file type, file size is reduced, increasing the simple methods of user experience, it can reduce the size of about 70% of the response.

3, open the Gziip compression

of small and medium-sized enterprises in the selection of the server, be sure to choose the regular space service providers, and avoid spam sites shared a large number of IP, a site of a server IP, so as to ensure the smooth and stability of website access.

, a domain name

to JPG, GIF format images into PNG format, to make use of png8. read more

The duel quality of content by increasing the website weight


today, website optimization industry plagiarism is very serious, soft overflows everywhere, it is quite necessary to improve the content of value! Because only the rich will dry cargo to visit left a deep impression, in order to attract everyone to read, and visit your site. You can think of, in addition to the release of the text information, there are no pictures, documents, forms can share? In a word, the types of information and the higher the quality the better the rich.

to note that is not to say that the content of the original value is high, if not meet the first step above said (user needs), then you are no more original articles of words meaning, and it is likely to be judged as search engine spam, the website ranking nature has no value.

hypothesis to send an article about how to optimize the long tail word of the article, I will first analysis: the needs of Shanghai dragon basically is a novice, do not have much experience, even on what is the long tail word estimation still do not understand. So, at the beginning it is necessary to tell them that the long tail word is what meaning? Then, Jones will introduce some knowledge of the optimization of the long tail word. Finally, the novice to mining the long tail word certainly need help, Shanghai Longfeng Jones will provide some useful keyword mining tools for everyone. Through these analysis, I believe that the content will be released in accordance with the needs of users. read more

The four core elements of the game sharing website home page optimization

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: to setup META label

The construction of the chain of

two: to create the correct H1 tag

three: let the site static URL

for the website optimization, the most important is the home page of the website optimization, website ranking as the focus is on the front page, especially for gaming sites, usually limited to the contents of the stretched, so in the game website optimization Shanghai dragon aspect, we should pay more attention to the optimization of the home page, but many webmaster in optimize home page, easy access to some errors, these errors will lead to serious problems, so that their website is becoming more and more low ranking, or even the danger of K, so if you want to optimize your game site, you should do the home page optimization from four aspects, the following I came with his legendary world website, to talk about how to optimize the world’s legendary game website

Shanghai Longfeng optimization technology personnel in the website optimization, emphasis may be different, such as the use of H1 tags, H1 tags are usually placed in the top right corner of the page bulletin, but now more and more Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel, in order to disguise their optimization, make their optimization become less leakage traces so, at the H1 tag, do not set the core keywords, but this practice is obviously wrong, in fact the H1 tag set into their core keywords to find themselves on the first page of the sea spider love becomes even more attractive! Search game website there is no flow conversion reason analysis of four solutions read more

Shanghai dragon gave you webmaster brought much harm

network competition is fierce, especially Shanghai dragon industry, a "Shanghai dragon" keywords let many people crush the home page ranking. In the search on the network environment, have a good ranking is rare, especially in the fierce competition in the industry. Take Nanjing Shanghai dragon company, engaged in the promotion of the company are trying to optimize your site ranking top, in order to prove the industry leader position. But the website ranking is not so things get an easy job to do. He needs all aspects of site optimization and accurate maintenance team. Of course, Shanghai dragon is the core of work will not be changed, unless the day search engine giants don’t want these people there, but even so, the web search engine algorithm is a popular algorithm of thinking, this popular thinking as the main body, there must be Shanghai Longfeng way, or Shanghai with love what makes a website ranking in front of, let the other website ranking rear? How to get better rankings in the competition and will not last, I more from the perspective of human and industry theory, technology theory has a much hackneyed and stereotyped expressions, is made of garbage, and I think Shanghai Longfeng most can not do is to become garbage manufacturing who. read more

Some conjecture 360 comprehensive search algorithm


to search for new sites and love Shanghai attitude is also very similar, are included beginning very slowly, I happen to have two new samples, one love Shanghai has not been included, while the 360 is also not included, while another station time longer, before the sea has included some love recently, by the hair, but this station included 360 of a small number of.


circulating in the industry to search the core from the former love Shanghai core staff, of course I didn’t reach the high level, the core of intelligence, but in comparison some search results of 360 samples, personally feel that there is not Weakness lends wings to rumours., spectrum. I use the search results in a sample of 360 search results, and the results of Sogou relatively large deviation, basically can be identified 360 algorithms and Sogou does not have what relation, it is love Shanghai, 360 search results, and love Shanghai in 628 before adjustment, some time or even earlier, around this year from February to March when the search results are very similar, basically the main keywords ranking of coincidence degree is very high, long tail keywords ranking results deviation is relatively small, combined with the previous love Shanghai charged 360 steal its data, the same data can be analyzed with similar results, 360 algorithms should have much deviation with love in Shanghai earlier this year, so this algorithm does not, I think it is the reliable rumors. read more

Share B2B website of Shanghai Longfeng experience to share


4, the internal structure of

When the

3, keywords ranking

nonsense to say so much, cut to the chase, I was in mid September to take over the site, the site through the analysis found that the site the following deficiencies in the early stages of the Shanghai Dragon:

is responsible for the site because before another Shanghai dragon Er, to further understand the Jiangxi modern service trade network the B2B sites included in the 2 months before the line did not what action, third months included only after another, mid September included the number 147.

in mid September to take over the "Jiangxi modern service trade network" website to the B2B website, currently on the line has been half a year. As we all know, 2013 is the love of Shanghai rules, Shanghai dragon industry has been a difficult year! Love Shanghai pomegranate original algorithm, Mars, Scindapsus algorithm let the webmaster launch the chain strike terror into the heart of rigorous review, seem to tell us the chain for the king of the era of the past, and we emphasize the evaluation of the quality of the chain to the user click rate will often make me think of is a chicken and egg problem. Anyway, if you feel powerless, it is because Shanghai dragon Er thinking have not changed, or that we all have a common system of Shanghai Longfeng successful optimization scheme. For the above, I believe that the majority of Shanghai dragon Er are explored, including me now in charge of the "Jiangxi modern service trade network" the B2B site is still in Shanghai love update algorithm in Shanghai Longfeng collection was still normal, showing the index of nearly ten thousand, while the site value is between 1000-5000 huge fluctuations. read more

Seven reasons analysis website is love Shanghai right down


of their own station, since put on the Ali Mama advertising new products. It had a bad time. The few days repeatedly see reason, always puzzled, then remove all the advertising links. Was included back. Then think, feel or sense. In the eaves of the ~

many friends said, want to have sex website ranking of Shanghai, will all love Shanghai products. From the statistical tools, advertising alliance, is the love of Shanghai, you will stand a good performance.

2. site changes to be careful

I have always thought that this understanding more extreme, Shanghai should not be so extreme love. A few days ago the Interactive Encyclopedia exclude prosecution, ha ha, the distributor with the information information provider, a bit hypocritical.

want to talk about the site right down to today. At the beginning of Shanghai self update algorithm has found that many of the original method available or operation, lead to drop right, and these may be due to the previous articles are not involved or not is very important to note that. Here we share their experiences, combined with their own work in the Shanghai dragon company, analyzes the cause of the site right down. read more

The one point one kind of love Shanghai search

More than

of course there is a reason why you website ranking is not stable, volatility is relatively large. No matter what the reason, if the change is love Shanghai search engine’s own rules, so we have no way to change, we can do is try our best to optimize a website.

understand the love of Shanghai said there are regional search, mean 100, love Shanghai according to the user’s IP tell you where the user, and then through the database and submit your local search related content, is your nearest priority information submitted to you. If you want to do a mobile phone lottery soft 贵族宝贝91ccx贵族宝贝/soft/cprj.html, you search for mobile phone lottery software, according to your IP to your nearest service and information submitted to you first. It exists in different places to show search results are not the same. But now I love Shanghai did not promote this search, and should be a love Shanghai auction.

said this ranking, there is also a story. Originally the word mobile phone lottery software ranking in the third page, then I released the brush flow task in the pig site, complete that search keyword click on my website, and retention time of 3 minutes, overnight flow rate through natural search this key up dozens of. This brush 2 days after discharge, the word ranking rose to the home page. The word rankings vary from time to time whether it is because the keywords ranking rising too fast, not too normal? This is a question. read more

Using the Tencent micro-blog + holiday blessing quickly improve website

: Tencent micro-blog content, here to make good use of our optimization knowledge, fully highlight in the content keywords, generally appeared 3 times for the best. Of course, in the content we can properly add some long tail keywords, no matter how the user can obtain the search rankings. Take the New Year wishes for example: 2012 New Year greetings, happy New Year Happy New Year message, "awesome recommendation, Xuzhou good recruitment network in the coming year, especially to send a special blessing, finally bring your own web site, which is the most fundamental goal. The source also get traffic. This sentence is very obvious that there are multiple keywords, integrate different users search, our website can have ranking, not shoot two hawks with one arrow. We can see the rankings, we get through different micro-blog keyword:

layout optimization knowledge contentThe second step is

is the first step to determine some big word searches, the greater the amount of search, get more traffic. As shown below: the new year coming, search new year greetings, happy New Year SMS words also more and more, we can easily obtain rankings through these words. The love of Shanghai keyword mining tools, can clearly see what specific word search volume is relatively large, choose 1~3 as you want to optimize the word. read more

Learn three points you learn Shanghai Dragon


appears to solve the problem, many days I stand not included, how should I do; my website snapshot for many days, or even a month not to update, how should I do; I planned keywords, but how also not ranking to the first page, always hovering around second and third pages. I want to do; my site into the sand box, how should I do the chain; every day I do a lot, but included only a little, I want to do.


for the novice, just heard the Shanghai dragon noun is not know to represent meaning, even in doubt, the search engine can also optimized, often think of a very simple, even a lot of people say that I believe I can have a good ranking for several days. This is ridiculous. Shanghai dragon is a long and arduous process, we need to insist, I Shun star technology site through a year of efforts to get a good ranking, we must firmly believe that "as long as Kung Fu deep, iron can be ground into a needle".

1. "what is : "how to do" Please indicate the We should learn to read more

Small BBS type chain


, forum posts to


most of the weight of BBS posts is not high, but the popular post gain weight is very high, two articles as the A5 forum, page PR is 4! You can search "an ignorant 90 daddy Adsense journey" "if you want to improve rankings and weight will have to pay attention to the problem." these two popular posts with Adsense helper PR query for 4.

1, a popular post high

often in Shanghai Longfeng why, A5, the laggards and other popular forum learning has the same feeling, is the forum brush Posts soon, a new article, if no reply, probably a refresh can not find where. This phenomenon makes some efforts to write the Shanghai dragon is very helpless, because of the possibility of an article carefully conceived will encounter this kind of phenomenon.

for some high – quality posts, may be included, followed by a search engine that will be deleted, this is the time of the chain, not the long-term survival of the chain, is not bring high weight. You can watch popular BBS collected quantity, will find the BBS collected quantity is stable. read more

Shanghai Longfeng easy to ignore in the details of the 404 page

A very important link in

beautifully crafted in demand is not high, the following simple 404 page 3 well-known Shanghai dragon website.

Zhongguancun online 404 error page

Chinaz 404 error page

why Shanghai dragon 404 error page

1, and with the guidance of exquisite 404 page

A5 404 error page

in addition, we look at 404 pages in some well-known Web site:

B, A5 do the best and most complete guide to internal links, basically introduces all the business website, the Shanghai dragon professional level.

A, Zhongguancun online to do very simple, the way to do a 301 redirect to jump 5 seconds.

A, Shanghai dragon why hold has always been low-key and simple, but does not lose the atmosphere.

The 404 page

The 404 page

is in Shanghai Longfeng grasp of the details, if we can as far as possible in accordance with the requirements of Shanghai dragon in detail to the operation, then the Shanghai dragon do it is absolutely no problem, and will take a lot less detours. Recently feeling is in the details they encounter many problems in Shanghai Longfeng, for example the requirements of our keyword density of any Shanghai dragon tutorial is 2%-8%, but we had the psychological luck, you increase the number of keyword density, but this often grasp the main keywords, but ignore the high density key words may be hidden, and because the keyword density is too high caused by K. There are many such examples, today Beijing Shanghai dragon to introduce is another us to ignore the details: 404 pages. read more

Stand in the angle of sociology to experience Shanghai Longfeng optimization work points

first, to learn from the life of the analysis on the web user experience analogy. We spent every day in the busy work, many webmaster and I like here, many of us are fixed on the fixed work schedule, work time, so we above class for example, many people will choose to take the bus to go to work, especially in the morning the overcrowded bus, we also have to work for a living, after the car too many people, a small space so that their loss, this time will be a lot of people choose to take a taxi to go to work or rub, even a lot of friends to open his own car to work, these different modes of transport is obviously different in different quality of the bus, the bus tools get experience, optimize and as a webmaster every day in the pseudo original or doing some menial work to the site, or go to writing Some articles to update the article, then, the contrast between the search engine and users the better, if you really very hard we can properly mixed map and text processing, graphic details, for the site URL and layout in optimization of some of the details of this experience so is not better. So, sometimes life is very simple, in the life of the truth on the optimization of the site, it will make us. read more

Shanghai dragon is not CEO please hold rational Shanghai Dragon Kin

A few days ago in

here, but will not lead the original hong. Optional elements of the comment part: how to understand the Shanghai dragon, can be said that each one according to his lights. Shu Hong think can from the following aspects to explain;

1. case. Shanghai dragon itself is a technology. Everyone with a common heart to treat, you can understand. From this point of view, Shanghai dragon and society on the other of every hue jobs and without what too big difference, in fact there is no need to be Shanghai dragon and the other 360 line separated, the mindset is not quite normal. Are you here to Shanghai a little dragon is actually with special respect the meaning of social economy from the contradiction of supply and demand to consider. Has not yet formed a situation of oversupply, and the position of the society or low rate. For example, the last century the early 80s had a film "the female dormitory", describes some differences in the age group of female college students’ life. At that time, the public opinion of college students is the general appellation of "emperor son", you see, now who would dare to use this word?! is the Peking University, Fudan students have no guts to self styled "Tianjiao ‘? Don’t hesitate to say, the current college students’ employment, this is a science trouble for the government. Where there is what the mood to students as the prince and princess? Or is your mind. From this point of view, now part of Shanghai dragon Er might also feel good to themselves as Shanghai Longfeng consultant, in a few years, at best is a worker. The Shanghai dragon. So want consultant addiction, please hurry up. Especially those who want to happen with this girl emotional twists, the concept of sight can also make a story to tell. read more

Analysis of website snapshot pages and no four reasons included


for some reason to redesign the words on the site, nature will do some related settings. And if the site in the near future revision and appear on the website without snapshot, content has included words, natural big reason appeared in because.

website snapshot is the webmaster has been one of factors to determine whether a site search engine friendly, but once the website snapshot didn’t the consequence is that web site was K off or home page has errors lead to search engine cannot crawl the page, of course, sometimes home when there is a problem and do not represent the inside pages also exist problems, as the author of the website no, the snapshot of the home page, but the page is normal included, and included the pace. What is the reason that the site did not appear in the snapshot page but still be included? Today the author to analyze the reasons for this situation.

home page appears to be let spiders crawl error

snapshot of the website,

Two, setting errorWhen the read more

Analysis on the website home page ranking pages without reason


for this problem is the way I answer to a friend, first you have to understand that the search engines within your site page is not permanent, that is a snapshot is only temporary, it will be in a period of time according to the site situation gradually removed or included, if our website the web page rank no, do not complain about the love of Shanghai "irregular menstruation", in the long run, there is such a problem, we must first find the problem on its website:

how to do?

sum up, these are partly due to website page rank no reason, normally a website should be the first page ranking, then page drive home page ranking, if the website structure is not reasonable, can cause no page ranking, but it can be used to make up for the optimization of the inside pages. The most important thing is to build the chain, make your site to form a "network", between them may be a variety of links, but is always around the home, which can form a good page in circulation, so as to promote the website home page and the inside pages of the rankings. Source: Henan network 贵族宝贝yuduxx贵族宝贝/, for reprint please indicate the source, thank you read more

Foreign trade website optimization that something


: good Sitelinks optimization finally. There are customers to your site, then you can’t let him go home empty handed.

: second construction optimization of foreign trade website is also very important. Foreign trade station most customers or from abroad, so the construction of the style of the website in May with some domestic sites are different, as a web site optimization, you can set your goals and not let go in a position, according to the different customer experience do the website style different, what the customer wants you give him what, on the front page of the site construction must be attractive, website templates should be simple, not too fancy, the navigation station to station link to optimize obviously. Like a sell bags of foreign trade station, it is the most important thing is to show the bag style in the home page, package quality description, instead of text with pictures, so more convincing, pages within the website construction is very important, for each product introduction is very delicate, people can not see the real you will describe, let others feel that they are watching the same things, so that we can seize the hearts of customers. read more

Guess the truth behind the frequent updates of Google pr

Google update the PR value of a week, Google’s Panda algorithm has been upgraded. As a Google Panda algorithm for low quality content in the "content farms (i.e. spam, content acquisition)" the algorithm of adjustment, Google has been in the range English station put into use. Just imagine.

Google PR value in the last month of continuous updated 3 times, compared with the previous year, 4 times the PR value of the update 3, Google this time to play big, quite unusual. The first time was in June 27th, after July 18th, to August 4th last week, the shorter the time interval and update. Google updates the PR value so frequently inevitably provoked the Internet industry wide discussion and speculation, the author is a learning website optimization Shanghai Longfeng near rookie, but also dare to put forward several views and guess their.

but I still feel more than worry, if the Twitter home page PR value drop 0 because Twitter their play too far by then, Google’s own first page of the PR value is reduced from 10 to 9 and how to explain? Suppose Google also changed some of the internal code website, which leads to reduced the pr value. But is it possible? If Google wants to play the big test, can use other domain names to play, with his own home page? So, I guess, the Twitter and Google their first page of the PR value of the update change is possible because Google algorithm change. Even if this is not the main reason, at least one factor. read more